Note, applicants are NOT granted automatic approval to our groups.


If you wish to apply and increase your chance of getting admitted

you MUST thoroughly read all of the below and comply with the requests

fully as expressed herein and you must answer any questions posed

to you in this email or any required susbequent inquiries.


If you don't comply with everything in this email request, you just

plain won't get in, and I won't waste my time trying to track you down

to hold your hand through this process.


If you apply and simply type in a generic brief applicant statement

and you don't follow the below instructions, you won't get in

and I won't bother communicating with you at all, that means

if you apply incorrectly you won't get in AND you won't hear back from us.




With the above in mind, to gain admittance please review the following

and comply with all instructions and answer the indicated questions.


Further, by applying you agree that you have read and fully understand

and agree with our disclaimer, found here ;




Thank you for your recent application to the Sound of Stars group


How did you hear of us?


To gain entrance into our community here online, you must provide

authenticating identification, this means you must clearly say who

you are and this must be verifiable.


I personally screen and filter all applicants. That means I look

you up on the internet when you apply to our group


Using Google, when I searched for your email address, if I find ;


"Your search - +"( your email address here) " - did not match any documents. "


You will be asked once, if you have an alternate email address other than

the one you applied with




In regards to your application for our group on yahoo ;


" Sound of Stars "


Applicants are checked for identification credentials


Here is my process, I need to be able to authenticate your ID and I

need to have some way of reviewing candidate applicants behaviour. 

The way that I do that is simplest and easiest by typing in an

applicants email address into google and observing records of their

past posts in other online forums, venues to see if they are good,

sane people who contribute in thoughtful ways, of if they are cranks,

dysfunctional trouble makers that leave grief and chaos in their wake.

So I personally, fully check out all applicants and screen them.

If for some reason I am unable to do this, generally the applicant

just does not get in.


Here is what works ;


1.) You apply with an email address that is a minimum of three months

old and you have made some posts online, someplace where I can view

the kinds of things you express and how you treat other people generally,

so I have a feel for what kind of person you actually are.


2.) There is at least one reference made to your true identity in

relation to your email address that is verifiable.