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Stars and celestial bodies makes sounds. Literally. Or at least they create very powerful vibrations which can be easily converted into sound waves.

Compare these actual, real sounds generated by the planets and celestial bodies in our solar system to the sounds I have captured and created for you. Can you notice the peculiar similarity of sound between the sounds of these planetary bodies and the sounds of my frequencies?

Strange, isn't it? You may however, despite noticing the similarities, find something that sounds very very different in my frequencies. That difference is quite significant and of critical importance, I'll explain that later.

First, listen to the sounds created in actual space by the celestial bodies themselves. Here are some links for you to check out these sounds:

Scientists say nerves use sound, not electricity
Last Updated: Friday, March 9, 2007 | 7:13 PM ET CBC News

J.H. Nelson, "Planetary Position Effect on Short-Wave Signal Quality" (Electrical Engineering, May 1952)

The shortwave radio signals interference registered by the planets on the SunSaturn and Jupiters affect on sunspot activity. "When Jupiter and Saturn were spaced by 120 degrees, and solar activity was at a maximum, radio signals averaged of far higher quality for the year than... with Jupiter and Saturn at 180 degrees and a considerable decline in solar activity. In other words, the average quality curve of radio signals followed the cycle curve between Jupiter and Saturn rather than the sunspot curve ..." - J.H. Nelson, "Planetary Position Effect on Short-Wave Signal Quality" (Electrical Engineering, May 1952)





Team records 'music' from stars
By Pallab Ghosh
Science correspondent, BBC News

HD49933 was one of the stars observed using the Corot telescope

Scientists have recorded the sound
of three stars similar to our Sun using
France's Corot space telescope.



Stanford University

SATURN Issues Signals that Sound Like Speech, Music

Note the similiarity to our frequencies.... this is no mistake......

Mindentudas Egyeteme

National Astrophysics and Space Science Programme

These sounds are produced by internal and externalized processes of the celestial body, such as its internal electro-dynamic field, its magnetosphere, its unique gravitational signature and other sources of pulsing vibrations.







Blood Blood Blood



Following are dramatic examples of experimental data observed and collected by present users of these frequencies:

Stopping Aging &
Decay Process in a Plant

(Retarding the Aging Process)

Thursday: 2007-04-20
I divided a plant leaf into two halves.

By Saga

First half will be exposed to anti age freq every now and then. The other half will be kept in a healthy environment (good light and fresh air), but away from the anti age freq.
Start time: 4 pm.


Thursday: 2007-04-26

The pictures say it all! The only comment I should add here is that the half exposed to the regress age freq is not in a very healthy environment: poor light, cigarettes, incense, heat, perfumes, different aromas. Please see the difference between the two pictures.

Leaf - no frequency treatment Leaf - frequency treatment

Note how the leaf that is not treated by frequencies shows decay and black spots of aging and decay throughout its surface. The overall damage occurring to the leaf is spread throughout it to a greater extent. Note how the second leaf that has been treated by the frequency shows mainly a clear surface with barely any sign of decay except barely visible mild discoloration. There are no black spots showing at all through out the main part of the leaf. Decay and a blackened effect does show but it is only on the outer peripheral limits of the leaf, as though the leaf is pushing the decay out and away from its central core.


by Saga

March 13, 2008 - The Moon is 6 days old
Three pots: same size, same soil.
One grain of wheat in each pot.
Pot D will be exposed to the frequencies
Pot L will be exposed to "crystal bowl healing" sounds
Pot R will not be exposed to anything


The plant exposed to the frequencies, outgrows the other two plants
significantly. The test plant grows a full extra nine centimetres than the
plant exposed to no stimulus! This indicates an enormous energetic
vitality increase to the treated plant!

D: 32 cm
L: 26 cm
R: 23 cm

Plant growth





by Saga

When the distilled water is exposed to the standard mp3 frequencies and put the
cup in the freezer moderate restructuring is noted, but when exposed to higher
resolution frequencies the water is obviously affected dramatically. It is suspected
that the water structure has become highly organized at a microscopic level. The
reason for the cloudy dense appearance we believe is due to the water
undergoing profound changes in geometric symmetry.

Frozen water Frozen water
Frozen water Frozen water

This overall process can change it seems in relation to the type of frequency
chosen. It appears that in some cases frequencies may clear and structure or they
highly structure and order.


by Rolf Andreas

In the photos, we see the stagnant blood has separated, the cells are beginning to regain a healthier overall looking shape, possible indication of higher electrical charge occurring which is really interesting).

The frequency outputted, "BIOSPARKORAMA", I actually intended by design to implicitly deliver a powerful knock out punch to spirochettes and similar organisms. I coded that frequency, with the hope in mind that it would go deep inside the cells, locate any hidden, camouflaged bacteria and drive them out.

Weekly report for 2008.02.24 - 2008.03.01
Name: Rolf A.
Age: 45
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 68 kg

I uploaded a file with a description of my test results and some photos from the dark-field microscope.

The physical findings reported were:

"In summary my blood became fluid after listening to the sounds in a loop: NT1 - NT2 - Biosparkorama for two hours. Bacteria were set free and we found in the blood plasma afterwards. I had a strong itching in my arms and legs and -noticeable lesser- my back so I took a bath in a basic bath salt for 20 minutes to correct this. Saturday morning I suffered from headache. It became better after drinking some water and walking on the fresh air. I felt refreshed and in good mood.

Used equipment:

  • Thinkman trinity: device for ultrasonic hearing; "The thinkman® works on the basis of the body's own bio-compatible oscillations - frequencies from 30,000 to 144,000 Hertz. Brain and body can be harmonized and balanced in their activity by the application of bio-resonance frequencies. These frequencies can be used for specific relaxation as well as for increased concentration." (excerpt from the producers description)

  • Panasonic cd-player connected to thinkman so I heard the sounds via ultrasonic hearing

  • Darkfield microscope (whenever my therapist was available)

2008-02-24 06:05 pm - BEFORE EXPOSURE -
Before Exposure

Thick blood agglutinatederyhrocytes
2008-02-24 08:40 pm - AFTER EXPOSURE

After Exposure

Blood fluid no more agglutination of the erythrocytes
release of bacteria stronger pollution of blood plasma>
2008-02-25 07:25 am -SOME TIME AFTER EXPOSURE
Some time after exposure
Agglutination beginning again
agglutination means: thickening and stagnation of the blood)

( 2007 )

With all the amazing feedback we've experienced from hundreds of users from all kinds of walks of life, background, etc., spanning the last year, one thing in particular really impresses me the most about the dramatic potential of this new technology.

Before I describe this to you however, I want to share with you a conjecture, a speculation I have had for some time.

I have been very confident for some time now that the phenomena I stumbled across last year is not merely an artifact of my imagination.

I had wondered over the course of the last year how far reaching the effects were. Were they only psycho-somatic? If not, then was some measurable concrete effect occurring with the biology of the organism? If so, what specifically would this manifest as physically?

From previous research a number of indicators did reveal themselves on the physical plane, and it was a number of these indicators that I used in tandem with the design of the frequencies.

For instance, I knew that galvanic skin fluctuations, possible thermal gradient fluctuations, and various other internal biological rhythms seemed tied into exposure of the organism to the frequencies.

What I really hoped for however, was to be able to directly view affectations to bodily fluids by the frequencies under a powerful microscope.

I had been struggling full time for seven years in a make shift lab, with rudimentary equipment and living mainly a very impoverished, subsistence level lifestyle. Often if it came down to spending money getting my notes and formulas laminated to being able to buy a second meal for the day, well I would normally choose the laminates. Just the way things were and it was my choice. The problem was of course I had no direct regular access to lots of the equipment I needed, and certainly didnt have the means to get or use a $10,000 darkfield or phase contrast microscope at whim.

I had speculated, specifically, that tiny somatid type particles, micro-particles of fats, tiny pleomorphic organisms, bions, and the like that were suspended in blood plasma and exhibited Brownian Motion would likely reveal something, well, freakishly mind blowing, if I could just view them during entrainment exposure to the frequencies.

Typically, if we view a slide of blood under a powerful and good enough microscope, real time, preferably where the output if the scope is fed into a good, clear video display, then we have the amazing opportunity to watch actions and events occuring at the cellular level.

Now, normally when you do this, you can actually see the tiny micro specs, like somatids, whirling about in their little localized Brownian Motion orbits. This looks really cool. If you watch a cluster of these, and imagine that these tiny little particles would be quite small next to the accompaning red blood cells and such, they look like a bunch of erratically moving baby mosquitoes moving about in a swarm. Im being a bit dramatic and exaggerating a bit, but this isnt stretching things to much to my mind.

To get an idea of the size proportions, imagine a beach ball next to a kids marble, where the beach ball is the red blood cell and the marble is the somatid or other micro particle.

So now imagine that you have dozens of these little marbles floating about hovering around the beach ball. The beach ball barely looks like its moving but the somatids are each, individually doing this weird little erratic spin dance. The swarm of all these little individually dancing particles is quite the sight to behold. All these little particles jiggling about together keeping their own time. That jiggling motion is the Brownian Motion. But none of these particles 'keep time' in their dance with each other.

Here is something cool to watch if you get the chance. Watch a swarm of little flies or baby mosquitoes when its close to dark, where there isnt much light left. So there they are all swarming about together in their little hovering cloud.

The cloud itself remains somewhat stable and the cloud may even move somewhat directionally, but each little insect is doing its own independent movement within that cloud.

Now, take a flash light and shine it directly into that cloud mass and watch what happens! Then move that light beam back and forth and watch what the cloud does! Yes, more often than not it moves about! You have entrained that cloud mass to move, and to move where you want it to, more or less. It's as if all the little insects have become hypnotized and follow your intention of where you direct the light.

I wondered for some time whether I could stimulate motion and action at the cellular level by imparting an acoustic template into the tissue. Would the micro-particles suddenly stop moving erraticlly, chaotically? Would there be a sudden beautiful, harmonious choreography of symmetrical motion playout uniformally through out the micro-particles? Would they now dance "in time" with each other? If so, what would that mean? Would it provide hard, concrete evidence that the frequencies might also be able to directly effect cellular activity? If so, would that mean I could optimize and balance the organism right now to the cellular level by merely playing these frequencies as sound?

For some reason I was certain this was the case, even though I couldn't see it directly with my eyes.

That was until Ralf, the intrepid explorer from Germany showed up to join our private core research group.

The results of Ralfs work was staggering!

It did not prove my speculation, nor did it even directly point to what I hoped and suspected might be going on with the micro-particles. It DID however strongly suggest that very dramatic and concrete, highly significant and positve changes WERE likely happening in the blood cells AND likely were having negative effects on pathogenic organisms in the blood.

These results are not conclusive. This experiment must be replicated many times by qualified experts of blood work analysis before we can honestly say we are certain the phenomena we think we are seeing from Ralfs work is actually happening.

But if this first test is actually showing what is occuring on a regular basis for most users of our frequencies the implications are profoundly staggering, exciting and of extreme benefit and interest to many who now use these frequencies.

Because, you see, for the very first time that we know of in what we call public domain knowledge we may now have a way of directly, positively engineering human wellness and health merely via the exposure of sound frequencies!

I am not an expert in blood analysis. I am not
qualified to offer a medical opinion on what is occurring here. However, in the limited knowledge I do have, and the many years of experience I have had hanging out with other 'mad scientists' and alternative health care workers who DID have really sweet laboratory setups, I do feel based on that, that we are seeing something really really amazing playing out here.

To the best of my understanding, there are only a few ways to cause stagnant blood cells ( red blood cell platelett stacking ) to rapidly become 'unstuck' and start moving in a healthier fashion. The main method is through direct application of invivo blood electrification, here is a great link to check out BLOOD ELECTRIFICATION. Basically, red blood cells, to be healthy, should not clump together, they should be full and round and not translucent. They should float freely around the blood stream and be able to not bounce into their neighbours to much or get crammed against each other. That way they can have greater and easier access to being able to absorb the nutrients they need from their surrounding environment to remain healthy and vital. How do they do this? Well they do it by having enough of their own individual electrical charge to be able to repel other blood cells away from each other. When their electrical energy is depleted they cant repell othe blood cells and they start to clump together. Guess what it feels like when that happens through out your blood stream. Thats right, you feel like a lethargic, fatigued lard butt! Your blood cells have lost their get up and go, and so have you! Blood electrification tends to put more juice into them and if I understand correctly, they start unclumping. Its been reported that Plasma based Rife Frequency generators, a device called the F-Scan, and even the device called the QXCI-SCIO are capable of inducing these sorts of effects into the blood. However these devices are extremely costly. The average good Rife generator can easily cost anywhere from $3000.00 to $6000.00 and the QXCI-SCIO comes with a price tag of around $25,000.00. A little bit beyond the price range of the average joe who's already feeling crappy and doesnt happen to be a millionaire.

The particular frequencies that Ralf used to get a similar apparent affect from our catalog cost well under $100.00 !

We still don't know for sure whats going on here, but I wanted to share all this with you. I am including also below the dialogue thread from email that occured between Ralf, other folks from other alternative health fields and myself, so you have the chance of finding out more about the research we have been doing in this area.

The email dialogue is shown below in chronological order for your review:




In undergroundlab@ yahoogroups. com,Doc Stars <doc_starz@...wrote:
Darkfield analysis and the use of a device like a Howadenc detector may reveal important data. Not sure if we have any one on the list that can scan blood samples with a darkfield microscope but if so it probably would be extremely helpful

From: "Rolf Andreas" <rolf_andreas@Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 09:58:28 -0000Subject: [undergroundlab] Re: RECOMMENDATIONS OF EXPERIMENTAL SETUP
Hello Don,maybe I can support our experiment with darkfield analysis. I will ask my preferred healer if she can help me - she is working with darkfield analysis. Maybe I can get some pictures of my blood before and after listening.
Best regards,Rolf

From: Rolf Andreas" <rolf_andreas@Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 20:01:48 -0000Subject: LYNN - Re: [undergroundlab] Project #1 Neuro-Teleportal/Bio-SparkaramaHello Lynn and all others, as a result of a darkfield analysis I want to give you one advice:
My first use of NT+BS (two hours NT1-NT2-BS-and so on listened to with a device named Thinkman with additional activation frequency):
the bacterias which were in my erythrocytes first were found in the blood plasma afterwards. That means they are not tied anymore and you have to help your body - If you get unwanted results like headache or itching it is very important to drink a lot of good clear water to help your body to get rid of the bacteries.

From:"Rolf Andreas" <rolf_andreas@ Add Mobile AlertDate: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 18:53:04 -0000Subject: ROLF - Re: LYNN - Re: [undergroundlab] Project #1 Neuro-Teleportal/Bio-SparkaramaHello
I will describe everything in detail in my first weekly report on sunday so all my information is gathered in these reports to supply you with clearly arranged data. The report will contain descriptions of my equipment used for experimenting, exact data (time and sounds listened to) and pictures from the darkfield microscope before and after [as my therapist is practicing in two different towns she will be here again on thursday so this is the next day when I can accessthese pictures]
Best regards, Rolf

In undergroundlab@ yahoogroups. com, Doc Stars <doc_starz@...wrote:
Rolf, can you elaborate on what you are seeing and can youdescribe the device the Thinkman more?

To: undergroundlab@yahoogroups.comFrom: "Rolf Andreas" <rolf_andreas@ Add Mobile AlertDate: Sun, 02 Mar 2008 20:08:34 -0000Subject: [undergroundlab] weekly report_01_2008.02.24 - 2008.03.02
I uploaded a file with a description of my test results and some fotos from the darkfield microscope.physical findings:
In summary my blood became fluid after listening to the sounds in a loop: NT1 - NT2 - Biosparkorama for two hours. Bacteries were set free and wee found in the blood plasma afterwards. I had a strong itching in my arms and legs and -noticable lesser- my back so I took a bath in a basic bathsalt for 20 minutes to correct this. Saturday morning I suffered from headache. It became better after drinking some water andwalking on the fresh air.psychical findings:
I felt refreshed and in good mood except of friday morning where I was aggressive for about one hour after getting up.Next week I will change my test environment. I will listen to thesounds with normal stereo equipment instead of ultrasonic.My best regards to all participants,

From Dr Richard Lloyd
Hi Doc,Good photos. We have similar results with theF-Scan. One sample is at sticky.html .Your second second picture looks like the person has severe dehydration or free radical damage. Or possibly pressure had be put on the cover glass. Richard Loyd http://www.royalrife.comgroup,

From: Donald Adams Add Mobile AlertDate: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 04:40:08 -0700 (PDT)Subject: [rife-list] DR RICHARD LLOYD - PROOF
Amazing Feedback, Microscopy Photos of EfThanks for the feedback. I have enormous respect for the F-Scan. I understand that reduction of platelett stacking, similar to what we see in the photos can be accomplished apparently with other devices, such as the $25,000.00 and also good quality Rife plasma tube generators. Before Rolf had this labwork done, I would not have suspected that the blood cells would have been so dramatically affected. We see a remarkable reduction in blood cell clumping and aseparation of the blood cells. Further there appearsto be a large amount of ejecta in the medium surrounding the cells, tons of these tiny little particles floating everywhere. Thelab specialist, who shortly afterwards I believe joined our group ( Im guessing the clinic was excited about what they were seeing ), apprently called these particles bacterites and documents and labels them as such, which you can see in the photos I believe. Am guessing this is some sort of German euphemism for bacteria.Here's the thing though, the frequency outputted,"BIOSPARKORAMA" , I actually intended by design toimplicitly deliver a powerful knock out punch tospirochettes and similar organisms. I coded that frequency, with the hope in mind that it would go deep inside the cells, locate any hidden, camoflauged critters hiding in their sneaky stealth mode way inside the cell and light a fire under their butt and drive them out....I do not have a reasonable microscope to examine this directly myself, and had no way to verify whether or not my design would actually do this. However, from all the reports that have been coming in from users testing BIOSPARKORAMA, it seemed very obvious that something powerful, profound and positive was happening and certainly there was frequently a surge on feelings of energy on the users.Since last April, I had the suspicion, that if I could only view through a darkfield or phase contrast microscope, a decent sample of blood exposed to these frequencies I would see something profound going on.
What I suspected, was to see brownian motion drivenparticles moving collectively in a unique, beautiful,symmetrical geometric dance, yet individually retaining their localized brownian movements.I havent yet seen this, BUT when I saw the bloodseparating, going from a state of unhealthy stagnation to a higher charged state I realized that I might not be so far off.You commented "Your second second picture looks likethe person has severe dehydration or free radical damage. Or possibly pressure had be put on the cover glass."In the second photo, we see the stagnant blood hasseparated, the cells are beginning to regain a healthier overall looking shape, possible indicationof higher electrical charge occuring (which is reallyinteresting) . But many of the cells have these odd star like flanges around their periphery. I dont know what that is. Id be surprised if its any sort of free radical damage, but the possibility of pressure on the cover glass makes sense, the cells may have been squished a bit by someone moving the cover glass.... but I have a feeling thats not it either, you said"looks like the person has severe dehydration" , that sounds really interesting, because what we often seem to find is that users engaged in frequent SSF usage become very very thirsty.A good chunk of my full time research over the last seven years was inspired by a number of scientists whose work was cited in the book, "The Secret Life of Plants". In that book it was described in detail, how certain simple tonal frequencies were used to stimulate and accelerate plant crops, to increasetheir vitality.Crop yields, it was found, could be safely accelerated by 300% by simply exposing the plants to very specifc frequencies. However, it was found that over exposure could cause stress to the plants and one thing they determined was that the plants seemed to go through their unique respiratory process faster and more intensely, water would evaporate off them more quickly and the sound frequency was literally causing thewater to move faster and vibrate quicker so it was dispersed more..... we suspect a similiar process may be going on here, which is why I tell anyone who is experimenting with the SSF's to make sure they are well hydrated and that they do not 'overcharge'.
Unlike the simple tones used for plants, we are usingcomplex geometric sound mappings of states, used asentrainment patterning templates to help positively bias and impell the organism out of aperiodicty towards harmony, intelligent energetic signalling is being induced directly into the tissue and mind, and my guess is that this may cause water displacement, accelerated perspiration. But the bottom line is we dont know for sure why the blood cells have thosecurious flanges around their periphery. Its our first decent run through a lab that had the equipment we needed to test this, and I was not even present. What is needed is more experimentation, more observation. If anyone out there has darkfield and or phase contrast capability and is wiling to duplicate this voluntarily, it would be enormously appreciated. We arent going to know for sure whats going onuntil this has been tested rigorously by multiple people. All we do knowcurrently is that something amazing seems to be playing out, and we need more data. If anyone out there in our Rife forum brotherland can come to our aid and is willing to volunteer help, please feel free to contact me atsound_of_stars@mail2heal. comWhat would be remarkably helpful, would be to get some live microscopy video of a blood sample DURING its exposure to our frequencies, such as BIO-SPARKORAMA

Rolf Andreas <rolf_andreas@wrote:
Hello Don, thanks for the post. - dehydration:
yes, I think it must have been dehydrated because on the day the photos were made I had drunk very small amounts of water before and while I listened to the sounds. - blood exposed to these frequencies:
I will talk with my therapist if she is interested in doing an experiment with four drops of blood:
1. drop of blood: examination at 9:00 am no exposure to the frequencies examination at 12:15 pm examination at 03:15 pm - we will see the normal progression
2. drop of blood: examination at 9:00 am exposure to Biosparkorama examination at 12:15 pm exposure to Biosparkorama examination at 03:15 pm - we will see the progression of blood separated from other body functions
3. drop of blood: examination at 9:00 am exposure to Biosparkorama examination at 12:15 pm no further exposure to Biosparkorama examination at 03:15 pm - we will see the duration of changes
4. drop of blood examination at 9:00 am
I will listen to Biosparkorama for three hours examination of another drop of blood at 12:15 pm examination of another drop of blood at 03:15 pm - we will see the progression of blood in the body This will give us the possibility to see the differences between these four tests. What do you think? Do you have another idea for the test? Please let me know your opinion until saturday so I can arrange the experiment for sunday and post it on sunday or monday. Best regards, Rolf

To: the_sound_of_stars@yahoogroups.comFrom: "Doc Stars" < Add Mobile AlertDate: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 13:09:52 -0700 (PDT)Subject: Rolf - Re: [the_sound_of_stars] Re: Recent comment i gave about Rolds blood work on the Rife List
I think your suggestions make sense....if we could see blood samples exposed to louder normal audio play vs thinkman playback, that would also be helpful, to see if the normal audio playback yields the same effect as the thinkman deliveryRolf what equipment are you using to connect your camera to the microscope?Val- polo <dahart@With all due respect, particularly since I havenot been personally involved in any of these studies andphotomicrographs, when one studies Dark field slides, one can get huge variations on even one slide from the samepatient. I can show you red blood cell "clumping"(rouleauxing) on every blood sample ever drawn and examined in certain microscope field locations on any one sample and just because I see one photomicrograph of extremerouleauxing really means absolutely nothing about efficacy. I can equally show you clear, desirable, evenly dispersed redblood cells in other parts of an examined slide. It all depends on microscope technique and where you examine the field. Same holds true with fibrin formation. We all have it andit varies in locations and technique. So to equate that any one instrument and/or protocol can have a direct, profoundinfluence on the blood is a stretch with only isolated photomicrographs being taken as so-called hematological "proof".Just let me say that much of the phenomena youdescribe can be directly attributed to how clean the slide and cover slip was, quantity of blood deposited on the slide, how and how much the cover slip was depressed before viewing, ambient temperature, if the cover slip was sealed with some type of oil or not and type of sealant used, various differential osmotic pressure gradients found on any one particular slide, etc, etc. You have all types of external conditions that can affect and produce this phenomena you describe in quite healthy patients' blood samples.Your view of "ejecta" is a very common phenomena as well in most all bloods. To equate it as a result of a protocol maybe a large stretch. The true stealth pathogens, those as studied by Mattman, the "cell wall deficient" varieties, cannot be easily be seen via the df microscope and often demands far more specialized techniques than the common dark fieldscope possess. You need a good Epi-Fluorescence Microscope and proper staining with fluorochorme stains to distinguish artifacts which contain DNA or RNA. Without either of these proofs, you do not have a pathogen, nor can you differentiate pathogens from debris in darkfield opinion only,doug

--Original Message --From: Donald AdamsSubject: polo - Re: [rife-list] DR RICHARD LLOYD - PROOF, Amazing Feedback, Microscopy Photos of EfTo: group,
Right,I agree with everything you said, which is why I did mention in my previous post that more testing is needed, otherwise we dont know for sure what is going on. Besides, what if the blood actually did improve in condition but it was due to some completely unknown external factor that had nothing to do with the sound frequencies and it just happened to occur withinroughly the same time period Rolf was exposed to them.If the photos show an effect caused by the BIOSPARKORAMA, then there is reason to be excited.I suspect the technician in Germany was very interested in what they were seeing, as they provided this feedback to Rolf. Im guessing and hoping that they were competent and aware of the issues you outlined below. But more testing, lots more testing is needed. We've got speculation at the moment, but would like to shore this up. Some additional considerations to offer and also a question to Polo.
First off, in Rolfs reports we have THREE photos.Each photo was taken in TIME SERIES, one after the other.For Polos comments on what may be causing the changes in the blood, other than the sound frequencies, this would be supported probabilistically, more strongly, if the photos showed what they did in an incorrect sequence. For each photo to show apparent improvement in the proper timing sequence, well this increases probability just on its own that an effect is occuring, if the timing sequence was off even by one photo then Polos alternative explanation would increase viability wise quite a bit. But lets compound the scenario somewhat, Rolf, like a number of other users ALSO reported feeling very notable changes occuring within himself at the same time these changes in the blood were occuring, unless Im mistaken, so here we have apparent improvements in the blood occuring at the correct timing sequence and during a time which Rolf reports feeling sensational effects. To my mind, this still strongly points more likely towards something actually going on, than just coincendental skewed data. However, stretched coincedences do happen, and so to rule this out.... Polo, would you be willing to replicate this experiment and do so in accordance with the guidelines you have laid out?
It would be tremendously helpful if you could volunteer your insights and capabilities in this matter.

In undergroundlab@ yahoogroups. com, sahaji@... wrote:From: "Rolf Andreas" <rolf_andreas@ Add Mobile AlertDate: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 20:33:56 -0000Subject: [undergroundlab] VAL - equipment [Re: reports and pics]
it is the equipment of my therapist. I just called her. She uses the following equipment:
darkfield microscope from Hund H 600 LL with a JVC video camera connected to a computer with a picture grabber card. the software is also from Hund in Wetzlar, germany.Best regards,Rolf

From: "Rolf Andreas" < Add Mobile AlertDate: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 20:55:23 -0000Subject: RE: polo - Re: [rife-list]
I am the person whose blood was examined. The person who made the examination is working as a healer in germany doing darkfield lifeblood analysis according to Enderlein since 1999 (equipment: Hund LL 600 with jvc video camera connected to a computer via picturegrabber) . We will try do some more experiments this sunday. I am no expert but I realized that my blood was much more fluent when she took the second blood sample after listening to the sounds.
Best regards,Rolf

From: Donald Adams Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 13:18:07 -0700 (PDT)Subject: polo - Re: [rife-list] DR RICHARD LLOYD - PROOF, Amazing Feedback, Microscopy Photos of EfFrom: "Doc Stars" < Add Mobile AlertDate: Thu, 13 Mar 2008 19:29:14 -0700 (PDT)Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] BLOOD PHOTO EVIDENCE?
Rolf, and feedback from other forums - Updates BLOOD PHOTO EVIDENCE? Rolf, and feedback from other forums - UpdatesWanted to share with our membership a dialogue thread occuring on our sister group, the Rife-List.Dr Richard Lloyd and a fellow named Doug ( Polo ), are putting us to the task, questioning our results.This is GREAT! Because this is just what we need.... to seriously question and investigate what we are encountering... are we imagining this, are we making assumptions, are we missing important pieces and making scientific flubs, flounders? We wont know unless we proceed openly, diligently, honestly. Both Dr Lloyd and Polo have asked good solid questions and they have pointed out key areas that may be problematic in the assertions we have made so far as to what we think may be going on. They have responded intelligently, positively and this is so helpful to our efforts. I have included the current message thread below with their feedback and my comments. What Im hoping for, is that perhaps Doug (Polo) may offer us his expertise to help us ferret this out. What we really need are at least a good few dozen tests by different people, at different labs. We're at the beginning of this, thankfully Rolf has really done a great job his first time at bat. Microscopy is not my area of expertise and so Im really hoping we can get a hand with all this.


There are two methods of using the frequencies: through active and passive listening.

Active Listening - only play the frequency, no other music and on good quality speakers. Not headphones. The volume should be loud enough so you feel the vibration pass through you acoustically, this is where the "resonant entrainment" comes from. The rhythm of the frequency needs to settle in the body, so exposure should continuous for a minimum of 3 hours per play time at least for 3 days. Play 45 min to 2 hrs max and then resume the last hour after a one hour break.

You can begin this session in a quiet space, of meditation of at least 5 minutes, centering yourself with awareness, and then slowly introduce the frequency. During the first play, it is best to begin with a few sessions of active listening

Passive Listening - means the frequency is being played at a low volume, so it is only just detectable. This is a subtle effect entrainment for the subconscious mind. You can also play the frequency with other music in the background for a combined sound affect, just keep the frequencies audible within the other music.

Other Guidelines - Drink Water before listening, If you get agitated while listening, or experience any uncomfortable bodily pains, stay with it only unless is becomes quite uncomfortable, then you can take a break.

Use only one frequency at a time or at most two or three of a similar nature consecutively. Too many types will cause the body to become agitated, because the inputs are too many. Stop playing the frequencies when your body feels "full" or saturated. If the user finds a frequency too unpleasant, he can take a break try again or try a different frequency.


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The buyer understands, acknowledges and agrees to the following Disclaimer regarding the purchase and use of all the AUDIO FREQUENCIES produced by the Researcher and Developer Donald Adams of The Sound of Stars.

The researcher who has produced these frequencies is NOT a DOCTOR AND HAS NO MEDICAL TRAINING. The treatments and experimentation discussed are not FDA approved modalities, and the researcher who has provided these frequencies is NOT advising that you use these AS treatments on yourself. This researcher does not encourage or advise medical treatments for anyone, nor does this researcher "treat or cure" disease. Please see a licensed physician the for medical advice.

The researcher is instead engaging in sharing and exchanging information among private citizens, and as such, this activity falls under the protection of the Constitution of Canada. Please note once again, NONE of the frequencies available are currently approved of as a medical device or treatment with any national government or world health authority.

Living in the USA and Canada or democratic countries, we have the right to discuss among ourselves any medical treatment we want, including experimental medical treatments we may choose to undergo in the privacy of our own home. We are currently in the process of seeking and working with clinics to investigate more further the effects and benefits of these frequencies.

By reading this document and proceeding further, you assume all risk by using any of the frequencies and agree to not hold the researcher and developer, Donald Adams, legally responsible for any of the effects of his frequencies. This also extends additional protection to any of the distributors representing, promoting and/or selling his products.

The above disclaimer covers all information and resources found anywhere at all either by Donald Adams or any of the users of his frequencies thus far, regarding the effects of the frequencies, also including the information provided by the researcher Donald Adams, through his mail at

The user understands additionally that the testimony of others or himself is under no circumstance to be interpreted as medical advice.









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