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"Your Electric Life, Science for a New Age :  Dr. Allen L. Larson, PhD"


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“A thought is a circular flow of electrical current. As current flows around in a circle it

builds up a magnetic torus, or doughnut, around it. As long as enough current flows

through that part of the brain to overcome the losses encountered going around the

loops, the thought will circulate endlessly in that part of the brain.”






“Further, the thoughts can flow either clockwise or counterclockwise. Recall that our life

electric current is vertically upward through our brain. A positive thought would rotate

around these vertical currents in a clockwise fashion viewed above. A negative thought

would rotate in the opposite direction. A negative thought would, therefore, form a

resistance to the natural flow of the currents. This resistance we would feel as some

form of electrical stress in our system. We have labels for these feelings: anxiety,

stress, depression, etc.”








“Dr. Callahan developed a technique of treating these phobias which works in moments.

The technique consists of tapping on the body with one hand, on particular points, while

holding the thought of the phobia intensely in one’s mind. This interrupts the electric

field and then reconnects it, building up a resonance just like in a TV antenna. By using

the positive current flowing through the human body, resonating it, and then focusing it

on the negative thought, Dr. Callahan’s technique erases the circulating negative

current. The technique replaces it with a positive current. It is an outstanding use of the

earth’s electrical field.


Another technique, taught to me by one of Dr. Callahan’s students, is to use one

thought that is positive to erase one that is negative.


The second interesting property of the brain’s construction is that neural networks can

loop back onto themselves. I have verified with a brain surgeon that such loops are

extremely common. This leads to an insight into how the brain stores a thought.



The human heart beating at 84 pulses per minute is operating at a frequency of 1.4 Hz.

This number may range from 1 to about 3 Hz. This heartbeat is controlled by an

electrical signal which forces the muscle in the heart to contract. Notice that the 1.75

Hz electrical signal picked up by Owen’s chain is also in this frequency range.


The sunrise/sunset energy injection frequency is at a frequency of 15 Hz. Recall that

this is the frequency of electromagnetic waves that travel around the earth from sunrise

to sunset. This energy pump operates on us as we move from our low frequency delta

state, through our alpha state, to our awake beta state.


Notice in particular how the sunrise/sunset electromagnetic energy is at a frequency

that is “turned into” by our brains. This is no accident. It is the way we were designed

to work. The structure of the earth and the ionosphere have created a source of

electromagnetic energy which feeds our bodies and especially our brains.

There are some interesting relationships between all these frequencies. Recall that

electromagnetic waves can add their energies if they are at a frequency which is some

integer ratio of each other. For example, seven waves of a beta brainwave at 21 Hz

would be “harmonic” to one wave at 3 Hz (3 x 7 = 21). Such a 3 Hz signal would add

energy to the beta brainwave. This is the meaning of harmony."


"...the ratio 7/4 represents a ratio, or division, of energy cycles into parts."


"The ratio between the sound frequency and the electrical frequency that a

device reacts to is 906,344 to 1. In round numbers this is a million to one ratio. This

ratio gives all physical devices a unique property. They can react both to sound

or mechanical vibration waves and to electromagnetic waves."


"Circular structures are particularly interesting. One could think of a circular structure as

a guitar string wrapped back on itself. Remember that electromagnetic waves rotate as

they propagate? Now imagine two electromagnetic waves traveling along the same

path. Imagine that their frequencies form an integer ratio. The rotating arrows will

line up with each other according to the integer. If the two waves have a frequency ratio

of three to one, the fast wave will line up with the slow wave at every 120 degrees (one

third of a circle) of rotation. When those rotating vectors line up, the energy adds

together. This is the mechanism for the harmonic addition of the energy in rotating



This has led to a very powerful concept of “sacred geometry.” Sacred geometry treats

the divisions of the circle as mysterious, mystical, holy things to be worshipped. There

is nothing magic here. It is simply based upon the harmonics of energy addition.

The cycle of our day is divided into 24 hours. Remember the 15 Hz sunrise/sunset

injection frequency and how it led to the 360 degrees in the circle? That led in turn to

the 24 hours of the day. The 360 degrees divided by 15 degrees equals 24. This is

another example of how the ancients had uncovered the mysteries of harmonic energy



"So in the study of energy fields we need to pay special attention to the harmonics, the

relationship between frequencies. We also need to study the dimensions of

physical objects and learn what sonic and electronic frequencies they can tune



Take the human head as an example. The skull is a resonant cavity. An average skull

might measure 22 centimeters front to back and 15 centimeters side to side. One could

consider this a circle with an average diameter of about 19 centimeters. A wave

traveling around the circumference of a 19 centimeter circle would resonate

electronically at 250 MHz or to a sound frequency of about 250 Hz. Notice that this

resonant frequency is extremely close to the 12th harmonic of the beta brainwave (21

Hz x 12 = 252 Hz).


The beta brainwave then seems to be a natural result of our brain’s cavity. So not only

is our earth built to supply us energy at the proper frequencies for our brainwaves, but

our heads are built to tune into these energies, resonate them, and amplify them."


"...scientist, Hans Cousto, has shown that this frequency is the “concert tone” of the sun

[COU]. It pervades natural cycles.


One hundred twenty six multiplied again by two gives a 252 Hz resonant head cavity

frequency. This also shows up in Hunt’s recordings as a blue muscle contraction

frequency ( The colors mentioned here are the colors seen by Hunt’s psychic healers ).

This 126 Hz cycle, one half the head’s resonant frequency, forms an important base

frequency. The 126 Hz frequency multiplied by 3 is a 378 Hz signal, which matches the

yellow band in Hunt’s Exhibit 9. The 126 Hz multiplied by 4 equals 504 Hz, which

matches the orange band. Multiplying 126 Hz by 5 gives the 630 Hz red band

associated with pain.


The 126 Hz frequency multiplied by 6 gives 756 Hz, which is the frequency of the

healee’s double red helix pattern in Hunt’s Exhibit 10. This is apparently the frequency

at which the person being healed is receiving energy from the healer. Interestingly the

healer is transmitting this signal 126 Hz higher at 882 Hz. This is the seventh harmonic

of the 126 Hz base frequency. Somehow, in this healing process, the sixth and seventh

harmonics are being used."


This set of frequencies is also related to the frequencies of “atmospherics.”

Atmospherics are electrical discharges occurring constantly in the earth’s atmosphere.

A Swiss engineer, Hans Baumer, found that these discharges formed a harmonic

frequency series. Cousto showed that this series could be transposed into the audible

range [COU]. When that is done, the series comes very close to the series just shown.

In the figure, the frequencies marked with an asterisk are very close to Cousto’s

atmospheric series. Interestingly, Baumer found that atmospherics were the source of

chemical changes in proteins used in printing inks. Remember, we are made of protein.

It is clear from this harmonic structure that the energy field waves we experience are

closely coupled to our physical environment, our own physical structure, and are

governed by the laws of harmonic energy addition.


This harmonic structure can be affected by anything in our environment which produces

frequencies that are similar. For example, our power line grid system operates at a

frequency of 60 Hz in the US. The 2nd harmonic of this system is 120 Hz. That is

extremely close to the 126 Hz base frequency of the series just described. This

suggests that there is a strong coupling between our physiology and all the electrical

equipment around us. Our bodies, including our brains, are tuned very close to the

same frequencies.


There are also interesting effects caused by the million to one harmonic ratios formed in

resonant cavities. A human head resonant at a sound frequency of 250 Hz is

electrically resonant near 250 MHz. Energy at harmonics of 250 MHz could

theoretically be detected directly by our brains.”


our yahoo members can still access the pdf;