August 12, 2009

"My Goodness Donald! ....


This is making me feel really strange...


What is it for? 


It is very powerful and intense...


I can’t even describe the effects..."

Prince Randy Alam-Sogan - Philanthropist



“As A Waking Human Being, The Most Important Experience
You Will Ever Discover Is Often Kept From You - And Here's Exactly How To Begin Rediscovering That Secret Experience NOW…”

Why Most People Go their Entire Lives Never Even Getting Close To This… And How You Can Start FEELING it NOW…




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(For instructions on what to do and how to properly use these, scroll down to the ‘INSTRUCTIONS’ section below.  Note, you will see two files with the prefix “Wonder”.  When you see these, right click with your mouse on them and save them to your computer.  Do NOT try to run them directly from the server.  These are SPECIAL files, one is an MP3 and the other is a .WAV file.  They are BIG files, there is a good reason for that.  The biggest one is around 230  MB, so it may take some time to download it.  Make SURE you read and follow the instructions below.)

You will find a series of other files in this folder as well.  Feel free to experiment with these also, but begin your journey with “wonder”, that is to say begin using the WONDER files for your first session and try to do at least three, one hour sessions over the next few days before progressing on to the next, unless your intuition compels you to start sampling the other files sooner, after your first “Wonder” experience.  For all the other files in this folder, please follow essentially the same sort of approach and make sure you forward your observations in detail to me, “Doc Starz” (see below).



“RIDERS ON THE STORM – Reports of Experiences”


Stefan Dzeparoski - Director, Theater and Film (Serbia and Alberta, Canada)


"This is how I felt through frequency session and after;


 I think that  I have passed through invisible mirror of reality.


At the moments I was very small. The sense of the space around we was that it is vastly huge, but after some time that space was in me and I was huge.


For all the time I was feeling like that perception of physical reality is shifting. I was traveling through energetic tunnels within this reality. But all the time there was that great sense of being at the other side.


Emotionally I felt fine. I was not disturbed or afraid. I was simply amazed. Ride through tunnels was giving me joyfully sensations. Near the beginning of the session I was feeling and seeing in my mind huge cloudy waves coming out of me, and coming back. Soon I have dived in them, and found myself 'at the other side' looking at them. I was not in the centre of them, But they where still there. Also the image of planet Saturn was appearing occasionally. I am not sure why. Saturn is my ruling planet. Colors that I have seen where in a scale of black towards the shades of gray, and occasionally the circular shape of metallic blue color appeared. The circle has ability to morph and change. To go inside and outside self.


If I could summarize all this, it is that dominant physical feel was as if I was heavily present and absent from this realm at the same time.


Thank you Don.



Patrice J Sauve, DJ and Owner of “JoyOne”, Entertainment


"...very mmmmeellllooooww and keen at the same time floaty spacy as in very spacious

....something is happening to my brain I hope its good, feels that way so far..."   Listen online to this persons amazing story.







Dear Friend,

Your probably wondering;

 “What will these frequencies ‘DO’ to me?

You are probably also curious as to why I’m not giving you a detailed description of them, especially since in the past with all my other frequencies found here

I always did that.  I’m not doing that here and now (as of August 12-09, for a very good reason and I’ll explain why further on.

An ENORMOUS series of breakthroughs have been occurring in my research and I’m just now beginning to release some of this to the public, but the results are


For many of you, you’ve already witnessed some of the far out dramatic effects reported by users as posted on our various resource sites such as ;


These effects and results were with the PREVIOUS frequencies I generated, which are still valuable, amazing and useful…. But now we’re switching the game up…. Hold on because its about to get WAY more intense.

THESE frequencies you are about to listen to are EXTREMELY special and unique, like nothing I’ve ever released before. 

Because they are so powerful and new (and they only represent a tiny fraction of what you will experience in the next few weeks with further similar releases), I don’t want to bias your own sensations and experiences by telling you what they are and what they are meant for in advance.  I want YOU to tell ME what you feel and experience after your journey with them.

Once a number of people have shared their stories about the trips they have gone on with these frequencies, these stories will be added here to this page for all to review.

Shortly after that, I will make an announcement describing what these actually are and what the next steps for you to take will be to jump to the next level which will be far more powerful and mind blowing in ways you may not even be able to imagine right now.  Grin.





I have something really quite amazing to share with you... but I ask your patience and indulgence... I dont want to bias your outcome...


Download these Tracks ;


Note, file #1 is 23 MB but file # 2 is 230 MB so for some of you this may take a while to download depending on your internet speed


Play the tracks looped for at least one hour, each is 10 mins in length


P.S. the tracks you download, you want to loop them for repeat continual playback so it goes on and on automatically for at least 1 hour


Listen to this for a minimum of an hour, do so loudly... loud enough so you can feel the vibe inside your head and in your body... it should feel like its resonating deep deep inside you.... if possible do so in a quiet private place, with good loud speakers, no headphones just normal good quality speakers.... (if you must use headphones then go ahead) try and minimize distractions, turn the phone, tv off.... be still... dont read anything... have a notepad handy... just be fully with yourself as present as possible... allow what ever flows into you to flow into you... watch the train of your thoughts, feelings, etc... write down your primary observations that strike you as they come... but only briefly, make brief bullet notes.... dont get caught up in writing the mind chatter down.... and dont write too much as this is happening... only jot out very quickly a key thought as it comes, like shorthand...if you do this for an hour, the bulk of this time should just be in the being of it... you should spend maybe only a max of 5 to 10 mins of that hour writing in the note pad.... when the session is over.... breathe deeply... get up... shake your body and stretch for at least 5 to 10 mins... then go back and write as much detail down as you can in the note pad of what you noticed, what images, thoughts came to you... write the tale of your experience as clearly and thoroughly as possible....



ABSOLUTELY… YES!!!  As in “Champagne Super Nova in the Sky”…..You’ve only sampled a very very small amount of what lies before you, in fact you’ve only just opened the door a crack.  For now however, lets go a step at a time;


Contact me AFTER your experience.... and give me a briefing... describe to me what happened to you, email me your experience.  You can send this to;




Then, we’ll explore taking the next steps after this…. Can you feel your Event Horizon drawing near?





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