Significant events triggered by Solar Conjunctive Nodes to Planets

Sun-Heliocentric Planetary Node Conjunction Table

This is a list of days when Sun is conjunct a Heliocentric Planetary Node.
Significant events can (happen)  around the time. People born around the time will

have strong potential to have public figures with a destiny pertaining to the collective

energy of the particular planet.  It's a strong connection to collective energy of the particular planet.


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February 6

Sun-Heliocentric Node conjunctions

for 2014


 Pamela Rowe wrote:


If the theory holds water we can expect, when glancing down the list of dates when the Geocentric Sun is conjunct the individual Heliocentric Planetary Nodes, that the dates are close to pivotal world events. Also the birthdays of famous and infamous people, who made or continue to make, an impact on the group consciousness of society. The type of impact made is described by the interpretation of the particular Planetary Node. "


Dane Rudhyar wrote:

"It should be clear, however, that these are heliocentric positions. They refer to the inter­section of the orbital planes of a planet and of our Earth. This intersection and the nodes it produces symbolize the fundamental relationship between a planet and the Earth considered as two components in the solar system. The relationship has significance in terms of this solar system as vast cosmic field of dynamic existence. When therefore, we apply it to the chart of an individual human being it should be evident that what this relationship - and therefore the planetary north and south nodes - mean in that chart should be referred to the most basic factors in that individual person, i.e., factors that are inherent in the essential destiny of the individual. They are factors which; reach deeper than the natural bio-psychic functions which planets normally represent in a birth­chart - just because the planet as a moving small disc of light in the sky is something that the personal consciousness can normally perceive while the entire orbit of that planet is a cosmic fact which transcends sense-perception."


 In the great majority of cases, planetary nodes are of no real meaning in the lives of human beings. They acquire at least potential meaning when a person, as a participant in a sociocultural whole, can be considered a mouthpiece or channel for the operation of collective forces. If the person has reached the stage of individual development at which he or she is actually conscious of what happens through his or her being, then the transpersonal level has been reached; but if there is no consciousness of being an agent of some supersocial and supercultural Power, but only a kind of unconscious mediumship the person still operates at the sociocultural level. "



North Node: May 9th in 18'30 Taurus

South Node: Nov 11th in 18'30 Scorpio



North Node: June 7th in 16'48 Gemini

South Node: Dec 9th in 16'49 Sagittarius



North Node: May 10th in 19'40 Taurus

South Node: Nov 12th in 19'40 Scorpio



North Node: July 2nd in 10'38 Cancer

South Node: Jan 1st in 10'38 Capricorn



North Node: July 16th in 23'44 Cancer

South Node: Jan 14th in 23'44 Capricorn



North Node: June 4th in 13'59 Gemini

South Node: Dec 6th in 13'59 Sagittarius



North Node: Aug 4th in 11'58 Leo

South Node: Feb 1 in 11'57 Aquarius



Dwarf Planets:



North Node: July 12th in 20'28 Cancer

South Node: Jan 10th in 20'28 Capricorn



North Node: April 26th in 6'10 Taurus

South Node: Oct 29th in 6'09 Scorpio



North Node: June 11th in 20'31 Gemini

South Node: Dec 12th in 20'31 Sagittarius



North Node: June 10th in 19'32 Gemini

South Node: Dec 11th in 19'34 Sagittarius



Dwarf Planet Candidates:



North Node: Aut 17th in 24'42 Leo

South Node: Feb 13th in 24'44 Aquarius



North Node: June 20th in 28'39 Gemini

South Node: Dec 20th in 28'41 Sagittarius



North Node: Oct 2nd in 9'03 Libra

South Node: March 29th in 9'05 Aries




North Node: June 29th in 7'27 Cancer

South Node: Dec 29th in 7'28 Capricorn



North Node: June 1st in 11'14 Gemini

South Node: Dec 3rd in 11'14 Sagittarius



North Node: July 2nd in 10'26 Cancer

South Node: Jan 1st in 10'26 Capricorn



North Node: March 10th in 19'28 Pisces

South Node: Sept 12th in 19'27 Virgo



North Node: March 25th in 4'14 Aries

South Node: Sept 27th in 4'12 Libra