Today is November 4th - 2008, Saturn and Uranus are going head to head at

the moment. I知 tired, its late, 1:15 AM, about to get booted out of a wireless

internet cafe. Exhausted, its late again.


However, dear intrepid reader, I wanted to take a few minutes to get this stuff up

here for you before I wink out and hit it again tomorrow.


I wanted to provide you with some history of this all this, how this strangeness



Or at least offer to you part of the story.


Somewhere over two or is it 3 years ago now, a band of very interesting,

colorful characters joined me on this journey. There were somewhere around

40 or so of them, most of them are still here.

They helped me not only investigate this phenomenon from day one, but they

have become the very closest of friends to me, comrades, fellow investigators

and they have supported me and my efforts in more ways than I can describe

here. They have supported me emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually,

financially, and on and on.. For most of this time ( about 9 years ), I struggled

in poverty and often ill health. If it had not been for our members I would not

have eaten more times than I can count, nor would I have been able to have

developed frequency technology to help offset others and my own afflictions

health wise. All that I have done here owes eternal gratitude to our membership.


Below is a file, its in Word format. It contains the first 1000 messages posted

to our yahoo group, which was in a fledgling state at the time. We have grown

from some 40 original members to now somewhere over 1300 some as of

todays date. All messages are kept in our forums archive, but here you can read

at your leisure, sorted by chronological entry, those first 1000 messages that

excited all of us and kept us riveted and fascinated in our journey of discovery.


May you find this document an interesing source of inspiration and insight on

your own journey with us.




If you are not a member you will see the member registration screen

appear. You are welcome to join and receive this and many other

benefits that members enoy!