A Stunning Acoustic (Sound) FREQUENCY Emulation

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M O S T   P O T E N T,   N A T U R A L L Y   O C C U R R I N G 
 P S Y C H O A C T I V E   S U B S T A N C E   K N O W N


‘SALVINORIN A’ …and the plant that hosts it



A N   E X P E R I E N T I A L   J O U R N E Y 




They say seeing is believing, but sometimes in a rare, miraculous moment…sometimes HEARING is…

  and what you are about to experience is literally NOT of this world… but a




brought back from the beyond, especially… just for you!



Following below on this page are amazing samples

of this nineteen track series

and all the information you need to begin your journey now!  




How Can a Sound Frequency get me High?

Perhaps its best to consider and understand, that literally everything that exists is comprised of and can actually be defined at a fundamental level AS vibration.  Energy in specific motional, formative  expression through time and space.  This means that so to must Salvia Divinorum, express itself as very specific energetic frequency profile.  


Isn’t it impossible for sound to do the same thing as the drug?

A significant, actual, real world part of this profile has LITERALLY been concretely captured  here, using proprietary technology, developed in private seclusion over the course of many, many years by one lone scientific researcher.  That researcher, is I, Donald Adams.  I don’t expect you to simply take my word for this.  Instead I’m simply going to astound you directly and let you come to your own good conclusions.  Here on this page, you’ll have the opportunity to experience and witness this phenomena first hand via samples of this exotic audio technology, AND you’ll  be able to review an enormous amount of reports, testimonials and feedback from users of this frequency technology. 


The reports of our users . . . WILL ASTOUND YOU !


Most of your Audio Sample are only 30 seconds long, will this get me  “  high ”  ?

You can find on this page a full version ten minute frequency which is one of the nineteen tracks in the collection.  This single version should be quite powerful enough for you to experiment with to get a very good idea of the potency of the entire collection.  We ask in turn that you report your own experimental results to our dedicated Salvia Frequency forum.  For your convenience and enjoyment we also include a number of  30 second segments from various other tracks in the collection so you can get an idea and feel for what the rest of the collection is like The thirty second clips alone at the start of your journey here should be sufficient for you to get a mild, but very noticeable  good ‘primer’ buzz.  In fact  you probably felt odd sensations occurring fairly quickly on just the first 30 second clip.  Hang on the ride is about to pick up!  There are a number of different audio samples you’ll get to enjoy soon in our journey here together.  Each 30 second segment taken from various 10 minute tracks from the Salvia series is packed with special unique coding, no track is identical to the other and each individual track contains an entire psychedelic landscape within it.  To be able to properly experience the full effects of any one track you’d have to listen to the entire track using a simple procedure – so 30 seconds is not going to ‘get you there’ ….but prepare to have your mind happily blown with the audio samples and the amazing accounts of users.  Each of the 19 tracks is 10 minutes or longer, and a special but simple procedure used while listening is required to induce dramatic and phenomenal effects. 


First, lets take a look at what users of Salvia Divinorum often report as effects experienced on their psychedelic journeys;


Effects of Salvia Divinorum often Reported by Users


·         Laughing Uncontrollably

·         Memories of the Past, i.e. being in places from childhood

·         Curious sensations of movement, being twisted or pulled by unseen forces

·         Seeing Visions of membranes, films, doorways

·         Seeing various two-dimensional surfaces

·         Merging into or becoming certain objects (such as a wall, a sofa, a wheel)

·         Experiencing the overlapping of realities

·         Perceiving the ‘self’ as being in many locations at once

·         Travelling through Time and Space

·         Traveling to other dimensions, universes, parallel worlds, alternate realities

·         Meeting mystical beings, animals, angelic entities, God, Aliens

·         Seeing right through walls

·         Feeling increased sexual awareness

·         Vastly Increased insight, self realizations and making discoveries

·         Experiencing the improvement of mood

·         Great Calmness

·         A sense of increased connection with nature, the earth, the universe

·         Feeling like one is floating out of the body

·         (OOBE) Out of body experiences and sensations

·         Experiencing Lucid Dreaming

·         An increase of self-confidence and self awareness and realization


How much of the above can be reproduced via these sounds?




Will these frequencies get anyone who listens to them
high in the exact same way all the time and will it be 
exactly like a real high induced by the actual plant?


By clicking and reviewing the above link these answers and more are addressed thoroughly and in great detail. This however, is really one of the most important questions most people have.

The answer is “ NO “, they won’t do that, but I’m very confident you’ll see this as a miraculous and positive benefit.  Here’s why; you can have a ‘bad trip’ on Salvia Divinorum ( the physical drug from the actual plant) sometimes, AND for most people the actual trip tends to only last ten minutes at its peak.  The Salvia frequencies have been specially filtered to allow only the beneficial aspects of the drug experience to reach you, AND the experience can last for hours and hours!!!   Over the last few years I have successfully modeled a number of psycho-active substances.  These emulations have proven to be very successful and you can read the reviews of these by our members in our groups archives.  We’ve often found that for most users the overall experiences tend to be the same or similar, but some people are ‘wired differently’ inside and that often allows for variance in the details of the experience.  For a very small percent of users the effects may be very mild to barely noticeable.  If used properly however, following simple instructions, most users are very very pleased with the results they get from our substance emulations!  Interestingly, another phenomenon also plays out often with users, they find that their own response to a frequency can change dramatically over time.  We believe the reason for this is related to the internal make up of the listener and the affect of background natural cycles on their own physiology, most notably is moon phase and the position of the moon in the synodic cycle.  This means you may listen to one track during the new moon and then later listen to the same track during the full moon and your experience can be very different!



OK!  I’M EXCITED NOW!  How do I listen to the Samples?


Following are samples for you to enjoy.  Simply click on each of the below tracks and listen. 

Each sample is a thirty second clip, taken from various tracks in the nineteen part series;


WOW!  The samples BLEW me AWAY! 


Do I have to purchase anything to begin experimentation



No.  You don’t have to purchase anything at all.  Right from the start, over three years ago, our commitment was first and foremost to authentically serve the greatest good of humanity in the best way we knew how.  It is important to us that everyone has a chance to experience and experiment with this technology.  As part of our commitment we are offering a full version track here from this collection so that all have this opportunity. We do ask however, that you make an effort to share with our online Yahoo community your experimental observations, this way you still contribute in an energy exchange and you help and support others by sharing your experiences.  For those who wish to enjoy the ENTIRE collection (and each track tends to give a very different trip and set of sensations) and support our ongoing research and development you may of course purchase this.


Here is your FREE FULL VERSION Frequency Track for you to download.

  For PC users you can right click with  your mouse on the link and then save it to your Desktop.

 If you just click on the link, it may open up an Internet browser window and start playing the track immediately;



How do I purchase the entire

Salvia Divinorum Frequency Collection?







Check your inbox or trash box for an email from ‘Tradebit’,

this includes your pin code for access and links.




I’d like to know more about the actual plant Salvia Divinorum



Following are links for your convenience, covering various topics on Salvia Divinorum, including basic information, history, usage and related information.  Text associated with the links are excerpts from these sites and full credit to each is given;




What is Salvia Divinorum?

“Salvia Divinorum is a powerful herb that produces psychedelic qualities upon consumption. The effects of Salvia Divinorum are described as mind-altering experiences that vary depending on the strength of extract used. Legal in most of the U.S., Salvia Divinorum is a great way to experience altered states of reality that often provide euphoric journeys that one could not explore otherwise.


Salvia Divorium is safe; As an herb, there is no known risk of addiction and no known long-term side effects.


The Salvia Divinorum plant & leaf has a long tradition of use as an entheogen by Mazatec shamans, who use it to facilitate visions during spiritual sessions.   Salvinorin A is the only naturally occurring substance known to induce a visionary state this way. “



Good General Description




Effects Described




Largest Retailer of the Substance in the UK




Enhancing Perception Through Magik Plants



Salvia Divinorum: Exploring New Dimensions

Salvia Divinorum: source of the most amazing and mind-blowing dimension/perception shifts...



Questions and Answers



Smoke Salvia Divinorum: 10 trippin' ideas



“SALVIA DIVINORUM - Conscious Journey Into The Dream

SALVIA DIVINORUM will take you to the Oniric World where you'll live unbelievably real and magical things. If you are a person seeking spiritual growth, willing to explore different plains of existence and maybe even contact with other beings it is worth a try.   SALVIA SHOULD BE USED BY MATURE, CENTERED PEOPLE SEEKING KNOWLADGE AND THE UNDERSTANDING OF ONESELF AND THE WORLD AROUND THEM, WILLING TO EXPERIENCE PROBABLY ONE OF THE MOST INTENSE EXPERIENCES OF THEIR LIVES IN A SAFE AND RESPONSIBLE MANNER. Salvia Divinorum is not addictive, it is truly impossible to abuse and the risk of permanent damage is none (as far as the known reports go), but it is extremely important to get to know the plant and its effects to decide whether this is the right experience for you and to prepare appropiately. “



Salvia Divinorum Effects, Photo of plant, history





Salvinorin A is the main active substance in Salvia Divinorum.

“It is the most potent natural psychoactive known (based on the quantity of the substance necessary to reach breakthrough effects)... it is even compared with LSD, although it's effects are in no way similar to those of any other substance such as mescalin, psylocibyn and LS…”





“Some important tips to prepare before the experience and to keep in mind while on it:







Is it an alternate reality we suddenly get to?

Maybe we are just able to perceive things in this reality that we normally can't see...


What if we are just deeply experiencing our own psyche reflected upon us, making us able to see ourselves in ways unthinkable in a sober state of perception...


- There's a big chance that you will be meeting entities: their nature varies from experience to experience and also from person to person; don't be surprised to find gnomes, aliens, humanoids or a great, mysterious female presence (this last one is very common... the Mazatecs regard her as the Virgin Mary's spirit, hence it's name: Ska Pastora)


- Let go... whatever happens don't resist. It will only make the experience frightening and difficult. Appreciate everything you experience as something you can learn from, if you find yourself struggling with it or overwhelmed, remember that you'll be back to normal in just a few minutes and focus on your breathing


- That above could be difficult to remember while on the effects of Salvia Divinorum, that's one important reason to have a sober sitter next to you: they can always offer reassurance and remind us that we just smoked Salvia, to let go, and hang on for a few minutes until effects subside. “  




Is Salvia a Miracle Drug?

“Some researchers argue against criminalizing the psychedelic, saying that it could help treat various ailments, including cancer, HIV, and addiction.”

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