RELEASING TRAPPED EMOTIONS : "When a trapped emotion is identified, it’s released by rolling a magnet down the Governing Meridian (energy channel running through center of body and connecting all the acupuncture meridians), which amplifies and infuses our intention for healing and release of negative energy." 1


"The Governing and Conception Vessels are the main rivers of the body's Yin and Yang energies.  They are polar aspects of the body, perfectly complementary, like midnight and midday.  The energetic flow of the Conception Vessel corresponds to Yin, negative polarity, the female aspect, and responds to bass tones; while the energetic flow of the Governing Vessel corresponds to Yang, positive polarity, the male aspect, and responds to treble tones. The Governing Vessel governs all the Yang channels, which means that it can be used to increase the Yang energy of the body. Since the Governing Vessel is the "Sea of Yang Meridians" and it controls or governs the back, the area richest in Guardian Qi (Wei Qi), it is also responsible for the circulation of the body's Guardian Qi to guard against external evil intruders." 2


"I remember very distinctly lying on my back on their table during a treatment session and telling Dr. Harmon, "When I grow up, I want to do what you do." She replied, "No you don't. If you go to school you'll never learn the right way to heal. They'll fill your head so full of dogma and nonsense that you'll never be able to think for yourself again." I was just a kid, but this advice really stayed with me." 1


"Your subconscious mind knows the difference between “Yes” and “No”, or the truth and a lie. When you ask a question about you body, an automatic electrical response occurs in the body’s muscles. Polygraphs, or lie detectors, measure and graph these involuntary responses. The same electrical response can also be shown in either a strong or weak muscle response. Strength indicates truth, a “yes” answer or positivity." 1


"1A polygraph might graph this as a true answer. Weakness  indicates a lie, a “no” answer or negativity. A polygraph might graph this as a false answer." 1


"Because you have this excellent, built-in tool to ask “yes” or “no” questions of the subconscious mind, you can access information about health directly from the source - directly from the computer storage center that is your subconscious mind. This is similar to doing a search on the computer hard drive - all you have to do is know what you are searching for, and the answer will be shown to you almost immediately. The Body Code has been designed to help you ask the right questions, and know what to do about it when you get the answers. It’s really that simple" 1.





Thanks to Kat King for bringing the Body Code info to our attention, looks like very interesting



Personal Note: There are arguments both pro and con for the use of methods like

TCM, Astrology, etc…one concern I hear often form orthodox spiritual and or religious

people is that one needs to be careful in the use of “energetic medicine” as there

may be hidden attachments, entitys, etc masquerading as something good.


My opinion is that this can be true situationally, however sometimes unfortunately

religionists” throw the baby out with the bath water in their fervor instead of doing due

diligence in properly examining some subject.  The fact of the matter is, that TCM is a conglomerate and composite discipline formed over 2,000 years by a multitude of people

making observations of their environment and reality.  One needs to keep in mind that this probably means that a lot of very important and harmless understanding and learning about nature and natural principles must have occurred during this time.  Correspondingly, at the same time you have a number of people who are INTERPRETING natural laws and principles in association with their own spiritual inclinations, biases and evolution – not all of which would have been necessarily good, true or meaningful for others. 


I feel that if a person uses discernment when investigating and applying TCM remedies

and knowledge that one can pull a lot of helpful, positive understanding and use

from it while avoiding possible pit falls and dead ends that have been deposited throughout

its content.  I know first hand how much simple herbal remedies have helped me

as well as acupuncture.  There is also a very large assortment of Western based science

Studies and papers that detail how and why acupuncture works on a very practical

physiological level as well as the nature of chi.


First however, lets take a look at arguments against CHI and TCM.  You should come to your

own conclusions after studying and evaluating this appropriately.  I do think there is some

meaningful degree of truth in the argument against aspects of TCM and related as presented

in the links below.


I also think, even though I make use of astrological ideas and principles, that there can

be dangers associated with Astrology – but these dangers are not inherent in ALL of the

content and structure of these domains but instead are in the intent of the user, the

misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the information, and the misuse of these

practices as forms of “spirit / entity” association, divination.


As an example, its one thing to be aware of the natural law and principles of lunar phase and cycle when planting and growing crops and its quite another thing to try to “pray to the moon”

to get desired results.  I personally advocate the former but not the latter for obvious reasons.


So here are some detailed arguments against CHI, TCM etc….


Now compare the above information at those links with this science study on Qi that

Indicates strongly that this energy is a form of infrasonics.


My guess is that the truth lies in between somewhere – and that its up to us to

Filter out the bad, harmful useless content and keep the good information ;


Scientists find proof of Qi


"(This study was published in the proceedings of "The First World Conference for Academic Exchange of Medical Qigong published in Beijing, China in 1988. (Referred to in this book as "The FWCAEMQG proceedings.") This study shows that most Qigong healers emit sound in the range of 8 to 13.5 Hz. For others, the frequency can range from 6 to 16 Hz. Based on this discovery CHI has been investigated the importance of frequency and of precise frequency bands and has made many improvements in the Infratonic OGM.)


Measurement and Analysis of Infrasonic Waves from Emitted Qi

Niu Zin, Liu Guolong, and Yu Zhiming

Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine suggests that Qi is one of the fundamental substances in human bodies. Modern scientific research of the essence of the emitted Qi has yielded some positive results. In order to find out the relation between the emitted Qi and infrasonic waves, to explore the mechanism of the emitted Qi, to find out how a person generates and receives the emitted Qi, and to provide a quantitative physical scale for indicating the strength of the emitted Qi for experimental studies of the effect of it, we measured and analyzed the infrasonic waves from the Qi emitted by Qigong masters.


The test, which was done by an infrasonic testing system made in Denmark, was conducted in a noise-proof room in the Institute of Sound and Electronics under the Ministry of Electronic Industry. The background noise in the room was lower than 30 dB (decibel). The microphone was hung in the over Laogong (P-8, acupuncture designation for a point in the center of the palm), the distance being 2 cm with no contract.


The experiment tested the release of emitted Qi at Laogong (P-8) in the palm, Mingmen (Du-4), Baihui (Du-20), Dantian, and Jianzhi. Special attention was paid to the test of Laogong (P-8).


1. The peak frequency of the infrasonic waves from the tested Qigong and non-Qigong masters ranged from 8 to 12.5 Hz. In one case the frequency reached 16 Hz. In another two, it reached 6 Hz.


2. The infrasonic waves from the Qigong masters ranged from 45 to 76 dB and those from the non-masters, 45-50 dB. Comparison of the intensity of infrasonic waves during the Qigong state and the non-Qigong state before and after the emission of Qi showed a statistically significant increase (P<0.01).* The increase of wave intensity of the Qigong masters compared with that of the non-Qigong masters was also obviously significant (P<0.01.)* The Energy of the Qigong masters was over 100 times higher than that of ordinary persons.


3. The masters who had practiced Qigong for many years and often emitted Qi to treat patients had a higher intensity of infrasonic waves, reaching over 70 dB. Those who started to practice Qigong a short time before and mainly practiced Nei Yang Gong had a lower intensity of the infrasonic waves (lower than 60 dB.)


Infrasonic and ultrasonic waves are all sound waves which cannot be detected by human ears. The frequency of infrasonic waves is below 20 Hz. Many natural phenomena and artificial actions may generate infrasonic waves. Human bodies may act as a source or a receptor of infrasonic waves giving rise to a biological effect. The infrasonic information we acquire a from the measurement of the Qi makes it possible to study the effect of the emitted Qi.


The Valsalva state in which a Qigong master emits his Qi, is the breath regulating state of Qigong and also the state of emitted Qi in the breath holding exercise. Non-Qigong masters who simulate the Valsalva state also send out more intense infrasonic waves. It shows that every person has infrasonic characteristics. A long period of practicing Qigong in the emission of Qi. The Qi emitted by masters who adopted Song Jing Gong (relaxed Quiescent pattern) had more intense infrasonic waves (reaching 72 dB). Thus, the mechanism of the emitted Qi released by different exercise patterns is different.


We have found by a series of tests that very able Qigong masters can keep the energy of infrasonic waves at a relatively high level (over 70 dB). So tests on infrasonic waves can be used to screen Qigong masters.


The human body can generate and emit infrasonic waves. As far as acoustics is concerned, the most suitable resonant frequency of human tissues is within the range of infrasonic waves. It shows that the human body easily receives infrasonic waves. Infrasonic waves are a strong, effective part of the emitted Qi because of their quick, long distance transmission, strong penetration, and non-decreasing vibration. It is possible that infrasonic waves themselves transmit the messages between the Qigong masters and the subjects, or serve as a carrier.


(*P<0.01) means that thew probability that these tests results would occur by chance is less than 1%. This measure of statistical significance" tells us that the sample size was large enough and causative factors strong enough that the results of this study are reliable.)"


Scientific Measurement of Qi Effects

Measuring external qi (EQ or wai qi) during qigong healing, has shown shown Qi had these physical effects:

1.        far-infrared,

2.        heat,

3.        micro-pressure detectors

4.        microwave radiation,

5.        significant increases in wavelength to above 10 mm,

6.        significant magnetic signals,

7.        sound frequency lower than 16 Hz from qigong healers at different acupuncture points.

The importance of the study is more to legitimize any Qi existance, in a scientific protocol, for outsiders.

An Analytic Review of Studies on Measuring Effects of External Qi in China by Kevin W Chen, Ph.D., M.P.H., University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

World Institute for Self Healing, Inc.

light 10, 11, electricity 12, heat 13, sound 14, and magnetism 15.

The first report of this type utilized a

1) Far-infrared Detector (8-14 mµ) and was published by Gu & Lin in 1978 13.
A modified far-infrared radiation was detected at a distance of 50 cm from the palm of a qigong practitioner, with variations in intensity as high as 80% at a frequency of 0.3 Hz. ...

Lin et al.17 of

2) AGA Thermogram Shanghai Academy of Chinese Medicine reported that when the qigong healer emitted qi to a patient, and could display the entire procedure of qi emission by reading the thermal flow moving from his arm to his palm and finally to his finger tips.

Then, the surface temperature of the patient’s afflicted area, although one meter away from the healer, was raised by 3°C 17.

Furthermore, using the same equipment, the Joint Research Group of Somatic Science at Shanghai University 3 has found that infrared radiation can be delivered additively through multiple practitioners – the total infrared radiation is approximately equal to the sum of multiple qi emitters.

Chen 18 of Beijing Society of Qigong Research also observed the temperature change on the body surface with infrared detectors during the qigong practice of a qigong healer, and found that the consciousness of a qigong healer could act like a “switch” in this body temperature change. ...

Gu and Zhao 10 of Shanghai Academy of Chinese Medicine conducted more than 900 experiments in order to verify the element of particle flow in EQ. In their experiments,

3) Ge (germanium) Micro-Pressure Detectors were placed at the distances of 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 meters from the qigong practitioner. The practitioner (Zhao) emitted qi toward the target (Ge detector) through two of his fingers. … could pinpoint the target and repeatedly produced signals on the micro-pressure detectors.

They recorded many micro-pressure signals from the Ge detector at all four distances with a little time lag. They explained the signal as the reflection of the unspecified particle flow from EQ. ...

Wu of the Beijing Institute of Technology conducted many tests using a mm-wave radiation meter to detect the effect of EQ19. With an

4) 8 mm microwave radiation meter, they used the near field (20-40 cm to antenna) to test the EQ effect and the far field (4 to 5 meters to antenna) as the points of reference. They conducted 50 trials, 28 of which had formal records of radiation curves. Twenty-two of these trials had significant increases in wavelength to above 10 mm during the period of qi emission. ...

A total of 26 subjects, 20 qigong practitioner (mean age of 45.3 with practice experience ranging from 1 to 30 years), and 6 non-practitioners (control group, mean age of 46.7) participated in the test. Subjects would take off all of the possible magnetic objects in their possession before entering the lab. A baseline magnetic signal was recorded for each subject before s/he entered the lab. No radical movement was allowed in the lab. The procedure included the following steps: when each subject walked into the lab, the door would be closed. The subject would stand at the door area for 3 minutes, then move closer to the magnetic detector, and stand for another 3 minutes. At this point, the subject would use the Lao gong acupuncture point located on his palm to direct EQ toward the magnetic detector (no touching was allowed) until he felt that he had reached his maximum strength. …

The results showed that, in 32 tests utilizing 20 qigong practitioners, 21 tests detected

5) significant magnetic signals (65.7%), while 11 tests detected no significant magnetic signals (34.3%). The strongest magnetic signal detected was 105 nT. More specifically, the detected direct magnetic signals ranged 2-6 x 103 nT, duration ranged 0.55 to 14 minutes; the alternative magnetic signals ranged 2 to 2.6 x 103 nT, the frequencies were around 0.16 to 0.5 Hz; pulse signals ranged 3 – 1.3 x 105 nT with frequencies of 1-2 Hz. There was a significant difference between the typical curves of magnetic signals during qi emission by qigong practitioners, than during simulated qi emission by non-practitioners.

The curves of magnetic signals detected during simulated qi emission by non- practitioners had no change during the entire process. Through 17 repeated tests of 8 qigong practitioners, 5 practitioners repeated the positive results in 11 different tests, in addition the type and range of signal had some changes. Eighty percent of the tests detected residual magnetic signals after the qigong practitioners believed that they stopped emitting qi.

Kokubo et al. 21 of Japan conducted similar studies on measurements of anomalous bio-magnetic fields from the qigong healers, and confirmed the Chinese scientists’ findings of increased magnetic fields during the EQ process.

Hou of the Chinese Institute of Space Medical Engineering conducted a series of studies to detect infrasonic sound (the sound frequency lower than 16 Hz) from qigong healers at different acupuncture points 14. The subjects included 10 qigong healers (aged 28-61) and 10 controls (non-practitioners, aged 17-41). The test was performed in a soundproof lab with baseline noise less than 40 dB. The testing equipment was

6) Denmark B-K Corp’s Infrasonic Sound Detector, which has a special wave filter to detect infrasonic sound at frequencies of 2 – 20 Hz. During the test, each subject was required to sit in a comfortable position, relax, and lightly close his/her eyes. The distance between the sound sensor and the testing point was at 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, and 40 cm. The tested acupoints included “Lao gong” (on the palm), “Bai hui” (on the top of the head), and “Ming men” (at center of the back near the waist).

“Where the intent goes, the qi goes.”
Infrasonic sound may exist at the acupuncture points of ordinary people. The difference between qigong practitioners and the control group was the strength and the wave-shape of the infrasonic sound 14.

Furthermore, the direction of infrasonic sound was not controlled by the qigong practitioner, but was emitted in all directions.

Alternative Therapies, July/Aug 2004, VOL. 10, No.4; Analytic Review of External Qi Studies, page 38- 41.

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Fangshi, ( Method Master ) gentlemen possessing secret formulas for treating diseases.


Five Element Theory


Theoretical Background of Elixir Alchemy

These were apparently meant to serve as objects of ecstatic contemplation, leading ... But the small body of sources the meanings and times of which are known .... Way of the Heavenly Master (Thien Shih Tao4), a Taoist group specialising in the ... and ripple as the Dragon Foetus (lung thai5)cries out from its secret place.


Ptolemy in Philosophical Context - University of Toronto

by J Feke - 2009 - Cited by 1 - Related articles

analysis and demonstration of the mathematical relations between musical pitches. .... because in the latter he corrects numerical values in the former ...... employing this same formula, indicates that harmonics is a katalępsis, a type of apprehension or ...... Instead, Ptolemy combines Aristotle's five-element theory with a Stoic ...


Full text of "TRANCEformation of America"

This super secret technology is an evolved system of remote human physical find ... However, with consideration to the so-called problem of. information overload, .... The formula for problem solving, rests firmly on the quality of the supporting .... We were met upon arrival by a tall, well-dressed, Korean gentleman who ...


Theoretical Background of CHINESE Alchemy

'Secrets of the Great Tao (Ta Tao Mi Chih). It is quoted in the Huan Tan Chung Hsien Lun (Pronouncements of the Company of the Immortals on Cyclically Transformed Elixirs) dated + 1052, by Yang Tsai, whose graphic description of mercury-poisoning guarantees that it is concerned with the Outer Elixir:


Venus, the Metal planet, is the seminal essence of Metal (chin chili ching4). It accepts the vital animad of the moon, and holds within itself the chhi of the Earth planet Saturn. Thus inside it, yellow in colour, is the floreate essence (or radiance) of Metal (chin hual). The stimulus of the lunar chhi is manifested as anima, and anima belongs to Water. When subsequently (the floreate essence) has received (the chhi of) Metal, the Watery chhi will respond to Mercury (the Water planet) and give birth to lead. (E-m-w).


Jupiter is the Wood planet, the vital animus of the sun and the essential chhi of Water. This animus is scarlet, because (it corresponds to) Fire. Fire gives birth to Wood.e In response to the chhi of Mars (the Fire planet), cinnabar is born. Cinnabar holds within it the Yin chhi of Wood, and thus contains quicksilver. Quicksilver is called the Cacrulean Dragon; and the Caerulean Dragon belongs to Wood (w-W-F).


Mercury is the Water planet, and the seminal essence of Water. It transmits the chhi of Venus, the Metal (planet). Its flowing seminal essence responds to Earth, also receiving the vital anima of the moon, and gives birth to lead. Thus lead produces the floreate essence of Metal. The floreate essence of Metal has the Five Colours, and is named 'Yellow Sprouts (huang yaz). The chhi of the Water planet descends into Wood and gives birth to laminar malachitch (E-M-w-W).


Mars is Fire, and the seminal essence of Fire. It receives the chhi of the Wood planet (Jupiter) and also transmits the animus of the sun. Its flowing seminal essence enters Earth (or the earth) and gives birth to cinnabar. The animus (of cinnabar) belongs to Fire and so it is born out of Wood.1 Since within it there is Yin, it gives birth to mercury. Fire gives birth to Earth. Earth contains the Balanced Yang,J and gives birth to realgar, the sapidity of which is sweet. (W-F-E).


Saturn is Earth. It accepts (the chhi of) Fire. The Earth planet holds the Balanced Yang within, and thus has realgar (F-E).


Thus the Five Planets transmit from one to another the floreate essences of sun and moon in rotation according to (the) Mutual Production (order of the elements, hsiang sheng), each conforming to its Tao.


Flying Stars, the element code that determines the energy potential of your house. Based on the construction period when the house was completed and the sitting and facing direction of the house, these stars create an energy map which affects the health, wealth, creativity and relationships of the inhabitants of the house. Every house has them, they are unique to the house and their influence on you can lead to enhancing or sabotaging experiences while living there.


So important is the Flying Stars that if you have not had a Flying Star reading you have not had a Feng Shui consultation.




Archive for the ‘Chinese Herbs’ Category



An Investigation into the Relation between Personality Traits and Happiness at Work. A Case Study of Qom Province Post Bank


The concept of ikken hisattsu or a one-punch kill is inherent in the esoteric fringe of Okinawan martial art theory and further bears out this preferred methodology. Perhaps the reason for this difference in emphasis is simply one of size. The Okinawans being a heavier built ethnic group are able to deliver more power with a punch while the Chinese being of slender build are not. It goes back to physics. The highest impact can be calculated by the formula MV2. In other words, mass times velocity squared. Therefore, speed is most important but without mass it has little of or no effect. This is why the Chinese emphasize spearhands and penetration techniques. Punching without sufficient mass behind it cant generate enough force but a spearhand or penetration technique [especially to a vital point] can. Its the difference between a lightweight and a heavy weight boxer. You dont see a lighter weight boxer knockout a heavyweight. It just doesnt happen. A spearhand, unlike a punch that spreads the impact over a large area, concentrates its force on a very small area. In this way a lack of mass can be compensated for. The Bubishi, a manual of Southern Chinese kenpo dating from the seventeenth century, also reiterates this concept. The text explains the use of a penetrating hand to activate pressure points more effectively than a closed hand technique such as a punch. It is also necessary to penetrate muscle tissue in order to get at a nerve center or nerve plexus.



The Fourth Wave – Higher Vibrational Frequency creates buildings with greater harmony






Encyclopedia of Ancient and Forbidden Secrets











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