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"All Aristoteleans are liars. In fact they must lie. For Aristoteleans believe that their minds are empty vessels, indifferent to what is put in them. They project this view of themselves onto the Universe, which, they insist, must conform to their degraded view of man: an empty box devoid of principles, and subject to no cognizable lawfulness." (#52)

“…the truth is, that it is precisely because of the fact that most of those people whom we consider our political and intellectual leadership in the world today, have not worked through problems like this, that we are in the crisis we are in today. We have reached the end of a system, where all the currently accepted rules of economics, social relations, science, and mathematics no longer apply. And only if there is a movement in the world today, centered around rediscovering the method by which discoveries are made (not just consuming their by-products), will we be able to seek out the new ideas that are required to get us out of this mess. …”




"Platonic synthetic geometry is a medium of metaphor — a medium akin to, and inseparable from the well-tempered system of musical composition" 



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SUBLIMINAL WARFARE By Dr Robert Beck. An article from Nexus Magazine Jan/Feb 1992

ELF - Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Fields.  They affect us all in ways we may never consciously realise!

In 1952, German physicist named W. O. Schumann, playing around with math as physicists are prone to do, postulated that the earth - being a good conductor - was surrounded by a good dielectric called air.. And around this is another layer of a good conductor know as the ionosphere, the Heaviside Layer, and that this constitutes a potentially resonant system. That means that any energy trapped in this earth-ionosphere cavity - like lightning storms, etc., - will cause it to ring like a bell. But the surprise was that this signal frequency was the identical spectrum of human brain waves. It had to be of irresistible interest to me to build an apparatus which would measure the earth's brain wave, and at the same time measure the Witch Doctor's brain waves, and see if there was a correlation - which we did.

…A lot of previously anecdotal, but very well documented data, is going to seem to fit this model of why is man sensitive to these cosmic events. Here are some photographs of solar flare activity. The earth, drawn to the same scale as some of these tremendous bursts of energy, is this little dot right here. Tremendous bursts of energy from outer space alter the earth's ionospheric cavity, therefore changing the frequency slightly; therefore it can re-tune our nervous systems, electromagnetically. (ed Note: We don't have Mr Beck's film strip, but we do have a copy of the classic in this field, Dewey and Dakin's Cycles, the Science of Prediction, published in 1947 by Henry Holt & Co., New York. Figure 2 is a reproduction of chart 9, page 144)….

Now, an interesting thing developed. A. S. Pressman, Dept of Physics, Moscow University, did this open literature survey of the work on magnetics and life a number of years ago. Then suddenly most of these references - or rather the critical ones in Soviet literature - went underground. Is this trying to tell us something? At the time I did my own literature search - and I have a copy of the bibliography here, in which I found 182 references in the open literature - to the effects of extremely low frequency electro-static and electro-magnetic fields on human performance, mood, etc. At that time all of these things were in the open literature. Now one of my students went around to the bio-med library in UCLA not long ago (University of California in Los Angeles) and found a number of these had been sliced out of the text with a razor blade! That leads us to two conclusions: were the kids too broke to put a dime in the Xerox machine? Or had some of these purposely removed?




Plichta’s search for the significance of prime numbers extends to the essential structures of nuclear chemistry and biochemistry, specifically that of atoms and the periodic table of elements, as well as the amino acids and the DNA helix. The six-cycle structure of prime numbers can be visualized as an octagonally symmetrical cross, with seven concentric circles divided into 24 radial points. Being a universal constant "the Prime Number Cross is not a human invention. It is in fact a model of the construction plan with which infinity was made finite in the structure of the atoms." This same model has also been derived by the quantum mechanical algorithms of theoretical physicist Arkadiusz Jadczyk in a more complex rendering, the Octagonal Quantum Iterated Function (QIF). The Prime Number Cross and the Octagonal QIF are synchronous patterns reflecting the structure of resonance inherent to atomic, molecular, planetary and galactic structures.










In this email there are four basic subjencts Id like to cover ;




2.) NEW Mathematical Approaches to Explore Regarding ;

"Coordinative Resonance Frequency Derivation"






The most important topic I wish to share with you is in my section ;


NEW Mathematical Approaches to Explore Regarding ;


"Coordinative Resonance Frequency Derivation"


Its also the most technical and most relevant for those doing more serious frequency experimentation and investigation, a decent background understanding of Royal Rifes technology and frequency related mechanics is helpful and stgrongly recommended here.


To review the section titled ;

"NEW Mathematical Approaches to Explore Regarding ;

"Coordinative Resonance Frequency Derivation"


Please scroll dwon, in this email, to that section.


For those less technically inclined or nterested I hope and trust you will find the latter two topics to be interesting and meaningful to you.



Ernetti stated that, "Every human being traces from birth to death a double furrow of light and sounds. This constitutes his individual identity mark. The same applies to an event, to music, to movement. The antennas used in our laboratory enable us to tune in to these furrows of picture or sound".



"...time-reversal of the mass can be "steered" into any related form desired, whether or not the mass ever previously existed in that 3-spatial state.....

Bearden, T. E. (1997-2001) Collection of various draft research papers and write-ups.


If you think the above sounds impossible, go to the section in this email below titled




read the associated links and think again ;


Id also like to share my thoughts on why Royal Rife, the pioneering scientist and inventor was so brutally wiped out,


I think the truth of this, the real truth has never been expressed and the reasons we think he was terminated, are pretty much a surface story.


I think something much much bigger may have been behind this ... and Id like to share some of these ideas with you, if this is of interest please go to the section called;



( you can scroll down in the email below to find this )



SECTION # ( 1. )




A note to the Rife research rings and my forums ;


I have been involved with the Royal Rife community and technology for now close to two decades.


I've spent years experimenting and tinkering with Rifes work and related.


My core research over the last 9 years gravitated towards consciousness modelling & application studies there of - but I carried the Rife concepts with me and looked for ways to incorporate notions and aspects of them into my work.


I feel I can offer some modest insights, realizations and new perspectives that may be interesting to the Rife researcher and technical operator and worthy of their investigation and possible applications.


I realize some other researchers may have already had some similiar conclusions so I apologise if Im preaching to the choir for some.


Following below are formula, math based variants for frequency derivation as described in one of the texts we commonly use ;


"Understanding Our Frequencies Through Harmonic Associations -James E. Bare, D.C. "


(Thanks to James for this Magnus Opus, its been a long time favourite of mine)

his websites here ;



Specifically, the section therein titled '


"Coordinative Resonance Frequency Derivation"


Note - James indicates that the following methods for frequency derivation are suggested ;





x = fundamental,


w = harmonic value,


y = sub harmonic


Octave Harmonics; x * w, or x / y


Log Harmonics ; x * 10, x / 10


Random Divisor ; Where the derivative is not of the

fundamental but as log values of logs



To date, these are mainly the three types of frequencies that are commonly used and are most reported to yield decent results consistently.


I personally feel that there are many benefits to using these frequency types but I also feel there are some significant intrinsic challenges worth noting and acting on.


Some problems arise within the Rife arena ;


1.) Original CRF development notes are missing from the public domain


2.) Rife discovered the fundamental frequency of over 50 micro-organisms

only 26 of these are in the public domain, and 24 are in private hands.. These

24 frequencies include ones that are critical to the well being of the public and to the research needs of Rife related scientists. Unless Im mistaken, this was NOT Rifes intention, so the current state of affairs is just plane lame. Rife should have been allowed to financially benefit from all his hard efforts but when Fishbein blocked him, he tried to share everything he could freely to the public as a form of protest and to ensure that humanity would have access to his work.


After Rife was muzzled, a number of people have tried to piece together what he was doing and how..... it seems there has been a lot of success here.... but still critical pieces are missing. My hope is that some of the comments I make here may serve as a small partial contribution towards filling in some of these gaps.


The current method of frequency derivation is based on taking physical dimensional characteristics such as lengths and converting them to frequency


where x = lenght in units


1 / x = frequency in Hertz


Obviously we can resonate a target sufficiently using this approach often enough.... even if we arent modulating it entirely


For instance, one of our pioneers and heros in the Rife Community, Char Boehme ;



might decide she wants to disable a pathogenic organism by wiping out its flagella... the physical characteristics are determined and a frequency is created that destroys this appendage and neutralizes motility. Is the organism destroyed out right, vis a vis the Rife MOR concept? No, it is not, but having been crippled it might as well be for it wont be able to sustain itself - thus the frequency is sufficient for its purpose.


However situations arise, where attempting to resonate a target with only a limited characteristic set proves futile, inneffective, yields inconsistent results.... and in these cases it seems obvious that a lack of understanding of Rifes original developmental methods and the very nature fo frequency resonance in relation to organic manipulation is at fault.


I feel that much of our current application of Rife frequencies in the public domain, while very valuable and meaningful, are limited and somewhat flat in certain areas of importance.

In short, I feel that in many cases what we have come to refer to as a resonant signature profile, such as a frequency bank of a pathogenic micro-organism is merely a silhouette .


Lets use the following example;


Sleeping sickeness caused by protozoa of the species Trypanosoma brucei ;


In the CAFL, we see ; African_trypanosomiasis - 656, 988, 780 ( Hertz )

I propose, that what we are using here isnt neccessarily the same thing as the Rife MOR but rather a close proxy too, OR if we are working with the actual MOR ( Mortality Oscillatory Rate), then we are still only dealing with an ASPECT of its state, structure, 'beingness', a shadow representation and a rather flat one. metaphorically like a 2 D photo snap shot of the organism. Can this still be used to modulate it?


Liklely yes.... but consider... what capability might we have instead if we had a holographic, 3D, frequency image of the organism?


What is we could actually resonate it simultaneously across multiple vectors and planes of its existence, and not just via partial space-form, or motional characteristics converted to frequency? Wouldnt our effectiveness likley go WAY up? Wouldnt we likely be far far more effective and more consistently so if we used the current existing paradigm but ALSO added extra dimensionality?


Im very convinced this is the case, but to do so doesnt just mean adding new ways of mathematically deriving frequencies to describe a target in time-space, it also requires of us to think in a newer, much more expanded way of reality itself and our relation to and with the target...etc.....


This is why I began years ago on my path of exploration of how to apply Rife and Rife like concepts, not just to the body and brain but also literally to

the mind and to consciousness itself......


SECTION # (2.)


NEW Mathematical Approaches to Explore Regarding ;


"Coordinative Resonance Frequency Derivation"


Three new suggested avenues to take when experimenting with frequency derivation ( descriptions of 'why' included) ;


Again, previously we used ;



x = fundamental,

w = harmonic value,

y = sub harmonic

Octave Harmonics; x * w, or x / y

Log Harmonics ; x * 10, x / 10

Random Divisor ; Where the derivative is not of the

fundamental but as log values of logs





1.) Frequencies Cubed, Raised to other Powers and Octave Divided

2.) Incorporating Mclains Pi Cubed Diameter Resonance Method

3.) Considering Dr Joe Champions Phononic Resonance Math Model



1.) Frequencies Cubed, Raised to other Powers and Octave Divided


Take ' X' as our fundamental, but instead of simply mulitplying by odd number values for harmonics  or division for subharmonics


Instead we raise ' X ' by powers and octave divide in a manner similiar to the Sternheimer approach used for downscaling atomic weight frequencies, to arrive at a spectral range within equipment (generator) capabilities, i.e.


In the CAFL, again we see ; African_trypanosomiasis - 656, 988, 780


Raise by Power of Two



















Raise by Power of Three


















Why take this approach?


Here is an idea to chew on, one that is very important.... understand that, that virus you are resonating is not exactly the discreet unit you may have thought it was before.... your only tweaking a very small part of it on and from a point position in time space, both you and the virus, AND YOUR RELATIONSHIP, itself exist on more complex topologies.... and in fact even if you were ONLY to isolate just the virus itself, or what ever your pathogenic target was.... I would suggest to you, that the very nature of the target itself, even only its apparent immediate physical form seen under the microscope, has a multi-dimensional telescoping existence radiating outwards from its center to multiple planes... conceptually, liken this to the fact that you too exist this way.... part of you resides only on a chemical vector, another part on the electrical plane, then the magnetic plane, and so on.... all of these aspects have a relation to each other and are both 'parts' but are also parts of a whole! If I measured how tall you were and found you were six feet and 3 inches tall... how accurate would it be for me to say that a unit measure of 6 feet 3 inches adequately descibes you overall as a being, let alone as a person.... and if I made a frequency derived from your length... could this frequency affect you in some way...?


Probably, but how well over all and how accurately? Could I tell from that frequency that your family line had a genetic predisposition to balding?


Probably not. Understand that all the frequencies we are using are actually information ultimately.... even Rife used carrier waves, and you only use carrier waves to move signal waves, of what? Thats right, of information.


Remove the magnetic field of an object and whats left is information. So what? Its a big deal actually, because remember that energy waves like electricity and magnetism propagate orthogonally to each other, so this strongly implies that the information field (see ;   ) lies orthogonally to the magnetic.... and this gives us yet another vector, plane of existence, completely separate and yet with a relation to.... simply how tall I am.


So how and where is the information stored, on and for all the different axis existence for a given organism?


I cant say that I can give a complete and unflawed answer to that question, but what I can say with confidence, is that I am very sure and certain that much of this is stored in tilting geometric landscapes that are fluid and have discernable characteristics which embody the information stored in exponential 'growth' field forms...


We already know that a target can be affected and described via its harmonics and subharmonics, the question to ask however, is 'why' and what does that really mean, actually? And how big of a stretch is it to jump from understanding whole number harmonic

multiplication to the realization that it isnt JUST basic simple whole number harmoncs or subs that are playing a part but also exponential & log growths of the item.


We already know how important exponential, log growth already is in the real natural world.... doesnt it make obvious sense that this can and should be regularly account for and factored in to our work with Rife Frequencies? If we dont address this, and address it well and rigourously, I assert that we will be missing an enormous boat of opportunty and brand new far flung lands of critical discovery and application.


Here are some simple examples of expnential and log growth in biology ;


Morphological attributes of the logarithmic growth of the human face



The geometric progression of time intervals, and Hiatt’s model for size increments which also tends to a geometric progression, suggest a discrete gnomonic growth function for crustaceans. This proposed growth function can be made compatible with von Bertalanffy growth but provides a wider range of growth forms.



Before going on to the next math item, one last consideration Id like to present for you....

Conceptualize a virus and its asscoiated geometry ;


looks like a little machine, doesn't it?


Ok, now consider Steiner's Projective Geometry in relation to the virus and what we've discussed before


Look at these images ;



Now, imagine that the virus IS that sphere in the image.... note how aspects of it have relations to other dimensional spaces-states, Im saying that part of this relation is addressed in frequency power raising, and that the sphere (virus) may well be defined and affected through the manipulation of its projected geometrical relations which will be related to aspects of its geometric exponential energy field forms radiating off it.....


This should be helpful in understanding more on how to derive this ;



So basically manipulate the counter space of the virus (for example) via tweaking of its exponential energy field form filling the counter space and you not only have holographic level modulation but also modulation over the viruses RELATIONSHIPS.....


Do you get what Im saying here?



Ok, next step


2.) Incorporating Mclains Pi Cubed Diameter Resonance Method


Ive been a lpng time fan of Joels... and Norms as well.... worked casually for a short time with Norm years ago on a fun energy related project.....


Recently Joel had this to say abvout the relation of pi cubed to resonance....


I feel this is of great relevance here, at least the idea of it and its well worth sharing.... simpler than the previous but still important and I feel very congruent with our current approach of Rife frequency derivation........


Small problem though, while the concept is sound.... either Joels math is off or he made a few typos.... Joels a pretty bright kat so Im leaning towards thinking he was tired or distrated when describing the nuts and bolts details here


He erroneously ascribes cubic rot of pi to being ; 1.331335364, when actually its 1.464591888 A value much closer to Boehmes SQRT of 2 used in her debilitation frequency formula (1.41)


He then goes on to use the 1.33 value throughout this article of his online


KeelyNet: Joel McClain: Measurement of Resonant frequencies and Harmonics



And he keeps calling this value 1.33 the cubic root of pi.....


I was trying to figure out if he meant to be using the number value of 1.33 and just kept failing to call it the quartic root or if he actually meant to be using the cubic root of 1.46 and got his calcs wrong..... at then end Im not completely sure here, cos either way... the resultant numbers in Hz stated in the article dont match up with either the cubic or quartic..... so unless he was adjusting his values by some unexpressed factor.... I dont know why the Hz values are off....


However.... the basic concept, if we go with the quartic seems sound to me ( no pun intended ).... consider that if we view the perfect fourth as decimal notation

we arrive at a value comparable to the quartic root of pi... this in and of itself conceptually is intriguing


Where ;

dm = diameter of target (associated to ' x ' )


QUARTIC ROOT =PI()^(1/4) = 1.331335364

CUBIC ROOT =PI()^(1/3) = 1.464591888


Quartic And Quartic Root Calculator



dm * (dm * (pi^3)


Review the article in the link.... you'll see what I mean



3.) Considering Dr Joe Champions Phononic Resonance Math Model


I was part of the original volunteer team that Joe set up to do testing with the A.D.A.M

(Aphysical Dimensinal Access Manager)



I realize has been sometimes castigated and is viewed by some as controversial, but I can honestly say that I definitely experienced meaningful benefit from the A.D.A.M. device often and I find his concepts intriguing... Rifers I think would do well to tinker with his math concepts on Phononic Resonance with an eye towards incorporating the technics into our existing frequency derivatin repertoire.


Champions Transmutation Formula Set



( With refs to Kervran, Beneviste, et al)


dn = density

NA = Avogadro constant

m = mass

First derive the Phonon Resonance of the elements, states ;

a = starting

b = target

Ec = Expansion Coefficient

St = Standard Temperature Value

Ln = Natural Log

a = Phonon Resonance (Hz/ CM) = (d*Na/m)^1/3

b = Phonon Resonance (Hz/ CM) = (d*Na/m)^1/3


Resonant Temperature in Celsius =

( Ln * ( f(a)/f(b) ) / Ec ) + St




SECTION # ( 2. )




To some, what I am about to suggest may sound heretical, to the Rife communities (proper), but to many Im guessing this will make perfect sense.


Before I list off my math variants, I want to share a little bit about the 'why' of my sharing.....

Over the years of my research ( you can see links to this at the end of my email), I have come to the personal, sun\bjective realization that Dr Royal Rife, ultimately, was not truly persecuted for the reasons we believe he was.


We have thought that he was ruined and crucified by the establishement because he made a very real discovery that threatened the finances of the Rockefeller based allopathic system. We know that when Rife refused Morris Fishbeins (the Chair of the AMA) offer

(which amounted to being hi-jacked and fleeced), that he was systematically discredited and destroyed, labs ransacked, etc...


But this did not stop the corporate, governmental, institutional world f the establishment from raping, plundering, pillaging and out right stealing of Rifes core work and discoveries - giving him no recognition, no compensation and causing him great harm for his efforts. They took his work and diluted it, dumbed it down, and splintered it into pieces and we have seen for years various large concerns suddenly announce new breakthoughs based on his work, but sterilized and sanistized for what is felt proper consumer digestion, here is an interesting article ;


New Way to Kill Viruses: Shake Them to Death



I suggest that these were only surface reasons he was wiped out..... while yes, there is truth that Rifes work, untethered by the entrenched establishment based medical system would definitely represent a financial hazard to that system ( and a very powerful and liberating boon to the common man ).


I assert that the real reason Rife was wiped out was because of the implications of his work which went FAR past medical applications of frequency based healing technology.

The bottom line is, that I firmly believe that what Rife ACTUALLY uncovered was a (albeit primitive) means to modulate, view and interface with reality, time space, itself. I think that some intelligence(s) in our social continuums felt far greater threat from Rife than having large populations throwing off the shackles of oppressive health conditions.... and I think that they were worried that Rifes tech would allow us to SEE things Visually that we are not meant to see.... recall how Rifes microscope worked.... for the first time ever we were able to view LIVING micro-organisms in FULL colour at far greater magnifications than ever before..... as well as tissue mediums, etc..... now, consider this.... recall that Rife was an optics specialist, what if the basic notions of Rifes work could be applied not just to the micro-scopic but also the macro-scopic... or even just to our normal day to day viusal other words what would we see walking down the street if we could view much farther up and down the light spectrum?





I realize how outlandish this is likely to sound.... but watch this enitre video and pay special attention to what the NASA narrator and Sereta are saying about the CAMERA used to capture these images, and that the camera is ONLY able to see these images BECAUSE it is scanning far past the normal human visual range;


( in other words these images could NOT be usually seen with normal unaided vision)



Here is an old note taken from one of Valerians texts on a similiar phenomenon

( No, I dont take Valerians work seriously, its mre than likely just fiction, but I suspect there could actually be something to this)


Researcher George Andrews, in his book EXTRATERRESTRIAL FRIENDS AND FOES [ILLUMINET PRESS., P.O. Box 2808., Lilburn, GA 30226] quotes a statement made by Valdamar Valerian, director of LEADING EDGE RESEARCH:


"...A friend of mine and four of his friends experimented with crystalline structures a year or two ago (mid-1980's - Branton), and they figured out how to cut them along certain planes so they could actually see the aura or energy field around people. That's when they discovered that all people aren't 'people', or the people they thought they were. It appears that some E.T. humanoids have a dark blue ovoid aura. (Note: Aura cameras developed by Chuck Shramek -- yes, the same Chuck Shramek of the 'Hale-Bopp Companion' controversy -- and others clearly show the 7 multi-colored 'chakra' points of the human soul/spirit matrix. Presumably since reptilians have NO soul, they would have NO multicolored auric field. - Branton). It so happens that all the people they checked that met this criteria also wore dark glasses and made every attempt to act like they really wanted nothing to do with people in general.......The only trouble is that it costs $2,000 to put a pair of those glasses together..."





There is no shortage globally, of EVP related pheomenon, and related anomalies in video and photographs




SECTION # ( 3. )




The output is an amplified specific vacuum anti-engine, that precisely reverses the mass (either living or inert) back over its previous changes of 3-spatial form with respect to the flow of time. This is the fundamental mechanism utilized by the body's Regeneration and Recovery (R&R) system, within its limitations. The Prioré approach used a far more powerful application of the body's method by which the R&R system is able to slowly reverse cellular damage back to a previous earlier healthy state. The author has also extended the method by inputting an additional vacuum engine, so that time-reversal of the mass can be "steered" into any related form desired, whether or not the mass ever previously existed in that 3-spatial state. "



"For the first time medical Science can develop as a science of healing rather than a science of intervention. And it will develop as a science of unlimited healing, since no pathogen can resist action by curved spacetime engines." Bearden


"The Priore team cured terminal tumors, trypanosomias, and other dread diseases in laboratory animals in France, in the 1960s and 1970s, under rigorous scientific protocols by eminent scientists. The Priore project was funded by the French Government to the tune of several millions of dollars (equivalent).






Take Back Your Education

More and more people across America are waking up to the mismatch between what is taught in schools and what common sense tells us we need to know. What can you do about it?

by John Taylor Gatto


Riemann For Anti-Dummies


Warning: Social Climbing May Be Hazardous to Your Mental Health

…”Berkeley College Democrat Nasir Khan was one of those we met on campus, who rejected the challenge to grasp higher concepts. Nonetheless, though clearly exuding pride in ignorance, his published comments give an idea of the kind of debate we have provoked on college campuses. In an article in the University of California at Berkeley College Democrats magazine, the Smartass, Khan writes about LaRouche:

“It’s very hard to glean quite what he stands for, since his followers are quite preoccupied with explaining to bystanders what it means to be ’sublime’ and the ‘universal principles of geometry.’ Don’t believe me? Well, as I decided to find out more about the man one day in an effort to educate myself about a group that claims to share the same party allegiance as myself, I was shocked by some of the things his recruiters told me. First of all, they wanted me to explain to them the significance of the Pythagorean theorem, and mathematically prove it as being true. I could not, and did not quite understand how it related to politics. . . .”

Perhaps this can help to answer the question on so many people’s minds: Why can’t Democrats seem to muster the intellectual wherewithal to stop a bunch of chickenhawks from starting world war? —Sky Shields…”

“..But, you can’t expect people to work through everything like this! It would take much too long!” might be the typical argument from one of today’s “new math” professors, or perhaps from a social climbing, young, aspiring political party hack (“This won’t help me get a high paying job! I just want to make friends and influence people.”)

But the truth is, that it is precisely because of the fact that most of those people whom we consider our political and intellectual leadership in the world today, have not worked through problems like this, that we are in the crisis we are in today. We have reached the end of a system, where all the currently accepted rules of economics, social relations, science, and mathematics no longer apply. And only if there is a movement in the world today, centered around rediscovering the method by which discoveries are made (not just consuming their by-products), will we be able to seek out the new ideas that are required to get us out of this mess. …”





Doc Starz



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