Logic of Nature.

A Synthesis of Thought (1909),

Missing manuscript……





“… was privately printed and the limited run of 260 diagrams is suggestive of a

project highly personal to Silva White as opposed to something intended

for wider dissemination…”


Isolation in Thought of the Antithetical Positions & Inter-Relations of

the Forces of Nature Illustrating Synthetic Unity of World-Conception or

Correlation of Physical Processes & Physical Functions in the Evolution of Substance

and Spirit Based on the Principle of the Immutable Mean by Arthur Silva White.


“..the letter reveals glimpses of a man keen to express

himself in new and startling ways.”


There are four spheres or planes in the macrocosm:


lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and ethersphere,

which last-named is “the psychosphere of mind” – “the energy of thought”.


Matter is the vehicle of energy. Intelligence is at the root of things;


immanent Deity must be postulated.


Nature is the thinking-process of the God-head” – a striking and suggestive phrase…


( Thanks To Raelle for locating the above)




Some time ago….


I had the unique privilege of reading the most interesting tale about imperial dynastic China

– it was a very simple, brief story but it impressed me so much that it etched and burned a

beautiful filigreed understanding in my mind that I have never forgotten over the years.  I

tried to see if I could find it somewhere, anywhere on the net and to my dismay I could not. 

That really sucks because I really wanted to share this story with all of you because I knew

that if you only had the chance to hear the tale, you too would appreciate it as deeply as I.


My only recourse then, is to attempt to recount the story, by way of paraphrase and faded

memory to the best of my ability.  I ask your patience for I wouldn’t be surprised if I screw

up in some of the details, but I feel confident that the story went something along the lines

of this ;


In ancient times, in China, it was customary for students of the Master ( Confucius ? ) to be

given various errands, the purpose of which was their own edification and learning and to

also fulfill humble meaningful service to their teacher and to the just and rightful rulers of the

land at the time.


One of these errands, was one of thoughtful observation of the masses, of the common

people, and to this end they were well trained by their Master.


In essence, it went like this:  The pupil was instructed to visit a village, perhaps it was a village

on the far flung outreaches of a far away and remote village, one in which the Emperors envoys

only checked in irregularly.  The pupil was to go to the village to seek out and discover what

state the community was in overall and then to report its status back to his teacher, where

upon the Master would then take the findings to inner council of the Emperor.


Upon arriving at the designated village, the task was to walk, on foot, to its center upon sunrise. 

Once at this location the pupil would find some area to comfortable sit and then he would close

his eyes and simply listen.


All day he would sit until after sunset, listening, his eyes closed all day long.


During this time, and from his arduous and length training of observance, the pupil would soak

in all sounds coming in from all over the village, the sounds close by and far away.  He would

listen to the sounds of children laughing, playing, mothers speaking, merchants shouting, people

arguing, the movement of resources, the sound of equipment being used in foundries, the sound

of the wind, and of course the back ground tones and din of the collective amalgamated noise

made by all and everything.


Shortly after sunset, like a medical wise-man taking the pulse on the wrist of a patient, the pupil

would ascertain and diagnose the energetic pulse of the village and by this diagnosis would

know intimately if famine was close, if rebellion was brewing, if chaos or harmony would be

encountered within weeks or months..


The reason that I share this story with you is this ;


Over many years I have found that the fundamental principle outlined in this story is absolutely

true and of extreme importance and benefit to the one willing to gain the insight and master the

associated disciplines, certainly I know I have personally gained immensely by this.


However there is more to this story or rather there is much more to the set of dynamics involved.


The ‘Greeks’ had a word called ‘Kairos’, it means the ‘right moment’.  I have found that when one

can understand and combine the ‘right time’ with the ‘right place’, wondrous things may be

observed, enormous advantages may be gained, great things may be accomplished and great

evils may be avoided or at least dampened.


There is admittedly a complex craft involved, however various summations may be derived and

simplified for simple and rapid practical applications, even by the common person, if they but

have some degree of access to the information, even when and if that information is brief.


There are various tools and methods, some known by the public to various degrees and some

not known that can be used in this pursuit.


Commonly known ones are those such as ’astrocartography’, various forms of ‘geomancy’,

feng shui’ and the like were used to ascertain the dynamic energies occupying space.  These

energies however could at times change over time and often did and then different arts and

sciences would be used to measure and analyze the nature of the ‘time’ component.


While I made a rigorous effort to understand these crafts, in the end, I designed my own unique

approach to being able to ascertain what the specific energies affecting a person, a place, a time

and of course even a person AT a certain place AT a certain time would be.


This is part of what is offered as a service of course to our members for example, here ;




One of the authors I have enjoyed in my journeys over the years is Thomas Váczy Hightower.

It may have been ten years ago or more that I came across his writings.  I share some excerpts

of his here now with you and I encourage you to visit his website.  I trust you enjoy the following ;


Writings of

Thomas Váczy Hightower


Tuning the Sacred Kung


The alignment of earth with heaven, and man with the Supreme, was literally the

purpose of life. The entire order and affairs of the State were dependent upon the

right tuning of the fundamental tone, the ‘yellow bell’, or Kung.


For the ancient Chinese, the alignment with the divine prime tone was the Emperor's most important task.


As an ancient text warns: “If the Kung is disturbed, then there is disorganization; the prince is arrogant.”

If the Kung was out of tune, because the celestial realm has changed, disorder and inharmonious behavior

in society became obvious. Every instrument (including measuring instruments) was tuned and utilized in

accordance with the holy tone.


The instrument that could give to man the fundamental tone for a musical scale in perfect harmony with the

universe was the key to earthly paradise, and essential to the security and evolution of society. It became the

Chinese Holy Grail.


One legend tells of the amazing journey of Ling Lun, a minister of the second legendary Chinese Emperor,

Huang Ti. Ling Lun was sent like an ancient Knight of King Arthur to search for a special and unique set of

bamboo pipes. These pipes were so perfect that they could render the precise standard pitches to which all

other instruments throughout the land could be tuned.


That sacred tone, which relates to the Western modern pitch of F, was considered as the fundamental cosmic

tone. The Chinese were aware of the slow changing cosmic influence, and consequently the Kung has to

change accordingly. The Emperor had the task of tuning the Kung so it was in alignment with the cosmic tone.




of Music and Society


·                     The phases of masculine and feminine influence

·                     The Cycle of Sex

·                     The fatherless society

·                     The dream Society

·                     The BNP of happiness

·                     The question of good and evil

·                     The break from Antiquity

·                     The treachery of transcendence










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