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Report on Optimization of Inner States
of Mind, Body and Emotions

The Summary Results of 8 years of
Scientific Based Research & Development as of 2007


Background Understanding:

The Root of All Human Experience begins in Awareness.

A new method of adjusting and optimizing critical elements of physical, mental and emotional well being, recovery and peak performance has been discovered.

This discovery facilitates the understanding of how any state of mind, body & emotion can be scientifically configured, entrained and reproduced via exposure to geometric maps of consciousness represented through specific sound frequencies.

By applying this discovery a futuristic, alternative technology, to scientifically and systematically synchronize humans to their natural state of optimum health and well being through these geometric maps of sound frequencies can be achieved.

Simple experiments prove the effectiveness of the basic premises of this new technology

In the conscious mind of an organism, a projector screen exists which is semi-translucent, like a film screen. Images are projected from external reality onto one side of this screen. On the opposite side of the screen are projected images from the internal part of the organism. The two images merge and create a new pattern on the screen. The new merged pattern is the moment of overall sensation in the conscious mind.

This screen is a kind of "Percolation Zone" of effervescent activity which is both energetic and vibrational. When we understand the mechanism of how inner and outer reality combines to create a single field of energetic and vibrational experience within, we can begin to understand how balance and imbalance occurs within an organism.

Well being and illness occur first in this "Percolation Zone". Whether the patterns in this zone are disharmonious or harmonious, from this region the pattern spreads throughout the organism. Disharmonious asymmetrical patterns or negative chaos tend to cause illness and imbalance.

Harmonious symmetrical patterns produce beautiful flexible geometric symmetries energetically throughout the body and mind, and these tend to result in health and balance in the organism. Now, if we change the patterns occurring in this zone, then we would in turn change the entire composition of the rest of the organism because the organism would only be a sum total of all its patterns.

Each state that exists in consciousness, each emotion, each positive focus of thought, behaviour, even bodily processes have specific geometries associated with them. These geometric topologies reside in a three dimensional or higher reality. The geometric landscape of a state can be mapped. The maps themselves can be converted to acoustic and/or electromagnetic frequency signals. These frequency signals act as a photographic image of the state itself that the body and mind already intuitively knows and remembers.

When these frequencies are played back they tend to induce, via resonant entrainment the desired positive state back into the body and mind.

This has been the specific area of study and research I have been involved with in the past 8 years. I am the first one to pioneer a genuine scientific tool to directly steer consciousness towards healing and well-being in this way. I have taken a unique and novel approach into a previously largely unexplored area. The sound frequencies I have created can be otherwise understood as a new and powerful Neuro-Clustering Bio-Feedback Entrainment tool that stimulates positive changes that are reported by users to affect body, mind, and emotions. The premise is a simple one but with enormous positive ramifications.


I have been engaged in private research for the last six years, the subject of which was understanding wave phenomenon and characteristics of field effects. Specifically, this study was aimed at understanding behavior and consciousness from a very different perspective. An unexpected spin off of this research appears to be the discovery of a possible mechanism that may, to some degree, offset, decrease or neutralize the negative effects of what astrologers call astrological squares and oppositions. Further, there also exists the possibility of stimulating, to some limited degree internal mental, emotional and physical processes

As part of my research, I developed a number of mathematical tools which I used to model and study various patterns found in nature. Over the years I began to notice curious anomalies emerging, especially in the connections occurring between organic life forms and various background radiations.

Obviously conventional science would have, at best, a very different explanation as to what an astrologer would call an astrological 'transit'. This would be described loosely in terms of various types of cosmic radiations (i.e. gamma rays, etc.) electromagnetic field emissions of large gravitational bodies, and so forth. Fringe sciences would speak about mitogenic rays, eloptic energeis, scalar waves, odic forces and the like. Esoteric disciples would express them as mystic rays and such.

The bottom line is that while conventional science will hardly support (and certainly not publicly) the notion of astrological transits and their supposed associations, it will admit that behavior can and is affected at times by forces originating from celestial bodies. For instance, it is already a proven fact that specific behavior shifting can be correlated with lunar activity, coronal mass ejecta from the sun and distant explosions of bodies such as magnetars.

Further there has already been work done in areas such as electrical engineering on shielding telecommunications conduits from discordant emissions caused by the 'squaring' of various large celestial bodies in the solar system which essentially amounts to simply taking angular projections of gravitic and electro-magnetic energy fields and shooting them at each other at high velocity and where they meet a sort of shear or turbulent wave front is created that can be quite disturbing to experience, especially if you are a fragile biological life form.

I had never been a big fan of astrology preferring instead for what I had felt was a rational and scientific view of things. It was only until about five to six years ago that I started to become aware, however, that perhaps there was 'something' to it. Some sort of natural gear works that astrologers had intuited some of the base workings of, as a sort of art form. I then became aware of some of the science behind what might actually be going on.

As I progressed through my work over the years I began piecing together various phenomena which I observed between the interactions of background radiations and the affected organisms.

Click here to watch Star Sounds - The Movie

A Potato shows the way...

A simple example: Take a fresh potato or a yam. Next, acquire a reasonable multi-meter. Jam one probe into one end of the potato and the other probe in the opposite end. Set the multi-meter to the lowest measure in milli-volts. Leave the potato someplace in shade. Observe the fluctuation of output over time and record it..

Now, many will argue, that this is a poor experimental set up, prone to much error. They would be correct, it is. Generally, if I were to say, that I monitored Mr. Potato and his ensuing recruits in my lab and found them to do rather strange things over time, both my methods and results would be found to have many errors in them.

For instance, if I said that over the course of a week, Mr. Potato was found to output milli-volt readings that seemed to peak when the sun was overhead and seemed to drop in output when it rained outside, and that he seemed to fluctuate in milli-volt outputs when various people came into the room or left it, they would either say I was misreading the results or accuse me of being in the ranks of Backster and in cahoots with the authors of the "Secret Life of Plants". I must confess to liking that book however. They would say that my potato wasn't reacting to such things, they might say that having stuck probes into it, the potato probably was doing nothing more than registering activity of a bacterial colony that was growing inside of it due to my sticking probes into it and breaking its skin, its slow decomposition is what was causing all the meter changes.

The problem is, I watched a lot of potatoes, for a very long time, and I KNOW there was much more to it than that.

I am quite certain, that generally when the potato showed higher outputs, its vitality was greater (it was happier), when the outputs were lower, it was generally less vital. Oddly, I also noted very interesting correlations to the potato's mood and my own and to many people whom I would meet through out the day. Often if the potato was sluggish, I was sluggish, the people I met through out the day had colds, or were in a bad mood. Not always of course, but frequently enough to tell me something strange was afoot. Like a canary that miners brought with them into the coal mines, was my potato telling me something I was too ignorant to notice on my own before?

I began to study the patterns forming from this and many other experiments, I looked at correlations of this sort of activity with many other naturally occurring, repetitive phenomenon and I began the slow, laborious work of mapping them, as much as I could.

One tool I developed allowed me to generate a kind of acoustic mapping of specific energies interacting with various organisms. Thus I was able to 'hear' this process as it was occurring.

I have been experimenting with these various sound streams for the last while.

The sound streams can be of variable length, say anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour or so. They often seem to have weird sorts of periodicities, in other words some have an overall definite 'start' and 'end' signature, periods for given effect may be longer or shorter than others. If its very long then it would take me say five minutes to capture the entire period before it repeats, in other cases it repeats every minute or two. Since some of the full audio cycles are quite large, for now I can only try to find a sound stream that repeats its cycle every 60 seconds or less, and hope that if its looped by the user that it acts like a holographic representation of the original - so to speak and at least a small portion of some of the effects may be noticeable to the user. At some point I will try to provide the full sound stream cycles to those who wish them so full benefits can be enjoyed and studied further, but this is a time consuming, laborious task on my part and the file sizes will be quite large, so this will have to wait for a future time, when I have more time to do this.

I have wrestled the last few years with some health challenges, and also with fluctuating levels of energy. I knew and know now that ii just so happened that in my "astrological" chart, there were an inordinate number of very difficult and challenging transits occurring. I often wondered why so many difficult things happened to me so often, I would frequently have trite people try to cheer me up with ridiculous platitudes or moronic phrases they had picked up, herd like, from the recent most popular 'self help' video or book.

The STARS and PLANETS step in to cast their light...

Don't get me wrong, I know quite well the arguments of 'positive thinking' and the saccharine sounding lingo of 'you attract what you think of", etc... etc... I do realize there is a place for this and it can and it does work.

But let me ask you a question, if you just got hit by a truck and you were lying on the ground bleeding with a broken back and I came up to you and said, "hey man don't sweat it, just think happy thoughts and it will get better", how would you react?

The point is, sometimes when you feel like crap, what you really NEED to actually FIX the problem or at least help it, isn't always immediately available or even known of. To make matters worse, sometimes the pressure you are under is a greater driver of focus with a higher momentum of energy than you feel capable of resisting against.

Sometimes when I was feeling down, a problem I faced was just being able to maintain focus on something positive. Sometimes it was hard just focusing on anything specific at all. My mind would wander erratically from one nervous erratic train of thought to another.... Which in and of itself could leave me physically exhausted and stressed.

I knew that some of the negative transits I was going through, actually tended to DO just that. They tended to make me nervous and worried, scattered and drained. I had enough of it, it was too much, too often, and it was pissing me off.

I certainly didn't need fake, white teeth gurus, in suits, smiling fake smiles and telling me they'd coach me from their safe plush mecca into being a better me in a better place, at some point in the ambiguous future for more money than I could afford which they wanted to have now. I needed relief, I needed some sort of umbrella against the distorting energy, at least enough to buy me some time back so I could get a breather, get my wind and energy back.

So then I started wondering if any of the patterning phenomena I had been seeing in my experiments might be able to help me in some way.

I'd typically seen fairly specific wave forms and field effects associated with various transits and transit like energies and I speculated, that there might be a way to come up with a simple model to derive a specific enough profile that would let me match some (but not all) of the important characteristics that comprised a given wave form.

Further, I speculated, what if what was actually going on, when a given transit was occurring was that there was a powerful DRIVING IMPULSE THAT TENDED TO ENTRAIN BEHAVIOUR OF A SPECIFIC TYPE IN THE CONSCIOUS MIND? A constant invisible humming, a song or melody of sorts that tended to drive the brain of the individual to a certain specific mental or emotional focus?

If this was true, then that meant there must be some way for me to modulate and or offset to some degree these incoming vibrational frequencies from the solar system via destructive and constructive wave interference. It would help me equalize things, it would be like getting a sail for my sail boat BEFORE the storm could overtake me.

IF I could replicate and generate localized energy fields that were in opposition to incoming energies from external transits then perhaps I could nullify, diminish or modify incoming negative energies (squares, oppositions) and like wise I could also theoretically create good and positive transit vibrational wave fronts such as trines and conjunctions.

There was also the very real possibility of creating physical effects, astrologers have claimed for a very long time that various parts of anatomy and even illnesses were associated with various parts of the solar system. So various specific illnesses, body parts would correspond in a sympathetic way to what was happening in their celestial environment.

That made me wonder, if certain diseases conditions have been treatable via herbs (different herbs are often associated With specific astrological counter parts), then if herbs have some form of this vibrational energy characteristic in them, what if I could figure out a way to capture some of this in frequency, specifically as a sound wave. If I could do this, then what would happen if I induced this sound wave into the body?

I have personally observed some pretty marvelous effects, emotionally, physically, and mentally by frequency exposures of different streams for up to two hours. This has been happening with a notable degree of regularity.

But this has been using full sets of sound streams, not clips captured and shortened. My direct experience of the exposure so far for longer periods seems beneficial.

Positive Effects and a Bigger Puzzle Emerge...

I'm having experiences with these sound streams, and Id like to find out if they are just placebo effects, or products of my imagination. One of the biggest effects I have noticed so far is an odd sort of impelling or shifting, gently, to a better focus of thought, mood improvements, body feeling more energetic, it is odd because the shift seems both dramatic and yet gentle at the same time......A small number of willing participants who are conducting research with me are reporting other similar odd results.

With Royal Rife frequency technology itself, we mix audio, RFsignals in the plasma tube and use the hybridized RF, light waves to deliver the frequency signals to treat illness.

People using rife freq tech are not exactly accustomed to simply playing audio files of rife freqs and getting better or reporting significant remediation, at least I haven't heard of this.

Hence, my curiosity of mixing my audio signals into the rife generator and observing any effects - that would be really interesting. I do not at present have a rife freq plasma tube generator, which is why I was asking for others to consider experimentation.

I'm still left with a puzzle at the end of all this.

Why am I experiencing the effects I seem to be while listening to these sounds, why is this happening from only an acoustic based treatment?

Since I began looking into how sound can be used in healing and creating physical effects I've found some pretty remarkable, practical, real world approaches and results. Case in point; Physicist Joel Sternheimer uses new method to down scale by octave, the vibrational movement of various organic compounds, moving their freq value all the way down to the sound spectrum, then by doing nothing more than playing these as musical notes he literally triggers events, on demand in organisms associated with these compounds. He seems to be doing pretty darn well and is getting requests from people with big pockets, ranging from dairy farmers to large scale crop growers (as I recall).

Here are how things played out for me when I first began noticing effects.

At first I only played a few different frequencies and never for very long, it was at most 5 to ten minutes and only sporadically.

Then I began playing longer sessions, more frequently.

This was still sporadic though, 20 minutes of play time maybe here and there. Still no noticeable consistent beneficial effects and sometimes I even felt the frequencies to be mildy agitating.

But then, I tried a different approach, I would play a given frequency for a minimum of 45 minutes and up to 3 hours (with an hour break in between if playing for longer periods), and I would do this every day around the same time, roughly between noon and 4 pm. And I did this for 3 days in a row.

That is when I began to notice some pretty dramatic results. I felt a very perceptible change in my attitude, my energy, as in physical energy also improved considerably, my mood felt happier and upbeat, I felt more bouncy.

Now mind you, I was also taking some serious supplementation during some of these times: 120 mg Co Q 10, 1000 mg Taurine, Salmon oil Fish caps to help with CoQ 10 absorption, B12, Alkabase Alkamizing Powder, TOA Free Cats Claw, Ginko Biloba, etc.

Now, I try to take these supplements every day when I can, and I generally notice the effects they have on me which tends to be pretty good. In the past I seem to have suffered from a host of things, especially chronic fatigue like symptoms, and so supplementation has been a big part of helping me take the edge off of feeling crappy so I can be more productive with the time I have.

On some days the supplementation is sufficient and I get through fairly well, and on others days I still sag. I have definitely noticed the part lunar cycles play in how I feel, when its the new or full moon I tend to often feel a great escalation in the onset and acuteness of the crappy symptoms.

When I first began to notice the effects of the sound frequencies it was during a portion of the lunar phase that tend to be a nasty time for me, I had been taking my supplements regularly but they were barely taking the edge off and I was functioning far below par, feeling frustrated at how crappy I still felt even though I still had a heavy load of helpful supplements inside me.

I had suspected that part of a math model I was working on if converted to sound might exhibit possible properties and I had nothing to lose but time trying, Im short on time anyway but Id been shorter on available energy, so I thought what the heck I'll give it a whirl.

So I stuck the sound loops on and let them run for hours and I did this over and over again. That's when odd things started happening or certainly seemed to be.

I started feeling light hearted instead of heavy, my attitude seemed to shift, I felt what seemed like an almost merry 'ringing' sensation inside my body, as though some unseen stagnant energy was being prickled and disturbed by the incoming sound and it didn't like that and so it was loosening its tentacles on me, so to speak.... I think my blood felt weird too... not sure how to describe it exactly, I mean I don't even know how I can say "my blood feels...", I mean you cant really feel your blood can you? But that's what it seemed like.

I noticed what seemed like a surge of energy occurring unlike quite what I had noticed simply by taking the supplements.

I began to wonder, if this was what it felt like as a human being to experience a phenomenon similiar to what plants must have experienced when they were subjected to various generic singular acoustic frequencies as described in the "Secret Life of Plants". Those plants seemed pretty happy being showered in sound, for them it was a fast and easy energy gain and they demonstrated it by growing faster, being more vital and yielding more acutal physical output.

But my frequencies weren't and are not just the simple singular frequencies used on plants. They are what I suspect may be highly precise acoustic models of parts of the conscious mind itself, something our body mind is already familiar with on a primal level, it knows these sounds intuitively for these are the sounds it already generates and swims through at various times. The only difference here is that instead of being at the whims of cycles external to us that tend to generate 'cosmic winds' that may impel us unconsciously towards the various internal types of conscious tempos of focus, perhaps now we can actually do it with some degree of specific intention, wrestling back our sovereignty in some way and directing consciously what rhythm we want to step at, even if its raining outside, so to speak.

I know what its like to feel crappy, I know what its like to feel better and on supplements, Ive also tried Rife Frequencies for specific physical ailments and have been very very happy with Rife tech and remain so, I've also tried devices like the Alpha Stim, a device that causes physical change in the brain, essentially releasing beta endorphins and changing physical brain state and I like that device very much, its expensive and you have to wear it around like a walkman and thats ok.

But now I feel like I may have also experienced something very very different from the above therapies, and the results seem very appealing to me overall.

When I consider the possiblity of having and using a frequency that may allow me to direct a tempo of a certain thought or emotion, albeit in limited way, I get excited about that because if it is true it means I have the possible means of using yet another tool to offset extrenal stresses. Before man discovered herbs for instance it must have been awful, imagine the enormous paradigm shift we must have gone through as herbs were discovered and understood.

Whatever these frequencies maybe called, I'd like to share them with others through this website.









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