I've often been asked by users about The 'CLICKING SOUND' in our frequencies.

What are they, why are they there, what do they do?





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Mystery Signals Show Up in Neurological Amplifiers,industry_gov,bid_272,aid_253065&dfpLayout=blog







While I respect and value Ted Twietmeyers work and research re: the online Thunderbolts solar related issues, I can’t say I agree

with his suggestion that what was detected here was scalar waves per se.


Rather it seems that Ted and his friend most likely picked up a variant of ‘Lilly Waves” – if you simply compare what a Lilly Wave

is to exactly how Ted describes their artifact they sound almost identical to me.


This doesn’t make the finding any less sensational however, because of course, one is left wondering why the heck these would be

transmitted via radar in the first place as described in the above article.


First, compare how Ted describes the artifact he found ;  “…it was actually a perfect bipolar square wave….Envision a single period of a full sine wave on a scope screen, then convert that same wave pattern to fit a bipolar square wave. That's exactly what it was. Every few seconds it appeared, but each time, the starting and ending polarity was flipped. There was no question this was an intelligently generated signal -…”


Now simply compare this to how the Lilly wave is structured (note, lots of additional info on Lilly waves on this page – scroll down to view) ;

Dr. Lilly developed a new electrical wave form to balance the current, first in one direction and then, after a brief interval, in the other. Thus ions moving in the neurons would first be pushed one way and then quickly the other way, stimulating the neurons and leaving the ions in their former positions within the neurons. This new wave form was called a balanced bidirectional pulse pair, or the Lilly Wave. Microscopic studies of brains stimulated with this balanced pulse pair showed that there was no injury of the neuronai networks from this kind of stimulation. Waveform of stimulating current: pulse pairs of current resulting from quasi-differentiation, with passive electrical elements, of a rectangular pulse. Measured at 2 percent of the peak, the duration of the positive pulse (upward) is 34 µsec, and the duration of the negative pulse (downward) is 28 µsec.”  

Seems pretty obvious to me that we are dealing with katz of a similar genotype….


I recall urban myths about how supposedly the Roswell alien ufo craft was brought down somehow due to an unknown effect from early radar dishes.  If there is any credibility to this line of thought, one has to wonder – did some early primitive version of Lilly waves inadvertently

penetrate the craft, introducing a critical level of noise distortion to the cybernetic interface between the ufo and its occupants?


While many of those in our group may suddenly wonder excitedly if these strange neuro-clicks are identical to what members have

been experiencing with our Sound of Stars frequencies, in so far as popping, clicking, whirling sensations and sounds ;


I provide some feedback on this below which should bring clarity on this subject.




Some time back, I had sent out the following for review by members ;




This is a short clip from the DVD "Exploring the Spectrum" by Dr. John Nash Ott. The video deals with the biological effects of natural and artificial light frequencies, and other electromagnetic frequencies. The aphids appear to dance in a manner synchronized to the passage of a radar beam of 14 miles distance, as determined by Dr. Ott. There are a few other "Dancing Aphid" videos on YouTube which show a similar phenomenon, but none appear aware of this possible explanation.


This aphid movement also should not be confused with the known "fan dance" of wooly aphids, as recorded here:



For more details see:


Exploring the Spectrum: John Ott DVD


Also see our related YouTube items:



I've often been asked by users about The 'CLICKING SOUND' in our frequencies.

What are they, why are they there, what do they do?


Recently an associate of mine ( Michael M. ) sent me the following ;


Architecture and Form:

"The discovery of the archetypal form behind the building blocks of the universe.

Goethe describes finding the archetypal plant “Urpflanze” in 1790, which he believes is the basis of all plants. Now there has been discovered a archetypal form, a basic model or a red line flowing through the building blocks of the universe (platonic forms) and their transformations. This discovery has been used to find the first form, the mother of form, the “Rosetta Stone” of form development. This basic model is really a single PLANE of generative forces underlying form fluctuations. In the lecture you will be shown how this Plane can be used in art and architecture."


In the past, I've shared with members that that the clicking sound in our frequencies is often produced, in my opinion, mainly from

something similiar to the red strip seen in the geo forms rendered visually by Frank Chesterton.



Lilly Wave Mind Control Broadcasted in Homes Wall AC/DC Outlets


RE: Lilly Waves, Radio Waves and propaganda ....(Patrick Flanagan on Rense)


“The Lily wave (named after John Lily) allows you to bypass the resistance of the human mind (the brain) and you can transmit any emotion, any kind of information you want on the Lily wave.

Adams (different Adams, NOT Donald Adams of S.O.S. development) discovered they were using it through the power grid. Subsequently, Flanagan has traveled all over the country and measured them. There are black boxes at the power companies that produce the Lily wave. They're associated with Homeland Security or whatever.

These devices put ultrasonic wave form pulses (Lily Waves) riding on top of regular 60 Hertz wave. They are mind control waves and they are coming into everybody's house.

So, the Lily wave disarms the brain's ability to discern and decide and puts it in a neutral state where things just flow right in, much like the flicker of the old TV set. It takes about 2 minutes to get into that state. It's done in the beta to almost theta state. You become a zombie. After the first time, it's a matter of seconds to get to that state the next time you watch TV. You're taken right into that state where things can pour right into your subconscious mind.

HAARP, GWEN, Cell Phone towers all can carry the Lily Wave.

*They can piggyback Lily Waves on your own voice via the phone and add an emotion - influencing all who hear your voice. They know the energetic signatures of all states of mind. You can plant subliminal thoughts, voices in people's heads or just make you feel a certain way.

It's old tech, but around some military areas, LILY waves are used to induce fear and panic in those who come close to the area. It's a security thing.”




Electrical Stimulation of the BraIn

The goal was to find an electric current waveform with which animals could be stimulated through implanted electrodes for several hours per day for several months without causing irreversible changes in threshold by the passage of current through the tissue.

Many waveforms, including 60-cps. sine-wave current could apparently be used safely for these limited schedules of stimulation. They could not be used for the intensive, long-term schedule of chronic stimulation. Electric current passed through the brain can cause at least two distinct types of injury: thermal and electrolytic.

The technical problem in chronic brain stimulation is to stay above the excitatory threshold and below the injury threshold in the neuronal system under consideration. This result can be achieved most easily by the proper choice of waveforms and their time courses; and less easily by the choice of the range of repetition frequencies and train durations.

The previous wave forms used in neurophysiology and in neurosurgery injured the neurons when unidirectional current passed through the brain. Dr. Lilly developed a new electrical wave form to balance the current, first in one direction and then, after a brief interval, in the other. Thus ions moving in the neurons would first be pushed one way and then quickly the other way, stimulating the neurons and leaving the ions in their former positions within the neurons. This new wave form was called a balanced bidirectional pulse pair, or the Lilly Wave. Microscopic studies of brains stimulated with this balanced pulse pair showed that there was no injury of the neuronai networks from this kind of stimulation. Waveform of stimulating current: pulse pairs of current resulting from quasi-differentiation, with passive electrical elements, of a rectangular pulse. Measured at 2 percent of the peak, the duration of the positive pulse (upward) is 34 µsec, and the duration of the negative pulse (downward) is 28 µsec.



One day, Flanagan and his fellow science monkeys from the Pentagon were gathered at one of their homes, preparing to start some experiments. They often experimented at their homes, on their own time -- Flanagan once described why he believes that Jesus told people to love their enemies (often scientists are deeply religious). Flanagan once took frequency readings on both his wife and himself, and then started to think loving thoughts toward his wife. He noticed that his wife then started to emit the same "loving" frequencies. Thus, he said, Jesus told you to love your enemies because your enemies would then love you in return. I wonder if the experimenting on his wife thing contributed to his divorce... But I digress.

So Flanagan and his gang of science monkeys were taking a reading on the home's electrical ground, to get a baseline reading before they started their experiments for the day. At that particular moment, as fate would have it, in walked Dr. Lilly, inventor of the Lilly Wave -- a type of mind control wave that can enter the brain while evading detection by the human/animal receiving it. (There are other types of mind control waves, for example patents have been found for mind control technology based on bursts of microwaves and other methods, some probably more damaging to the person/animal than the Lilly Wave.

Who knows what the government is using these days -- probably everything it has.) As soon as Lilly saw the electrical meter, he said, "How did you know about Lilly Waves?" Flanagan and the other scientists  immediately knew what Lilly's remark meant. They looked at each other and said, "So THAT'S how they do it!" (Referring to at least one way the government delivers mind control waves to the masses -- through
the electrical grid.)

So in short, the Lilly wave is used to influence us through the electrical grid. The frequency is passed through the whole entire grid. This is important. And I don't think too many people know about this.  Dr. Lilly also lived out the remainder of his life in Hawaii. There's a lot of strange coincidences in this whole story. Sorry it's so long-winded, but I think it's kind of fun, and it's something we should investigate.




Lilly Wave Piggybacking Electrical Grid System

Dr. Lilly published over one hundred and twenty-five scientific papers, relating to his work in various fields, including Respiratory Physiology, Neurophysics, Neurophysiology, Psychiatry, interspecies communication, and the nature of consciousness and the self. He also published nineteen popular books, including the influential Man and Dolphin(1961); Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer: Theory and Experiments, (1972); The Center of the Cyclone, 1972, and the autobiographical The Scientist (1978)

An unparalleled scientific visionary and explorer, Dr. Lilly has made significant contributions to psychology, brain research, computer theory, medicine, ethics, and interspecies communication. His concepts, inventions, publications, and articulated explorations have dramatically enhanced the quality of contemporary global culture. His work with dolphins and whales created a global awareness that lead to the enactment of the Marine Mammal Protection Act in 1972. Today, Dr. Lilly is considered the father of dolphin researchers.

In the 1940s, Dr. Lilly invented new types of capacitance manometers to aid in researches of human metabolism, and invented gas concentration and flow meters to study respiration, gas mixing, and pressure and altitude. In the '40s and '50s, Dr. Lilly was on the cutting edge of Neuroscience. He was the first to map the brain of chimpanzees, in the process inventing the “Lilly Wave”: an electrical pulse that could be used to stimulate the chimp's brain without any damage. He also developed the twenty-five channel EEG moving relief maps of the electrical activity in the brain and dynamic iconic displays for researching pulse shapes and electrodes. His brain mapping with acoustic, motor, and travelling waves predated today's state of the art by fifty years. His research in electronic brain stimulation, dreams, schizophrenia, and the neurophysiology of motivation — involving the identification of punishment and reward systems -- were published in a number of psychiatric journals.


Countering Lilly wave Programming

The Lilly Wave called a balanced bidirectional pulse pair invented by John Cunningham Lilly is a carrier waveform that bypasses the minds subconscious defense systems. It has been monitored via oscilloscopes connected to homes A/C ground and neutral of power lines. It can be used to transmit mind control via ultrasonic (1 10MHz) and electromagnetic wavelengths (600m to 1e-15m). (Rense, 2003)

Electromagnetic wavelengths transmit long/short/FM wavelength radio waves, and TV/telephone/wireless signals or energies. They are also responsible for transmitting energy in the form of microwaves, infrared radiation (IR), visible light (VIS), ultraviolet light (UV), X-rays, and gamma rays (1996)

The Lilly wave can be neutralized via pink or white noise generators connecting to the non-voltage A/C ground and neutral of the homes power grid. (Rense, 2003)





How to successfully NEUTRALIZE Mind Control of ultrasonic and electromagnetic wave lengths

There are also small, portable, white and pink noise generators. Such as the Neurophone GRS which has transducers that go on the skin and saturate the body with healthy sacred geometry golden section ratio frequencies. I call this the anti HAARP formula. The Neurophone DSP has a pink noise generator built in. Neurophone technology allows the brain to "hear" directly through the nervous system without using the ears. It is now a highly effective tool for learning, relaxation, balancing both hemisphere's of the brain and meditation. The Neurophone induces high alpha and theta waves.



Rense & Dr. Pat Flanagan - High Tech Mass Mind Control




Time Polarization - The Tom Bearden Website

'Persistence of Time' - Salvador Dali


An easy but terrible weapon -- the MindSnapper -- is based on the fact that the flow of time must be fairly smooth for the somewhat fragile "mind-body coupling ...














"... some odd artifacts. I can only describe them as "little swirly noises" in the quiet spaces. ...

seem to be of about four types that recur. They are very quiet but

audible on earphones.... I actually like the noises quite a

lot. Sometimes I just listen for them and let the main frequencies

wash over me in background. They fit right in. Are these artifacts

part of the original compositions? They seem downright "subliminal"

in louder sections, just as subliminal self-help tapes are

constructed. But, maybe they are just artifacts of the beat (see

below) and the primary frequencies in the "tune."



"When the SOS frq track is played, it UNWRAPS itself and scales outwards and

upwards - telescoping and swirling into the air around you, it behaves very very

very differently from normal sound and it actually does NOT depend on nor is it

constrained by the 'mono' limitation....It is often reported by many users that when

they play these frequencies, it seems as though the sounds are coming from

everywhere, even odd places... people also remark how odd it is that the sound

carries as well as it does over such long distances, even when played at low

volumes. Users report seeing complex forms, literally hanging and warping in the

air at times, or they 'feel' vibrational movements or they 'see' literal flashing blue

sparks or other visual phenomenon. "



"Three different times today, three different locations I hear

a 'Popping' sound. This 'pop' is similair to electricity popping."



" I could feel something like left right light electrical popping over my head.

I don't know if it was right brain left brain movement, but it felt that way.

Maybe it was in the aura. I would doze off and suddenly be awaken by

something in the frequency."



 Talk about lucid dreaming! I had the most vivid dream, complete with

pulsating colours, whirling geometric shapes, you name it. I was very

deep however and the details faded quickly. But oh, those beautiful

shapes. This type of thing has happened to me before, but rarely






From: Doc Stars <>

Subject: RESEARCH NOTES - More


Received: Wednesday, February 25, 2009, 12:26 AM


It could be argued that the 'percolation zone' I claim to have discovered is really nothing more than a region of constructive wave interference.  At the end of the day even if that is the case, it doesn’t matter really as long as the effects are actually tangible and beneficial.


However I personally think that its inaccurate for this to be labeled, or conceptualized as a mere constructive wave interference zone.  Why?


Because I am absolutely convinced that we are not simply dealing with classical wave theory parameters here, consider this ; if the effects yielded by the frqs (which appear to be delivered by complex sound waves) are not entirely governed by the reciprocal square law then does not this alone imply a non-local, "spooky action at a distance" style effect?




[2] Einstein famously derided entanglement as "spukhafte Fernwirkung" [citation needed] or "spooky action at a distance". It was his belief that future ... - 90k - Cached - Similar pages


·  'Spooky action at a distance' |



We all ready see some pretty concrete examples of human thought over coming the reciprocal square law in a very physical and measurable way ( See 'The Secret Life of Plants') and yet weirdly there are strong implications of a frequency type structure associated with these law violations.... but wait a minute!?   Doesn’t the reciprocal square law govern EM spectrum wave propagation, dissipation?  Well, yes it does... for EM CLASSICAL WAVES!


The implication here of course is that we are likely encountering an entirely different yet very real wave domain outside of conventional notions of EM, i.e. RF, electricity, magnetism, etc....  We see some reasonable forays  into these areas by certain groups... the Russians did some interesting work investigating what they called 'Torsion' fields, the Americans pursued 'Scalars' ala Bearden, Maxwell, Whittaker, etc.... chasing down coupled bi-wave (paired_ potentials).... but of course, as far as the public domain knows, nothing tangible ever came from this and the public at large is not aware generally of any current practical applications of this, at least not to any significant extent.


Looking back on many many of the experiences reported by users we certainly seem to see characteristics that Bearden might say is definitely what might be expected when exposed to such non-conventional energies.  One repeat effect is that the sound to many users seems to 'linger',  far after it is no longer playing, see;




This effect seems to be much more than just a simple afterglow, or hanging fading vibe produced from say a Tibetan bowl.... it seems to be a very tenable candidate approaching a possible violation of the reciprocal square law....  assuming we aren’t all just imagining this is happening


But if this is the case, how is the information really getting delivered?  How is it structured, carried, received?  Well, its through the geometry (see the reference below).


Symmetric and asymmetric forms energically or materially maybe manipulated by different means, one method is via rotation or transformation of their inherent structural axis across different planes of existence.  Supraluminal effects may be encountered simply via the equivalent of geometrically formed tensor fields, superstring style bands, immediate telescoping via time space carrying a very explicit instruction set that the body mind intuitively knows and is receptive to.


Look, consider this,  all symmetric and asymmetric forms share a fundamental unity, and one that is definable, quantifiable and measurable, we know for instance that


F+V-E=2  (Faces + Vertexes - Edges) = 2




So what does this mean?  It means that ALL form carries the same topological spatial invariant and that through this variant all form is connected, such as information... so thus, how might the stars and planets affect us SEPARATELY from their RF, gravity, magnetic fields etc?   Perhaps via charged information fields structured and radiated as complex geometric scalar / torsion potentials.  (See the article at the end of this document for more on


F+V-E=2  (Faces + Vertexes - Edges) = 2


So fine, thats all well and lovely you say... but what the heck does the 2 mean anyway, and big deal if all form shares some kind of 'two' ness nature ..... what does that mean?


Well, for some odd reason, what they dont tell you in the below article, is what that two stands for.  My guess is it has a number of very important meanings, but an important one to consider is POLARIZATION.  Male, female, positive, negative, that sort of thing.


We know that planets have two poles right?  But then so do blood cells, dont  they?


Light starting to click on?


So if the moon has two polar fields that are emitting classical EM style waves, what if they are ALSO generating enormous scalar potentials.... how might these affect the polarized fields of you blood cells?  Well, I seem to recall reading years ago that some Japanese scientist(s) had discovered that there was a far higher impact on human blood from solar cycle characteristics (such as CME's ?) on blood terrain than had ever been expected previously./


Check out the following ;


yet another hidden harmonic relationship:


Descartes' Secret Notebook


Johann Kepler visualized a universe founded upon geometrical solids. The image at left depicts planetary orbits having ratios tied to such platonic solids as the cube and the tetrahedron.


This concept of a mathematical foundation for the universe is explored in a fascinating book by Amir D. Aczel, Descartes' Secret Notebook (ISBN: 0-7679-2033-3). Enlivening the theme is a journey through the secret life of French philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes.


The secret notebook, entitled De solidorum elementis, contained apparent gibberish: astrological signs and a series of numbers: 4 6 8 12 20 & 4 8 6 20 12.


Gottfried Liebniz, in a flash of insight, understood the message of the secret notebook: F+V-E=2. This was a universal formula deduced from the cryptic series of numbers, 4 6 8 12 20 & 4 8 6 20 12. Aczel, in Descartes' Secret Notebook, explains.


There are five platonic solids: the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron. These five platonic solids equate with the five medieval elements: earth (cube), water (icosahedron), air (octahedron), fire (tetrahedron), and aether (dodecahedron). The platonic solids are unified through the formula F+V-E=2. Here is how:


The number of faces of the platonic solids are, respectively, 4 (tetrahedron), 6 (cube), 8 (octahedron), 12 (dodecahedron), and 20 (icosahedron). This matches Descartes' first string of seemingly random numbers.


The number of edges of the platonic solids are 6 (tetrahedron), 12 (cube), 12 (octahedron), 30 (dodecahedron), and 30 (icosahedron), realized Leibniz.


What is universal here is the sum of the faces and the vertices, minus the edges, is always equal to two. This applies not only to the platonic solids. Hence the universal formula, F+V-E=2


Descartes secret formula, decoded by Leibniz, is a topological invariant; it is, writes Aczel, "a property of space itself."




Wednesday, March 31, 2010 5:02 PM

From:"Doc Stars" <>


ON PORTALS AND MIND FUNCTION (Various links and articles)



I can't explain yet why this is important to our purposes here, but hope to soon



Read the 2nd paragraph, page 16 of ;


( Now you'll see yet anopther p[otential reason as to why the frequencies I create might come in very handy in helping you keeping your own thoughts, the most life affirming ones, intact)






Parial Excerpts;

The NSA’s Signals Intelligence has the proprietary ability to

monitor remotely and non-invasively information in the human

brain by digitally decoding the evoked potentials in the 30-50

Hz, 5 milliwatt electromagnetic emissions from the brain.

Neuronal activity in the brain creates a shifting electrical

pattern that has a shifting magnetic flux. This magnetic flux

puts out a constant 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt electromagnetic (EMF)

wave. Contained in the electromagnetic emission from the brain

are spikes and patterns called “evoked potentials.”

Every thought, reaction, motor command, auditory event and

visual image in the brain has a corresponding “evoked potential”

or set of “evoked potentials.” The EMF emission from the brain

can be decoded into the current thoughts, images and sounds in

the subject’s brain.


"Signals Intelligence implemented and kept this technology secret

in the same manner as other electronic warfare programs of the US

government. The NSA monitors available information about this

technology and withholds scientific research from the public.

There are also international intelligence agreements to keep this

technology secret.


The NSA has proprietary electronic equipment that analyzes

electrical activity in humans from a distance. NSA

computer-generated brain mapping can continuously monitor all of

the electrical activity in the brain continuously. The NSA records

and decodes individual brain maps (of hundreds of thousands of

persons) for national security purposes. EMF Brain Stimulation is

also secretly used by the military for brain-to-computer link

(in military fighter aircraft, for example)."




Go to Page 32. Read section titled

Neuronal Amplification TEchnology


then page 45


then page 46, section called 'stupid alien tricks'


then do a key word search on the term 'aliens'


then go to page 8, the section titled 'the psychic wars' and just keep reading downwards








Microsaccades differentially modulate neural activity striate extrastriate visual cortex


Microsaccades uncover the orientation of covert attention




Microsaccades differentially modulate neural activity striate extrastriate visual cortex

Currently unavailable, click HERE to searchDescriptionSaccadic eye movements in primates continually shift the location at which a given stimulus strikes the retina. Even during periods of steady fixation, microsaccades frequently jerk the center of gaze by small but resolvable distances, yet perception remains stable and continuous, uninterrupted by sudden jumps or shifts. The effect of such fixational eye movements on the activity of single neurons was examined in several regions of the visual cortex in macaque monkeys. We found that the firing of many neurons in striate and extrastriate cortex is profoundly influenced by saccades much smaller than the neurons' receptive fields. In striate cortex (V1) many cells showed a transient decrease in their firing shortly following a saccade. In sharp contrast, cells in the extrastriate areas V2 and V4 showed strong excitatory responses that closely coincided in time with the striate depression. No appreciable activity change was observed in the inferotemporal cortex (IT) following saccades. This activity pattern is consistent with the notion that topographic extrastriate areas receive extraretinal input associated with saccadic events. Such signals may be necessary for the stable perception of objects and scenes during eye movements, mediating the mapping between central object representations and the constantly changing retinotopic input.


Microsaccades uncover the orientation of covert attention

Currently unavailable, click HERE to searchDescriptionEngbert, Ralf [author, Reprint-Author]; Kliegl, Reinhold, 2003: Vision Research 43(9): 1035-1045












Power firms tell their customers that smart meters only have a short range for transmitting wireless signals..

However, I contacted my power company in New Zealand - Contact Energy - and had it confirmed that smart meters have a transmission range of up to 21 miles. Watch this video to see how you may be affected by wireless pollution and then visit to read an important scientific report warning of smart metres.







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