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Imagine ...
Imagine if the Impossible
... became Possible





Imagine if such a thing  as one’s ‘ HIGHER SELF ’ actually existed.

Consider the implications and ramifications and follow along with me on a safari of mind, heart and spirit that will leave you intoxicated, breathless, fascinated, euphoric and will propel you towards ultimate fulfilment.


But during our adventure together and afterwards, don’t just take my word for any of this.


I ask you to rigorously scrutinize and test everything I share with you here and then come to your own good conclusions, allow your own experience to be your decision making guide.






- An actual ‘entity’ or twin of you existed in another dimension

- This entity was a version of you in an ideal state of harmony

- This entity and its location in another dimension could be found

- When the entity was found, its state in time-space could be described

- This description of its state could be captured and extracted

- Its state changes dynamically over time and space

- This period of change could be tracked from our current earth reality

- This period could be effectively tracked in a 24 hour  (day) cycle

- The state description of your higher self could be converted to geometry

- This geometry is organic and fluid, dynamically changing regularly

- This geometric description of your higher self can be converted to sound

- This sound or frequency pattern could affect the lower self version of you

- You experience dramatic enhancement, empowerment and vitalization

- You experience very tangible phenomenon that manifests physically

- You experience a curious kind of inter-dimensional travel, ACTUALLY

- This form of travel is one of you being pulled through layers of realities

- You are pulled up and towards unity, via resonating entrainment

- You are pulled towards the state of your higher self

- You begin to experience intense concrete positive change rapidly


You experience PROFOUND increases of WELLNESS, 
self-confidence,  self awareness and realization



Does this sound farfetched?  Outlandish even?  It would to me if someone told me about it, unless I had some sort of concrete evidence to go on… to test even.


That’s why I never told you, the membership, what these frequencies were at first… I wanted you to experience it first hand..  I wanted YOU to tell me what  you thought these frequencies were all about…and guess what?  You did!   In fact in the stories and accounts provided by our own membership… it was stated that YOU thought that this is exactly what these frequencies were, and you were right all along.  Good job people.


However…. Here’s something amazing to share with you that’s going to excite you even further!


Virtually ALL of the ‘Mystery Frequencies’ were simply versions of MY higher self that you got to listen to.  Some of you reported feeling, sensing a very human prescence… like a tall blue man watching you from your doorway that you could just see out of the peripery of your vision.  That was me.  When you played the ‘Mystery Frequencies’   you were playing frequencies that resonated you to my higher self, you were in the prescence of this… and  imagine if you were in the prescence of a high energy being, what effects might the energy field put out by such have on a person?  Imagine what its like when you are simply around a happy person, how much better you feel?  If  you were however in the presence of a super charged being…. What   would happen then?










Economy Version : $39.97   



SAVE ; $10.00 off the purchase price of the  Economy Version

See the ‘How to Order’ section for details below !








Check out the “ THE ECONOMY VERSION “ ! ;


  A "Must Have" for November 15 – 2009 and onwards!  Imagine getting weekly energetic upgrades to boost your well being!





November 15th 2009 to January 31st 2010! 

It is coming.  Be Prepared!


NOTE, this incoming energetic influence lasts until the END of;

January 2010, but lingers on until August.  What better time to experience energetic support to your over all well being than now?








Essentially, POWER and POTENCY.  Dramatic results reported by users were ALL induced via the Economy version frequency type.  You can read all about their stunning experiences, here on this website (see the links below).




TRY FREE samples of the Economy versions ;




(The samples are now expired ( SO THE POTENCY WILL BE REDUCED ) but you may still get mild effects still from them and you can hear what they sound like)










DETAILED DESCRIPTIONS of the Economy Versions 
and the FULL DELUXE CALIBRATED Versions follows below;








THE ECONOMY VERSION - A "Must Have" for November 15 – 2009


NOTE, this incoming energetic influence lasts until the END of;


January 2010, but lingers on until Agust.  What better time to experience energetic support to your over all well being than now?





November 15th 2009!  It is coming!  Be Prepared!


SEE Details and Information via Links below - scroll down to view. (You will find information on what this is all about, how it works, etc.)


November 15th-09 is a pretty intense day energetically with some really positive influences and some down right VERY nasty ones creeeping in, crawling and likely roaring about!


Extremely powerful configurations such as Saturn squaring Pluto at 1.42 Libra-Capricorn, this and related influences are likely to increase manifestations such as public fears of terrorism and war, but this energy can affect us in other challenging ways, here is an example described by these site online ;


Challenges involving self-will, persistence to the brink of ruthlessness. Exposure to very challenging emotional experiences, these may create an over defensive position making it hard to forgive and forget."


Loss that is devastating to the point of being unable to recover.

Loss may include things like innocence and naivete..."


I'd like to see you protected energetically as much as possible for the more challenging influences here!


Ideally, your own "Higher Self" frequency would be the best choice for this of course, but for some this is an expensive option and not everyone can afford this.


So how can you spend the least amount of money for the most protection on this highly charged day?


You could have the close company of a good friend who was in a highly charged state, energetically, next to you.


The strength and intention of this person would be present, to watch over, support and comfort you.


That friend is ME!


I have designed a 'Higher Self' frequency for myself, for my own optimum protection for this day and you can also share in the benefits of this. Is this as powerful as having your own Higher Self frequency ($150.00 USD) custom made and calibrated for you?  No, its not... but its the next best thing AND if you've read the reviews in the links provided, you'll see just how effective this can still be and the cost range is between $29.97 and $39.97!


More ECONOMY Versions will be provided in the future and on and on going basis for the same great, low price and for calendar dates that can be challenging in different ways, not just for November 15th, 2009!  So now you can have an amazing support tool to help you transform challenging energies into LIFE AFFIRMING transformation instead of just loss of vitality and energy!  Stay tuned for additional future releases of the ECONOMY Versions!


How and why will this work for you?


I've included all the links you will need at the end of this email, feel free to review this at your leisure.








Here is the amazing part… you all reacted  so strongly  to  frequencies of my higher self that were calibrated to very specific windows of time, imagine how much more strongly you would react if they were YOUR OWN HIGHER SELF FREQUENCIES?  If you thought it was an intense and powerful experience before…. You havent even begun to soar yet, BECAUSE your higher self frequencies would effect  you much more strongly than those of someone else… so what this means is that everything our users reported are quite  mild in comparison to what  you now have availble to you if you use your own Sound of Stars , ‘Higher Self’ frequencies!


How it works, is that I target your higher self with a set of special paramters, this is fed into my system and a series of temporal-spatial maps are created, these are used to capture the state of your higher self for a 24 hour day period.


A totally different pattern and frequency exists for every single day for any person whether it’s a higher self version of them or their current normal state in this reality, and each day yields a different geometrical expression of the self, so ever day would sound different.


Ideally of course it would be best to be able to have higher self frequencies for every day of the month for any given month. 


When I generate higher self frequencies for myself, I calibrate to a single 24 hour day period since it changes every day, but what Ive noticed is that ( and I have been using these on myself secretly for months now) a sort of ‘Bell Curve’ effect exists… where in the maximum peak effects of a generated set of higher self frequenfcies occur ON the day the frequencies are generated for, however lets say  that I  made frequencies for November  20th 2009… I could use them 3 days prior and three days after (Approx) on average and I would experience very beneficial results, but these results would peak and maximize like crazy ON the day the frequencies were generated for.  Three days after the peak point the effects begin to fade quite a bit… technically  you could still listen to them of course but its not recommended to do this much as the frequency is describing a position in time and space that has now passed too much and the effects are neutralzied or in some cases may even cause mild temporary distortions  (for instance note the report of one user who described how he began to temporarily type words backwards and could not figure out why – this may be related to a mild time-space distoriton)                             


Higher Self frequency sets for any given day may come  in variable amounts, meaning for some days only one frequency may be generated that will do the trick nicely… on other days as many as four or five may be generated and needed.  Certain days are ‘special’ and can produce high degrees of symmetry and amazing and intense frequency sounds and experiences. 


Certain days through a given month may be better to have sets generated for, an example would be those days that  the moon is at hard angles to the earth or your moons position in your natal chart… this is when the biology of your body will be most stressed physically and in these cases could use the energetic boost and support the most from the higher self frequencies.


Designing these very special and very powerful, exotic frequencies is not easy and it takes a long time to do properly.  This product is our flagship product, a higher end item for people with sophisticated taste who want to experience the very best that  the Sound of Stars has to offer in frequency based self improvement and development.


The current offering is $150.00 USD per calibration,  This   gives you a frequency set that may be effectively used for a 1 week period (approximately)  after which its potency dramatically drops off rapidly.


For power users, we recommend            you purchase four calibrations per month, one set for each week.  Normally this would cost you $600.00 USD per month. I may consider an introduction price for monthly users and discounts for  users who sign up for 3, 6, and 12 month schedules.


If you want to order your first week calibration set, simply email me privately at ;




Also, see the below section called ‘How to Order‘, for more detail and instructions.



USAGE Instructions and Recommendations : 


You can begin to start using this frequency immediately as of November 11th-09 and you will notice benefits, but watch what happens as the date gets closer and closer to November 15th !  The effects will build each day and then suddenly on that day the energy will peak and spike (like a Bell Curve ) and offer maximum energetic protection!   After this date the frequency will continue to function for approximately 3 days but each day after the frequency will begin to fade in strength.. approximately after 3 days for most people the effects will fade to nominal.


For best results I recommend listening to this one at least one time through via full audio, and then carry it around with your Silent Delivery device and have it always running on your person so you have your own portable invisible protective bubble shield where ever you go and whatever you are doing..... even play it while you sleep!


If you don't have one of our silent delivery systems yet or can't afford one, don't worry!  Simply play the track by normal audio playback ( i.e. on your stereo) , looped, by itself for a minimum of 45 minutes per day to a maximum of 4.5 hours per day, each day.


For information on various available Silent Delivery systems see ;






Use the frequencies WITHOUT interrupting other people OR while walking around in public places, enjoy your own quiet silent bubble of protection and healing, here are helpful links that describe this unique and convenient device  ;






















To qualify for the DISCOUNT PRICE, please indicate in your email to me, that you heard about this offer from Terry Nazon and or that you are a client of hers and you will get the discount!



Purchase this directly for $29.97 USD for the Economy Version, or $130.00 USD fort the FULL VERSION, via paypal or with your credit card online via a paypal invoice sent to you.



The Protecting Power of the Frequency track ;


" HIGHER SELF of  DOC STARZ - For Nov 15-09.wav "



Follow these basic instructions for payment ;


Simply, just use the ‘SEND MONEY’ function in your paypal account and send the amount of  $29.97 to my email address of ;




Make sure you get the above email address correct


What if you don’t have a paypal account, or dont want to use your paypal account funds to pay for the frequencies…




You want to use your credit card to pay online?


Here is how you do this simply and quickly ;


Just send me an email  and in your email just indicate your total, and request I send you an invoice for your credit card.


Let me know what email address of yours you want the invoice sent to.


You will then receive a Paypal invoice in your email inbox that you can use your credit card with, simply follow the simple instructions provided in that email and you can pay easily and quickly online wi th your credit card. Once that transaction is complete I will forward you the download links for your frequencies... its that easy!





Sometimes people have NOT sent it to the above but have mistakenly sent it to ; sound_of_stars@yahoo.com       or      doc_starz@yahoo.com


Do NOT send paypal funds to the above addresses, it won’t reach me.


If you send money via paypal you must send it ONLY to ;




After you have sent the money to me through paypal, then NOTIFY me via email my email address of ;




Once you have paid using the second method above, simply email me at




and let me know, and I will send you your frequency !






If you want to order your first week FULL VERSION calibration set,

 simply email me at ;















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