August 12, 2009


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[the_sound_of_stars] wonderzz frequencies experience

Saturday, August 15, 2009 5:18 PM

From: "hollydolben" <holly_dolben@



I started listening to the mp3 version standing, but within a minute or two the otherwordly sound of it reached me inside and I HAD to lie down.  I was trying to 'pay attention' to the effects, but found myself feeling like I was going through a worm-hole in outer space or going into a deep water space under the ocean somewhere.  I dozed off or went 'out there' for a few minutes.  But about 6-7 minutes in my eyes suddenly flipped open and I felt refreshed.


The same thing happened with the wav file, except that I started out lying down.  Same voyage through space or water feeling, same instant awakening (I'm usually very groggy for a while upon awakening).


Now I am noticing a tingling and light feeling at the sides of my neck and my shoulders. Kudos! 


These are great.






From: Robert <roamingeaglewolf

To: "Doc Stars" <>

Received: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 4:03 AM




Well it started as a warming of the body, then my focus was captured with how energy was moving around within my mind. It started out as a simple bouncing of energy moving in a figure 8 motion between the two sides of my mind, crossing in the center, or corpus clustrum (not sure of spelling), then it went from one path to many spreading out like a flower but all paths crossed at the same point.



From: Kathy <seminolekat@ >

Subject: wonderzzz comments


Received: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 12:27 PM


I have been following your group for some time.  I first heard about it through an environmental illness group on Yahoo and your works just fascinates me!


This is the first time I have been able to experience a full-strength file. After you posted Wonderzzz, I read the first comment & decided that this would be the weekend I

would try it out since I had the house to myself.


I first listened on Friday night, looping the first file for an hour at a volume where I could feel the vibrations. I could first feel a tingling in the top of my head, kind of like chill bumps but only in one location on my head. I was aware that my heart was pounding. Very quickly I found myself focusing on certain sounds and being aware if they came from the right or left (gotta love Definitive bi-polar speakers!). After a short while the main sounds seemed to not have a right or left channel and I started noticing the underlying tones. I wanted to focus on those, but I could not. It was like the tones were wanting me to go somewhere else. The tingling eased up, but it was there during the entire first loop. I also felt a low level buzz towards the base of my skull, kind of like when the bass is set too low (which in this case it was not).


Overall, I would have to say that during the first loop, it felt like I was pulled in many different directions & then...focused is the only word that seems to work here.  I experienced quite a bit of apprehension - even dread - at one point when there was a pause in one of the tracks I was focusing on. But by the time I finished, that feeling was gone. As the file repeated over the course of the hour, I felt my pulse quicken at that same point, but the feeling of dread eventually went away.


(Editors Note, this letter due to its length is included only in part)


Everything described above was on the mp3 file. Early this morning I played the wav file for an hour in the same setting and volume. I first tried it around 4 AM EST, but a

couple minutes into it I was so fidgety and agitated that I had to stop. After awhile I tried it again and made myself work through that part. Once I got past that feeling, I was

amazed. I still felt uncomfortable and on edge, I guess because I was experiencing something I had never felt before. I felt the same tingling on the top of my head as with the previous file, but this time it felt like it the top of my head (again I don't have the words to really described what I felt). The file was still playing, but it seemed different to me and I cannot pinpoint why.  I want to say that it was not as sharp, but that doesn't seem right either. I was a bit overwhelmed by the sensation, needless to say.  Feelings and thoughts ebbed and flowed during this whole time.  One specific thing occurred during the 2nd set. While I was trying to pay attention to the tones, I had this feeling that someone was standing in the doorway of my room. It immediately brought me out of the muted swirl of everything else I was feeling and I felt like I had to get out of there. Yet this was all happening in my mind. I was laying down with my eyes closed. I did not get up and I didn't open my eyes. A few minutes later I briefly and calmly opened my eyes, noted that the room looked normal and closed my eyes again. That feeling - a dream, hallucination or whatever - was wild!


I am normally a very analytical person, but my experiences last night & this morning has my head swirling with thoughts - mind chatter, as you put it. I am always open to new ideas, but I usually look at things from a more logical perspective...and to me this defies my logical way of thinking.


I don't know if my ramblings here will be of any use to you, but I just wanted to share.   Thanks for reading!




Kathy Naranjo

Seminole, FL



[the_sound_of_stars] wonderzz frequencies experience

Saturday, August 15, 2009 7:48 PM

From: "Stuart M. Tanner" <samiyam44@




I think I've really come to enjoy the wonderzzz frequencies.  They flush me out entirely.  I let go of some anger I had been holding onto, I let go of some fears I've been hanging onto.


 I feel free.




the_sound_of_stars] "Wonder"ful feedback...

Saturday, August 15, 2009 5:27 PM

From: "Ryl" <rylah@




Wow Doc!


All I can say is that "liberate me now" is exactly how I feel... Liberated....

Below are a copy from my notes for your files and to share with the group. 


Thank you so very, very much for sharing these frequencies with us Doc~




"The difficult is done at once, the impossible takes a little longer."

¤ Arabian Proverb ¤






Crown of head vibrating

Warmth in the pit of my stomach

Desire to smile and nod like listening to someone share a lovely story or singing a song

Slight pressure behind my ears [where jaw meets]

Want to get up and sing/dance

Feel like getting huge hug

Energizing, yet grounding feeling up and down my spine

Breaking blockages & encouraging energy flow

Pressure inside skull [not painful]

Warmth flowing over me like rain shower

Muscles releasing

Lots & lots of warmth soaking into me

Feel like I am 'expanding', but not bursting my seams

Part of something bigger/greater

Flashes of light and patterns flowing around me

-*- [guides definitely present and approving of the energy this is creating]

Dark colours swirling around me with flecks & swirls of white, pale blue, yellow and orange like looking at galaxies.

Movement... without the body actually moving [Astral OOBE?]

Muscle knots have released and body very "calm"


Kitten [female] jumped into my arms to listen too, passed out quickly in her sling and slept very deeply

Got up and left during second wave



Drifting into a cradled feeling, like swinging in a hammock and watching the clouds drift by

Deep calm, breathing shifting to the regular pattern of meditation or sleep

Very relaxed feeling, like being massaged

Tension being released

Sensation of floating

Thirsty and feeling of "emotional" lump in my throat

Wanting to cry something out, but feels like a good thing

Releasing things buried and pent up

Relief and feeling of being comforted

Grounded and stabilized

Tired, but not exhausted & very HUNGRY!


Both male cats hovered around me while this one was playing, seeking attention gently




#1 – kitten returned


Vibrations traveling up and down body in ring shaped waves

Low grade headache as if I had been crying over something

Feeling that everything will be ok

Energy rising & feeling thirsty, but "nourished"


#2 – kitten remained with me, both males settled part way through


Calm, peaceful & difficult to NOT fall asleep

Riding an energy stream like it was a giant fair ride

Passing through a "wash" of bubbling energy and being cleansed

The feeling of home, comforts & compete peace on a bed of complete calm

Feeling of satisfaction, a job well done…





Completely relaxed & at peace

Feeling like self is being recharged like battery

Becoming firmly seated in self again & no longer ‘drifting’


Floating in space or under water, so lovely and calm

I’m just going to float here for awhile




I was so relaxed and had a deep feeling of peace ad calm. I also had the sensation of blockages being broken and shifted. 3 out of my 4 cats "hung around" during the time they were playing and were all sleeping peacefully by the end of the hour.


Went to bed 2 hours afterwards and went straight to sleep. Slept very well and actually dreamt for the first time in a long time.



I have played these two frequencies in loop for another hour and it has been AMAZING!

It is like old blockages and plaques have been broken and pounded loose, my body, mind and spirit have been recharged to the fullest and I am calm and focused. I have the most profound feeling of being at peace and whole within myself. Every time these "wonders" cycle, the journey is never quite the same as the last, which is just fine with me. ~grin~


I have to say that I am totally blown away by the gentle power in these two frequencies and they are now my absolute favourites. Oh, the cats still love them too. They all had a bit of a super charged playtime and now are all scattered in various sleeping spots having peaceful naps.





From: Wwench9@

Subject: Re: [the_sound_of_stars] NEW FREE DOWNLOADS


Received: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 4:49 AM


I love, love, love!! epsilon 1!!  …this one is an instant delight.  I feel heavy, relaxed and open in the throat and heart area.  Thoughts are slow and relaxed.  Felt/saw energy lines running from me deep into the earth, brushing crystalline minerals along the way.  Then a slow spiral turning like a galaxy over my heart.....


This is in ten minutes!


Thank you.






the_sound_of_stars] wonderzzz1Saturday, August 15, 2009 7:58 AM

From: "zandstrand" zandstrand@


The first impression after playing wonderzzz1:


I have the impression that I am floating in the space between the stars, like a space traveller without a spaceship.




From: kay <kay@

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] Experiences of new frequencies



Received: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 12:48 AM


My 9 year old son and I just finished listening for an hour. 


He wrote notes of his experiences.  Here they are


My five senses improved

I temporarily felt rather gloomy

I had to pee a half hour into it

I had an odd friction related warmth

I got sluggish

My head wanted to explode

And it felt like I just had my stomach stapled.


My experiences were less dramatic and not very note worthy. Shortly into it I felt a sense of silliness.  Next feeling was of going up into a spacecraft.  (Which I have never done)


I think I might have fallen asleep during part of it.  At one point there seemed to be a sort of dream/altered dimension where someone had a mike and was at a table with Alex and I was nearby.


About forty five minutes into it I felt a tightening in my stomach area.  Not uncomfortable just felt like I was suddenly thinner and more fit.  I also felt an increase in my sense of smell.



We'll experiment more over the weekend.


Thank you for sharing this (and everything else) with us!






[the_sound_of_stars] z-Esilon and Wonderzzz notes

Saturday, August 15, 2009 7:14 AM

From: "Ellen Madono

To: the_sound_of_stars@yahoogroups.comHi Doc,


That was an unexpected gift.  Thank-you,


This morning, I found the first wonderzzz to have the feeling of very

smooth kundalini movement up and down the spine….


The second one epilison is very pleasant to listen to.  I just took a rest

with it.  I could feel something like left right light electrical

popping over my head.  I don't know if it was right brain left brain movement, but it felt that way.  Maybe it was in the aura.   I would doze off and suddenly be awaken by something in the frequency.  Also, sounds outside the house sounded like distant cannons.  Never heard a cannon before, but anyway something was booming in a low tone then I

would realize that a motorcycle was passing.  I guess I was pretty far








From: C Hanson

Subject: Re: [the_sound_of_stars] my first experience with WONDERzzz 1&2


Received: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 4:32 AM



Another odd thing is that it has been two days since I listened to the frequencies and I am still in a very mellow mood.  I had to teach a training at school and everything went so smoothly that it was unusual.  Just still very relaxed and hard to confident or easy going, nothing seems to ruffle me.


I am also very very new to all this side of alternative healing.  So I don't quite understand all the terms and things you are all talking about, but I did enjoy the frequencies. 





<-----Original Message----->
From: Beth R. 

Sent: 8/14/2009 8:30:25 AM


Subject: New frequencies: Wonderzzz1 and 2


Dear Donald


I have just listened to the two new ‘mystery’ frequencies and would like to share my findings.... These were the sensations I experienced:



  • Immediately I felt spacey
  • I had a tingling sensation throughout my entire body
  • There was an overwhelming belief that came over me of ‘being able to overcome anything’
  • A spiralling movement of energy was felt within me, like a giant model of DNA revolving and pulsating
  • I had a feeling of being ‘fully activated’ – reaching my true potential
  • It felt like an out-of-body experience – I was weightless and hovering above my physical body
  • About 10 mins in I felt a subtle vibration at the back of my eyes which was mildly uncomfortable
  • Then I became aware of a lot of mucous at the back of my throat and an excessive amount of saliva was being produced
  • I began to feel physical shifts/jumps within as if I was moving up through gears (like myoclonic jerks when we fall asleep, but without the physical, muscular spasms)
  • After 20 mins I became mentally very alert and was compelled to turn the sound off, even though I found the experience overall enjoyable and fascinating



  • I felt strong vibrations pulsating through my chest
  • Instantly ‘connected’ with the sound
  • Felt as though I was moving in different directions simultaneously, as if I was multi-dimensional. I was everywhere all at once
  • I felt as though I had left my body entirely
  • There was a momentary awareness of other light beings around me
  • 5mins in and I felt a piercing sensation in my crown. It was somewhat painful but not unbearable. This lasted for a minute or two
  • By 10 mins in I was bathed in a beautiful feeling of calmness. The word BLISS kept coming to mind and I began drifting in an out of a sleep-like state but felt as if I was being healed as I drifted off


Bright blessings

Beth R.

Shropshire, England



From: ntaroiu <lsirca@ >


Received: Friday, August 14, 2009, 9:24 PM


 I wanted to share my experience listening to both frequencies for about 20 min each last night.I had a spiritual awakening 3 years ago and this experience was strange to me but very,very blissful and it brought me back into focus and I've experienced that thoughtless calm that everyday life that doesn't bend to me takes away,lol. 


When I started playing the 1st frequency it was late at night and the first thing I experienced was this spark at the top of my head which then was followed by a shiver up my spine or was it down? and then I felt this very calm,blissful feeling which made me so happy I started giggling,lol.The 2nd frequency made me feel tired and sleepy but a happy tired and sleepy and I had to go to bed because my eyes were closing by their own accord.


Before I fell asleep,I could see these lights strobing in the dark and these images were playing in front of my eyes very quickly and then I fell asleep.


Dreamed but could not remember exactly what but in the morning I woke up calm and blissful still and on my walk to the bus and my bus ride,everything seemed very bright,colorful and effeverscent and I couldn't stop drinking it all in as if it was the first time I've seen the outside world.Very interesting indeed!




From: nrgworx@

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] my first experience with WONDERzzz 1&2


Received: Friday, August 14, 2009, 3:31 PM



Hello  everyone,


   What a  journey  life  is  huh?   Doc,   I  will be playing  with these files  for  days and days  to extract every morsal  of myself  from  illusory    seperate  hemisphereic  thinking.   


I recently  was  the  butt  of  someones  irrational  anger ,  an old wound in them opened up and  I was  the board  they  unloaded on.   Had  it  not  been a very close personal friend  I  would have been like a duck.  Water off my back.   But  for  two  days   I had not been able to let it fully go.  MY  ego  was  bruised.  poor  'thing'.  ;)

Within  the first  five minutes  of   wonderzzz1   I  realigned myself and  saw myself,  shining  , beaming  at myself  and reminding myself  that it  was  OK,   we were  both in  the place  we were in.  She  was  being  an expression  of  her inner  model.   Nothing more.   No harm was truly caused because  we are unified, our consciousness  is  the same.    I  felt peaceful  and  loving  and   had  / have  no  annymosity  left  for  me or this  person or the situation.

The realization  that   there  is only  the one self  in multitude of expressions  erased  the entire concept of wrong  or  right. 


OK,  so that was  first thing.   Secondly,   I  am  feeling  unified  and while  I have experienced this before many times, and  actually  is becoming more so on a daily basis,  it is  somewhat different  and  want  to toy with the freq's a bit more  to pinpoint  it a bit.


I am curious  if  anyone  else playing  with these  new  treats,  have  had the  sensation of  the sounds  moving around  the brain,  from  one side to the other.   Not  just  in  a parrallel or linear  fashion  but  in a synchronised  dance   which  created  a  unifying  track  of understanding.   I  became  balanced in my hemispheric  thinking process.   Logic and  intuition   became  melded into one  form of thinking  instead of  two  opposites.   I used  to believe it was an either/ or  type of thing but  from this  experience I gained that  our illusions of seperation   can stem from  the  way our own   bain's  have been functioning.  Believing ourselves  to  be  'only right brained strong' or  'only left  brained strong'.    And  disliking  the  weakness.   I  can  feel and see  now  much clearer.   My  senses ,  all of them  right now are very heightened. Which  I attribute  to how the sounds moved around my brain triggering  different areas  into synchronisation    I  also  had  the sensation  which  reminded me visually  of  the scene from the movie  contact  where jody foster  traveled outside  of herself and  saw  the universe for the first  time.   


My  dog  came  over  to me and   laid her  head  on  my arm.   she looked into my eyes and  we  became  solid  in  an insant.    She  then  got up and  curled into a ball.   I  could swear  she was  experiencing her own level of unity. 


These two  forms of the freq,   unraveled  a great deal of dogmatic  illusion.   That is the best way I can describe  it.    My  hemispheric  thinking  unified,  my  ego  unified  with  adversity,   my   self  unified  with  SELF  and  thus  it was  as if my consciousness  expanded,  but   I  'think'   my conceptual mind is what expanded  into consciousness.


thanks  dear  man.............   what  a joy    and  pleasure   to  be  "here, now".    I listened  for  40 minutes.  Then simply  'knew'   I  was done.     Will see  next  time  how  long  it  wants to go.    :)    


NEW ADDITIONAL – Aug. 14-09 ;


I  would like  to add  that  for  the entire  day,    I  was uplifted,   I  giggled at  everything  for half the day,  and was able  to  help my clients  on a more clear level.  I  also  had  gentle tears with the giggling.  Not sorrowful tears, but  really  good  vibration feelings. I  felt  very connected to them as  I worked  and  time 'disappeared'.  I usually  watch  the clock somewhat   while working.  Today  I  did not.   When I was  done,  we were  'right on time'. The hour  was up.  


I  can't  wait  to work with these  again  tonight before sleep  and  for the rest of the week.


NEW ADDITIONAL – Aug. 14-09 ;


YES!  I forgot to mention  how  every  color  was  MORE.   It is a bounty and  I even had to touch touch  touch.  My senses were really alive  for  a few hours after the  initial playing.

   I  do believe  we have found our  'depth'   ;)





From: ykelepouris <ykelepouris@>

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] second dose.


Received: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 1:05 AM


At first the waves started to flow, I started to breathe deeper and my chi was moving.I was relaxed. This time the visualizations were dream state, yet

with a heightened sense of self and control of any influence.


 I felt active in this altered state this time because I was also choosing to see what it would do with dilemma's and such matters in my life. Again I am in between dimensions with full control, it felt I was working on some harder stuff this time around, its if I could see everything so clearly. Its a very omnipotent feeling, as if I am watching all and see all truth and dynamics of situations or peoples intentions. Then I stopped it and was feeling very high.





From: Jesz <decker@ >

Subject: Re: [the_sound_of_stars] WONDERzzz 1&2


Received: Friday, August 14, 2009, 2:41 PM



Hello Doc, just finish listening the wonderzzz1 file with headphones for 30 minutes and it give me the feeling of being an swallow flying free in the air, making whirls and flying up and down in the sky completely free. I was in alpha state but i assume that listen it in theta will give more deep visions and feelings.






Kerry R.


August 13, 2009


Hi There! So I listened to the downloads you sent.


That was wild! I could feel energy move through out my whole body. First I felt it in my left top side of my head. Then I could feel it under my right breast. I had a lesion in my head in at the left temporal lobe. I had a tumor in my right breast. Interesting that those were the areas I felt the most. The feeling is almost like pain.


It is not uncomfortable just a pressure and release feeling. After a bit I started to fall asleep. A few strange images crossed through my head. For the rest of the day I felt very content. I felt as though my body was releasing some old stuff. The images kind of freaked me out.


I felt a sense of something being released while I was listening to the frequency. After the frequency I felt a sense of contentment. I noticed that I could see auras with much ease. The past few years I have learned how to stay in a more what I call grounded space. It is like a switch in my awareness. It makes it easier to be in public. After listening I felt like I switched to the the more opened place. It was not problem just an observation.




August 13, 2009 2:02 PM

From: "Kevin Watson"


Hi Doc,


I just quickly listened to the new frequency you released (  I only had time to listen to it once (not looped for an hour) and with headphones. I was so excited from the description on the page, I couldn't wait until I had an hour to spare on it with speakers.


I've tried some frequencies over the past couple months. Not for any regularly scheduled amount of time, just play them when I can.  They usually have quite an impact on me without regular use, so I can't imagine what they would do if I actually used them on a regular basis.  There's some stuff to report on that, but I'll focus on this one for now.


Here's what I experienced in only 10 minutes:


Start - immediately hit me with a "Wow, this is cool".  Compared to the other frequencies I listened to, I immediately took to this one.  It felt like a roller coaster ride (and I love roller coasters).


One minute in - my legs started feeling a bit weak, almost shakey.  Much like after a good ride at an amusement park (again back to the roller coaster type feeling).


End - about minute 8 or so, I focused in on a clicking sound in the frequency.  That hit me/stimulated my brain, just above the back of my throat near the roof of my mouth. Not sure what part of the brain that is, but could this be a pineal gland affecting frequency?  I also started feeling some sinus type stimulation/loosening.  I've experienced sinus stimulation from other frequencies as well.  I have allergies, get sinus infections occasionally, and usually have some build up in my sinus at all times.


After - felt a bit dazed after listening to it (still do as I write this about 20 minutes later), and have a slight spinning feeling.


This is one cool frequency, can't wait to do an hour with it (if I can handle that!).


Hope this helps.





From: Heidi Ferenz

Subject: Wonderzzzz Blown Away

To: "" <>

Received: Thursday, August 13, 2009, 3:45 PM


Hi Doc,

Just finished the hour of looping Wonderzzz frequencies 1 and 2. Listened with speakers up pretty loud as I could stand. Even though I am very spaced out right now, my fingers want to type as fast as I am thinking. Whew. Breath. OK


Listened to both frequencies without writing anything for the first loop. Loved absolutely LOVED both right when they started playing. Felt an immediate affinity.


So here are my notes:


Wonderzzz1" Top of head towards back of crown stinging type sensation for about a minute. Body feels almost non existent, like not important.


Awareness drawn way out past earth's atmosphere way out in universe, then comes back but still holding that awareness out. This is without any effort on my part.


Feel very light, like made of LIGHT.


Feel connected with all, even computer keyboard, walls, tel. poles.


Wonderzzz2 Feel some vibration in teeth and bones. Lots of GRATITUDE-nothing specific just an overwhelming wonderful feeling.


Feel very spacy, now serene. All is well but beyond that like it does not matter.


Feel so soft, mellow.


Salivating more than usual.


Thinking that this freq. would be great to meditate to daily as it is like a mantra but without any effort-effortless.


Mind chatter way down-almost nonexistent.( Still feel this way while typing this now and am amazed at how fingers are actually typing, as I feel I am coming from another direction.)


While listening: "So Be IT" comes to me. It is a declaration.


So at Peace.


Even now while I type I still feel such peace, and my body so relaxed (it is not really relaxation, it is kind of indescribable--like there is no holding). Wow.


Now want to explore the day from this perception... hope it lasts.


In harmony, Heidi



Gena Cromwell

12 August at 20:21


Donald I played those links you sent me . Just wanted to share with you my dog went crazy then sat down right beside me calm (keep in mind hes 13 weeks old) and listened to the whole thing intently. How very interesting. Thank you for sharing them.



Patrice J Sauve

12 August at 21:57


My oh my! Don with all the committed intense work to awareness I have done in the past 4 months due to depression caused by life circumstances, the last 7 years of accumulated knowledge and practice, this has catalyzed one of the sweetest days of awareness in a real long time. I have done chakra toning wich I believe set the table for the profound shift I have experienced with this frequency today.   To say it simply I am truly experiencing a steady flow of Happiness Grace and Ease with amazing productivity and manifestation on a very real tangible scale. WOW! Not one tinge of depression no meds but I did fall asleep for six hrs with it on repeat after 1 hr of coherent meditation with it so results may vary.


Thank You Don!







From: MDemaria <>


Received: Thursday, August 13, 2009, 6:32 PM


Wonder frequencies.


I listened last night for awhile not the complete hour and felt the energy enter my crown.  ……  While I was listening

I noticed a blue light and someone was there with me, not sure who, but someone. 


And then like fireworks in the distance in the Universe. 


The blue light was swirling and then expanded to bigger and then the presence was with me.  It definietely brought up stuff for clearing.



I wil listen again later today. Very very different. 




NEW ADDITIONAL (From Marie)– Aug. 14,15-09 ;



Received: Saturday, August 15, 2009, 1:16 AM


Last night I again played the frequencies and it was totally different.  This time it was like a fade to black with red orange colored spiking  like lava shooting up and down. I will try again tonight. This is very very different.





NEW ADDITIONAL (From Marie)– Aug. 15-09 ;


Hi doc

I was listening to Wonder 1 and 2 last night this time for a complete hour and was so relaxed and felt wonderful!  Nothing visual, just so relaxed.  Wonderful feeling I usually live in a pressure cooker world of my Career and this felt great! Now I see you have added more.  Thanks so much






From: Stuart M. Tanner <>


Received: Thursday, August 13, 2009, 7:17 PM


Wonder frequency 1 :  What do I feel?  I turned it on at high volume (neighbors must hate me) and played it.


At first I'm feeling relaxed and floating... I lay down on palate in office and listen to frequency on loop...  I fall asleep with the sound on after about an half hour.  I wake up after two hours and find that I'm relaxed and yet tired, I feel I need a nap... but I'm also restless and remember I have things to do and then feel a fearful need to get going and do something. 


Torn in two directions, I get up and take care of correspondence and remember I have to go to friend's house and feed his cat. 


Unsettled... what is this stuff?  Want to relax, feel scared, feel tired, feel released...


I'm assuming that I'm on the edge of a break-through and determine to breathe deeply and go about my day.  I want to play this again first thing tomorrow as I feel it's taking me somewhere and the anxiety is merely resistance.


More report later.






After listening to Wonderzzz

Thursday, August 13, 2009 8:22 PM

From: This sender is DomainKeys verified"Kat King Kraft"



I happened upon this picture on a website, synchronistically, and thought,


 this is how I feel when I listen to the sounds


; )


And that was the name of the file -- I didn't change it.


Tir-na-nOc, here now.






Love, Kat


From: C Hanson <>

Subject: Re: [the_sound_of_stars] Personal observations on the new Wonderzzz frequencies


Received: Thursday, August 13, 2009, 9:33 PM


I don't know what they are supposed to do, but I listened to them this morning and I have been in an extremely mellow mood since then, very relaxed and peaceful.  I didn't pay any attention to them while they were playing, rather loudly, I might add, I just was working and it was very peaceful.  Hope that helps.


From: <hanpeng.lin >

Subject: Havoc of the typhoon  Re: Re: Re: Re: Your freguencies bring me a more energized life!

To: "Doc Stars" <>

Received: Friday, August 14, 2009, 1:46 AM

Dear Don:


Thank you!!!!!!You are so kind to our people!!


I had sent by email to all my friends and notify them to send it to more people!!

(do you have frequency about mercy? there is a village in south Taiwan all 398 people are all buried by mudflows




landslides in half a hour!!!!!   Thousands of people become homeless!!!!!!)

So sadly, I think they need frequency to  console their hard-broken heart!!!


When I first listened your frequency, I feel a lot of energy im my body rise up!!


My body start to vibrate!!


Your frequency is quite amazing!!!!









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