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Now astronomers think they might have a new technique for doing so, with an added bonus: it could also lead to a potential new cancer radiation treatment capable of precisely targeting tumors without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. Anil Pradham, an astronomer at Ohio State University described the research at the International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy in June.






UK Guardian Story On Dr Rife's Incredible Beam Ray 

Rife Documentary Trailer #1

Rife Documentary Trailer #2

Rife Documentary Trailer #3

Rife Therapy Treats Lyme Disease

Dutch TV Talks Rife
























In relation to our silent delivery of frequencies experimentation ;


Sometime ago, one of our most esteemed and senior members approached me

with an idea of modifying a speaker in such a way as to serve as a silent

emitter for our frequencies, at the im I was mentally occupied and distracted

and I did not give her the adequate encouragement to pursue this and I didnt

show enough interest, in short - I was a clod, my apologies to my dear friend

Saga, love you to pieces, hope you know that.... anyhow I should have paid

more attention and supported you in this, because I was already considering

piezo-electric transducers and really, what you were suggesting was close enough

to warrant further investigation, following is a neat video that illustrates the basic idea that Saga was exploring ;








> The AQ339 Aquasonic Underwater Speaker is the world’s

> only full-frequency, full-fidelity underwater speaker. This

> amazing speaker brings water to life, enabling a wide array

> of pool enthusiasts to enjoy the gift of music below the

> water’s surface. Click here for more information.




> Quantum E.T. Communication & The Hidden Power of

> Crystals



> From: andy <>

> Subject: stainless steel wire mesh

> To:

> Received: Friday, July 22, 2011, 7:03 AM


> Dear

> Sir or Madam


> Glad to hear that you're on the market for wire and

> wire mesh.


> This is Andy from Boli hardware industrial Ltd in China .

> We specialized in wire and wire mesh for 20 years, mainly

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> stainless steel wire mesh, window screen, welded wire mesh, square wire mesh, stainless

> steel wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh fence, stainless steel

> wire , black annealed wire, galvanized wire, PVC-coated

> wire, barbed wire, hot galvanized patented

> wire, hot dipped galvanized chain etc!

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> Andy



> Sales

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> Web:








 From: Douglas Bishop <dolphinarizona@>

> Subject: Re: DOUG

> To: "Doc Stars" <>

> Received: Friday, December 10, 2010, 3:22 AM


> some sites







> the

> 1 i use is-




> w'

> the spray at bottom of web page

> w'whte

> wire

> dont use boostroo much-it affects my

> sleep


> i find ipod quite strong as it

> is

> d


> On Thu, Dec 9, 2010 at

> 3:07 PM, Doc Stars <> wrote:


> Doug,


> can I ask you to send me the web link for the electro-socks

> model you are currently using?


> Also, how are you currently connecting your ipod to the

> socks?  is it still via the white cable wire you got

> from New Zealand?


> And do you still use the Boostaroo audio amp?



> From: Doc Stars <>

> Subject: THE SOUND OF STARS  -   Re: Echophone Sound Transducers, aka "Dolphin Speak"

> To:

> Received: Thursday, June 17, 2010, 11:15 AM

> I've heard similiar things as well, there is a 3rd

> product, cheaper than both those items, called the 'Grok

> Box', but all of the devices have been both praised and

> critiqued over the years, and the Grok Box has its share of

> both also


> Flangan, (who device as you pointed out is mono, while the

> Echophone is stereo), claims that the neurophone is

> operating or can operate as a scalar transceiver


> see ;

> "The Neurophone circuit can be used as a scalar

> transmitter or receiver."



> If that were true, then even though it was using a mono

> signal, likely its overall effect would be superior, notable

> are also reoccuring anomalous phenomena pertaining to

> non-local vocalizations or spontaneous far distance

> transmissions heard by people other than the user. Lots of

> these reported, however the N-phone has also been criticized

> and from what Ive seen its about a 50 / 50 mix of praise vs

> complaint, some claim Flanagans device is only working via

> bone conduction similiar to the Echo phone


> Some fairly good reference links on these issues ;










> --- On Thu, 6/17/10, tpa1212

> <guardian601@ > wrote:


> > From: tpa1212 <guardian601@>

> > Subject: THE SOUND OF STARS - Re: TIM - Echophone

> Sound Transducers, aka "Dolphin Speak"

> > To:

> > Received: Thursday, June 17, 2010, 10:31 AM

> > Hey - I am a gadget man, too! I tried

> > the Neurophone about 5 years ago, as well as the

> small

> > potable unit Flanagan made (can't remember the

> name). There

> > is a difference. The Echophone produces stereo sound,

> while

> > the Neurophone is mono. I would say that the sound

> quality,

> > especially of music was richer sounding &

> significantly

> > better with the Echophone. It would be interesting to

> test

> > the range of frequencies produced by each unit.

> Personally,

> > I'd go with the Echophone.

> >

> > Cheers,

> >

> > Tim

> >

> >

> > --- In


> > Doc Stars <doc_starz@...> wrote:

> > >

> > >

> > > The Echophone is a variant on Flanagans original,


> > > 'Neurophone - Thinkman' device.

> > >

> > > If you go here ;

> > >

> > >

> > >

> > > The first link an adobe acrobat file ;

> > >

> > >


> > >

> > > is a full report issued by one of our senior

> members,

> > who enlisted the services and help of a medical clinic

> in

> > Europe to analyze effects of the frequencies on the

> body.

> > the results were astounding as you see from the photos

> of

> > the blood terrain transformations

> > >

> > > The device used in this case was a Neurophone

> model,

> > specifically the Thinkman, see ;

> > >

> > >



> > >

> > >



> > >

> > > To my mind ultrasonic induction is a very viable

> > alternative to broadcasting the frequencies and there

> seems

> > to be indications of effect amplification via

> ultrasound

> > delivery

> > >

> > > If you do a key word search in our archives on

> the

> > words transducer, piezo, you'll find more

> discussions on

> > this...

> > >

> > > An important subject and topic that you've

> raised and

> > very newsworthy for all of our members thanks for

> this

> > feedback Tim!

> > >

> > > --- On Thu, 6/17/10, tpa1212

> <guardian601@...>

> > wrote:

> > >

> > > > From: tpa1212 <guardian601@...>

> > > > Subject: THE SOUND OF STARS

> >

>  -   Echophone Sound Transducers, aka

> "Dolphin

> > Speak"

> > > > To:

> > > > Received: Thursday, June 17, 2010, 4:26 AM

> > > > Doc:

> > > >

> > > > I am using my latest programs from you. I

> decided

> > to play

> > > > them thru a small set of speakers &

> place the

> > speakers

> > > > directly on the body. I feel a nice

> vibration

> > that way &

> > > > prefer it to blasting it in the house, which

> the

> > neighbors

> > > > probably don't like... My current

> experience made

> > me think

> > > > of the Echophone.

> > > >

> > > > Has this device been discussed in

> conjunction

> > with your

> > > > frequencies:

> > > >

> > > > It produces stereo sound that is heard

> spacially

> > inside the

> >

>  > > head. Sound can still be heard externally thru

> > the ears, but

> > > > the sound quality and range are extended to

> a

> > high degree. I

> > > > used to have an Echophone awhile back. Maybe

> I

> > will again

> > > > someday.

> > > >

> > > > The only downside with the unit is that it

> is not

> > very

> > > > portable, but I still like it.

> > > >

> > > > Enjoy!

> > > >

> > > > Tim




> From: Manu <dreamofpeace@>


> To:

> Received: Friday, May 7, 2010, 7:08 AM


> Hi Doc,


> I'm not much of an

> expert, but I just wanted to

> pass on the little bit I know.  Your device # 2 below

> can be made quite

> easily and cheaply, at least the version that attaches to

> an mp3 player. 

> You wrote:



> >I'd also like this device to be able to accept

> audio output from and

> MP3 player as an input signal, and then it ouputs this as a

> variable magnetic

> field. 

> >I'd like their to be controls, dials, maybe

> LED number indicators that

> help facilitate this, It would be great if we had also

> controls for setting the

> range >for magnetic field strengths


> The simplest version of

> this would be to simply

> attach an electromagnet to the headphone cable coming out

> of the mp3

> player.  The player is already outputting an

> electrical signal through the

> headphone jack (which the headphones turn into audio), so

> instead of using

> headphones at the end of the cable you use an

> electromagnet (which is

> simply a coil of wire; see


> You can easily add a potentiometer (basically, like a

> dimmer switch) to give the

> user control over the strength.  The magnetic field

> strength will have an

> upper limit dictated by the maximum voltage the mp3

> player puts out, which

> is usually 3 to 6 volts (my ipod touch has a max voltage

> output of about 2.8

> V).  The website I referred to above shows how to

> design your electromagnet

> to get the strength you want.


> You can of course amplify

> the signal from the mp3

> player to achieve greater strength.  Here is a simple

> and elegant circuit

> (with do-it-yourself instructions) that amplifies the

> signal and turns it into a

> square wave: http://x/x-pfa.html.


> If you don't care about the square wave and simply want

> to boost the strength of

> the signal the circuit is of course even simpler, and yes a

> potentiometer can be

> added to either version.  I haven't had a chance

> to do the calculation, but

> for the range of strength you're wanting, you may not

> even need to amplify

> anything.


> Regarding setting a

> frequency, you

> wrote:



> >Ideally, for this device, I'd like the user to

> be able to use the

> device separately from an MP3 player, where they can have

> it out put any

> frequency >from 1 HZ up to 20,000 HZ ( higher is better,

> if possible) to

> within four decimal points precision, so for instance if

> the user wanted to they

> could >have it emit a frequency such as 7.8333

> Hertz


> I don't know about the

> precision, but it's

> interesting to note that there are some frequency generator

> apps for the

> iphone/ipod touch, such as:,


> which goes from 20hz to 20,000 hz, and others that use

> less, like

> iBrainwave :-)  I haven't had a chance to

> research it much, but I'm

> afraid for the range and precision you want the signal

> generator may need to be

> too large to wear around the neck.  That's just a

> guess though, don't take

> my word for it.


> I hope this was of some

> help... thanks for all your

> work!


> Best Wishes,


> Manu



>   ----- Original Message

> -----

>   From:

>   Doc Stars


>   To:



>   Sent: Thursday, May

> 06, 2010 8:48

> PM

>   Subject:

>   [SalviaDivinorum_FrequencyEmulation] ANY ENGINEERS IN OUR







>         Hey Folks,


>         I'm hoping to get two hardware device

> proto-types created for

>         testing


>         The goal is to have options for members to be

> able to play

>         frequencies silently in a portable fashion


>         We've explored in the past Robs SLB as

> well as electrodes and

>         device variations like JS Sangstas


>         All of these methods have their pros and cons

> but I think we are

>         still hoping to finesse an optimal system for

> members


>         I'm brainstorming on two different

> approaches which I think have

>         enormous potential and may allow for the best

> resutls at the lowest

>         costs


>         Previously when using silent device types we

> saw pros and cons for

>         the following ;


>         SLB - Silent Listening Broadcast Antenna


>         Pros:  Mid range cost, significant

> anecdotal reports from

>         users that it was 'working', small,

> light  very portable and easy

>         to use


>         Cons:  Limited availability, no clear way

> to independently

>         test it to see how it was working or how well,

> supplier didnt seem to

>         have a clear idea on what it was, seemed to be a

> simple piezo

>         transducer?  Concern that it was not emitting

> the full range of

>         frequencies in a track and may be truncating vital

> information.


>         ============ ===


>         Electrodes with or with out Boostaroo :



>         Pros: Good mid range results on average,

> positive reports, able to

>         physycally measure output


>         Cons:  Not as easy or quick to use or

> apply, not terribly

>         rugged, bit more expensive possibly over time as

> they are disposable and

>         have to keep getting new ones.


>         ============ ====


>         JS Sangsta Healing Wand


>         Pros:  Very good feedback from users,

> seems to likely capture

>         sufficient range of the spectral bands in

> frequencies, 'feels' pleasnt

>         to users


>         Cons: No current, easily portable, wearable

> versions currently (

>         but may be coming in the future)


>         ============ ====


>         So now, I am looking into two new completely

> different approaches (

>         and have been investigating this for months

> now).


>         I believe that there are two very viable

> solutions that can and

>         should be developed, and will provide the best

> overall results for users

>         who want to be able to silently broadcast our

> frequencies.


>         I'd like to know if we have any engineers

> or technologists out

>         there that can help in the design of this.

> What I'm hoping for is

>         to have you design a device based on the below,

> then ship this to me for

>         testing.  When we arrive at a stable device

> that passes field

>         testing and user requirements then we want to be

> able to offer this to

>         our membership.  If you create the prototype

> that gets selected as

>         one of our production units and are interested in

> making these on an

>         ongoing basis we can discuss profit sharing etc...

> or if you just want

>         to design the device, make a single copy and donate

> this to us but dont

>         want to get involved in doing production units

> thats ok too


>         I cannot fund this currently, so I can not pay

> you for your design

>         work or for your parts etc, but I can and am very

> happy to provide you

>         with a trade of frequencies of your choice for your

> time, labour and

>         parts, etc.....


>         If this is of interest please review the

> following ;



>         Two Devices;


>         1.) Small Royal Rife frequency generator


>         This device will be battery driven and can be

> worn by the user

>         possibly via a belt clip or around the neck, device

> will consist of

>         components such as ;


>         MP3 Player

>         Small Micor Plasma Tube

>         Mini-Inverter

>         Audio Amp ?  Boostaroo?


>         page 18 - "7" inch quartz mini

> or

> page 22 - Pyrex micro

>         tube


> from this document

>         ;

> ============ ========= ========

> Quartz and Pyrex Plasma

>         Tubes

> File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

> 9828-79th Street. Edmonton,

>         Alberta, Canada T6A 3G1. Bill Cheb ..... A recent

> addition to the plasma

>         tubes for use with Rife systems is what I call the

> ...



> ============ ========= ========


> Essentially

>         we are looking for a small, portable, battery

> operated

> system


>  very small plasma tube, small

>         inverter to spark the tube up

> an interface from the tube to an mp3

>         player


> We'd like to be able to play an audio track drectly

>         form an ipod or mp3 player to this system,

> currently we are also using a

>         portable audio amp, the boostaroo


> We want to modulate

>         the tube with audio signals from a MP3 player


>         a portable micro plasma tube unit, it needs a

> small inverter to

>         have the right voltage to spark the tube but it

> should be drivable with

>         an mp3 player

> ==========


>         DEVICE


>         2.)  Portable, battery operated,

> induction device ;

>         magnetic field loop emitter


>         MP3 player sends frequency signals into the

> magnetic field loop

>         emitter which outputs the sound as a variable

> magnetic field


>         Ideally, for this device, I'd like the

> user to be able to use the

>         device separately from an MP3 player, where they

> can have it out put any

>         frequency from 1 HZ up to 20,000 HZ ( higher is

> better, if possible) to

>         within four decimal points precision, so for

> instance if the user wanted

>         to they could have it emit a frequency such as

> 7.8333 Hertz


>         I'd also like this device to be able to

> accept audio output from

>         and MP3 player as an input signal, and then it

> ouputs this as a variable

>         magnetic field


>         I'd like their to be controls, dials,

> maybe LED number indicators

>         that help facilitate this,


>         It would be great if we had also controls for

> setting the range for

>         magnetic field strengths, I'd like the user for

> instance to be able to

>         set the gaussian field strength to values such as

>         ============ ========= ========= =========

> ========= ========= ======

> Human

>         Brain Magnetic


> Field                                                                 


>         0.1 - 1.0 pT (picoTeslas) 




>         ( 0.01 - 0.1 microGauss)

>         Human Heart Magnetic


> Field                                                                 


>         50^-12 Tesla   (5 microGauss)

>         ============ ========= ========= =========

> ========= ========= ======


>         If its possible to incorporate a wide

> range of gaussian

>         settings, that would be great


>         Also, am hoping that we can get a minimum of a

> meter radius field

>         effect ( approx)


>         Out put signals from this device will be

> coherent, strong enough

>         hopefuilly so that we can detect the output on a

> T-Coil or similiar

>         device



> From: J_S <j.sangsta@>

> Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] No, I´m not pregnant !!

> To:

> Received: Monday, December 21, 2009, 11:48 AM

> Just to make it perfectly clear, I

> had to state it from the beginning.. ;-)

> BUT, I do wonder what this device would do for me, us,

> playing

> Don´s sounds..





> J_S





> From: PT Ferrance <ptf2008@>

> Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] transducers

> To:

> Received: Sunday, December 13, 2009, 1:02 PM



> I tried Doc frequencies through my Aura

> tactile

> transducer.  They don't work because the

> transducer only handles

> frequencies between 20 and 80 Hz I believe and Doc's

> are much

> higher.

> PT



> 2.1. Re: How to convert

> sound energy to

> electrical energy (to some 10volt

>     Posted by: "Sebastian

> Andrew Benjamin" sab1842@

> sebastian_a_hyde

>     Date: Sat Dec 12, 2009 8:03 am

> ((PST))


> Really cheap way to turn sound into something else - strip

> an

> ordinary

> speaker of its paper cone. You're left with vibration.


> Other

> ways are Aura bass shakers, or Clark Synthesis TST209

> Tactile

> Transducer

> (both available from eBay).


> Still working on other ways. Will post more

> soon.


> Sebastian





> From: Paul Smiley <paul.smiley99@>

> Subject: Re: [the_sound_of_stars] How to convert sound energy to electrical  energy (to some 10volts output)?

> To:

> Received: Sunday, December 13, 2009, 5:38 AM


> Plug your 3.5 mm jack to a

> amplifier and output to some steel cylinder as in a rife

> machine. Transducers are not needed in this case.... since

> we are not input sound. we input the mp3 signal.


> From:

> Sebastian Andrew Benjamin <sab1842@>

> To:


> Sent: Sat,

> December 12, 2009 9:29:27 PM

> Subject: Re:

> [the_sound_of_stars] How to convert sound energy to

>  electrical  energy (to some 10volts output)?


> Really cheap way to turn sound into something else - strip

> an ordinary

> speaker of its paper cone. You're left with vibration.


> Other ways are Aura bass shakers, or Clark Synthesis TST209

> Tactile

> Transducer (both available from eBay).


> Still working on other ways. Will post more soon.


> Sebastian


> On Sat, Dec 12, 2009 at 12:54 AM, Doc Stars <>

> wrote:


> > How to convert sound energy to electrical energy (to

> some 10volts output)?

> >

> >

> > To convert sound to an electrical signal you need a

> transducer. Transducers that are designed for the 20Hz to

> 20KHz range are generally called

>  microphones. To get a specific signal amplitude you need

> an amplifier. This allows you to increase the level of the

> transducer signal so that it can be measured or otherwise

> manipulated.

> >

> > There are several factors that will influence how to

> accomplish what you want. First is the nature of the sound

> that you want to convert. This will determine what kind of

> transducer you will need. There is a big difference between

> the sound of a human speaking directly into a microphone

> verses the sound a hummingbird's wings make from several

> feet away (human speech is usually concentrated in the

> 300-3Khz range, while a hummingbird's wings can vibrate

> at 20KHz or more). All transducers or microphones have what

> is called a frequency range. This is the range of

> frequencies over which the transducer or microphone is

> considered to have a useable output. Outside this range, the

> output will drop and become unuseable. So, you need to know

> something about the

>  sound you want to convert. This allows you to choose a

> transducer or microphone.

> >

> > Another aspect of transducers and microphones is

> called dynamic range. This is the amplitude range over which

> the device can operate reliably. Too loud or too soft a

> sound and the device might not be able to reproduce the

> sound reliably (in fact, if a sound is loud enough, most

> devices will be damaged).

> >

> > Next, you need to consider what you are going to do

> with your 10V signal. If you are going to monitor it with a

> voltmeter or digitizer, then all you need is a voltage

> amplifier with enough gain to convert your transducer signal

> to 10V.

> >

> > However, if you want to drive a speaker or other

> device that requires power, then you will need a power

> amplifier. This would be the last stage in your amplifier

> chain before the load for your 10V signal.

> >

> > Any microphone that isn't passive will work.

> >

> >…

> > Source(s):

> >

> >

> --

> There is no fine line between genius and madness.

> ---------------------------------------------

> "If we knew what we were doing, we wouldn't call

> it research." - Albert Einstein



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plasma and piezeo transducer speakers and related devices

Saturday, December 12, 2009 6:16 AM


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[edit] Piezoelectric speakers

Piezoelectric speakers are frequently used as beepers in watches and other electronic devices, and are sometimes used as tweeters in less-expensive speaker systems, such as computer speakers and portable radios. Piezoelectric speakers have several advantages over conventional loudspeakers: they are resistant to overloads which would normally destroy most high frequency drivers, and they can be used without a crossover due to their electrical properties. There are also disadvantages: some amplifiers can oscillate when driving capacitive loads like most piezoelectrics, which results in distortion or damage to the amplifier. Additionally, their frequency response, in most cases, is inferior to that of other technologies. This is why they are generally used in single frequency (beeper) or non-critical applications.

Piezoelectric speakers can have extended high frequency output, and this is useful in some specialized circumstances; for instance, sonar applications in which piezoelectric variants are used as both output devices (generating underwater sound) and as input devices (acting as the sensing components of underwater microphones). They have advantages in these applications, not the least of which is simple and solid state construction which resists the effects of seawater better than, say, a ribbon based device would.

[edit] Magnetostrictive speakers

Magnetostrictive transducers, based on magnetostriction, have been predominantly used as sonar ultrasonic sound wave radiators, but their usage has spread also to audio speaker systems. Magnetostrictive speaker drivers have some special advantages: The magnetizing coil is stationary and therefore easily cooled. They are robust because delicate suspensions are not required. There are also disadvantages: Their efficiency is poor and excursion small. Magnetostrictive speaker modules have been produced by Fostex[29][30][31] and FeONIC[32][33][34] and also subwoofer drivers have been produced.[35]


Plasma arc speakers

Main article: Plasma speaker

Plasma arc loudspeakers use electrical plasma as a radiating element. Since plasma has minimal mass, but is charged and therefore can be manipulated by an electric field, the result is a very linear output at frequencies far higher than the audible range. Problems of maintenance and reliability for this approach tend to make it unsuitable for mass market use. In 1978 Alan E. Hill of the Air Force Weapons Laboratory in Albuquerque, NM, designed the Plasmatronics Hill Type I, a tweeter whose plasma was generated from helium gas.[39] This avoided the ozone and nitrous oxide[39] produced by RF decomposition of air in an earlier generation of plasma tweeters made by the pioneering DuKane Corporation, who produced the Ionovac (marketed as the Ionofane in the UK) during the 1950s. Currently, there remain a few manufacturers in Germany who use this design, and a do-it-yourself design has been published and has been available on the Internet.

A less expensive variation on this theme is the use of a flame for the driver, as flames contain ionized (electrically charged) gases.[40]



Plasma ion tweeters are the evolution of William Duddells' "singing arc" which was first shown in London, England in 1900. It was a modification of carbon arc lamps used in London during that era. His job was to reduce the noise of these devices, and he found while working on them that changing the voltage of the arc changed the noise it produced. In 1946 Siegfried Klein got involved, producing a number of patents for his work, and by 1954 had come to the conclusion that confining the arc to a small quartz tube and coupling it to a horn would enable it to be used as a loudspeaker or even a microphone. At that time this technology became of interest to the audiophile and it was called an Ionophone at that time. Some of you may remember the Magnat plasma ion tweeters of the late 1970's, but as far as I know, Acapella is the only current manufacturer of Plasma Ion Tweeters. The benefits of such a tweeter are that it will have no resonance or transient problems. Conventional wisdom has it that the fastest tweeters are ribbons since they have such low mass, but a Plasma Ion tweeter has no mass at all since it is basically a stable electric arc, and therefore should be faster and even more extended in the high frequencies. The Plasma Ion Tweeter works by first stabilizing an arc and then agitating the ions by changing the temperature in its small chamber, which causes the arc to expand and then contract, and therein lies the push and pull of the arc, which moves air at high frequencies. In order to generate and stabilize an arc, power will be required, so the tweeters are connected to your house AC. When they recognize an incoming signal they turn on with three consecutive clicks, which takes less than 30 seconds. They also have a sleep mode (after a few minutes of inactivity, they automatically turn off).


OK, there is the technobabble. Looking at the tweeters when they are on, start as a deep purple at the edges of the arc and change to a deep reddish pink in the center. When the music has the appropriate amount of high frequency information, you can almost see the colours change in intensity a bit. The look is very cool. It has the same hypnotizing effect of looking at the filaments on your first tube power amplifier. This is the identical tweeter used in Acapellas higher model loudspeakers, right down to the adjustable gain dial with a penciled mark on the chassis reflecting the final fine tuning done at the factory for the loudspeakers they are shipped out with.


These are without a doubt the finest tweeters I have ever heard in my life. They are transparent, articulate and extended like no other tweeter I have been exposed to. It is generally accepted knowledge that the human ear does not hear frequencies beyond 20 KHz (in fact, most of us can not even hear quite that high). Despite this, there is clearly something about this tweeter extending to beyond 40 KHz that is responsible for these delicate liquid and crystalline high frequencies. (See below for more on this phenomenon). Acapella claims that the Plasma Ion Tweeter sounds so exceptional due to its lack of mass, producing improved transient capabilities and phase stiffness, resulting from a lack of harmonic and transient distortions. Such is the technical reasoning from the manufacturer. Listening to something perform with such deft agility puts these academic discussions to rest. Like a painting created by one of the masters, its intention to draw the observer into the emotion of the piece leaves the viewer (or in this case, listener) in awe of such superlative mastery of execution.


Although the Plasma Ion Tweeters are horn coupled to improve dispersion (and amplitude) they are still somewhat directional and listeners will find experimenting with toe-in important to getting the sound just right for their own balance between pin-point precision and soundstage. I settled with them 7.5 feet apart (tweeter to tweeter) and listening to them just over 10 feet from that line, with just a touch of toe-in. The added bonus of the adjustable tweeter gain will allow tonal balance to be corrected if a listener dials the toe-in too extremely in either direction or if the room is overly dead or bright. The Violins are very easy to set up and I marveled at their ability to turn sibilance into silkience with such finesse. (Silkience... this is why we become reviewers, to make up words). (Editors note: sheesh, now you readers know what i have to deal with each month. Shazbot!).




> From: Doc Stars <>

> Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] AMAZING - YOU MUST SEE THIS!

> To:

> Received: Saturday, December 12, 2009, 6:11 AM

> The sound is coming FROM the plasma... watch the

> video, scroll down;





> From: Jill Mattson <jillimattson@>

> Subject: Re: [the_sound_of_stars] What do u think of this?

> To:

> Received: Sunday, November 15, 2009, 10:04 PM


> I have tried that

> and then the crystals act as little amplfiers...When you set

> the crystals near music - point the music towards the

> base. There is an energy flow between the top of the crystal

> and the bottom and it also goes outside the

> crystals (from top to bottom) so it becomes like a

> feedback loop.


> Once charged you can point the crystals to get the

> energy in ( or sing inthe base to direct the energy)...or

> set the base near a thing that you want to take energy out

> of. After I do that - I then clear the crystal so it

> doesnt have to hold that junk!  Sweet music! J




Re: [the_sound_of_stars] boastaroo noise

Thursday, October 29, 2009 12:01 PM


"J_S" <j.sangsta@>

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Hi Ellen !


> So where do you think I should place the handle at night? Do you have

> some theory on body parts to affect for sleeping. The head sound

> right to me. We both have to be affected. I could experiment, but I

> don't really want to lose sleep.


My place of choice when I use a Healing Handle during the night has

been at the feet-end of the bed.

I´ve had it in a pocket, hanging a bit below the feet, and

experimented with the volume on the mp3-player

to find a setting that worked. Enough to get effect, but still be able

to sleep. It usually cuts

needed sleep-time with an hour or two.


> I tell you that handle is really powerful. With the frequency on, my

> hand felt something sharp coming out of the crystal that I was

> holding. Maybe that's piezo electricity??? There was no direct

> connection to the ipod etc. It was something happening with the

> frequency from the handle.


Hmm... what was running the frequency ? The Ipod but not connected?


> Where do you connect the wires to you little CPU electrodes on your

> computer. In the place where a speaker would normally be plugged in?


Yes, just like the Handle or Energizer would be connected. The computer-output

goes to an amplifier, where I connect to the headphone-output.


> An then you put the crushed quartz crystals around the ear phones? So

> you are not really getting the sleep recorded frequency, just energy

> from the old computer. Or is the sleep frequency playing?


No earphones used, just the CPU-electrodes, playing a loop of files I se fit.

I don´t usually need a anything running to get to sleep, I use the

night to treat myself

to files I think will be helpful, like Regeneration-general, Regress

age, Ibogaine,

Health Shield, or what I deem needed at the time. I mix in the occasional

Sleep Easy Sleep Deeply in the list as well.




> Blessings,

> Ellen


> On 10/29/09, J_S <j.sangsta@> wrote:

> > Hi Ellen !

> >

> >> You are so inventive. What is a CPU electrode?

> >

> > A set of ruined computer-processors that I run the out-put from

> > amp or mp3-player trough. I have developed this a step further from

> > what´s seen on the pictures here;

> >


> > The ones I use now have been fortified with magnetic stuff and

> > piezo-electric minerals

> > as well, somewhat like a Handle, but flat and without the Xenon-component.

> > So they are less energizing.

> > I like to experiment, and this works very well for use during sleep

> >

> >>Don't you use your wand?

> >

> > I have none right now, I used parts in the one you have.

> > I have two bigger though, Energizers, for day-time use, or distance-use

> > in the night.

> >

> > Don't you worry about wearing out your computer keeping it on

> >> all night? Batteries are cheap in comparison.

> >

> > My computers are on all the time, they never sleep...

> >

> >>

> >> When I am traveling, I plug my Ipod into the wall with the charger. I

> >> think that conserves the battery, but I am not sure.

> >

> > Yes, that conserves batteries.!

> >>

> >> I bought a boastroo that plugs into the wall or an external battery.

> >> So that part seems ok to me. But I was kind of upset when I heard

> >> that extra noise coming from the Boastaroo. The purity of the

> >> frequency sound certainly has something to do with its effectiveness.

> >> The feeling of the frequency is stronger with the boastaroo, but I am

> >> wondering about the accuracy.

> >>

> >> I have the wand over our heads because I want to affect my husband

> >> too. Maybe I should try to put it elsewhere. I am working on his

> >> teeth (gums) and sleeping. We are sleeping on the floor Japanese

> >> style (on futon). So the wand can go anywhere, but there is not under

> >> the bed.

> >>

> >> With your wand and the water charger (the bigger one) I am getting too

> >> much frequency and have to be careful not to over-charge. It's kind

> >> of addictive and then it becomes tiring. I think your crystals are

> >> somehow stronger and I have to be more careful.

> >>

> >> I think I need to sense when I am already charged. I don't need more

> >> charge. There should be a sensitivity that I have not yet developed.

> >>

> >> Blessings,

> >>

> >> Ellen

> >>

> >> On 10/29/09, J_S <j.sangsta@> wrote:

> >> > Ok, I see what you mean.

> >> > Using to much amplification on the Energizer, or the Healing Handle will

> >> > distort the sound-signal

> >> > and lessen the effect.

> >> > Inside them are speakers from headphones, that are mimed, made almost

> >> > silent,

> >> > but not quite. So you should only input so much sound as would make a

> >> > normal

> >> > set of headphones give a

> >> > very loud sound, or less, like in the night for sleeping. At night-time

> >> > I

> >> > end up using ca 25% of top volume

> >> > on mp3-player.

> >> > So a bostaroo may be useful, but only to conserve battery on an

> >> > mp3-player,

> >> > as I see it.

> >> >

> >> > I have set a computer up in the basement, with an amp, running a

> >> > headphone-cable all the way up to my bedroom, (10m)

> >> > driving a set of CPU-electrodes, one under the pillow and the other

> >> > under

> >> > the torso.

> >> > No need to worry about batteries for mp3-player any more...

> >> >

> >> > J_S

> >> >

> >> >

> >> > On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 10:39 AM, Ellen Madono

> >> > <ellen.madono@>wrote:

> >> >>

> >> >> Hi J_S,

> >> >>

> >> >> What I am saying is the Boostaroo adds its own noise. I am thinking

> >> >> that that will not be good for transmitting frequencies. Maybe the

> >> >> sound was up too high.

> >> >>

> >> >> I am not saying anything about the boastaroo adding anything to the

> >> >> speakers. But the extra noise caused by the boastaroo may have the

> >> >> same effect as poor speakers.

> >> >>

> >> >> I think your broadcaster is better without the boastaroo. Just a

> >> >> feeling.

> >> >>

> >> >> Best,

> >> >> Ellen

> >> >>

> >> >> On 10/29/09, J_S <j.sangsta@ <>> wrote:

> >> >> > Hi Ellen !

> >> >> >

> >> >> > The answer is no, the bostaroo won´t help with poor speakers, just

> >> >> > make the volume louder.

> >> >> >

> >> >> > J_S


> >> >> >> I think Ron mentioned this, but the Boastaroo produce extra sound

> >> >> >> during

> >> >> >> the amplification process. Do you think this would affect the

> >> >> >> frequency

> >> >> >> like poor speakers?

> >> >> >> Best,

> >> >> >> Ellen

> >> >> >>

> >> >> >> On 10/22/09, Doc Stars < <>>

> >> >> wrote:


> >> >> >>> The frequencies, in some ways cross the digital / analog

> >> >> >>> boundary...

> >> >> >>> in

> >> >> >>> that they are sourced from organic origins and rendered as digital

> >> >> >>> sounds... but rendered in a very unique way... so you will likely

> >> >> >>> be

> >> >> >>> experieincing a synthesis of these worlds in a way never quite

> >> >> >>> experienced before... we have often noticed that the effectgs can

> >> >> >>> be

> >> >> >>> enhanced when the speaker, device is of a better quality and yet

> >> >> >>> very

> >> >> >>> dramatic effects can be witnessed even through low grade speakers!

> >> >> >>>

> >> >> >>> --- On Wed, 10/21/09, kezagi <kezagi@

> >> >> wrote:

> >> >> >>> > Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] about frequency through various

> >> >> >>> > mediums


> >> >> >>> > Received: Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 11:10 AM


> >> >> >>> > my question is, what difference does

> >> >> >>> > the quality of speaker/headphone or other device have on the

> >> >> >>> > effectiveness of the frequency being played? In that these

> >> >> >>> > frequencies are digital, are they as potent as analog would

> >> >> >>> > be? I'd like to hear from someone who is knowledgable with

> >> >> >>> > frequencies.

> >> >> >>> >


> From: Doug Bishop <dolphinarizona@>

> Subject: Re: DOUG

> To: "Doc Stars" <>

> Received: Thursday, October 29, 2009, 6:19 AM



> above

> only inc. volume 2x

> aa



> above

> is 4x

> aaaa


> On Wed, Oct 28, 2009

> at 9:39 PM, Doc Stars <>

> wrote:


> Will be sending new update frq

> tracks for you soon


> Doug, can I ask you also... if you still have it... to

> send me that boostaroo link for the AA or AAA version

> again?




> From: Ellen Madono <ellen.madono@>

> Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] EXTERNAL BATTERIES AND CONNECTORS

> To: "the_sound_of_stars" <>

> Received: Wednesday, September 2, 2009, 7:17 AM


> Resending this.

>  Didn't seem to get through


> Hi Mike,



> I got the AC powered one although it is more expensive

> because I didn't want to deal with AAAA  batterries

>  (no mistake 4 A's) and I wanted 400% amplification.

>  12 hours of use and these AAA batteries are dead sounds

> like a bad deal. The recharger cost 40 dollars and the

> rechargeable batteries were outlandish in cost.  So that

> did not sound good to me.  Never tried them though.



> Less luck with external batteries.  Mine is

> Titanium cost 20 dollars on sale at Radio shack and I

> don't see them on line.  The non-sale battery was 40

> dollars which sounds closer to market price than what I see

> out there.  Looked up external batteries portable.  The

> ones I see on line cost 60 dollars.  Don't know why the

> market is not flooded with these kinds of batteries.  I

> power my portable speakers with them too.  If you have the

> right connector cables, they should able to power a phone

> (don't have one).  Radio shack sells the different

> cables including an ipod cable which I thought was patented.

>  What do I know?  My feeling based on seeing what Radio

> Shack did is the big companies are looking for a good way to

> sucker the customer into buying more.  Just a simple

> battery with good connections will not increase sales.  So

> they are not promoting this stuff.  I would wait until the

> Chinese figure out that this is a good market and start

> offering the goods at something closer to the real cost.

>  Individual battery packs for this purpose don't look

> cost effective to me.  They are bulky and the individual

> rechargable batteries are not cheap.  Also, you have to

> fumble around recharging them.  Sorry none of that is very

> helpful.    I saw a boosatroo sold by radio shack with AA

> batteries but only amps up to 100 percent.  Not what we

> want.  Amps are a really good idea to save batteries and in

> some cases to improve on sound quality, but again the market

> does not seem to pick up on them.  I guess the

> understanding is to complex???



> You don't want something with the special

> ipod socket.  You want one with a USB port for taking

> electricity from the battery to your ipod.  That way, you

> can use your ipod connector.  Also, you can use the battery

> for other things like the amp above.  That one is not

> portable without an external battery. 


> I need to try a cable that plugs into the

> battery (male plug) and 2 female plugs so the amp above and

> the ipod can be powered with the same battery.  Have not

> tried this out yet, but theoretically it should work.  Has

> anyone done it?


> If anyone knows more about this kind of

> technology, please say something.

> for now I would say just listen alive with a

> stereo.  Get an SLB.  As Doc says, listening with your

> whole body is the most effective.  If you go out after

> having listened with your whole body, you will continue

> vibrating so the effects will continue as if your body were

> the amp.  I mean if you were attracting good things, you

> will do that without any amp.  I just think it would be so

> neat to get a group working together at a level of harmony

> that they would not experience otherwise.  An Amp might do

> that.  Hope Hope. 


> Blessings,

> Ellen

> On Wed, Sep 2, 2009 at

> 1:55 AM, them4 <them4@>

> wrote:

> do you have a link

> where i can get an external

> battery? and an amp?


> mike


>   From:

>   Ellen

>   Madono

>   To:


>   Sent: Monday, August

> 31, 2009 8:28

>   PM

>   Subject: Re:

> [the_sound_of_stars] MIKE -

>   THEM 4 - RE: IPODS


>   The refirbished ipod with  8 gigabites is 100

> dollars.  Seems

>   reasonable.  But I would get an external battery and an

> amp too.  So

>   that would run into more money.


>   On Tue, Sep 1,

> 2009 at 11:36 AM, Doc Stars <>


>           You asked about what sort of mp3 player to

> get in the $30 to $150

>           range....


>           Ive found that mid range to higher is

> better.... so a player

>           thats decent seems to start at 60 and up.... ones

> that are 30 and

>           below can be used... but less

> reliable



> From: Ellen Madono <ellen.madono@>

> Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] Amplification system found

> To:

> Received: Tuesday, August 18, 2009, 12:52 PM

> Hi,


> I understand that amplification of the frequency

> will improve its effect and also reduce battery usage from

> your MP3 player.  I have talked to the Boastaroo people and

> the 60 dollar one can be plugged into an external battery (I

> found a titanium on for 20 dollars on sale).   You have to

> order a special cord which they can provide.   It will also

> work through the wall plug and plugged into the computer.

> This is certainly the way to go when on the move.  I

> don't want to get involved with an expensive and rare

> AAAA battery.  Although at the Radio Shack store, I found

> an AA battery run Boastaroo that amplifies by 100% for

> something like 30 dollars.  This more expensive one

> amplifies by 400% the same as the AAAA battery powered one

> for something like 30 dollars.  I like the option of

> plugging into the wall (for group meditations for example)

> or into an external battery that in the long run is much

> cheaper than these AAAA batteries if you include the cost of

> a recharger.  Paying upfront for 400% amplification,

> cheaper battery sources and flexibility (wall cord option)

> appeals to me.


> Anyone have other findings or

> feedback?

> Blessings,

> Ellen



> Get the SLB, and the electrode cable ;




> ask him if he can rush ship this to you somehow


> You want a Boostaroo to, he provides them but try to

> get a handle on which would be faster to get that from him

> or the U.S. supplier




> for the actual electrode pads themselves buy these

> locally... there is a med equipment supply shop on whyte ave

> about 110st... in same building as Muddy Waters next to the

> Mandarin Chinese Restaurant... if you need help picking the

> right pads let me know we can go there

> together






> I just received a queen bed version of this product.  I am

> astounded at how good it feels. 


> And I am wondering if there is a way to connect the freqs

> to it as well...or use the fabric for clothing as Doc has

> mentioned.



> Can anyone see a way to run the freqs through this

> product?


> Sheri


> Sheri Ponzi




Re: [the_sound_of_stars] Battery draw - hand-holds & electrodes

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 4:45 AM


"Ellen Madono" <ellen.madono@>

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Hi Rob,


I just came back from a big electronics store.  Sony has the cheapest

per gigabyte ipod like player.  For about 70 dollars, you can get a 2

giga player.  Ipod want 55 dollars for 1 gigabite.  Don't see why the

sound production should be different.  Maybe a refurbished version

would be cheaper.


Both of these cheap ones have very little internal battery.  But they

run music for a pretty long time 30 hours for the Sony and 20 for the

ipod.  Both load up from the maker's site.  It is a way to show people

what the frequencies can do.


I bought an external battery for my ipod.  50 dollars.  Don't think it

was such a smart buy.  Anyway the battery will be used up on the ipod.

Apparently using the ipod from the doc in player will also use up the

battery.  I am not clear about this.  The people at the store did not

seem to be clear either.  I have never used my ipod so much so

apparently you use up the battery completely before charging it again.

So the additional battery will make it easy to use up the ipod



They had never heard of an portable audio amplifier but I saw

expensive ones in the biggest store in Tokyo.  Never heard of AAAA

batteries either.  Looks like those are strictly internet goods.





On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 10:17 AM,

x<> wrote:



> Hi Ellen, All.


> In my opinion, if you are using an MP3 player without any form of booster

> with hand-holds or electrodes, I would expect that it wouldn't make any

> difference to the charge life of the battery, except where the volume is set

> to the maximum volume playback.


> The normal setting of an MP3 player when listening to audio is much less

> than full volume for most people, & I would think that it is that setting

> that manufactureres use as a benchmark for battery efficiency claims.


> Due to the huge difference in the quality of the audio playback of MP3

> players it is very possible that the one that you are using will distort

> frequencies to make it completely useless & perhaps even harmful if used at

> maximum volume.


> Test your MP3 player by listening to the quality of sound as you gradually

> increase the volume to maximum output. For safeties sake, remove the

> earphones from your ears when it begins to be unfomfortable, & listen at a

> safe distance to the quality of the sound, noting the level where it begins

> to distort & loss of clarity begins. (Unless of course if your player

> doesn't distort the sound at the maximum volume).


> If distortion happens at less than maximum volume output then this is the

> maximum setting for use of the handholds & electrodes.

> In my opinion, anything louder than this will simply not work with either of

> these modalities & is a waste of time & will deplete the battery charge much

> quicker.


> The foregoing also applies to the use of the SLB Antenna, so it is worth

> taking the time to check your MP3 player to get the maximum results from its

> use.


> Whilst there have been positive reports using the electrodes directly from

> an unboosted MP3 player, the impedence connected to hand-holds would be too

> much to overcome for them to work properly, if at all.


> This is an observation relating to Doc's comments below concerning his

> personal preference to using stainless steel over copper hand-holds for

> safety in that "it might leach in minute traces into the skin"...isn't this

> the reason why many people wear copper bracelets, rings etc. to have these

> minute traces of copper enter the body for various health challenges?


> Personally, I would be prepared to risk the minute traces of copper which

> would have to penetrate a damp rag, then to the skin, (which is used to

> increase the conductivity of copper electrodes)...than minute traces of

> nickel from the use of stainless steel electrodes!


> As I really have no interest in selling hand-hold electrodes per se, and

> only put forth the suggestion of using copper electrodes as another way that

> you could use the SOS frequencies, my interest is solely to try to provide a

> balanced view for those interested in trying this modality.

> Rob


>> Ellen, I hope to get a comprehensive FAQ - Q & A sheet set up soon, but

>> here is an older one, shorter which may be of interest ;



>> I think this must be a miusnderstanding... I cant see why this would be

>> the case at all. I think its probably helpful to consider that various

>> delivery instruments are likely geared towards specific usage scenarios...

>> copper hand hold might be more use full in nor portable scenarios,

>> although I suppose it would be fine if jogging, personally Id feel a bit

>> safer going with stainless steel... if you used copper a lot it might leach

>> in minute traces into the skin... followers of Hulda Clarke might not think

>> highly of that... a clinical scenario where a patient sits or lies down

>> might be ok for hand holds and or electrodes. I personally go the electode

>> route when I need to be portable, semi-mobile, silent and Im happy with the

>> results so far... Im happy also with the SLB to date but am still testing

>> out the new version




the_sound_of_stars] Re: cheap good frequency mobile players

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 4:28 AM


"x" <>

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Pahl Dixon from New Zealand was probably one of the acknowledged experts in this Group & this is his recommendation regarding the best MP3 Player for our purposes...



"....Those cheap Shuffle knock-off are not very good. I bought one and it was weak, plus the sound broke up at higher volumes. The real Gen 2 iPod Shuffle has quite superior fidelity and almost no distortion at full volume. (Don't bother with Gen 1 Shuffles, as they are inferior.) The Gen 2 iPod Shuffle is one of the loudest personal players, rated at 60 milliwatts (30 per channel). The 1GB Gen 2 iPod Shuffle is an amazingly great product. It's the workhorse player, used by expensive-taste audiophiles to drive their $10.000.00 stereo systems. And it's cheap as chips for what you get...."!



The problem with poor quality MP3 Players is as I've described in an earlier post when used with Silent Delivery devices...the sound breaks up at higher volumes. And, therefore is a waste of time & effort & the results are very disapointing!


From my own experience, when I start the frequency playback through the SLB Antenna I automatically set it to full volume. I'm confident that others who use either the electrode pads or the SLB do the same; probably with the expectation that the frequencies will be more effective when played at the highest volume possible.


All that I'm suggesting is that you test the MP3 Players before buying by ensuring that they maintain good quality playback at a full volume setting.


Hope that this




evices and Pads

Sunday, June 28, 2009 10:52 PM


This sender is DomainKeys verified

"Pahl Dixon" <pahldixon@>

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"Doc Stars" <>

Hi Doc,


Ran out of money for experiments, so no new device. The tiny amp I use for boosting the OWN signal might work for SOS, as it sounds very good in the low freqs range, even though its rated for freqs above 300 Hz, and you can really feel the buzz. Would need a really accurate scope to check this out. Maybe Rob could use the Griffith Uni lab in Brisbane to check on this. He already has an OWN booster in his possession to work with. Here's the pads link: I misquoted the exact name in the previous email. I reckon that these pads rule.






From: Doc Stars <>

To: Pahl Dixon <pahldixon@>

Cc: Rob Lowe <>

Sent: Monday, June 29, 2009 10:17:39 AM

Subject: Re: Why I unsubscribed.





have you designed a device we can use our SOS frqs on now?


>currently consider that two 1" Axelgaard PALS Plus sticky pads with a


Im not familiar with this, Axelgaard PALS ?




SILENT Deliviery - Alt Equip

Sunday, June 28, 2009 10:18 PM


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"Doc Stars" <>

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Hi Doc,


How ya going? Well, I just had nothing very useful to contribute to your group and too much clutter in my inbox. I've somewhat lost interest in freq med and am not pushing my product. The only thing that I really can say is that Gen 2 iPod Shuffles seem to be the most appropriate player for reproducing accurate waveforms on both sides (see www.neuroptimizer for an explanation). I'm not so impressed by Boostaroo (Distortaroo), and currently consider that two 1" Axelgaard PALS Plus sticky pads with a stereo minijack plugged directly into a Gen 2 Shuffle (not Gen 1, which breaks up at full volume) is probably the most reliable method of silent delivery for your recordings. Rob can supply the stereo minijack to sticky pads kit. Anyway, your work is really good and makes people very happy. Keep it up!


Cheers Mate,






[the_sound_of_stars] Re: Q & A - Silent Delivery of Frequencies - Various Options

Saturday, June 27, 2009 1:12 AM


"x" <>

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Hi Doc,


Now that we are able to boost the output of the ubiquitous & humble MP3 player by up to 400% with the Boostaroo, another very economical frequency 'silent delivery' method is to connect the end pins on the electrode cable connection to 2 lengths of copper tubing approx 1" in diameter x 6" in length. These can be obtained from any hardware/plumbing store.

The pins can be taped on to the tubes for temporary or permanent use.


Handholds have been a very efficient method for conducting frequencies into the body for many, many years & virtually rescued from obscurity by Dr Hulda Clark.

If I remember correctly, she advises her readers to cover the copper tubes with damp clothes for superior conductivity & also possibly to reduce any mild risk from of traces of copper entering the body.

(Hey, come in here Tim, I think that it was you who may have mentioned this too! <grin>)


In any event, this is a pretty serious sort of 'silent delivery' method which is both very economical, practical & works.


I've used it in the past with some success when just sitting in front of the TV for an hour or so every day.



The same sort of personal due diligence is required as with any other potentially potent frequency delivery method. Go low, go slow - okay!




--- In, Doc Stars <doc_starz@...> wrote:



> Breakdown of our current standard approach to selecting silent delivery tools for the Sound of Stars frequencies


> AND some new and interesting silent delivery instruments worth exploring.


> First our current standard, that I have been very happy with ;








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"Doug Bishop" <dolphinarizona@>

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"Doc Stars" <>



Electrode Socks - variants

Tuesday, June 2, 2009 8:43 AM


"Doc Stars" <>

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    From: Doug Bishop <dolphinarizona@>

    Subject: Re: NICE !

    To: "Doc Stars" <>

    Received: Tuesday, June 2, 2009, 5:14 AM


    On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 3:17 PM, Doc Stars <> wrote:




        I LOVE this!!!!!


        I and others on the group spent countless hours trying to find this!  And you turned it up so quickly!!!! Thanks man, this is really helpful!


        --- On Mon, 6/1/09, Doug Bishop <dolphinarizona@> wrote:



            From: Doug Bishop <dolphinarizona@>

            Subject: Re: New Files for dload

            To: "Doc Stars" <>

            Received: Monday, June 1, 2009, 9:17 PM







            On Sat, May 30, 2009 at 3:29 PM, Doc Stars <> wrote:


                Go to;




                7 new tracks to dload ;


                Essence of Rose 1,2,3


                Qing Pi 1,2


                Jua Hua


                tian ma qu feng bu pain-1



RE: Ultrasonic Silent Delivery System

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 2:42 AM


"Tim Armantrout" <guardian601@>

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"Rob Lowe" <>, "Doc Starz" <>

An even cheaper and better ultrasonic system -


Okay, Rob.


I am on it! :)


> From:

> To:; guardian601@

> Subject: Re: Ultrasonic Silent Delivery System

> Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 08:33:16 +1000


> Tim/Doc.


> I totally agree with your comments Doc <snip below>


> My own experience relating to purchases of the SLB & pad electrode delivery

> system by members of the Group would confirm that only a very small number

> of those are prepared to shell out relatively small amounts of money to

> enhance the effect of SOS frequencies. Somewhere about 3% total, slightly

> less actually!


> I'm not at all disappointed with the small number of sales as I'm not in it

> for the money, more of a hobby challenge to keep my mind active & hopefully

> drive the sales of SOS upwards with delivery alternatives.

> Soooo, the thought that 1,000 members of the Group will anti up $500-$1000

> for proven technology doesn't fill me with optimism at this idea when far,

> far, cheaper *proven* alternatives are not utilised!


> Intuitively, I feel that a competitive ultrasonic system is available

> somewhere for a much lower price & it just needs to be found.


> A couple of years ago a company selling subliminal CDs were offering a

> product that pinpointed the sound above the centre of the head & moved about

> when listening through earphones, rather than left & right audio channels. A

> demo disc gave quite amazing results, but the options for purchase were too

> rich for me even when I was earning big money.

> Don't quite know why I threw this in except that I think I remember that

> this technology was moving to utilise this sound system without earphones

> for listening to music, TV or movie sound. The sound actually came from

> above your head & was all encompassing, like a bubble. Much superior to that

> currently available!


> It's likely that this system could do the same thing without you actually

> hearing the sound - silent listening broadcasting!!


> Anyway, I'm convinced that there are other & cheaper alternatives out

> there - it's just a matter of finding them - over to you 'bloodhound' Tim

> <smile>


> Regards to you both,

> Rob


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> From: "Doc Stars" <>

> To: "Rob Lowe" <>; "Tim Armantrout"

> <guardian601@>

> Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 5:41 AM

> Subject: Re: Ultrasonic Silent Delivery System




> It is very positive of course....


> I can't see us moving 1000 units at the moment, but this may be possible

> within the year.


> My hope is that are sales volumes will jump once my work gets 'out there'

> more and into some larger marketing, distribution channels.... this is in

> the works and is happening slowly, but for right now we are still not much

> past the fledgling state. Since we've been able to keep our head above

> water for almost 3 years now thats a good sign, but our membership

> altogether is only about 2,500 people and I cant imagine half of these

> shelling out that much. The work I do is not driven by the money end of

> things which is why I give away so many free frqs, Ive been told I shouldnt

> do that as mcuh as I do.... and probably I shouldnt in some ways, but there

> are many people on our list who are pensioners, disabled, challenged in

> various ways that would not be able to have access to the frqs at all if i

> did not give some of them away.... out of the 2,500 I would guess that a

> much smaller fraction would even have the funds to pay that amount and it

> certainly

> wouldnt = 1000 people.


> I would like to see a full body suit style device in place in the future




Ultrasonic Silent Delivery System

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 5:29 PM


"Tim Armantrout" <guardian601@>

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"Doc Starz" <>, "Rob Lowe" <>



The last email from the good Dr. Pompei suggests that he could/maybe/possibly get the price down to $500. or so, if we can get an order of 1000 units.


I see this as very possitive. From $5,000. to $500.!


Any thoughts?






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[the_sound_of_stars] Re:Ultrasonic Silent Delivery System

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 5:24 PM


"Tim Armantrout" <guardian601@>

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I had no idea - well, yes, I guess I did. Not to downplay the severity, but this is really interesting stuff with great potential.


Assuming that all that is written here is true, my question would be, how can this technology be used for positive purposes?


I looked at the diagram for the 555 timer chip that simulates Sharp's work. So, all I'd need to do is hook up an MP3 player, power it up, and I'd have a a really great tool for re-programming my own attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs. I could possible make it small enough to carry around all day.


Swords cut both ways, figuratively speaking. Does not mean you ban swords. It just depends on how you want to use them.


I am just trying to figure out how we might be able to make some lemonade out of a few lemons. (That is not just an American saying, is it?)


Thanks again for the info and I wish you well,




PS This technology also suggests to me that the work of Tesla and others is real and is being used today, despite official reports of its impossibility. With just a slight shift in consciousness of our human race (us as individuals), this already developed technology(!) will then be made available for use towards the betterment of all, rather than its control. This shift is not so hard as it might seem. Some say this is already happening and that it is just a matter of time. Ever hear of the 100th monkey concept? We as a race are now in the process of pulling back the curtain to see who has really been behin




FW: [Fwd: FW: Enquiry from Website]

Tuesday, May 12, 2009 3:29 PM


"Tim Armantrout" <guardian601@>

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"Doc Starz" <>, "Rob Lowe" <>



Think we could get 1000 people to pre order these units at $1000. a piece??!!


Okay, maybe not. It was worth a try. Probably could get it less than $1000, I am thinking maybe $800 - but finding 1000 people willing to put down that kind of money would be interesting.... though I'd never say impossible!


I have to wonder - what makes these units so expensive to produce?


Anyway, food for thought.




Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 10:58:47 -0400

To: guardian601@


Subject: RE: [Fwd: FW: Enquiry from Website]




Like I said, it's manufacturing volume that makes all the difference.  Sure, all things being equal, a small unit is less expensive, but for a total market size (by your estimation) of $20,000, with very tight margins, any customization effort makes very little business sense.  If you can sell 100,000 of these, or even 1000 at a higher price (maybe $999), then we might have a business opportunity worth investigating further.


Dr. F. Joseph Pompei



At 10:39 AM 5/12/2009, you wrote:


    Hello Dr. Pompei:


    Thank you for your response. I certainly understand your situation. I was wondering what number of units ordered would be necessary to bring the price down to something more affordable by the average home user. If the unit was scaled down a bit, what cost per unit would make it feasible for you?


    Thank you again,


    Tim Armantrout


    Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 09:23:17 -0400

    To: guardian601@


    Subject: Re: [Fwd: FW: Enquiry from Website]


    Mr. Armantrout:


    Thank you for your interest in our Audio Spotlight technology.


    We have adapted our systems for custom ultrasonic-only use in the past, and can certainly do so if you need such a device.  However, as there is no high-scale manufacturing of custom hand-built units like this, there are no good economies of scale necessary for a low price.  In the past, systems like this run for up to $4999, and while we might be able to reduce this somewhat, unless your market calls for a very large quantity, a price of $150-$200 is not feasible.  It would take many more than 50-100 units manufactured to accomplish this.  For another reference, a regular AS-16 retails for $1999, with aggressive quantity discounts.  Your most economical option is to use our existing commercial systems.


    Best regards,


    Dr. F. Joseph Pompei



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        Subject: FW: Enquiry from Website

        Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 18:47:02 -0400

        From: Tim Armantrout <guardian601@>

        To: <>

        References: <BLU102-DAV117207A6786C5DF71D6FAFFB630@phx.gbl> <CB84ED2671B74833BC26E5F2AED7D240@WALKABOUT> <BLU102-W299E1578568D229C9E6091FB630@phx.gbl> <67A0CCE6407641F4B3B22B11C93849BD@WALKABOUT>



        Hello Dr. Joe:


        I was told to contact you directly by Rob at Audio Spotlight - see his response below.


        He says he spoke with you about my question - if it was possible to create a unit that reproduces the ultrasonics only. I see your response below.


        My purposes are very low-tech and do not require a lot of power or a long range. Only 15 feet or so is sufficient. It would be used in a holistic healing type setting where beneficial frequencies, such as the Solfeggios or the ones at this site:, are beamed to the listener. The benefit is that it could be done while sleeping or even watching TV.


        Is there any way to get the price down to the $150-$200 range? Perhaps battery operated? Is that even feasible? If such a thing could be arranged, what about a referral set-up. What if I could find, say 50 other people, or even 100, who would want such a unit?


        I am on the Eastcoast in the US. Where are you located?


        Thank you for your time,




        Tim Armantrout




        To: guardian601@

        Subject: Re: Enquiry from Website

        Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 00:30:00 +0200


        Hello Tim


        I contacted my supplier (inventor of the Audio Spotlight, Dr. Joe Pompei) and this is what he says:


        We've supplied units like this from time to time.  If he just wants an ultrasound source, we can package the speaker and special amp (actually based on our older design) that accepts and reproduces ultrasound signals directly.  It has a useful bandwidth of around 50-80kHz, depending on the levels required (further if only low levels are needed).  It's maximum output energy will occur around 65kHz.

        In the past, we charged $4499 for the AS-16, or $4999 for the AS-24 version of this, since it's kind of a custom build.


        Are you in the States?  I am in South Africa.  If you are in the States, please contact for further info.





            ----- Original Message -----

            From: Tim Armantrout


            Sent: Monday, May 11, 2009 5:40 PM

            Subject: RE: Enquiry from Website

            Hello Rob:


            Is it difficult to do this? I am not looking for a powerful device or an extended range. Only maybe 12 feet or so. I am working with sound frequencies such as the Solfeggios. Have you heard of them? I wondered if a simple ultrasonic delivery system could be used to broadcast these frequencies while sleeping, watching TV, etc.

            Just to be clear - I did some research and found a company doing work with ultrasonics for the US military in the 1st Gulf War in the 90s out of technolgy developed in Atlanta. What I am asking is not related to this work at all. I am not US military and I have no desire to use it other than with my own frequency work. I thought I would toss that out there just in case.


            If you cannot help, do you know of anyone that could?


            I appreciate your efforts.







            To: guardian601@

            Subject: Re: Enquiry from Website

            Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 12:16:03 +0200


            Hello Tim


            The Audio Spotlight is designed to merge audible frequencies onto the ultrasound carrier wave which is done inside the amplifier.  Another design would have to be manufactured to produce the effect that you are asking about. 


            My company is called Silent Sound and I distribute the Audio Spotlight system.


            I hope this answers your question.


            Kind Regards,



                ----- Original Message -----

                From: Tim Armantrout


                Sent: Monday, May 11, 2009 3:44 AM

                Subject: Enquiry from Website




                Is it possible to use your silent sound delivery system without the audible portion - ie to broadcast sound in the ultrasonic range only?


                Many Thanks,






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Silent Sound Delivery in South Africa

Monday, May 11, 2009 5:05 AM


"Tim Armantrout" <guardian601@>

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"Rob Lowe" <>, "Doc Starz" <>

Hey - I just read somewhere that this system costs $2,000(?). I think the SLB antenna is a bit more in my price range, but it is interesting. It proves that it is possible to transmit sound with high fidelity in the ultrasonic range. I bet these guys already know how to do that without the audible portion. Maybe they would tell us if we asked really nicely? ;)






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[the_sound_of_stars] Eletech DP-600

Friday, April 24, 2009 11:29 PM


"x" <>

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Hi Folks,


Thanks to Pahl from iBod for researching this for us....


There is now a MP3 Player that has THREE TIMES THE OUTPUT of the Boostaroo. (And, you don't need a separate MP3 Player & booster!)

(A Boostaroo on steroids you might say!! <grin>)


A snip from Pahl...

The Eletech DP-600 is rated at .2 watts max. Whereas Shuffles are rated 30mw + 30mw for a total of .06 watts. I'm ordering a DP-600 in hopes of installing an audio transformer to boost the output for the OWN signal. I reckon that as it is stock, the DP-600 will be brilliant for SOS. Like a Boostaroo x3.


Eletech already have an Aussie distributor. I'm interested in being an NZ distributor. People in the USA can buy direct from Eletech in California for $99 on their credit card. You can sell the accessory bits to make the DP-600 a terrific SOS delivery system.


He has also been good enough to find for us a USB powered battery pack to use with the DP-600.



If you are thinking of buying a DP-600 could I would respectfully suggest that you contact Pahl direct as he may be able to swing a good deal for Group members. pahldixon@







Thursday, April 16, 2009 7:06 AM


"Doc Stars" <>

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Dreamachine - dream machine  and SOS frqs !  ( Sound of Stars Frequencies ! )











Thursday, April 16, 2009 6:39 AM


"Doc Stars" <>

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[the_sound_of_stars] A MUST See - Using the DREAMACHINE WITH the Frequencies

Thursday, April 16, 2009 6:05 AM


"Doc Stars" <>

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Check these out folks  ( not for those that are epileptic)


A whole new vista for exploration, using our frequencies with this device


WHICH you can easily build at home!


Enjoy this... and please let us know of your experimental experiences!



[the_sound_of_stars] Re: iBod Advanced Neurological Physiotherapy Kit for your iPod Shuff

Saturday, February 28, 2009 9:54 PM


"Tim Armantrout" <guardian601@>

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Pahl at iBod is a good guy. I like his design. He told me about the Boostaroo and about you too, Rob. But I told him I had already purchased from you. This is really interesting to see vendors referring others to what might be perceived as competition. Great to see that kind of cooperation. Opens up a lot more options that way.


Here is a cheap source of TENS pads and cords: They have 3 styles of plugs to choose from for the cords, which are gray in color. The cords with the mini jack proved to be the hardest to find. These guys are the only ones I could find. The pads are the standard type. They no longer carry the stainless mesh ones (as of 1 month ago).






Saturday, February 28, 2009 6:36 AM


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"Doc Stars" <>

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"All The Conductivity Of Silver With Lycra-Like Stretch"


This medical grade Silver plated 92% Nylon 8% Dorlastan fabric offers the unique ability to stretch in both directions. Can be used as an antibacterial wound dressing (note: our material is not sterile) but it also makes a great material for electrode contacts, stretchy hats, socks, gloves, or other garments. Highly conductive, and conductivity decreases as it stretches. Very unique!



Width: 135 cm wide (52 inches)

Weight: 130 g/m²

Thickness: 0.50 mm

Stretch: ~100% in length direction; ~65% in width direction

Surface resistivity is <1 ohm/sq. (unstretched)

Temperature range: -30 to 90°C

Stretch Conductive Fabric (Cat. #A251) …... $59.95 per lin ft

Roll charge ... $10.00  Material will ship folded if this is not selected




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Saturday, February 28, 2009 6:26 AM


"Doc Stars" <>

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Re: JS - FASCINATING - Re: [the_sound_of_stars] More about electrodes...Friday, November 28, 2008 7:06 PM

From: "Doc Stars" <>Add sender to Contacts To: the_sound_of_stars@yahoogroups.comYes... thats a good idea.. and its something the old rifers and especially the crane-rifers used quite a bit and reportedly with good results

--- On Fri, 11/28/08, PT Ferrance <ptf2008@> wrote:

From: PT Ferrance <ptf2008@>

Subject: Re: JS - FASCINATING - Re: [the_sound_of_stars] More about electrodes...


Date: Friday, November 28, 2008, 3:52 PM


Thanks, I have a couple of notebooks I haven't parted with yet, perhaps this

is why.

So I would like to present the question again that I presented some time

ago.  Since there are many wonderful acu-points on the feet and hands, can

we put each foot into a separate container of water and then drop the

electrode pin into each one and work with the frequencies this way?  Of

course working with an mp3 player and not off the wall socket!




----- Original Message -----

From: "J_S" <j.sangsta@>

To: <>

Sent: Friday, November 28, 2008 10:16 AM

Subject: Re: JS - FASCINATING - Re: [the_sound_of_stars] More about



Hi PT !

What you probably refer to is the Central Processor Unit, CPU..

Yes, every computer has one, or more.


> Hi J_S,

> Do you also find these wires in notebooks?


> Thanks.

> P.T.


> ----- Original Message -----

> From: "J_S" <j.sangsta@>

> To: <>

> Sent: Friday, November 28, 2008 1:06 AM

> Subject: Re: JS - FASCINATING - Re: [the_sound_of_stars] More about

> electrodes...


> LOL, that hit you when you least expected it....!

> Thanks for the kind words....

> I´ll get you photos of them later today.

> and yes, I think it´s a field effect.

> The CPU´s I use are two old intel 486, most people throw away machines

> with

> them ....

> Some CPU´s like them can be found in batches on ebay..

> people buy them to extract the gold of them.

> The funny thing is that I´ve always had the feeling that they would be

> useful sometime,

> so I´ve kept them, not knowing exactly why...


> J_S


> On Thu, Nov 27, 2008 at 8:57 PM, Doc Stars <>


>> holy crap man! Are you a freaking genius or WHAT!!!!



>> JS you nutter!!!! I LOVE IT! What a way to get creatively experimental


>> nice job man!


>> Thas just -C-R-A-Z-Y !!! AND it makes PERFECT SENSE.


>> Ok... now, we need more info..... and I have a bunch of questions and

>> comments....


>> First off, I never thought about that before and Im so glad you


>> with this and discovered this! I had thought of using some sort of

>> circuitry, chip based, board based for use in relation to the freqs


>> it

>> never occured to me to try to use the chip AS the emitter, electrode

>> plate....


>> So here in the CPU, we have crystal and superior conductivity (gold

>> wires).


>> We also know from IBM scientist Vogel, who worked on crystals and

>> computing,

>> how useful crystal tech is IN the use of storing, relaying information

>> via

>> frequencies


>> Id like some photos of this JS, can you handle that from your end and


>> them to me, and up? Sooner is better than later


>> Also, I need to know, how exactly is this being done... I mean

>> structurally

>> there has to be similarities between a cpu and a piezo electric

>> transducer,

>> but they are also very different obviously in many ways..... so here


>> the cpu, the quartz is wafered inside, lots of gold micro wiring

>> internally,

>> overlaid.... the external casing is that dark laquer, grey black


>> which if im not mistaken is normally a ceramic of some kind isnt it?


>> Can someone try and get some photos of typical CPUs used in home PCs ,


>> the internals.... inside the chip and post those photos here in the


>> section?


>> Now, you are wiring your leads from the electrode cables into what

>> exactly,

>> Im a bit unclear on this.... the input wire base or connector going


>> the

>> chip?


>> And where is the output coming from...? I mean its just a chip, so are

>> you

>> thinking its just a field effect being generated by internal


>> of

>> the frequency through the insides of the thing and its just chirping


>> out..... are you placing the flat part of the grey, black enamel chip

>> coaitng on the skin? Send photos please of how this is actually


>> send close up photos of the wiring and placement on tissue....


>> If this works well... we may not have to use peizos.... in fact for


>> wearable conductiive fabric shirt pants we will design... we might be

>> able

>> to place CPU chips on the fabric directly over main TCM meridian


>> and

>> have these resonating strongly over these areas.....


>> ------------------------------------


> Healing Handle, Energizer etc;




Cool. You know, I've seen some TENS garments, like socks and gloves, knee wraps that you hook up to the machine. Is that something similar, or could they be used in the meantime?

I had have to knowmore about them, but it sounds right, basically you mean fabric conductive surfaces, right?

Have you ever heard of OMiBod? I think that's how it's spelled. It's a vibrator (yes I said it) that is for hooking up to an mp3 player. People could hold it; it might be like those things Rob sells. Or something. Or not.. (lol  Never mind.)



: FLOTATION TANKMonday, November 24, 2008 9:51 AM

From: "Doc Stars" <>Add sender to Contacts To: "richard cracknell" <drcracknell@>Cc: doc_Starz@yahoo.comYou got it, thats bang on, exactly the place we were thinking of sourcing the materials from, exciting isnt it!  There is another supplier as well that carries similiar stuff... but we havent decided which way to go, first thing needed is to dev a working proto-type, just waiting for funding on that, materials will be a bit pricey to get the first one made and tested.... somewhere around $500.00 for enough fabric, about $200 for an amp, and then miscellaneous stuff... hope to scrape this up in the new year some time, we are going to do a big campaign soon so am hoping to see the dough come from there, regarding the flotation tanks, have been thinking that we actually have some top picks we could assemble together form our current collection to start with, but Id like to evolve this as well

--- On Mon, 11/24/08, richard cracknell <drcracknell@> wrote:


From: richard cracknell <drcracknell@>



Date: Monday, November 24, 2008, 9:33 AM

Hi Doc

have you seen this?

silver garments to work as wearable faraday cages

or full body freq electrodes

no hurry on the freq sets for the flotation tanks

will need by 2009

will be shareing info w/ lab group soon

yours in health


On Sun, Nov 9, 2008 at 8:30 PM, Doc Stars <> wrote:

Hey, great to hear from you!


> Hi Doc


> Thanks for the free freqs

Your welcome, and thanks for being such a positive influence here in our group, its meant a lot to us

> my prob is that I haven't figured (I'm PC

> challenged) out how to move them

> to mp3 so I can burn them on cd

Richard, ask JS, he can help you with that

> As I listen to ss tracks thru mono amp - 12" speaker

> w/ crossover horn by

> the side of bed before sleeping (lots of times I fall

> asleep while

> listening)

Makes sense

> I am interested in your posting on the Beck Group -- let me

> know when you

> get the system together -- so I can copy it -- do you have

> any schems for

> this?

Working on it, trying out different things but will definitely keep you posted!

> I also 'listen' to freqs (usually in the morn while

> I'm working on the pc)thru a EM7 -double auto coils 60k hz- w/ Argon >plasma bulb, powered by mono audio amp and  foot contacts ,(foot contacts >run straight out of the audio amp) running the freqs thru a dvd player >and/or also sometimes using X (simultaneously) so you see I 'feel' the >sounds of stars thru contact pads and also hear the higher freqs as the >plasma bulb 'sings'


> I keep planning on posting on the Lab group -- but so far

> everything is really subjective - and I have not got it together to set

> up an objective study ( as most of my 'listening' is done while

> multi tasking)

Richard, if you are comfortable could you share your above two paragrpahs with the group and elaborate on your subjective findings?  I understand where you are coming from and I agree, but whats also important, is that it may inspire others who have Rife gens to experiment along these lines as well.  Please feel free to sdhare subjective findings, its ok to let people on the group know that they are subjective experiences, when you have time and opportunity to do a more objective study I know the group will be receptive to hearing your input on that also.  Just a request, feel free to proceed in the way you think best.

> Also I am Director for  a detox health

> spa and I would

> like to use your freqs in our floatation/isolation tank.

> Could you put together / recommend  3 or 4, 40 minute

> sessions that we will

> purchase; that will facilitate healing, detoxing and

> anything that you can

> think of that will benefit the client while using the float

> tank.

Well, this is plain brilliant, Ive always been a big fan of Lily work

and flotation tanks have held a pretty special place in my heart for a very very long time, Id be thrilled to do this!

Let me ponder on this, I want to do it up right.  Can you give me a few weeks to get back to you on that?  One thing is Im working some new exotics, and we may be able to plug in some really special stuff here.


> Thanks again Don

your very welcome!


> yours in health

> Dr Richard



> On Tue, Nov 4, 2008 at 1:31 AM, Doc Stars

> <> wrote:


> > Please go immediately to ;

> >

> >

> > Please do not share this link with anyone else, do not

> mention your access

> > to this link to anyone else.  This is your private

> priviledge..  Please feel

> > free to discuss your experiences

> > with these frequencies on our main forum, but do not

> mention this page or

> > link to anyone.

> > It is special, just for you.


Hi Michael, I havent heard of the gadget you describe below, sorry that one didnt work out for you. So far the feedback on the device JS has designed for our frequencies has been getting pretty good press and I know Rob has had some interesting results from his various tools such as the SLB. We have a number of additional devices on the drawing table and the current ones seem pretty neat.  I like Sangstas concept that he illustrates on his web page especially and can see this approach being extended in numerous ways. What Im also after however is simply seeing our users enabled with different options that suit them. One idea that Ive been working on for a while and hope to see come to fruition soon, is a portable, soundless, comfortable delivery device. Essentially, it should be wearable conductive fabric that has the mp3 player routed through a micro-amp, and then off the amp the signal is delivered directly into the surface area of the fabric.  This way we have a soundless frequency shield activated over the body of the person, who can then go to work at the office, walk through a crowded city street, whatever....  we already have all our parts sourced, its just a matter of time and experimenting with this to get it 'right' before we release it to the group

Check it out!Friday, February 27, 2009 10:11 PM

From: This sender is DomainKeys verified "Pahl Dixon" <pahldixon@>Add sender to Contacts To: "Donald Adams" <>Hi Donald, Here's something that would do the job, even though it is plugged into a remote power source: It will put out 50 Mw @ 600 Ohms, which is enough to feel. Lots of controls and high quality. Expensive. You might also look at: This one is much less expensive, battery powered, and claims 600 Ohms. If it can be felt on skin, that's enough grunt. Cheers Mate, Pahl



*** this one!




We Can be reached by:


Phone: Toll Free USA and Canada 1 888 283 4631

Outside USA and Canada +1 403 597 6199

Phone hours are 9:00AM to 1:00PM Monday to Friday

Outside of phone hours please leave a message or send us an email

Fax: Toll Free USA and Canada : 1 888 283 4631

Mailing Address: Audiophile Products

735, 3545 - 32nd Ave. N.E.

Calgary, Alberta, T1Y 6M6


ebay Store:

You can also use the form below to send us an email message


Top of Form 1

> --- On Fri, 2/27/09, Pahl Dixon

> <pahldixon@> wrote:


> From: Pahl Dixon <pahldixon@>

> Subject: Check it out!

> To: "Donald Adams" <>

> Date: Friday, February 27, 2009, 10:11 PM


> Hi Donald,


> Here's something that would do the job, even

> though it is plugged into a remote power source:



> It will put out 50 Mw @ 600 Ohms, which is enough to

> feel. Lots of controls and high quality. Expensive.


> You might also look at:




> This one is much less expensive, battery powered, and

> claims 600 Ohms. If it can be felt on skin, that's

> enough grunt.


> Cheers Mate,


> Pahl




 From: Doc Stars <>

> Subject: Re: iBod

> To: "Pahl Dixon" <pahldixon@>

> Cc:

> Received: Friday, February 27, 2009, 12:40 PM

> Good to hear from you!


> And thanks for the supportive words.


> We have a number of delivery systems currently that provide

> a range of reasonable benefits but we havent yet settled on

> a standard solution, and this is something Id like to see in

> place as soon as possible, we are growing very fast and its

> important that we have a viable options for users to be able

> to play the frequencies on a silent delivery device as an

> alternative to audio.... I looked into hooking an mp3 player

> to a small portable battery powered micro amp but kept

> running into various issues, i.e. inappropriate resistance

> loads, etc....  if your device can essentially convert

> an mp3 player in such a way as to deliver our frqs

> transcutaneously similiar to a tens style device, then we

> may have our standard solution.  And if this is the

> case it likely looks very good for both you and for our

> group.  Problem is though, the frqs are very high

> precision we cant really afford distortion and each track

> has numerous frequencies well under that range.  Here

>  is what I propose, let me know what you think;


> You create a distortion free version of the device, you

> ship it to me and I test it for a month rigourously.  I

> can provide you an exhange of frequencies off our catalog of

> your choice in exchange for the value of your labour and

> device, if you'd like, to the equivalent value.


> If the device delivers an appropriate effect, then I will

> endorse and encourage our membership towards actively

> pursuing this avenue.


> We can set up a cross marketing effort, i.e. I become an

> affiliate of yours, links to your site, traffic from our

> membership and daily new members get directed to your site

> to purchase your unit, our link is cookie tracked so that we

> get an affiliate percentile of sale and you fulfill product

> delivery, also you may consider putting an affiliate link to

> our site so that your customers if they want to, may

> purchase various frequencies of ours through you and you get

> a cut for any frequency sales through the same process.....


> How does this sound to you?


> Please note, Im proposing the beginning of a very serious

> and committed partnership potential here.  Weve been

> growing fast for about 2 years

> and I estimate this to not only continue but the growth to

> acclerate rapidly, I think if we have a reasonably workable

> solution from your end this may actually fuel the exponetial

> growth and really thats in everyones favour.  I dont

> know what your volume is currently, but if Im right we may

> have a brilliant marriage of technology here and regular

> volume levels may grow... a lot.




> Hi Donald


> Good work, you guys! Sure, I'm up for collaboration. The

> iBod booster is not very linear, and distorts signals unless

> they are near to 1KHz. The 980Hz OWN tone is public domain,

> so have fun with it, and sell it if you like. I'm keen to

> make a high impedance mp3 player (500 to 1K Ohms) with

> minimal distortion. Then anyone's recordings could be

> applied with good full body signal penetration. I would be

> happy to sell iBod Kits or components wholesale if you want

> to resell them. Mostly, I'd like to see the advancement of

> TENS to the point of being merged with mp3 in one unit, so

> as to "feel the audio" with good fidelity.


> Cheers,


> Pahl




From: x <>

> Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] iBod Advanced Neurological Physiotherapy Kit for your iPod Shuffle

> To:

> Received: Friday, February 27, 2009, 3:04 AM

> This device may be of interest to

> members of the Group.

> I have no financial interest in it but looks interesting;

> possibly as

> a booster amplifier which could be used with Doc's

> frequencies.


> I would be interested to learn why the inventor has

> nominated only the

> iPod Shuffle which has a limited flash memory, & not

> the larger iPods

> with hard-drives...and of course, whether it will suit the

> playback of

> SSF's?

> Rob


> ---------------------------

> iBod tens-like device

> Posted by: "Brian McInturff" turf@   brianmcinturff


> Thu Feb 26, 2009 3:35 pm (PST)

> Here's a tens-like device called the iBod that plugs into

> an iPod

> Shuffle and provides pads to deliver a 10 minute

> "neuromodulation"

> sequence:


> -----------------------------

> From: sagamoreplus <sagamoreplus@>

> Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] sonic bed

> To:

> Received: Saturday, February 7, 2009, 12:31 AM

> I know some of us would love to try

> this bed...

> link:



> ..."This bed looks like a big Coffin? The Sonic Bed by

> Kaffe Matthews.

> It also includes a loudspeakers and subwoofers, Cool! Under

> the

> mattress of Sonic Bed there lies a network of loudspeakers

> including

> six very large subwoofers that produce very low frequencies

> that

> penetrate the body...."...




 From: Tim Armantrout <guardian601@>

> Subject: Re:BIBI - Re: [the_sound_of_stars] FW: Curly flourescent light bulbs

> To:

> Received: Friday, January 30, 2009, 4:34 AM

> I just read about these

> plasma bulbs being

> developed. Could the RF frequency used actually be

> beneficial?






> From: Doc Stars <>

> Subject: Fw: Re: Ellie, Lee - About Plasma Discs for silent delivery

> To:

> Received: Monday, January 26, 2009, 10:10 PM







> --- On Mon, 1/26/09, LEE DAVIS

> <zenvase@t> wrote:


> From: LEE DAVIS <zenvase@t>

> Subject: Re: Ellie, Lee - About Plasma Discs for silent

> delivery

> To: "Doc Stars" <>

> Date: Monday, January 26, 2009, 9:05 PM



> Dear Friend,

> try calling the following company. They sell them by the

> case. They don’t have to e rainbow ones. The blue ones are

> nice as well. Please let me know if there is any problem

> with them. Thanks, lee



> Can You

> Imagine

>  9314 Eton Avenue

>  Chatsworth, CA 91311  USA

>  Tel: 818-727-9555

>  Toll Free: 800-275-4624

>  Fax: 818-727-1911








> On 1/24/09

> 1:33 PM, "Doc Stars" <>

> wrote:



> Ok, so I tried to track these down.  Found the website

> and looked through theiur catalog... I couldnt see anywhere

> a product description that matched Lees, there were two flat

> panel plasma discs but the cost ranges from $20.00 to$35.00

> per and nothing I could see in sets

> of 12?


> Some questions, first, in Walmart, what section of the

> store is the product Lee describes to be found?  Is it

> in the hardware section, toys section?  What is the

> product name, is there a part number?  Any info that

> can allow one to specifically find this item in Walmart?


> Is there a link on the web for this item?  I couldnt

> find it....  It soudns very very interesting!




> From: hjemmet@ <hjemmet@>

> Subject: Re: Ellie - About Plasma Discs for silent delivery

> To:

> Received: Sunday, January 25, 2009, 3:23 PM

> Hi Doc,


> I thought I WAS posting to the group!  I am a 65 yo

> senior citizen who needs "adult supervision" when

> it comes to my old computer.  I run an old version

> of Linux too, which often complicates my life.

> However, I'm brave about trying things... ameliorates

> some of my ignorance!


> First, I am going to post to Lee at the yahoo groups

> RifeConstructionGroup and ask for details about the

> modification to the flat plasma disks.


> Second, here is a link to the Files section of the

> same group.  You may have to join to be able to

> read it, don't know for sure...





> There you will find a downloadable  PDF file submitted


> to the group last January '08 by "fleacatcher" which is

> a truly complete and elegant instruction for purchasing

> and modifying a 7" plasma ball.  The Thunderballs and

> Millenum balls that Ken X modifies to use with

> his X software and his PBC/Plasma Ball Controller.

> (I purchased one of those... such an inexpensive

> tool relatively speaking, seems capable of delivering

> most output you can get from the $2000+ RIFE

> devices out there, and less than $400.)  The very

> first

> file at the bottom of the File list contains some great

> instructions for modifying the circuit board of the 8 inch


> diameter Thunderball brand novelty plasma ball.


> And yes, before I bought Ken's PBC and the earlier FDS

> (Frequency Delivery System, upgraded to the Plasma

> Ball Controller) and first used it directly from my

> computer.  Better to modulate the signal everyone

> said, so I bought Ken's interface, the PBC/FDS.


> I will try to repost to the group.  Right now I have

> to

> go out with my husband to do a wood detail... it's been

> such a cold winter our wood shed is almost empty.


> With love and best wishes from Ellie

> in the beautiful mountains of upper east TN


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Re: Ellie, Lee - About Plasma Discs for silent delivery

Sunday, January 25, 2009 12:29 AM


"hjemmet@" <hjemmet@>

Add sender to Contacts


"Doc Stars" <>

Hi Doc,


Sorry for the limited information.  Lee did not say in

her (his?)  posting that these are available in WalMart.

The connection she offers is for a batch purchase at

wholesale prices of a 3" plasma disk from "Can You

Imagine" in Chatsworth, California.  Didn't mean to

confuse you.


I have seen the larger (10" dia.) plasma disks,

which Lee mentions using in that same message, for

sale at a number of places, WalMart, Spencer's Gifts

and Big Lots.  I have a vague recollection of also seeing

3" plasma disks last Christmas at WalMart.  I bought

the 3" size plasma balls from the toy section for

Christmas gifts last year for our teenagers.  I'll try

Google before I send this note, but I'm sure a query for

plasma disk will turn up prices and photos.


Here's a green one for $11.99:


And a blue one for $27.89:


Here is a Clip-On blue display 3" plasma disk for $19.95:

(These might be the kind Lee found at Can You Imagine

wholesaleing for $11 each by the gross?  BTW, I didn't see

these at the Can You Imagine website, either.  Lee did


a telephone number where you could inquire about them.  Or

email Lee for more information perhaps.)


Over a year ago Kerry Tume, a fellow RIFE developer and

researcher friend of  Ken X's in Australia, discovered

that upping the size of the transistor and adding a fan

to the standard 8" novelty plasma ball circuit provided a

very fine and inexpensive broadcasing device for the xxx

program.  Other curious folks, like me, discovered that

the novelty plasma balls available at WalMart and Spencer's

Gifts (and one other brand available domestically) used

a different circuit board than the brands (Thunderball and

Millenum or Millennium) available in Europe, Indonesia and

Australia.  We could not make the modification work on


I believe the flyback transformer on our domestic circuit


had a lower voltage and somehow wouldn't power up with

plasma streams with most X frequencies.  Really


because the novelty plasma balls came down hugely in price


the $20 range... they had been $70 and higher a few years

ago.  But even at that, much cheaper than phanotron and

other plasma tubes people buy for their homemade EMEM

systems in the $200+ price range.  I've ordered circuits


someone in England, and from Ken X in Australia and

then inserted them into our domestic plasma globes, work

just fine.


But what intrigues me about Lee's report of using the plasma

disk as a contact device, is that although WalMart recently


had any novelty plasma balls in the lamp section, they have

still had plasma disks.  I don't go often (we have boycotted

WalMart for the past four or five years), they may not be so

readily available anymore.


I would be delighted to learn that these little plasma

disks are useful.  I'm laid off my weaving job until Spring,

so won't be able to buy a disk to play with for a few


but I'll be very interested if you find it has application


your complex audio star sounds frequency programs.


I just love this research!


All best wishes from Ellie Hjemmet

in the beautiful mountains of upper east TN



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From: Doc Stars <>


Cc: hjemmet@, zenvase@t

Subject: Ellie, Lee - About Plasma Discs for silent delivery

Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 13:33:11 -0800 (PST)




> Ok, so I tried to track these down.  Found the website and

> looked through theiur catalog... I couldnt see anywhere a

> product description that matched Lees, there were two flat

> panel plasma discs but the cost ranges from $20..00

> to$35.00 per and nothing I could see in sets of 12?


> Some questions, first, in Walmart, what section of the

> store is the product Lee describes to be found?  Is it in

> the hardware section, toys section?  What is the product

> name, is there a part number?  Any info that can allow one

> to specifically find this item in Walmart?

> Is there a link on the web for this item?  I couldnt find

> it....  It soudns very very interesting!






> Owner: CYI, INC. Owner Details

> Owner Address: 9314 Eton Avenue Chatsworth CALIFORNIA

> 93111


> Description: Clocks; table clocks, namely, a clock with

> moving arms incorporating a controllable light to provide

> a message of the date and time  Categories: CLOCK WITH











> --- On Sat, 1/24/09, Eleanor Hjemmet <hjemmet@>

> wrote:


> > From: Eleanor Hjemmet <hjemmet@>

> > Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] Re: silent delivery

> > To:

> > Date: Saturday, January 24, 2009, 4:19 PM

> > If contact pads can be used, then I am curious if the

> > flat plasma discs available at WalMart and other sources

> > can be modified (as Lee suggests here below in an email

> > to the yahoo Rife

> > group which I have copied for you all) would also be

> > serviceable.

> > I don't know what the retail price might be (twenty

> > bucks or so,

> > I guess) but Lee offers a contact for bulk wholesale.

> > Plasma is

> > another fine approach for delivering freqs, and the link

> > JS offers

> > does include wands. I believe I've read of hand held

> > devices

> > being used for these sound of stars freqs. Appreciate

> > your

> > educating me if I'm mistaken. I'm thinking of

> > getting and modifying

> > a flat plasma disc to experiment with my RIFE set up.

> > Would be

> > cool to have another use...

> > I'm a newbie here, and pretty ignorant. Right now I do

> > not have

> > sound on my computer so haven't been able to

> > experiement with

> > these SOS freqs. Looking forward to remedying that.

> > Ellie

> >

> > Re: where to find tubes

> > Posted by: "LEE DAVIS" zenvase@t

> > leeaiki

> > Fri Jan 23, 2009 9:24 am (PST)

> >

> > Dear Friends, I will say it again. These $11 [wholesale]

> > discs are the

> > most awesome thing! They are SUPER ergonomic and so easy

> > to use for

> > direct contact, which Bil Green feels is so preferable.

> > I actually

> > use a 10 inch plasma disk on my violet ray and spend an

> > hour or 2 a

> > night with it on my chest. I have no even had as much as

> > a cold since

> > I started using it, and I feel like I am getting

> > younger. They are all

> > tough and smooth glass; very body friendly. Just rip out

> > the guts and

> > solder to the [fragile] leads. Here is the address again

> > for the $11

> > [for 12] 3 inch discs:

> >

> > Can You Imagine

> > 9314 Eton Avenue

> > Chatsworth, CA 91311 USA

> > Tel: 818-727-9555

> > Toll Free: 800-275-4624

> > Fax: 818-727-1911

> >

> > I am telling you, these things ROCK! All my love, Lee

> >

> > --- In, J_S

> > <j.sangsta@...> wrote:

> > >

> > > Hi PT !

> > >

> > > This is the page for such things, Accesories.

> > >

> > >

> > > J_S

> > >

> > > > JS or Rob or anyone else, can you tell me what

> > kind of silent delivery

> > > > devices are available other than electrodes?

> > > >

> > > > Thanks.

> > > > PT

> > >




> From: Doc Stars <>

> Subject: Re: [the_sound_of_stars] silent delivery

> To:

> Received: Saturday, January 24, 2009, 9:34 PM



> I use a small portable

> mp3 player battery operated, from that I connect the

> electrodes to skin under clothing...carry the player in a

> pocket - hence portable......


> --- On Sat, 1/24/09, PT Ferrance

> <ptf2008@> wrote:


> From: PT Ferrance <ptf2008@>

> Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] silent delivery

> To:

> Date: Saturday, January 24, 2009, 4:39 PM


> Thanks for your help.  To confirm,

> at this time, there is no silent delivery system that you

> can carry around in a pocket.  They all must come in

> contact with the body via hand held or electro pads.  I

> see that Rob wrote you can carry plugged in electro pads in

> a pocket but I don't understand how that works.

> Perhaps you could explain?  I experience with pad for

> electrostim is that they have to have a medium to run

> through, eg, the body, in order to be active.


> If you get the SLB (silent broadcast

> antenna) available again please let us know.



> From: PT Ferrance <ptf2008@>

> Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] where to put electrodes

> To:

> Received: Wednesday, January 21, 2009, 9:39 PM



> Hi,

> Being on digest now I sometimes miss

> things. I would recommend

> following the same suggestions as regarding electrotherapy

> electrode

> placement.  Rob has some good suggestions on his

> website.  Otherwise

> just use common sense.  Nothing over the center of the

> chest or just below

> the xiphoid process as they are too near the heart.

> Nothing on the heart

> channel.  You can find this on any of the acupuncture

> sites.  Nothing

> on the head.  Nothing that would go from side to side

> (under the arms)

> through the chest at the level of the heart.


> I hope this is helpful.  Please

> understand it is for

> educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose or

> treat.


> PT



> From: x <>

> Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] TruTester - Kinesiology

> To:

> Received: Wednesday, January 21, 2009, 2:06 AM

> Quite some time back there were many

> posts regarding the use of

> kinesiology & a small, hand held muscle testing gadget

> - TruTester, to

> aid in selecting & playing the right SSF, or

> combinations to play for

> the maximum effect at *this moment* in time.


> Some members of my family found the original basic TT too

> difficult to

> use as they didn't have the strength in their fingers.

> However, there has now been a new device released by the

> same inventor

> which makes it so much easier & more accurate to use.





> I don't sell it, but is worth considering if you can

> accept

> Kinesiology as a valid way for personal testing, & the

> selection of

> SSF's either to buy or play....'the body doesn't lie'!

> Rob



> ------------------------------------



> From: x <>

> Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] Re: Report-heal via many levels/blockage removal

> To:

> Received: Tuesday, January 20, 2009, 10:20 PM


> I meant to add that the Stomach 36

> acu-point below the knee on each

> leg is a convenient & very useful electrode placement

> where they can

> be held in place using Velcro bands or a cut-off stocking.

> Rob


> --- In,

> "x" <rob@...> wrote:

> >

> > Hello Jack,

> >

> > You could try taping the electrodes on the inside of

> an undergarment

> > which will allow them to touch the skin in the desired

> locations.

> >

> > Tennis wrist bands, or Velcro straps are ideal to keep

> the electrodes

> > in place on the inside of the wrists. The Heart

> meridian is about 4

> > finger widths up from the wrist crease, but exactness

> in placement is

> > not a problem as the electrodes are large enough to

> ensure a correct

> > contact.

> >

> > More knowledgeable members of the Group can comment on

> the placement

> > of the electrodes on the Heart meridian using your

> playback selection.

> > My personal opinion is that this acupoint will provide

> you with all

> > the benefits that your body needs at this time.

> > It's a good idea to vary the location from the wrists

> to the ankles

> > using the Kidney points,(see my website for an

> accurate description),

> > after a few days. The self-adhesion should keep the

> electrodes in

> > position, or just wear some firm fit socks.

> >

> > Hope that these suggestions are of some help.

> > Rob

> >

> > --- In,

> "j_waspe" <letgosmile@>

> > wrote:

> > >

> > > Hey,

> > >

> > > I got my electrodes from Rob yesterday.

> > >

> > > I made a playlist of:

> > >

> > > EB (Energy Balancer) ;

> > > Heal Via Many Levels - 1 hour

> > > EB 2

> > > Silence for a minute

> > > EB1

> > > Blockage Remover - 1 hour

> > > EB2

> > > silence for a minute.

> > >

> > > And placed the electrodes over the thymus gland

> and just above the

> > > navel. Unfortunately they fell off a couple times

> in the night as I am

> > > a hairy buggy.. will be putting them on the

> wrists next time!

> > >

> > > I noticed a couple of unusual things that night.

> > >

> > > It took me a while to get to sleep. I found my

> subconscious mind going

> > > on thought tangents, through memories and

> emotions, more actively and

> > > lucidly than normal.

> > >

> > >  One thing that came to mind was that

> feelings of fear, anxiety etc.

> > > that I had attached to mental images, stories in

> my life etc., seemed

> > > to seperate - ie. there was the feeling, and the

> story, but they were

> > > seperate! This led to a couple of small emotional

> releases over my

> > mother.

> > >

> > > I noticed some unusual dreams - I don't usually

> recall dreams. In

> > > school, I was middle-of-the-range popular, I got

> on well with some,

> > > not so well with the 'bully' types. In this

> dream, I was walking along

> > > the street and all these people from my old

> school days were coming

> > > up, being really happy to see me, etc., it feels

> like there was some

> > > restructuring from that part of my past.

> > >

> > > I also have some issues asserting myself for fear

> that I am just

> > > projecting my own B.S., this leads to me avoiding

> conflict as I would

> > > rather try to emphathise. Me and my girfriend had

> some conflict the

> > > day before and I lay awake from 4am onwards with

> these frequencies

> > > playing going through some really awkward

> feelings - there was a lot

> > > of restlessness, anxiety, etc. that I realised to

> be resistance to my

> > > own anger. This has lead to me walking around

> feeling this kind of

> > > inner-caveman anger, and I have been allowing for

> it as much as

> > > possible at work without going into repression.

> It is empowerment, in

> > > a sense, though definitely a W.I.P.

> > >

> > > I'll be interested to see where this leads over

> the next few weeks..

> > >

> > > Jack




> From: J_S <j.sangsta@>

> Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] About gaming-chairs..

> To:

> Received: Saturday, January 17, 2009, 5:04 PM

> This gotta be IT !!





> Dream about spacing  out to Electric Blue Fire Start

> sitting in this one..!!


> J_S




> On the website, it says that listening with headphones is not

> necessarily better than with room speakers, but are room speakers

> actually preferable?   If I were to use my ipod with earbuds, would

> this be less effective?


> Also is it important to really listen intently, or can I  be doing

> dishes, housework etc. and just let the sound become part of the

> background?


> Finally, there were a couple of references in past posts to "silent

> listening." What does this mean, and is there a device I can use to

> achieve this?


> My experience so far: I've probably managed to listen to Good Luck

> Evoker/ Sun Trine Mars about an hour each morning through my computer

> speakers. I think this is not enough really, and hopefully this week

> I'll be able to listen for longer periods.


> On Thursday, the first day of listening. A house in our neighborhood

> that is for sale suddenly relisted $100,000 lower in price. I've been

> sort of daydreaming about possibly buying it because the price was

> already very low and we are just starting to think about buying

> something. The low price was apparently due to some sort of illegal

> constructions that would have to be dealt with. So just out of

> curiosity, I went to the County Clerk office to see if I could find

> out any info.  The person who runs foreclosures for the county just

> happened to be there looking up info himself, and he overhead me

> asking about the property. We had a brief but informative

> conversation, a bit of info I would not have gotten if he had not been

> sitting there. So I guess that was lucky coincidence.


> However on Friday and Saturday there were some unpleasant

> circumstances, one involving work, one personal, so I was not feeling

> very lucky then, though these were also not anything out of the

> ordinary either. Sunday was uneventful.


> I've been  listening now a little over an hour and quite enjoying it.

> I'll have to leave for work in a few minutes, but I find myself not

> wanting to turn off the frequencies.


> Jenny




 NICK Re: [the_sound_of_stars] technical ideas

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 11:56 PM


"Nick Boersema" <picknick@>

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It is quite similar to the one at this link but it is not hot pink


I found mine at a shoppersdrugmart in Ontario Canada




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Subject: NICK Re: [the_sound_of_stars] technical ideas


I would love more information about the neck pillow.  What brand is it?  Is there a link online to see it?






the_sound_of_stars] Re: SOUND Vibrating mat

Sunday, January 4, 2009 11:15 PM


"x" <>

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This is the article that I was referring to - Rob


Ken & friends,


(Please feel free to forward this to others, or to post this

information to other discussion groups if you feel it would be helpful

to them.)


After seeing the mention of the HOMEDICS iCush on the CHIamp web page

on http://x , I found that is selling it here

in the U.S. for only 29.99 plus a modest S&H charge - very reasonable!\372&ref=06&loc=01&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=8003625

So I ordered one to test & received it last Friday.


On Ken's web page, I had read that the iCush has transducers... since

I have built so many variants of pulsed magnetic systems and

accessories for the 6C & 8CE EM+ over the last 8+ years (many of which

can use Ken's

X software directly as an input to sequence frequencies) I was

interested to test these transducers and the waveforms which they

might generate.


I was somewhat disappointed to discover that the iCush does not use

transducers at all... (at this modest price & power supply level, an

inexpensive and more simplistic approach was employed to generate the

massaging vibrations.)


What it does have are 8 modest sized permanent magnet motors laying

sideways within the padding ( close to the back surface) with an

eccentric weight mounted on each motor shaft; it is the vibration from

these rotating off-center weights that produces the vibration. There

are six within the back, and two under the legs.


The thing about permanent magnet motors that is of major concern is

the magnets themselves, and their orientation within the iCush as it

is assembled. There are two curved magnets in these inexpensive

motors; one has the negative (North Pole energy) polarity on the

outside of the magnet on one side of the motor, while the other magnet

on the other side of that same motor has the positive (South pole

energy) polarity on the outside of the magnet / motor.


My concern as to how they are installed within the iCush, is that they

are randomly oriented by the assembly workers, so that while a strong

North pole is facing the body on one vibrating motor, the next might be

strongly South pole... the next may be positioned so as to expose that

part of the body to a bipolar magnetic field.


In William H. Phillpott's BIOMAGNETIC HANDBOOK, on page 6, he points out

that, for most people and most health concerns, the negative (North

Pole) magnetic energy has beneficial effects & is health-promoting,

while the South pole energy has the opposite affects, and should only

be used in limited exposures for a very limited number of conditions.

He also advises that bi-polar magnets not be used on the body at all.


In the iCush, these 8 motors with there off-center weights are being

turned on and off by the controls; the vibrations are related to the

motor rotation rate, which is fixed- they are either on & vibrating,

or off. When the 'sound activation' is used from an MP3 player, etc.,

a bass filtering circuit is used so that the presence of low

frequencies below a certain frequency and above a preset amplitude

level cause the motors to be turned on and off- (much like the plasma

balls, which have their random output turned on and off by the

amplitude of lower frequency components of the sound / music.)


So the vibrating rate of the iCush has nothing to do with the specific

frequencies that the Chi-Amp software might generate as an input into

it..... while the mix of random positioning of the 8 permanent magnet

motors will most likely have an overall detrimental effect on the

well-being of a person who already has health challenges.


Oh, my first impressions were that the vibrations feel good on my back &

legs, (& listening to music from an MP3 player while sitting on the

massager might be appropriate on some occasions ... but besides the

adverse effects of wrong polarity magnets in the body's energetic

field, there's one more minor detail that came to my attention: the

plastic speaker housings sit low enough to be uncomfortable hard

points behind

my shoulders...


( The iCush was built for people with rather short upper bodies....

I'm only 5'8", but I'd love to have the speakers mounted a couple of

inches higher.)


Before I use it again myself, or let anyone else use it, I'll be

removing the stitching around the perimeter binding of my iCush in

order to re-orient the vibrator units inside so that the North pole

energy is towards the body from the magnets of each of those eight

motors. Yes, this involves a bit of 'invasive' work on it that will

undoubtedly void the warranty... but at ~$30, it's not a major

investment. Once modified, I can see where it can be a very soothing

and relaxing device to use; my wife & I look forward to having it



One nice thing about the iCush which I may take advantage of after the

modification: it runs on a wall adapter that provides 12 VDC to the

unit; that means that it could also be used in a car or RV, running

off the cigar lighter power outlet. (A 2.5 x 5.5mm coaxial power plug

with the + 12 volts on the inside is what is used.)


Be Well!!






--- In, "x" <rob@...> wrote:


> The iCush is possibly the cheapest selling for less than $50, &

> probably one of the few currently available . They were initially

> offered at a much higher price than this. (BTW: I don't sell them!)

> It was designed primarily for gamers only running off AC, & can be

> connected to a PC soundcard output or MP3. There is an option to also

> hear the sound through inbuilt speakers or cut it off, whichever is

> required.


> The massaging effect is quite good, but I didn't find any benefits

> when using the SSF's as the basis for therapy.


> One of the Rife guru's on a Rife discussion group tested the

> frequencies derived from the iCush & concluded that it wasn't accurate

> enough to do any good & perhaps could do some harm - Sorry, can't

> remember more of the details, but care should be taken when this

> device is used in this way. Do your own due diligence!

> Rob


> --- In, J_S <j.sangsta@> wrote:

> >

> > I certainly will...!!

> >

> > J_S

> >

> >

> > On Sun, Jan 4, 2009 at 10:46 PM, Doc Stars <doc_starz@> wrote:

> > >

> > > If you come across any good brands of these chairs on line, can

> you post the

> > > links?

> > >




e: [the_sound_of_stars] Re: silent broadcasting - my experience

Saturday, December 6, 2008 3:39 PM


"J_S" <j.sangsta@>

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Citrine, amthyst, smoky quarts,  jaspers of all kinds, carneole, agath

of all kinds, opal, flintstone, are

quarts-family. Most kinds of composite rock, like granite, contain

quartz to some degree.

It´s the most common element in our ground, on earth..

But the very pure, uncolored quartz, is the best amplifier, and does

not filter anything.

Allt the non-piezo-electric stones probably act as some kind of

filter, coloring... I´m just guessing here,

as I have´nt tried this way of using stones.

Just go ahead and experiment...and tell us what harm can

come of it, I´m sure !!





On Sat, Dec 6, 2008 at 4:18 PM, PT Ferrance <ptf2008@> wrote:

> Hi J_S,

> Michel indicated that any stone could be used. I have some citrine clusters

> and ameythest clusters I was thinking of using also. By what facility do

> they work if they are not piezo-electric stones? Michel also said we could

> use any stone. I have some wonderful river stones I was thinking of working

> with. Any thoughts?


> Thanks.

> P.T.


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> From: "J_S" <j.sangsta@>

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> Subject: Re: [the_sound_of_stars] Re: silent broadcasting - my experience


> Hi Micael !


>> The quartz is a kind of

>> amplifier - not quite - and harmonizer and very probably it sends the

>> sounds

>> in another plane to the body. This has to be tested.


> It´is in fact an amplifier, of a kind..

> .All the so-called piezo-electric stones act as an

> energy-amplifier, I utilise that effect in my Healing Handles, and

> it´s a part of what makes

> the CPU-electrodes work, the computer-chips contain circuitery tha is

> made from very pure

> quartz.

> Other piezo-electric stones are Topaz and Tourmaline, any color. Maybe

> Kunzite as well,

> can´t remember right now..


> J_S




Re: [the_sound_of_stars] JS - Constructing the CPU Electrodes

Saturday, December 6, 2008 11:46 AM


"J_S" <j.sangsta@>

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Hi Don !


> Question to JS, can you describe more of what happened, again, when you said

> you could hear the sounds coming through the guitar pickup amp?

>> So, you were wearing them, and using a portbale battery operated mp3 player


Right, and the body of the guitar, with it´s pick-ups are then around

25 cm from the mp3-player in my pocket..




> Was the signal coming through the amp merely because you were touching your

> guitar that was plugged into it?


No, I just did a test, to see what´s happening, I recreated the

set-up, and it has nothing to do with

me touching the strings, it´s about the distance between the

mp3-player and the pick-ups.

Removing the guitar just a couple if inches away makes the sound go out..


> how clear, loud was the signal?


Low, but noticeable with the high-pitched ones...

What´s going on is as I first thought, the sensitive, and badly

shielded pick-ups of the guitar

picks up the signal directly from the mp3-players amp, by induction.






JS - FASCINATING - Re: [the_sound_of_stars] More about electrodes...

Friday, November 28, 2008 4:53 PM


"Devidas" <devidasbhonde@>

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May I suggest you an experiment ? I have tried it once.


Take appart the wires comming out of mp3 headphone.

Since it is stereo, choose any one core and the shield.

Then take two small metal bowls and connect each wire to them.

Fill the bowls half with water and add pinch of common salt.

Now turn on the mp3, place each foot in each bowl.

you can feel the music through your soles !! As slight tingling.


But. Don't do this with Home stereo. It can be dengerous.


Currently I am making somewhat simillar device with high frequency

modulation. So that transfer of musical notes to the skin could be



Have fun,






[the_sound_of_stars] Re: More about electrodes...

Friday, November 28, 2008 4:41 PM


"Devidas" <devidasbhonde@>

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Great Invension, Dear JS !!!


did you say that you used a wire and wrapped it around many pegs of

the CPU ? So connecting them together ?

I should say you are Edison of our times :-)


But please take a word from me....

Dont use higher power. A portable mp3 player has hardly any voltage.

So the current passing through the tissue is small.

But a stereo amp of say 20 watts may give several tens of volts.

Its enough to give a nasty shock - at the least.



Never position your electrodes around your heart.

the low audio frequencies are close to fibrillation range of heart!!!

We would NEVER think of anything happening severe to you.. would we ?


Do keep up the great work !!!







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Re: JS - FASCINATING - Re: [the_sound_of_stars] More about electrodes...

Friday, November 28, 2008 4:16 PM


"J_S" <j.sangsta@>

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Some days ago, when I was trying out some things on my electric guitar,

I realised that I was getting a tiny sound from somewhere that sounded


After some listening and thinking...I realised that I was hearing one

of your sounds,

through my guitar-amp... I had the mp3-player on in my pocket,

connected to the CPU-electrodes

and the pick-ups on the guitar got the signal by induction...

so that goes to show you that the mp3-player, just by itself, probably

has an effect on the body..

There´s a set of chips in there processing the signal, and emitting

energy straight out, right?

Some electromagnetic energy as well, as the guitar indicated...





> First off, I never thought about that before and Im so glad you tinkered

> with this and discovered this!  I had thought of using some sort of

> circuitry, chip based, board based for use in relation to the freqs but it

> never occured to me to try to use the chip AS the emitter, electrode

> plate....


> So here in the CPU, we have crystal and superior conductivity (gold wires).



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