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Hi Donald,

Really fascinating stuff-

But have to say from the perspective of the light side- what is not mentioned in the article is the natural reaction and implementation of positive energy which counterbalances in nature everywhere we lo...ok. That is to say the light as opposed to the dark side.

For one the old powers are losing grip and throwing everything they have to Maintain control- whilst behind the scenes the nano technology has already been transmuted for our greater purpose later on.
We must remember "empowerment" as the article suggest "hopelessness" like neo's accomplace- who cannot unite because of separation-

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Donald Adams Tim, that sounds lovely, hows Tibet doing with that stance currently? Have you heard?

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Libby Patterson · 11 mutual friends

let's use our vibration to rise above these ideas. the rest flows from belief of beauty, so let's begin.

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Donald Adams Lets get informed, avoid wishful thinking, and take empowering action

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How do we empower against this?

I have still reached stillness in meditation- with or without morgellons- I do not believe that control is possible but maybe I am already part robot? It sounds like the matrix- with agent smith everywhere!!!...
I see the chemtrails in England and I get angry too- but how do we react against injustice to Tibet?
Of course we educate and lobby as much as we can-
But if we are in a war we are contained, if we do not see beyond the endgame we are in separation.
I mean your knowledge of yesterday is different that of today,

Who's to say you have the ACTUAL On a subject?

I certainly think that Tibet is a very sad issue where over 1m have lost their lives in the last 50 years-

But what has the dali lama said?
Recently I have seen a spirit in my house which suggested all is not what it seems here- this hologram of experience will outgrow the obsurd- the contradiction of dark and light exists in duality- when duality lifts the absurd is left for all to see-



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Donald Adams Tim, there are many things tha can be done, part of the issue is getting properly informed, most people arent, some of the content on this link may help towards this ; http://soundofstars.org/escapehatch-xxx.htm

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Donald Adams About the spirit in your house, see ; http://soundofstars.org/dispell.htm



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Donald Adams Regarding what to do, before we can ever get to that, we have to seek and know the truth, those who say there is no absolute truths only subjective ones are either full of bs or they are purposely misleading others for their own gain, see this ;

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Donald Adams “It is not because the truth is too difficult to see that we make mistakes... we make mistakes because the easiest and most comfortable course for us is to seek insight where it accords with our emotions - especially selfish ones.”
Alexander Solzhenitsyn quote

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Donald Adams Once the truth is known, then right action can taken, but the biggest hurdle to overcome isnt creating"oneness", thats a massive red herring and that cant be done, at leat not in the way the pop new age movies preach, that answer is in finding those individuals who ARE able, willing and qualified to work together in developing and applying solutions.... What are the solutions in this case ? There are many again.... one of those solutions defintely can be found within ;

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Donald Adams Frequency Resonance! Why? Because everything has a resonant signature frequency and when you know it and can apply it PROPERLY ( without vain narcissitic ignorance such as new age chanting wearing crystals on your forehead calling in your guiding angels cos your really just a 'god' ascending to dimension X ), then you can localize, manipulate and even DESTROY stuff like Morgellons, see the videos on this link ;

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Donald Adams http://soundofstars.org/whereistheproof.htm

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Donald Adams Starting to get the picture now?

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Donald Adams RegarDing what the Dalai Lama says....yeah... rama rama ding dong, you and I both know thats all well and good, but while hairy enjoys a life of luxury abroad on his speaking circuit, not only are his people suffering grotesquely, not only are there now McDonalds Restaurants dotting the Tibetan landscape, not only is the core part of Tibetan culture rotting and fading fast under the boot of China, but OVER 70% of ALL the ancient learnings, scrolls, libraries, monasteries have been shelled by artillery out of existence.... were talking tens of thousands of ancient scrolls of wisdom on all topics ranging from astronomy, mathematics, medicine, you name it.... all gone never to return...... But the kicker to all this, is that the REASON this all occured, is one of the the SAME reasons that our society today is on the verge of extinction... because in Tibet prior to the Chinese invasion decades ago... the current Lama of that time had a dream of 'red devils' invading Tibet and he knew the only chance upon waking up was to get prepared, fast - then there was a chance. To do this he needed the support of his panel and he described his dream and urged action - they all smiled and and humored him and told him essentially that he was wrong and they advocated doing nothing and continuing to bliss out into their own personal nirvanas...just like the wankers today advocate - dont worry just 'ascend'.... the end result was that those monks that advocarted this mostly ended up dead, in prison or if they were really lucky in exile and their country was firmly set on the path to destruction because of this idiotic behaviour.... the irony is, that the Tibetan people DID end up resisting China for years, with arms, anyways.... but they didnt have the benefit of proper preparation or support from their own govt to do it because their own govt generally was too incompetent to do so.... some videos follow ;

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Donald Adams http://youtu.be/hDTSatumaSw


tibet lost battle 1959


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Donald Adams posted to David Sereda



* Phase 1 & 2 - Cranium Clicking/Screeching: A phase 1 side effect goes back as early as 2001. Exactly what is happening is not completely known but involves some sort of nano-chip being installed/operated in the cranium (your head) of the host. This is probably the equivalent of a CPU of some sort. The actual clicking/screeching sound observed is usually at night on average once a month and only lasts for a few seconds. Completely painless and easily ignored or passed off by the person.


* Phase 1 & 2 - Aching Joints, Headaches, Fatigue, etc.: The saturation of nano-fibers has different effects on different people. The sheer numbers involved results is a random combination of health implications. Most people will not notice anything, or pass any slight symptom off as getting older. Other people who have more of a reaction will go to the doctor and get diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a catch all disease that was created about a decade ago to give doctors something to tell the patient when they complained. The doctors can't accurate diagnose or understand what or why a patient is feeling a certain way, so the corrupt medical establishment gives them this nonsense to spew. These side effects are primarily phase 1 but are a constant problem across the board.


* Phase 2 - Continued Itching Skin: Often a specific part of the person's body (for example the left elbow) will become constantly itchy much more than the rest of the body permanently. This is intentional and is a sign to others that they have phase 2. This is reflected quite clearly in this media example.


* Phase 2 - Burning Smell: Phase 2 encapsulates the person's ability to smell to they can read/write scents to the person. I have no idea why they want to know what you're smelling. When inhaling or specifically exhaling quickly its often a burning/smoke smell that is noticed. It's unknown why, this must be an unwanted side effect. Or more accurately to encapsulate any neuron in the body involved in sensing (for example, smell, taste, etc.) there obviously must be some minor side effect. Interestingly when I cry the smell is amplified and it smells like buttered popcorn of all things. An example of how the media discounts this is demonstrated in the movie Bandits (2001).


* Phase 2 - The Left Eye: One of the high level concepts they push in the movies is the left eye is evil for some insane reason. In phase 2 an actual nano-camera will be installed in the left eye. People with this might comment on how they feel like there's a small bump in their eye under slightly drier conditions such as when going to sleep at night. This is documented in the physical example page. Note if you figure out you have a camera in the left eye they will probably install something in the right eye too.


* Phase 2 - Permanent Metallic Taste: Some people will comment on a metallic taste in the mouth. Typically when going to sleep it becomes prevalent. This is mostly a direct response to be monitored. The more they monitor you or your BioAPI the more of a metallic taste you'll receive. It is not a side effect of medication, that's the typical response a doctor will give you. If you are not on medication and otherwise completely healthy and all of a sudden have a permanent metallic taste in your mouth, you are being monitored 24/7.


* Phase 2 - Morgellons: Morgellon's can strike anyone. Its a problem with the nano-bots and fibers, whether intentional or accidental. The body's immune system can't see or recognize the fibers at all. So when the body can't accept the fibers anymore it beings to push them out through the skin. But the skin is a barrier because the fibers are too large. So the skin breaks up which is why people get lesions. Note that technically everyone has morgellons (nano-fibers), the actual mogellon's symptoms are when the person's body tries to get rid of them the only way possible. Some more conclusions can be seen here as well as a media reference.




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