There are two different modes of listening for the Sound of Stars and they are:



ACTIVE LISTENING” means you are playing ONLY the frequency and no other music, you play it loud enough on good quality speakers (NOT HEADPHONES) and can feel the vibration inside your head and inside your body, so it needs to be loud enough so the sensation can be felt as it travels through you acoustically, this is where the energetic ‘entraiment’ comes from and you need to allow enough time to allow the rhythm to become established inside your body and this seems to be an average of three hours play time per day for at least three days, I would break the daily exposure time down to 45 minutes to 2 hours max play time, then resting for an hour and resuming to completion. If you want to experiment with longer exposure times for a day, make sure you are taking rest periods of an hour in between. If you start feeling lower back pressure or mild pain, start getting unusually thirsty, or start feeling agitated, stop use or change to a different frequency, drink water, take a break, resume later when body has had chance to rest.



“PASSIVE LISTENING”  means you are playing the frequency at low volume so it is just  detectable. Here we are going for a subtle effect geared mainly for subconscious mind entrainment. You can also mask the frequency by playing other music in the  background that you like. One user plays the frequency at a normal volume but them plays his favourite classical music over top of it, he reports he really likes the effect of the combined sounds.


You may find it helpful to first simply play the frequencies as sound waves on your computer via Windows Media Player, for these frequencies it might be best to play at a lower volume so they can just beheard, possibly for about 45 minutes.  


USING HEADPHONES does NOT Typically yield the more dramatic phenomenon encountered with non-headphone audio playback.  Use headphones with the SAME caution you would any other music with high frequencies in it, don’t play to loud and if you are going to use with headphones then first burn the digital files as audio files to a CD.




 I would recommend only using a singular frequency or at most two or three frequencies of a similar nature consecutively.  Too many different frequency types too quickly may not be helpful to the body and mind and may simply cause agitation. 


Do NOT play frequencies for more than three hourscontinuously. Give your self at least an hour break in between if you are having long exposures, i.e. if you play the frequency stream in the background with normal music playing over top of it all day, then make sure to take a one hour break in between.


STOP playing the frequencies when your body-mind signals you that it is “full” or saturated. You may be able to tell this from an overall pleasant positive felling occurring during the exposre, which starts to tranform noticeable to a sustained slight agitation. Wait for at least 5 minutes, if this persists, stop and take a break from the frequency. Any sound listened to non-stop can produce this sort of agitation.


Drink water before or after listening to the frequencies. Chances are for those who start feeling unusually thirsty more frequently than they are used to probably need to take a break from playing the sounds and take a rest.


People react differently to the frequencies.It is possible that if the frequencies are working for you  there could well be some mild disturbance as internal negative energies hopefully become dislodged, such as mild melancholy or sadness, but if this is happening then there should also be coincident with that effect also a feeling of some relief a lighter happier feeling.


Some of these frequencies may match up well with some people and not with others.  Possible variations seem to include to date;


1.) User starts really enjoying the pulsing rhythm of the frequency but after 45 minutes has had enough


2.) User starts off finding the frequency unpleasant or jarring but after five minutes as the frequency transforms, the user attenuates to the frequency and finds it pleasant and enjoyable and begins to experience positive results.


3.) User finds the frequency unpleasant from the start, after ten minutes still finds the frequency unpleasant.  At this point, I would recommend turning it off and taking a break.  Perhaps, if you wish, try the frequency another day or try a different frequency.



Are you a Rife User? 



There are two possible ways of using these frequencies;


1.) By simply listening to them over time and observing any noticeable effects.


2.) By feeding the frequencies into a Rife Frequency Generator and testing for possible effects of the output from the generator.


Listening to the frequencies as sound waves and noting possible effects is one thing, but its quite another issue altogether to send these frequencies deep inside the body via Rife.


In case anyone needs clarity on testing via Rife as the output mode, I am definitely NOT advocating that you test these frequencies either on your self or other human beings.


After about 9000 hours and six years of research, my best guess is that listening to the sounds of these frequencies should be at worst only entertaining and at best may stimulate interesting effects as noted on the website.


However, there just isn’t any data in place to support the use of these frequencies on humans via Rife delivery. That means we have no concrete way of knowing what they will do delivered in this means and I would not and do not suggest by any stretch of the imagination that anyone do so. 






These notes have been extracted “as is” directly from our user forum.  I have not yet had the chance to edit or spell check and chances are you will find a number of spelling errors.  Sorry, thats just the way it is right now.  I only have so much time and most of it is dedicated to research and development. If any of you folks out there want to voluneer to clean this up regarding spelling, punctuation, etc., feel free!


These notes are comprised mainly of users asking me question about usage and my answers to them.  The same questions tend to get asked over and over and so I finally realized I should just put a bunch of them on here for every one to review.  Chances are if you have questions about usage and they have not been answered in any of the online

Q & A documents, or in any of the above content, then you should be able to find what you are looking for below. These notes ARE worth you time and effort to read through anyway, even if you don’t have any specific questions.

If you are serious about investigaing the phenomenon of these sound frequencies then the following notes will help get you up to speed quickly;



From: “Doc Stars” <>Add sender to Contacts To:


Make sure you read the samples of reports issued by other users of these frequencies in the past, you will find this under the ” TESTIMONIALS ” section of that page.


Then make sure you go to the link title “QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS”, make sure to read this as well, since some of the phenomena that you may experience and have questions about will be described there and you will have an idea as to what is going on.


I suggest that you select between one to three frequencies. Loop these for continual playback.


The frequencies will tend to work best if you can play them at a little bit higher volume through normal speakers, you can use your computer system to do this if you wish. What you want is to be able to “feel” and not just simply hear the vibration in your body. You should do this for at least a minimum of 40 minutes, but ideally go for 3 hours of continual play. Play the frequencies while you are in the process of engaging in your daily activities and simply let them run in the background, focus on your work and allow the vibrations to flow through you.


Now, as you are getting ” in the vibe “, and humming along, simply do what you normally do, but as things start to ’shift’ pay attention to what you are experiencing and try to keep at least brief notes of the experience.

Its normal for the effect to peak and level.


For instance, what you may likely experience is a sudden peculiar pleasant ‘odd’ sensation like you are suddenly switched on… and then you’ll get euphoric and things will start clicking and you’ll be feeling exceptionall well.


Now, when that happens, ride it out and enjoy it.


Dont exceed 3 hours per day and dont do more than 4 days per week, because your body is soaking up intelligent signals and acoustic energy and like any form of energy if you try to soak to much in to fast you may overcharge and that can lead to a sudden feeling of fatigue and you might feel a bit wiped for a day or so.


Search the members archive on “overcharging” and read up on that so you know how that works.


Also, when using the frequencies its common to experience a euphoric high, literally a charged energy state where you are kind of blissing out. If that happens let it sustain for 20 to 30 minutes but then dont go past that, dont try and push and keep the high at that level, make sure you either stop playing the frequency and take a break for a few hours to give your body a chance to assimilate the energy or at least turn the volume down to at least a third of the previous volume.


When the effect (phenomena) kicks in, you will know it, the feeling is unmistakeable.


If you are in an office setting and cannot play the frequencies outloud then use head phones.


Make sure you increase your water intake during exposure to the frequencies, by at least 1.5 times the amount you usually would, you need to stay adequately hydrated.


In some cases, some people immediately find the sound of the frequencies very pleasing, and others may find some aspects of them a little jarring. If you find that some of the frequencies feel a bit agitative, allow your body at least 5 to 10 minutes to adjust to their sound, often the body needs a chance to adjust and attenuate to the vibration and rhythm, keep in mind that a form of entrainment is occuring here and stagnant energetic patterns in your body are being dislodged and this may at times feel mildy uncomfortable, but after the attenuation period you will find that suddenly, as if a switch has been thrown, you suddenly start feeling a great resonance inside to the sound, likely a happy, bouncy feeling, this is normal. If after 5 to 10 minutes the slight agitation does not diminish, this is also normal for some people and in that case, simply remove that frequency from the loop and try a different one, you will likely find that some of the

frequencies seem more comfortable to you than others and you will also note that this can change over time, i.e. a frequency you didnt care for yesterday, suddenly your body is craving the next day when you play it. This too is normal.


























You can also check out our older sites at;



And check out our online resources for users here in this forum at ;



You can also search through our large user message archive, there are thousands of posting of members who share their observations of their own experiments with these frequencies, the phenomena they witnessed, the benefits, which frequencies they used and how.  Simply go to ;



Type in any key word and click the serach button.


Lastly there are two types of frequencies you can experiment with, the free demo versions and the full versions.  The free demo are generally strong enough for you to experience the phenomena, while the full versions are often 80% stronger than the full versions.


You can begin to experiment with the free demos by downloading them from any of these sites;


If you want full versions you can go to any of these links ;



(note this one is not updated and is missing about 35% of the titles, many of which are new and have not yet been updated to this page)


Hope that helps get you on your way!



The frequencies must be used in a specific way to notice the effects, you must play them for a certain time period at a certain volume, then for most people, most of the time the effects kick in.  When this happens, there will be no mistaking it, you’ll know exactly whats happening.


Protocol =


Use only 1 to 3 frequencies looped together to maximize effect intentsity, adding more frequencies to your looping session will tend to diffuse the effects of anuy one frequency

45 minutes to 3 hours per day exposure duration


Mid to higher Volumen loud enought so you can feel the vibe in your tissue as well as hear it


drink lots of water


Repeat sessions four days in a row with one day off, then repeat


Try different frequencies at first to see which ones feel the most important to you and  use those ones initially

EKba, thanks so much for the interest, kind words and support!


Most users report the SLEEP freq be used in a very different way than almost

all the other freqs.  Most of the other freqs work via looped play entrainment period

ranginf from 45 minutes to 3 hours per day on average.  We’ve found the sleep frequency

to be quite different.  For some odd reason, less is better for this one.  On average I recommend only 10 minutes to a max of 20 minutes of playtime for this one just before sleep.  A small handful of users approach this differently, literally playing it looped at low volume all night long, and that works best for them.  There are some really great accounts

and more details on the use of this one contained in the Word doc Pantherchic put together and psted for us in our files section, do a key word search on “SLEEP” in that file, you should get all the info you need there to keep you busy for now.  Glad to hear you are experiencing relief from the freqs like ANXIETY SHIELD, etc. You might benefit form the Free FULL VERSION freq; “CALM…” on the root folder of


Regarding the application of frequencies towards music.  Yes, I’ve been approached by a number of musicians, primarily in he ambient, rave, techno, electroncia, etc.. scene.

They are excited about the possibilities of course because it offeres them an entirely new dimension that was completely unavailable to them before, and that is the actual literal encoding of emotional intent directly into their tracks that can postively shift behaviour.

This can be done and Im happy to work with musicians on this as my time allows

and as long as certain protocols are followed and respected.  Thanks for the heads up on the movie, its probably because Joanne is updating it as we speak so it may not be available until morning.



I think we’ve really only had Lynn express what may have been either a mild OD or possibly herx effect…. lets try and log feelings of over exposures…..   For most, with HYPER, NEURO, BIOSPARK,  a 45 min daily exposure at above normal volume should be more than ok, I would think, except for some of our more intuitive empath members some of which may need to lessen dose time or decrease amplitude, volume…. For some, going to the three hour mark in one session may be overcharging… you should know when to stop, or slow down in most cases via the following possible indicators(note, this is detailed to a great degree also in the main group archives) 1.)  You reach a euphoric peak, its sustained for about 20 minutes and then it begins to dipWhen you notice the dip suspend exposure or lower volume substantially.. that way the peak should tend to be maintained with out overcharge 2.) Pay close attention to hydration levels, we have reason to suspect that sonic energy induction can cause accelerated evaporation of body fluids, which makes sense, we are inputting literally, acoustic energy, which is great, but even normal electrical batteries needto have enough fluids inside them to work properly 3.) Pay attention to how the lower back is feeling, if you start getting even the mildest low back pain, stiffness, suspend exposure or lower volume For our intuitives who are extra sensitive and need less exposure at less volume, you should be well equipped using your body-mind as your tuning dial, you should heed the messages for absorption comfort levels.  Its been found that a certain degree of discomfort can occur in even non-intuitives within the first 10 minutes of play time, but that an anttenuation occurswherein past that 10 minutes, suddenly the discomfort dissapears and its like a switch is thrown and it feels very comfortable and pleasurable, the trick is determining whether the discomfort is arising only from the antenntuation process or if its something that the body is simply saying, “no, I dont want this right now’ Also, we strongly suspect from all past observations that not all frequencies can or should be applied by all people, so if in the course of any of our projects, you hear everyone reporting how fantastic they feel from frequency “X”, but for some reason its just not working for you, dont push it, thats ok and seems pretty normal.  From merely a data collection perspective its just as important to hear your feedback on whether something isnt working for you. My concern though is that with some people, when they listen to a freq, if they feel mild agitation for say the firts 3 minutes then they just give up, buthad they persisted for at least 10 mins then they might have powerfully benefitted. I think one thing that can happen is that these freqs can really stir things up in a persons body-mind in a positive thing, patterns of lethargy, non-action, negativity, patterns of dis-ease, etc, get shaken and stirred, imagine taking a stick and stirring up the mud in a creek, it doesnt always look terribly pleasant, but when you stir it up the creek has the opportunity to flush it away with its running current. Ive seen first hand numerous people go through this sort of transformation. Understand too, ( I go through this myself on a regular basis ), the negativity that gets flushed away, doesnt typically LIKE the idea of BEING flushed away…. various schools of esoterica would describe this process various ways, i.e. half living thought forms called larvae that attached tentacle like to our minds, enotions and that suck life from us by constantly encouraging negative pattens of behaviour, the realm of psycho-therapy might view it along the lines of dysfunctional coping behaviours the organism enacts to give itself the false feeling of security, etc…. there are many ways to view this. Essentially, however, keep in mind that IF a frequency DOES contain a pattern of positivitylike a template, then when you superimpose this template over top of your current stateit acts like a cheeseclothe and begins to screen out, liquify and flush the stagnating negative patterns away…. but if a part of yourself is falsely attached to this, then on a primitive level, some instinctive part of you, like your reptillian brain may suddenly feel alarm and start screaming out “HEY , WHATS GOING ON HERE, IM LOSING MY GRIP ON YOU AND I DONT LIKE IT, STOP WHAT EVER YOURE DOING RIGHT NOW, I DONT WANT TO GO, I WANT TO STAY AND KEEP PLAYING OUT MY REALITY OF MISERY ON YOU”I suspect this can play out definitely as agitation…. if you had a sliver in your thumb, it wouldnt always be a pleasurable experience to get it out.  We also know with Rife frequencies that when pathogens are wiped out, a herxheimer effect can follow shortly,i.e. flu like feelings, fatigue, that sort of thing and yet whats actually going on is the body is detoxing…. it has a bunch of dead germs suddenly floating around inside of it and its dealing with that….. so less energy and flu like feelings Personally, and with many I have talked to, it seems that most freqs do induce pleasurable feelings and this seems to be the norm.  Id really rather focus on those types overall, because we all could use more happy positive feelings.  I had one person use the Lymes Inhibitor freq, she was a seasoned rife generator user and had a fair bit of experience in treating her condition.  She played the LI freq for only 10 minutes and said she had the most intense herx reaction ever, far more than ever experienced with much longer rife related treatments.  I was surprised and baffled because I didnt think that possible with that freq, I thought it would actually at best have only a 30 % effectiveness rate of a high end rife plasma treatment.  Theres not enough to go on scientifically from that one account, so at best its only anecdotal feedback. For now, what I would suggest is guage it through your body, our short history of experimentation seems to tell us that if any sort of discomfort or agitation seems to persist past 3 to 5 minutes and if it seems to be at a medium or acute level, then cease treatment at that time and or via that freq, etc…. Sangsta makes a very interesting and worthwhile comment about the Sangsta Specialand I believe that this anti-dotal effect he has observed may be strongly related to the TCM notion of ’sedating’ or ‘tonifying’, where sedating is a cooling, calming effect and tonifying is an ennervating, charging effect, like unto water vs fire The freqs BIO, NEURO, HYPER, are explicitly of the tonifying quality…. although NEURO and HYPER do have a simple patrial special energy balancing singal in them, and BIO has similiar mappings to the SPIROCHETTE KILLER Where as the Sangsta Special is very much a sedating freq, thus it may well be that if one overcharges or approaches overcharge the Sangsta Special may well perform in the way J.S. describes… very interesting observation J.S. ! One other thing that may be worth considering also, I have a strong feeling that the freqs are affecting orgone related bion levels, propagation rates, and behaviour…. so an SSF overcharge may be loosely analogous to an ORAC overcharge, and if that is the case, then taking a salt bath should cause immediate dissipation of the overcharge…. and if the salt bath did diffuse it then that would be a very strong indicator of direct bion manipulation via sound! However, I suspect, that it not what will be found…. but rather the salt bath will only diffuse at best 50% of that charge, and that the other half is soley acoustic overstimulation of the tissue……



Here is the download info;


Make sure you read the message below this link First, before downloading the MP3 files.


Also read the contents of this page and then continue to the download links provided on it.



Once you receive the download links, go to the page and read all the contents there.


Make sure you read the samples of reports issued by other users of these frequencies in the past, you will find this under the ” TESTIMONIALS ” section of that page.


Then make sure you go to the link title “QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS”, make sure to read this as well, since some of the phenomena that you may experience and have questions about will be described there and you will have an idea as to what is going on.


Next, go to the Download link on the previous page, you will find 5, 10 minute audio tracks


in MP3 format. Download all of these. Note, that these are demo track versions you will be starting with, but these demos are QUITE sufficient for most to feel and benefit from the effect and that is what we are after.


I suggest that you select UNCANNY TIMING, GOOD LUCK EVOKER, AND SUPER SUCCESS FIRST. Loop these for continual playback.


These particular frequencies will tend to work best if you can play them at a little bit higher volume through normal speakers, you can use your computer system to do this if you wish. What you want is to be able to “feel” and not just simply hear the vibration in your body. You should do this for at least a minimum of 40 minutes, but ideally go for 3 hours of continual play. Play the frequencies while you are in the process of engaging in your day trading activities and simply let them run in the background, focus on your work and allow the vibrations to flow through you.


Now, as you are getting ” in the vibe “, and humming along, simply do what you normally do, but as things start to ’shift’ pay attention to what you are experiencing and try to keep at least brief notes of the experience. Its normal for the effect to peak and trough.


For instance, what you may likely experience is a suddne peculiar pleasant ‘odd’ sensation like you are suddenly switched on… and it will suddenly feel as though you are tracking the market in a way as if you can feel whats going to happen before it does and then you’ll get euphoric and things will start clicking and you’ll be doing well.


Now, when that happens, ride it out and make gains, but dont push too hard too fast.


Its easy to get caried away with the euphoric feeling and when things start going your way


you might be tempted into thinking that because your in that mode your invincible, at least thats how it might feel. When that happens, pull back a bit, dont go over board. Make the gains modest and cautiously at first, remember, your trying this frequency out and you need to get a feel for it. Anticipate that you’ll need at least a week or two before you know the peaks and troughs, so plan on going 3.5 days a week. You want to space it


out doing about 3 hours per day. Dont exceed 3 hours per day and dont do more than 4 days per week, because your body is soaking up intelligent signals and acoustic energy and like any form of energy if you try to soak to much in to fast you may overcharge and that can lead to a sudden feeling of fatigue and you might feel a bit wiped for a day or so.


Search the members archive on “overcharging” and read up on that so you know how that works.


Also, when using the frequencies its common to experience a euphoric high, literally a charged energy state where you are kind of blissing out. If that happens let it sustain for 20 to 30 minutes but then dont go past that, dont try and push and keep the high at that level, make sure you either stop playing the frequency and take a break for a few hours to give your body a chance to assimilate the energy or at least turn the volume down to at least a third of the previous volume.


When starting out with the frequencies dont take exorbitant speculative risks, use them and test them with modest situations and see how this pans out. Also, in some cases some of you will notice efects immediately and some may take a few sessions over a few days. When the effect (phenomena) kicks in, you will know it, the feeling is unmistakeable.


Make sure you are taking notes of your experience, and please share it with the group here. Also, if you have questions ask the group, we have a core group of about 100 out of the 560 or so members who are veterans and can share their insights and knowledge with you and support you in your experimentation.


If you are in an office setting and cannot play the frequencies outloud then use head phones. For the first 3 frequencies I mentioned above, this is fine as they can and should perform well enough.


Make sure you increase your water intake during exposure to the frequencies, by at least 1.5 times the amount you usually would, you need to stay adequately hydrated.


In some cases, some people immediately find the sound of the frequencies very pleasing, and others may find some aspects of them a little jarring. If you find that some of the frequencies feel a bit agitative, allow your body at least 5 to 10 minutes to adjust to their sound, often the body needs a chance to adjust and attenuate to the vibration and rhythm, keep in mind that a form of entrainment is occuring here nad stagnant energetic patterns in your body are being dislodged and this may at times feel mildy uncomfortable, but after the attenuation period you will find that suddenly, as if a switch has been thrown, you suddenly start feeling a great resonance inside to the sound, likely a happy, bouncy feeling, this is normal. If after 5 to 10 minutes the slight agitation does not diminish, this is also normal for some people and in that case, simply remove that frequency from the loop and try a different one, you will likely find that some of the

frequencies seem more comfortable to you than others and you will also note that this can change over time, i.e. a frequency you didnt care for yesterday, suddenly your body is craving the next day when you play it. This too is normal.


EKba <ekleeman@X> wrote:

Dear Doc stars,


I’m stunned by what you’re doing, it works. Been using “before sleep”,

due to massive stress and insomnia for several weeks. 1st 2 nights got

7 hours, not deep, but vastly better than 3 with a panic attack upon

awakening. 3rd night, took 2X through and got 4 hours sleep. Tried

“anxiety shield” 5X tonight, due to impending panic attack, then 2X

“anxiety free” and I feel so calm. Haven’t felt calm in weeks. I’m

using headphones with my laptop. Thank you. Bless you.

I am a professional musician who became interested in sound healing

after playing music for the workers at Ground Zero every weekend and

holidays for the whole year’s cleanup. The effect on everyone there was

immediate and obvious, and I was hooked. I’ve studied and used Rife,

Beck and Clark machines and frequencies, plus Terminators, orgone

generators and occasional howling at the moon. Your frequencies work

differently. I would like to study/learn a way to put them to work as

music, but I haven’t read through all the files, there may already be

something on that subject. BTW, couldn’t get the movie to load.

Thank you again,


From a user who wishes to remain anomymous


I’ve been fighting a flea and mite infestation since last August. It

has been a tragedy of errors on my vet’s part (misdiagnosis of

allergies, so it got out of hand by mid-sept), and my own inability to

deal with the problem. Tried many organic ways to fight the mites after

the fleas departed, to no avail. I began to become mentally unbalanced

with constant bites and trying to get ahead of this thing (I am home

recovering from 3 major surgeries in 2006 and haven’t been able to work

much, an already high stress level). It’s been physically hard to keep

up with the constant cleaning and laundry, and mentally difficult to

hold it together, with the sensation of bugs crawling on you all the

time. When I finally got the right meds for the cat and decided to cave

in and get an exterminator, I couldn’t even get my own termite

inspection company to come. It took nearly 3 more weeks to get someone

to come last Sunday, Oct. 21. I have been so close to coming completely

unglued, it was scary. All this week I’ve still been feeling the bugs

crawling on me and biting me, yet I’m fairly certain that it is now

psychosomatic. In desperation Friday night I played the anxiety Free

and Anxiety Shield for around 45 minutes and became completely calm, as

I reported. It lasted through today, Saturday, until around 11:00PM,

though I had been feeling creepy-crawlies and bites all day in a low

degree from previous, they began to become much more numerous tonight

and I could feel my mental balance slipping again. Something said to do

Post Traumatic Stress Elixir. During the entire 30 minutes I did not

feel crawling or biting sensations. Since I’ve stopped to write to you

I’ve felt them again, but just a few. I’m so grateful for this I cannot

express it adequately. I truly hope to return to sanity and home

sanctity again, sooner due to your elixirs. I found you at the right

time, or I could be in the loony bin right now, that’s how it feels to

me. I feel a little shy about posting this, but if you want to put it

in the testimonial section, that’s OK.


It’s so great to feel excited about something again. God, I haven’t felt this

sane in several weeks, thank you.

My best guess is, your’e probably right.  If we consider the SLB to be a farily

significant tool for using the frequencies in PASSIVE mode as decsribed

in the docs, then its likely.  Observations have been so far that ACTIVE mode

needs to be regulated more than PASSIVE mode play and kept within certain

time span parameters.  PASSIVE mode doesn’t seem to require the same degree of management, unless you are using the SLB with a non battery device, i.e. its plugged in and you REALLY have the volume cranked, in that case you are dealing with potentially a really high amplitudinal out put and in those cases we have found, for instance, users play frequencies silently during sleep had to make sure they did not have the volume cranked way up because overcharging could still result.  Its still a matter of experimentation, we dont have anything we can point to that qualifies as hard proof on this one, but we have a reasonable amount of anecdotal, observational reports posted here over time on the newgroup.


roloqxci <rob@X> wrote:

Thanks for your quick reply.


This may seem to be another promotion for the SLB Antenna, but let me

put this hypothetical to you, which may also be helpful to others:


If I was to use the Recuperation SSF’s as noted below with the SLB

when I know that I am going to subject myself to extra physical &

mental activity, such as bussing it into town & attending an organ

concert, (leaving right now!), then by playing these SSF’s through my

MP3 Player & using the SLB, in theory it should keep my energy levels

high, right? Or at least at a level where I should be above

exhaustion or discomfort by delivering a continuous maintenance dose?


The SLB should deliver the SSF’s through the MP3 Player in a passive

less *energetic* mode which shouldn’t overload my system as you have

indicated might happen by overdoing it!


Any comments?



— In, Doc Stars



> Grin


> yeah, Ive been noticing you have been getting more peppy

and ‘dangerous’ than usual…

> I figured you were getting pretty well charged and I recall you

had mentioned how you felt prior. Very glad to hear of the dramatic



> Now that you’ve reached an optimized state you probably don’t

want to push the peak too hard too long, as you know you can over

charge and you could wind up sleeping for a few days.


> Use a maintenance dosage of the selections you indicated of one

session every three days.

> Do that for two weeks and see how you feel.. I would guess that

the energy should level out

> but you should still feel more than good enough and be able to

maitain it.


> If you want to have more than one treatment of something than

just that session every 3rd day, then pick an entirely different

area, try to keep it within 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.


> As for how long to go with the recommended set below, I dont

know. What you probably want to do though is experiement with

duration of residual effects after exposure, so when you have a

session pay attention to how long the effects last for, what you want

is to see longer term effects more often and slowly decrease exposure

time for that condition, naturally strengthening the body with out

having to rely on the frequency to do it all for you.


> I have no way to gauge this accurately for each individual yet,

some people get dramatic long term effects apparently, quickly and

others it takes a while….


> Let me think about your request and get back to, feel free to

email me direct if you want to outline specific areas you want to

address…. and we can take a look at that too, thanks for all your

contributions Rob!


> roloqxci wrote:

> Doc,


> I reported on my use of the single Recuperation SSF frequency about


> week or so ago with an almost miraculous increase in energy & good

> health after my recent very serious illness which flatened me


> to the point of extinction both mentally & physically.


> At your suggestion I added the following to the previous use of


> the Recuperation frequency;


> Energy Balancer 1

> Brain & nerve heal Elixir 1

> ” ” ” 3

> ” ” ” 6

> DNA Repair Stim


> Energy Balancer 2


> I’ve got to tell you that I feel marvellous, almost dangerous!


> How much longer do you feel that I should continue with these SSF

> sets?


> Can you now recommend any other SSF’s that I should now be using to

> maintain this degree of “feeling great”, or just continue using


> as a maintenance dose perhaps only once per day, or every second



> You are the Man!

> Rob

Really fantastic letter Nestor!  Nicely done!  See, this is what I mean, just put a little bit of effort in, give it a decent try and read the info docs and chances are you will blast off and

rocket like Nestor did.  Good job man, good job!


nhernan20 <nhernan20@ > wrote:

Hi everyone, this is my first post and I finally decided to chime in

because I told myself if this thing fails to live up to the claims

made by its creator, then I would not waste my time posting simply to

be negative and derogatory.


Thats completey fair, thats how I would hope I would do it….



However, after a couple of trials, listening, with no effect , to the

tones via the computer speakers, I decided to try it with headphones:

I gave it a serious test, looping one of the trial tones (good luck

evoker) for 45 minutes: the effect was remarkable. I felt a high

similar to what I had experienced after kriya meditation (which I was

involved with years ago).



Ok, now this is interesting…. see for myself I can get that high with headphones

but usually less so than listening to it with speakers, we’ve had a few people

mention though that the headphone method also works better for them.

I have to ask though, when you played it through the speakers;


1.) Was the volume reasonably high?

2.) Did you loop one single frequency for a minimum of 45 minutes?

3.) Were the speakers reasonable quality?



I had done the test first thing in the morning, and the high lasted most of the day.



Yeah, me too.  It seems like early am and then spot on noon, or a range between roughly 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM are the best…. that depends of course on the type of effect wanted, for instance if after an energizing effect those are good times…. early evening onwards seems to support other sorts of effects.


I have also discovered since that if I use the visualization mode in winamp, and allow my conscious mind to drift off by looking at the psychedelic patterns on

the screen, that the effect comes on much quicker (within half an hour

as opposed to almost 45 minutes with my eyes closed).



Yup, and again, youve stumbled happily upon something a few of the veteran users

and myself have also found.  Now with the various visualizers, these effects seem to be amplified when the visualizer is “keyed” to react more closely to the sound, not all visualizers do this, some are just canned and only appear to synchronize to the music.  Some visualizers sync much more closely to th actual sound, but sadly there is not too much out there that lets us get the degree of sync Id like, but still we get enough to give us that visual boost.



I also have a question: custom tones are available for a price, but

do those tones enable the accomplishment of very specific goals (for

instance, if I request $50000 dollars by the end of the month, or a

new car by the end of the year?).Or is it feasable to use a general

application tone (health wealth success for example), and state your

goal as an affirmation and focus on it while listening to the tones?



I dont know for certain, I dont think any of our members know either.

We do know that certain conditions mental, emotional, physical appear

to be consistently affected in a way where very noticeable dramatic, surprising

tangible results appear.  We have also witnessed apparent phenomenon

via some form of induced visual imagery of lights and forms as well as what

seems to be increases in positive synchronistic events.  All one has to do is

see PantherChics blog entry to see how an explicit and specific frequency

delivered exactly what it was described as.


If I were to make an educated guess, Id say the answer probably lies somewhere

in between the two possibilites youve stated.  Im not God and the frequency generator Ive created is not a miracle maker that can pop out miracle sausages at will.  Although Ive designed this it has to be understood that these frequencies are all experimental and I can make no outright direct claims on any of them, still the results and outcomes and experiences of those using these tools are quite solid

and generally consistent over time.  Youve now witnessed first hand a taste of these personally.


I have had people ask me to make custom frequencies to help enable and empower them in parts of their lives they were struggling with and so far it does seem to lift them up enough to make the difference they needed.  If I can accomplish only that, thats more than enough for me to be satisfied.


To the question of whether you could commision me to design you a frequency

of a specific goal of you getting a new ferrari by the end of the month or having 50 grand in a week, you could certainly pay the $30.00 fee and I could try my best

to design a frequency for you to accomplish such a thing but I certainly couldnt tell you that I guarantee you’d get that ferarri by that time, because as I said, I dont know exactly how all these things work all the time.  My best guess is if I designed

this for you, you probably would have some odd related experiences, possibly even relating to your request, maybe out of the blue a ferrari gets a flat and you help the owner fix his tire and then he gives you a ride as a reward….. that sort of thing

is probably likely in some way or other….. from what we’ve seen.


But even if I COULD design such a frequency, I probably never would advertise it

and I dont know if I would pursue suich a thing.  I think its probably healthier

and more rewarding to enable, enpower and heal the person so that they can experience and achieve what really matters the most to them.


Now if you had a very specific goal such as, say you are a day trader or a sales person, and you want to experience a greater number of sales over the next month and experience really helping those you sell to in the process, then that I think is much more doable and likely, Ive already beend designing specific peak performance frequencies that seem to be working really well.



So far honestly speaking star sounds have turned out to be an

interesting subjective psychedelic experience, but I have not noticed

any changes in my external circumstances. However, just the

inexplicable relaxed joyful high that listening to the tones produces

makes it a worthhile experience.


If we’ve accomplished only an “inexplicable relaxed joyful high”

then I am more than happy and very grateful to you for sharing this!


As for noticing changes in external circumstances, continue trying different frequencies and ensure you are following usage protocols.


Try this, play GOOD LUCK - EVOKER  for at least 2 to 3 hours from noon

to 3 pm on a thursday, and tell me what you experience afterwards…..






Yeah, I dont think thats going to do that for you.  As I mentioned before, headphones are probably ok on their own for frequencies pertaining say to mental focus, reading, brain only related issues, but here in your case the addiction is in your body as well as in the brain.So this means that when you use the headphones, sure some of the ‘vibe’ will reach your body, but from most accounts Ive seen including my personal experience, the body related phenomenon is less likely to occur.  Ive never experienced using just headphones the dramatic results seen as those produced for instance via the ’sore feet’ freq. Not sureif youve read Pantherchics account yet, you can find it on her blog its lin the links section on our group, but she outlines her success and the protocol followed, thats more along the lines of what I think you need to be doing to get the results. Alternatively, if you need to be able to get the signal into the body but cant do it using full audio exposure, you could use an approach similiar to Robs using audiopathic delivery, where the sound gets converted to mechanical vibration, you know… its delivered direct to the tissue as physical vibration so your body is feeling all the rich patterned detail kinesthetically, he reports getting pretty dramatic results fast using this approach, and its soundless. You might want to ask him about this, he sells devices that do this, I think one is a smallercheaper think that fits on fingers or hands or a thumb or something and then there is another one thats larger and I think wraps around your torso giving a full body vibe, but that one I think is pretty expensive. Some guy on our list, an engineer, approached me a while ago and said he thought the highend device Rob was selling was far to expensive and he felt he could design a cheaper one and asked if I was interested in providing his version to our members, I Said I Was interested but didnt have the time or means to keep an inventory of physical devices and certainly dont have time to start shipping those things out, I told him I thought it was a good idea but needed to shelve it and get back to him down the road, I could contact him again if you want, I’d need to dig that email up, it was a while back.  Or you could just talk to Rob,I dont know what he charges, and you;d get it direct from him I dont have any biz relation set up with him on anything like this, at least not yet…. The important thing ultimately, is that here you are with this tool, and if it can work for you, then really we need to ahve you using it to its full potential on a regular basis otherwiseyou are wasting your time and money.  You do have some good and also challenging transits coming up shortly also, you may want to get on top of all this sooner rather than later as I think you could use the momentum now, to get through what you will need to >Typically I have been listening for 1-2 hours to cycling thru these 2 early in am - then some >more mid late morning - then thru speakers after lunch  then some more for sure before >bed as meditating and sometimes in early evening while working.  Ok, (Conjecture;) by now the nervous shakiness should have calmed somewhat, your body should be attenuating to the signal, cravings should be less, withdrawal symptoms reducing….  have you managed to avoid overcharging, no sore lower back pain etc? What is the average time of a session during the day?  If you are doing 1 to 2 hours per daybut this is spread in small chunks here and there you may not be getting the entrainment needed.  If you can try to do at least a minimum of 45 minutes duration of a single freq looped, to 2 hours for one session, try also the same



From what I see on my end, yes.  Conjecture; it should instill a strong supporting mental and emotional focus towards activities that tend to remove the weight and support the process overall….. suggest long term use, minimum 20 to 45 minutes per day


Bengt Boyesen <bboyesen@ > wrote:

Do you think this would be helpful for someone who just wants to take

off that last bit of fat from a sports/nutrition perspective?





Hey folks,


Getting a growing number of inquiries from QXCI’ers and QXCI patients, clients.


Often the questions include ones where Im asked if I think my frequencies can

replace the QXCI functions or if they are ‘better’ in some way.


I want to go on record here and very clearly, explicitly say “NO” to both these questions.


I am fairly familiar with the QXCI device, its developer and some of the research papers Nelson published, such as the “Promorpheus” monogram, a technical document of something over 900 pages.


Word is that Nelson used a highly exotic programming method (not binary based)

for much of the core engine(s) of his model, although the surface UI was done quick, rather crudely and using a different simpler method altogether.


Certain, ‘in the know’, people in the QXCI circle have asked me if I am one of those few who use this exotic tech approach. I cant comment on my method

at this time.


My personal take on Nelsons opus dei is that many of the items in his tool that seem ultra complex are actually blindingly simple and a number of things that appear simple are mammothly complex.  Nelson is, some say, a bit of an odd bird, I have never met him so I cant honestly comment on that but I do think he’s darn sharp and clever all around.  Im a bit of an eccentric myself and to a degree, I guess can relate to the dude in some ways. Nelson also has a peculiar sense of humour. Ive noticed in his interface, he hides enormous secrets on how his tech works by placing glaring clues out in the open, phrases, glyphs, number sequences, that I am certain are there for only one reason, to challenge any observers on what these hidden goose eggs mean, and probably to have a bit of a laugh on those who dont know, a bit twisted perhaps, but how do you critique a guy too harshly for providing a tool that really seems to help an enormous amount of people in significant ways.


I have typically had a lot of good experiences with the device, have had many treatments and have often been very impressed by the warmth and friendliness of the operators.  I have no axe to grind with the device or their people at all.


I dont see my frequencies posing any sort of competetive threat in any way, nor do I see my frequencies replacing them.  I  DO see them acting as a very favourable adjunt and support tool that can strongly compliment much of what the SCIO does, and I mean that sincerely.


My frequencies, to the best of my knowledge do not diagnose, the QXCI is not claimed to be a diagnostic device either but it can provide generalized and specific feedback on possible energetic signatures of dis-ease.


Also, my frequencies I believe operate in a very different manner.


Nelson claims to be working in subspace.  I make that claim also, to a degree, however I have read Nelsons public statements on what his impression of subspace is, and his public descriptions are very very different from the subspacial domain I suspect I am working within, I would not describe this domain to be at all like the one he speaks about, except for possibly minor peripheral similiarities.


Further, some aspects of Nelsons ‘box’ appear to function as a sort of ultra sophisticated radionics style device.  My frequencies are not mainly radionic in nature, but are actual, tangible, measurable energetic waves emanating from the body and from incoming cosmic radiant pulsations.


My frequencies are (litrerally) bio-cosmical pattern templates that appear to effect change via acoustic entrainment over time.


Nelsons tri-vector may be somewhat similiar to my SSF profiles, but not any more concept wise than a rife frequency would be.  They are very different kettles of fish and I suspect they are operating on very different, literal planes of subspace.  It might be more accurate to me, to use the term hyper-space as well here, because I suspect the effects are occuring in actual planes of reality somewhat orthogonal to normal conscious 3-D reality.  Subspace, in my opinion is more of an interstitial nature, a crack so to speak between dimensions, where as hyper-spatial planes might be viewed more as rotations of perspectives and states to lower dimensional positions, i.e. the shadow of a cube might be viewed as a 2 d reality, and the hyperspatial nature of the 2d shadow would be the 3d cube, taking this a step further, fold and rotate to the next upper dimensional sequence and so on and so on….. i.e. if the 3d cube is the source point for the 2d shadows existence, we follow up the line to see what is the source point of the 3d cube….. I think you get my drift.  Whereas interstitial space (subspace)

are the energetic pressure cracks occuring between the inherent component parts of the dimensional structurings of an object.  I know, its a poor description still, but its 2 am and im tired and im trying to crank this off quickly, so bare with me. Now, Im not saying I dont utilize interstitial space, Im just saying that my approach overall really is different from Nelsons, we are attempting similiar things but coming at it from different angles, and this is why I feel both technologies are complimentary to each other rather than competitive.  If you had a coin, wouldnt you need it to have two sides to flip it properly?  Im just saying my work could be perceived as one side of a coin and perhaps Nelsons work as the other side.


There are beneifts that the QXCI can deliver currently that my frequencies cant,

perhaps in time this will change, but I suspect the frequencies I have made may never be able to ‘do’ every thing that Nelsons tech does, and Im ok with that.

The frequencies serve certain purposes extremely well, and some of these

I am quite confident, are not to be found easily elsewhere at all, even via the QXCI.


Alternatively, with the frequencies, we have benefits that are just as important but different that Nelsons QXCI cant offer currently and likely wont for a long time, if ever.


Big obvious benefits of the frequencies is that you dont have to spend

$25,000.00 for a device and also the frequencies are far more portable, you cant

carry a QXCI around in your pocket, and you cant lug it about unobtrusively.


You CAN get a frequency for relatively low cost AND you can easily carry it about on a small pocket sized MP3 player, and apparently you can even play the frequencies silently using Robs SLB.


Regarding effectiveness on treating a very specific issue with the QXCI versus

the frequencies and which one would do it better, I simply cant comment on that

because I just dont know.


Our frequencies are still a fairly new experimental phenomenon, Nelson has been at it for much longer with the QXCI.


I have treated myself pesonally with both, I have noted that even the sensations seem quite different…  the sensation I get often from the QXCI ranges from little to no sensation of any kind at all, (and no notable positve effects that I can

point to with certainty and say ‘aha’ there it is, I really do feel better, )


To, treatments on the QXCI where in some cases,  I REALLY notice a sensation, like a warm pleasant tingling all over my body, rather soothing, feeling lighter and more relaxed and then after the session noticing a very rapid and strong feeling

of well being and if I had certain pesky symptoms prior to the session, then finding to my great relief that after the session the symptoms were all but gone, and sometimes the symptoms were very acute and so the relief I felt after was really fantastic.


With the frequencies, for myself personally (although others seem to report extremely fast results), it takes usually at least 45 minutes to 3 hours of looped playback before I notice really dramatic ‘WOW’ type results, and the sensations

tend to be very very different from what I have noted with the QXCI.  Often there

is a powerful somewhat dramatic energy surge coursing through out my body, and a very tangible and strong shifting in mental and emotional focus, which is probably the main characteristic that makes the frequencies so valuable, they tend to liquify and liquidate negative thought patterns and then flush them away

in a VERY strong and effective manner, hence my thoughts on seeing these frequencies as being a sort of possible ‘psucho-somatic’ silver bullet.  What ever the consciousness factor is that plays a part in our lack of physical, emotional, mental well being… it is to this part that the frequencies appear to target mainly.

If we could gain a reasonable degree of mastery over the thought, emotional and behaviourial factors of any disease state, then this alone would make a technology that could do this, extremely attractive and valuable.  We know that many people who have had critical life threatening illnesses have made miraculous recoveries by, in part, changing their states of mind.  It is in this capacity that I hope to see the frequencies ultimately perform well and consistently and I think this is a very reasonable and realistic hope, especially in the light of all the positive user feedback we have had to date.


Anything on top of this is just gravy and a bonus, it may well be that the frequencies also contain special energetic patternings that affect not only conscious perceptions and allow the user to escape the heavy gravity of negative thought patterns associated with certian illnesses, but perhaps some of the frequencies also contain energetic enlivening electro-acoustic juices that power up and re-energize the bodies natural systems, that would be great, and it does seem highly probable, again with all the experiences we have had to date.


But this is all very different in many ways, to Nelsons QXCI and yet there are similiarities and I see them as being able to work together really well.


Some examples of scenarios I used the QXCI versus the SSF frequencies.


One time I had really bad pink eye, it hurt a lot and came on sudden, I used the QXCI and it appeared to vanish, and vanished pretty quickly.  I did not have a frequency specifically for pink eye at the time, I did try a generic anti-microbial frequency but it didnt get rid of the pink eye the way the QXCI seemed to.


One time I had really bad stomach gas, it hurt a lot.  I tried to, on the spot, create a frequency to fix this. I made up a quick prototype and played it for about 20 minutes.  I only noted very minor alleviation and was disappointed initially, until, immediately afterwards a nutritionist working at a grocery store connected to the deli was eating at appeared somewhat out of the blue and offered me a bunch of rather expensive and free herbal items to quickly remediate the stomach, and it felt better afterwards. An odd re-occuring phenomena with the frequencies is the apparent bizarre generation of synchronistic events, its almost as though, at times, the frequencies seem to trigger spontaneous events to occur that are somehow related to the concern we hope to treat, this has happened quite a bit with many users reporting this. (To my knowledge, this type of phenomena does not happen to the same magnitude with QXCI operators and users, it does seem to happen a bit but no where near as much)


On another occasion, I had the QXCI treat my sore feet and leg tremoring, in fact

I had a number of treatments for the sore foot.  I did get some relief from the tremoring but the QXCI treatment for my sore feet didnt seem to help much, at least not in a way that seemed dramatically helpful nor long lasting.


Then I tried the sore feet frequency (SSF) the one I made, and after three hours I experienced profound physical healing sensations and have not had sore feet since then (last april approximately). Previously I had sore feet chronically on and off for about 10 years.


We get a lot of reports also on really dramatic, intense, spontaneous ‘healings’

or healing sensations, far in excess of what I would have expected often.


There have been numerous reports of a specific flu, bug virus being wiped out with 3 to 6 hours of play time of a frequency made to target viruses, and this was reported by people who said they had been sick for some time with no apparent signs of recovery before using the frequency.


So its a bit tough to compare these two.  I dont know why for sure, the QXCI would do such a great job on my pink eye, but not so great on other things, and I dont know why for sure my frequencies seem to work wonders on some things for some people but not neccessarily on other things for other people.


Also weird, some people will report different levels of healing or recovery for the same frequency, mind you I guess we see this with many things, two different people could get an infection and if they took an anti-biotic they might have different recovery times because after all they are different people.


The custom frequencies tend to apparently address this effectively, wherein when we taylor the freq to the person we seem to increase potency and overall effectiveness.


Anyhow, I hope all this rambling helps to clear up to some degree the whole QXCI SCIO and SSF Frequency comparison, thingy…..


Best Regards


Doc Starz






Regarding how long it will take to notice improvements, its a good question.


ee have a wide range of reports back, some folks experience something profound within 10 minutes and others after 3 hours,

some folks have to listen each day for a day or two before something ‘clicks’.

So far the average seems to be 45 minutes looped to notice effects and 3 hours

looped to really feel the “charge”.


Best thing is to use the free demos and observe which ones seem to make you feel better and how long it takes …..



Draiga, its a good question.


I’m afraid I don’t know for sure.  The original phenomenon I encountered occurred on low grade el cheapo computer speakers, and via pretty primitive versions of the frequencies…. ( the original sore feet frequency) however, we have had numerous reports from users that play them via higher end systems and this does seem to typically increase effects.


Im sorry though, I cant answer your question because I dont know.  I think I would suggest though that you try to get at least mid range speakers first… or burn the frequencies to CD and play them on your home stereo…….

Regarding playing them softly, do a key word search on “passive” vs “active”

listening on our member message archive



draiga1 <blackwing@ > wrote:

I joined this list last week, and am very intrigued with the effects

that people are experiencing. I have been playing the samples of Heal

Via Many Levels, and the Good Luck Evoker. I have ok speakers on my

work computer, but the ones at home are pretty shot. In fact only one

of the 2 there even works. So in light of realizing just how bad my

speakers at home are, I haven’t listened past a 45 minute session one

day while there.


I have a question. Will the sounds have bad effects on a person if the

speakers or sound system aren’t good? Or not good enough? At work I

have to keep the volume fairly soft, but I’m not sure if the quality of

sound there is good enough. I am using Windows media player, and will

look into the others recently suggested.





> It sounds like it may be the difference

> between a portrait done by a non-artist compared to a portrait done

> by an accomplished portrait artist.


> I think what youre saying makes sense, this is similiar to our

forum discussions previously on granularity, i.e. full vs demo

versions….. poor speakers now that I think of it, would simply be

the mechanical equivalent of biasing the geometry from high fidelity

to lower…… so when we use high vs low res mp3, then I would think

that we are experiencing the same sort of equivalent thing when using

high vs low quality speakers, sorry I must have gapped out there,

that seems pretty straight forward. So best guess then is you’d just

lose the clarity…. good point


> I had listened passively for only 45 minutes a day, except for

> Sunday. I think I started February 27th or 28th. So it had only


> 2 or 3 days. Is it possible that it would have an effect that soon?


> Its possible, our users would probably be able to best answer that

one over me, again, actually.


> The reason is that, frankly, I dont use the passive mode much nor

have I focused most of my research on it. I love the active mode

because it tends to so dramatically elicit the more intense

phenomena, I like the “big bang” almost shocking, ‘wow’ I can really

feel that, sort of experience.


> However, I have noticed, with the smaller amount of work and time

spent via passive mode, that it definitely helps to sooth and

calm…. I think the average for me on that is a few hours, low



> Passive mode via SLB has also produced some notable effects, which

are highly favourable in scenarios where portability is desired.


> I know that a number of our members use passive mode far more than

I, and they can likely shed more light on this. Your time line of a

few days doesnt sound unreasonable at all, at least insofar as our

groups current working frame of reference goes.


> ~Draiga







Very encouraging to see the quality of investigation and effort your producing!




> I’m going to write this way since my sleep cycle is

> very strongly

> connected to what I’m doing here. I’m also trying

> to get down to a

> basic routine in my life so that I know how much the

> frequnecies are

> affecting what I do.


Excellent approach!


> First off, went to work last night and it didn’t go too

> well.


See my notes and links on this further on in the email


> After having gotten the laundry squared away I sat down to

> trading and the market was not doing anything in my direction at all so

> that was a waste. As a trader you learn that there are days like this

> and you just have to roll with them so I shut off the trading and

> the good fortune frequencies(I didn’t feel they were doing

> anything for me today either) and I prepared to sleep/meditate.


You can track in advance when those days are most likely to occur.

See my notes on lunar phases etc in my last post “How To…”


In roughly 80% of cases these days will correspond to when the moon is void of course, at those times the brain becomes foggy, and a number of the frequencies will flatten out or distort.  When the frequencies distort, in most cases the effects are neutralized or reduced in potentcy

or curiously the benefits experienced morph into something very different, but this tends to only last for the duration of the void period.

I am working on creating frequencies that have built in temporal adjusters

and have released them in the past, more of this to come (work in progress)


Here are some good online links you can use to refer to when some of the more important changes occur energetically in natural periods of environmental change.


Understand that when lunar and related changes occur that corresponding changes in your biology and consciousness follow suit.  These changes range from things like increases in the pressure of bodily fluids, perturbations in the rhythms of your cerebro-spinal fluids, micro-fluctuations of contraction and expansion of molecular and cellular bonds and structures due to slight changes in gravity.  It is suspected that the frequencies modulate these factors as well to varying degrees.


> I took my normal dose of melatonin and calcium and started

> up the

> sleep primer frequency. I felt what was like a dull thud to

> my body

> almost immediately so this told me something was working.


Try for a few nights only using the SLEEP PRIMER for 20 minutes before sleep


> After about 45 minutes and eager to get the day done I shut

> down the

> primer and started up the manifest dreams track. This did

> me no good

> but I still ran it for about two hours while I snoozed just

> having a

> normal night’s rest at this point.


> After two hours I shut down the frequency and rolled over

> to go to

> sleep. I woke about three hours later and decided to run


Most people with the exception of a few, experience over stimulation if they play most of the frequencies right before sleep or during sleep.

I would suggest decreasing the duration of play time right before bed.

Try only 20 mins of SLEEP and DREAM each.


> luck evoker

> uncanny timing

> attract a mate

> energy and focus


> in a loop. For some reason I am getting the best response

> from those.

> I stayed up for about 20 minutes as those ran and then felt

> myself

> getting sleepy so I decided to go back to bed to see what

> would come

> of it. One thing I noticed was that as the tracks played I

> felt myself

> getting calmer. I didn’t realize I had anxiety until

> the calmness came

> in(and I am an anxious person by nature these days). After

> that I

> drifted off to sleep.


Makes sense, good approach


> I still didn’t experience anything in the dream state

> until just

> before I woke up. It was sort of a lucid dream but I had a

> dream that

> I was traveling really fast. Faster than I’ve ever

> traveled. I don’t

> know if it was the speed of light but the scenery was like

> a lined

> blur. It was like traveling down a street in a rocket. It

> was amazing.

> That is the first time I’ve ever done that so that is a

> second

> breakthrough in two nights but this one was very brief.




> Physical effects:


> positive:


> -Appetite is dropping


> -I’m feeling heat at the back of my head and in

> different parts of my

> body. I’m assuming this is blood flowing in new ways to

> new areas


This is a commonly reported sensation.  Also, keep note if you find a sudden outbreak of acne or zits, this seems to be a further indication of the body clearing stuff out


> -renewed vigor. I feel my energy levels increasing


> -peaceful surroundings. Except for a few people around me

> who may be


> negative:


> -some back pain but that could be unrelated

> -some fatigue due to taking on a huge audio workload. That

> is beginning to diminish as I find my routine and effective

> frequencies  -kidney pain. As indicated in the literature I did achieve

> that using the energy and focus track yesterday but it has cleared up


What you are reporting sounds very much inline with members who overcharge,

make sure you are thoroughly read up on this with the provided online literature.  Its easy to become enamored with the rush from the sonic high, but dont push it to hard to long, like anything your body-mind needs a chance to assimliate and digest before giving it more.  Same thing with eating, if you ate too much too quickly youd get a stomace ache.  Understand that the frequencies are not merely entertaining music tracks, they contain informations and instructions…. make sure you give yourself a chance to absorb this. Decreasing volume or exposure time once the euphoric high is reached is a good approach.


> also, for those having trouble getting into the groove I

> told one

> emailer they may want to try in in the dark with no light

> so as to

> create a sort of sensory deprivation chamber. This will

> help to focus

> the mind on the sound. And a good way to explain the sound

> levels is

> that they need to get physical for you not just audible


Makes sense


you can play these for up to 45 mins or so… the avg daily suggested though is 10 to 20…. not sure if they will keep you up!   ;)


— On Wed, 7/23/08, Brenda Boyce <bibi@ > wrote:


From: Brenda Boyce <bibi@>

Subject: [the_sound_of_stars] Re: FEEDBACK ON NEW ENERGY FREQUENCIES


Date: Wednesday, July 23, 2008, 6:53 PM



Uh oh!  I’ve just read the instructions for the Energy Balancer and

seen that I should have run these frequencies for five minutes only. 

Looks like I’m going to be up all night!


REGARDING HEAD PHONE USAGE - IMPORTANTFriday, November 30, 2007 10:15 AM

From: “Doc Stars” <>Add sender to Contacts To:

Hey folks,


Lynn brought something up a while ago and I asked a musician friend of mine about it.  It has to do with the use of head phones and sound tracks.


Lynn wondered about high pitches of the sound causing discomfort to her ears.


My musician friend says he heard that any kind of music, songs, audio tracks etc, often have very high frequencies and one should be careful about the use of playing to loud via headphones, he says one way to get around this is to take an audio track that is a digital mp3 or wav file and to burn it to an audio track rather than just a computer mp3 track, apparently this help soften the pitches.


As Ive mentioned before, the frequencies are precise geometric maps, and so if the pitches are dulled or soften too much we may lose some informational content delivered to the body. Ive also recommend that headphone usage doesnt seem to produce the same degree of dramatic positive effects we often  witness with normal non-headphone audio play.


As we all know, the frequencies are experimental in nature, and we need to use them properly in that context. If you find some of the pitches too high, then lower the volume and if they are still too high let me know, these can be adjusted in some case by me to a lower pitch set.


For the record, I am not recommending head phone use in general, mainly becasue we dont tend to get the overall results desired, but also apparently according to my musician friend its much easier on the ears if you dont use headphones.  He cited how often young kids listening to pop music at too high of a volume can cause deafness, obviously the same real world principle applies here too.  If you experience any kind of discomfort then discontinue use or try playing the frequencies in a different way. Also consider burning the freqs to a normal audio play, like the kind you would make when burning an audio cd and not a data cd.


Make sense?


[the_sound_of_stars] Determining which frequency to useSunday, May 25, 2008 10:07 PM

From: “Doc Stars” <>Add sender to Contacts To: the_sound_of_stars@yahoogroups.comThat true tester device looks interesting!


Hi Elissa,


Thank you for going to the trouble of putting your method forward I’m

glad that it works for you. I’ll confess that it’s too complex for my

simple mind - <grin>!

Here is a very simple Mtest that someone referred the group to on





— In, EKba <ekleeman@…> wrote:


> roloqxci wrote:

> > Hi BJ, thanks for the heads-up on this gadget. It is much cheaper

> > than the other unit at $99…but does it work?

> > Have you found uses for it, & does it work for you?

> > If you have the time I would appreciate it if you would Email me

> > privately…

> >

> > Many thanks,

> > Ro

> Hi, all,


> Sorry for the delay, I’ve been trying to figure out how to describe


> Quantum Techniques way of accurate, self Kinesiology.  Here we go:


> You know how you make your hand look when you’re trying to make a


> duck’s beak on the wall?  Do that, and then separate your

fingertips so

> they look like a cage with straight fingers. Then place your


> 2 inches directly  above your navel.  This negates Psychological

> Reversal.  Thump your thymus gland a few times, it’s just above


> sternum.  Stick the other arm straight out in front of you, making


> fist.   Then stick your thumb up as though hitchhiking.  For yes

and no

> you rotate your arm.  I ask “Am I 100% clear of all blocks to


> testing?” Then I rotate my arm outward.  If my  arm twists all the


> to the limit of my muscles, so that I look like I’m hitchhiking,


> a yes.  If my arm only twists so that my thumb is straight up,

that’s a

> no.  You can also ask for your body to give you a yes and a no.  If

> you’re testing a frequency say:  “DNA Repair I want to be sick”,


> twist your arm.  If DNA Repair is good for you, you’ll get a no. 


> say “DNA Repair I want to be well” and twist your arm.  If it’s

good for

> you, you’ll get a yes.  Then ask for duration, etc.  This has


> worked well for me, especially in the area of PTSD and anxiety.  I


> a little bit of each frequency and then ask my body what it wants


> needs.  Seems to do the trick.  Then, of course, I just had to be


> human and try it on the Mega Millions.  Uh-huh, yeah.  I don’t

think the

> Universe likes gambling.  Then again,  I could try Uncanny Timing


> Good Luck Evoker and try  the kinesiology again.  Uh-huh, yeah.


> Blessings to all,

> Elissa


the_sound_of_stars] Why high pitches in Some of the FrequenciesSunday, July 20, 2008 2:01 PM

From: “Doc Stars” <>Add sender to Contacts To:

It is thought, that some of the very high pitches in some of the frequencies, cause a piercing effect in stagnant areas of the body-mind, there by assisting in the breaking up of this ’sludge’ so that it can be flushed away.


Imagine it as literally a ’star’ suddenly flashing on in the darkness and dispelling it….


If the high pitch ones are uncomfortable for some, not to worry other frequencies have pitches in a lower range and I hope to make both high and low versions for all tracks.



>And speaking of the matrix has anybody experienced something that

>might not appear negative on the surface(like interests in certain

>activities like movies or hobbies) that they have lost interest in and

>quit doing because of using these frequencies?


Now thats interesting, are you finding that happening?


I dont know how to comment on that exactly, I dont know if Ive seen many posts describing that, however I can say this.


One very real side effect I have suspected for some time that the frequencies may impart, is that they may cause you to ‘wake up’ in certain ways… they may cause you to remember high things, to remember parts of what you might consider to be your higher self or whatever you want to call it, and if that happens, you might find your focus drifiting away

from things that are meant to distract you from your your true self, your heart, what really matters most to you in your life and as that happens

you may find that more trivial things that serve as merely time fillers

or entertainments become more boring, more meaningless, the flip side is that if and when that happens you may find yourself experiencing authentic joy and fulfillment elsewhere….


Kind of like, well, imagine this, you have the opportunity on a Saturday afternoon to hang out with buddies at a shopping mall and check out say the newest gadgets at a consumer electronics shop OR you could speed away

in your car to a remote place far outside of town by yourself or with someone you care for and there, you find a stream, and the sky is blue, and the wind is blowing silently and gently through the leaves, the setting is dreamy and meaningful and there, as you sit by the stream you and the one you love read Rumi poetry together and to each other, and you think about it, and you look into each others eyes and you talk about things you feel shy about and vulnerable about and your hearts open and you feel your love for each other grow, and the trust and connection grows, and you breathe deeply and talk gently and softly to each other and you feel as though your heart is somehow, impossibly ‘home’ and the moment is eternal and it rings forever through the corridors of space and time.


Which would you pick


Just posted this as a response to an inquiry from someone on one of the day trader forums, wanted to sahre it with you folks;



What seems to be going on is possibly very quick shifting into these states, which is unusual among brain entrainment, because normally you would tend to go pretty much into a given state with maybe a small degree of overlap in the upper or lower adjacent domains, i.e. you’re mainly in alpha, slipping into beta (up)or theta (down).


What is suspected here, is rapid popping into and out of these states, but in a way that feels good and allows for rapid access and retention of information accessible in these domains.


Something really critical to consider too however, is the mind factor of these frequencies.


In most cases, traditional types of brain entrainment are designed to impart a relatively simplistic frequency tone or small set of tones representing an electrical frequency in Hertz that is thought to be analogous to a preferred physical waveform occuring in the ‘meat’ of the brain itself.


So, the brain would be measured and found to be baselining at a frequency range when a given level of activity was occuring either somewhat homogenously across the brain, or perhaps if a more specific modulation was desired, a part of the brain involved with specific functions

might be used.  Simple example;


With these frequencies, something additional and very very different is going on.


That is the entrainment of the mind itself, that nebulous vaporware residing and operating through out the physical brain.


The mind, being much more complex than the brain, requires a very different means of modulation.


Consider this, its been said that one human brain has more potential neuronal connections than there are stars in the sky.  Thats a pretty huge number!


You’ll note something interesting with these frequencies, many of them have enormous amounts of unique frequencies interwoven throughout.  In fact many of these frequencies consist of literally thousands of different unique pitches that are all connected together in a resonating

pulsing webwork of a complex fluidic moving organic hyper-dimensional topology.


In the design process before conversion to sound, each tone is accurate to past 5 decimal points, very precise!  Compare this to the correspondent simple tonal set used in bi-naural beat entrainment, and then visualize indeed how the two different types could actually be used in

complimentary fashion with each other, for in fact, in the real world this is already happening since the brain and mind already work together.


Hope the sheds some more light on the topic







How to Tell if they’ll work for youTuesday, July 22, 2008 5:42 AM

From: “Doc Stars” <>Add sender to Contacts To:

A few important notes to help all of you in your own journey of discovery with the use of these frequencies, whether your’e just starting out or if you’ve been with us for a while and have only dabbled.


For those of you who are new with us or if you’ve been hanging on for a while but have yet to experience the actual phenomenon, you may find yourself sctatching your head and wondering in puzzlement about some of the more intense and dramatic experiences beong reported by our members.


If you have tried listening to these frequencies and your wondering why in the heck, people are reporting what seems like such outlandish effects and experiences over what sounds to you like just a bunch of odd beeps and boops, I’ll give you some feedback you may find helpful in understanding this all better.


First off, and most importantly, you need to understand that most of our users that get to experience the concrete manifestation of these effects are in most cases following the proper usage protocol.


If you aren’t doing this, your chances of success and experiencing the benefits is likely going to diminish to a 20% likelihood at best, of noticing anything.


Secondly, we’ve found over the last year and a half, that not all people respond to all frequencies, nor do the ones who respond to a given frequency always respond in the exact same way, although in many cases they will experience very similiar and specific common effects.


Thirdly, a time factor of reaction response variability comes into play.

What I mean by that, is that most frequencies are sensitive to physical, energetic shifts occuring in natural periodicities. I’m quite serious about this, it might sound a bit ‘out there’, but simple testing on your part will most likely prove this to be the case to your self. Specifically, things like lunar phase can have an enormous ‘colouring’ effect on what you are likely to experience.


To test this out, simply find a frequency that you are normally comfortable with, at least insofar as just listening to, whether you have noticed any supra-normal effects or not.  Next, keep track throughout the month as to what the position of the moon is.  Play this frequency at critical lunar positions, i.e.  New Moon, Full Moon, + - 3 days prior and after, also during mid points between waxing and waning.  Further, to narrow this down, determine when the Moon is Void of Course, note the constellations it is void between, these will also have significant colouring effects.  Other types of natural periodicities can cause further variations.  Once you begin to see how this occurs, you will be quite surprised and you will be further empowered in knowing, selecting and applying which frequency to use.


On the work bench currently and for sometime, I have been looking at developing a special class of frequency that is ‘time aware’ to these cycles and can clock and adjust to a 30 day window, where it elasticizes and shapes and fits to accomodate these changes, thus ensuring greater over all potency regardless of back ground environmental fluxations.


For the most part, many of the general frequencies are ‘time opaque’ meaning that they do not have the time adjusting mechanism within.  This means some degree of bump or variance can occur, which simply translates mainly to oscillations of effect magnitude, which is why so many members will often report how one frequency seems to be able to effect them in a very potent way, but then some time passes and they report in saying that for some reason that particular frequency seems less strong…. in this case, try a different frequency and wait a few days or a week and go back and try it again… you’ll see what I mean.  Of course sometimes this can also mean, that if you over use a frequency you can saturate with the informational charge and you may simply have to wait to allow your body to adjust regardless of the naturally occuring periodic changes.


Fourthly, we’ve found that about 20% of our users, on average to date don’t experience much effect at all, and of this group some report a feeling of agitation or discomfort.  It is unknown at this time, why this is.  It is also unknown why among the members reporting to experience the phenomenon, why some have extreme reaction responses that appear to border on the impossible or miraculous.  I have some guesses that I think are some what reasonable, but they really are just guesses at this point.


Also, in our group, we have a large number of intuitives or empaths, and this group has been found to have consistently acute reaction responses in relatively short periods of time.  This group falls into two broad categories, one class of the intuitives appear to very quickly fall into deep states of euphoria, heightened sense awareness, and the inducement of what often seems to be some sort of experience bordering on the supra-normal, the other class reports feelings of unpleasant spatial distortion,

agitation, discomfort, mild nausea, mild headache, the stirring up of challenging memories from their past, various mild physical discomforts such as crawling skin and prickling sensations, eye twitching, pains in the teeth.  Sometimes there is cross over, i.e. a mix of both euphoric pleasant sensations along with some form of prickling or slight stabbing sensations.  In these cases, what we seem to be seeing is a third scenario playing out, some form of mind-body clearing of stagnation, as though some sort of internal gunk is being penetrated, dislodged and dissipated, in these cases we seem to see a mild Herxheimer effect, with the body-mind attempting to clear toxins and flush them out, following this the body may feel fatigue-flue like sensations as a few days are required to purge this from the system.  As always, with any use of these frequencies, I recommend again that you ALWAYS stay well hydrated, drinking lots of water on a regular basis.  I

strongly suspect that two associate artifacts of use from frequencies can include the increase of electrical charge across cell membranes as well as an acceleration of water molecule motional activity leading to an increase of water loss through perspiration.  General Brownian Motion of intra-cellular particulate matter is suspected to accelerate and may even go through pattern entrainment uniformly to some degree throughout the organism.


I am conceptualizing and working on some new proto-type frequencies currently which I hope to upload soon and to make available permanently as free full versions which will allow anyone to ‘calibrate’, test and prepare themselves for frequency usage.  I suspect it is possible to some degree, to create a general frequency that should work for most people that will run as a ’self check’ and ’self test’, to see whether they are likley to respond to any frequencies.  Meaning, that if this primer frequency is used before any other frequency, it will affect the person in a very specific and noticeable way.  If this effect does not occur, then this will immediately inform the user as to whether any of the frequencies are likely to perform well for them.  If the self test frequency fails on the person, then this gives an immediate heads up right away to let the person know that they are unlikely to respond or benefit from any of the frequencies.  If the user

finds a very noticeable and postive effect occuring then this will serve as an indicator that their body-mind is likely to respond well to many of the other frequencies.


I will notify every one once these self test and calibration frequencies are complete and ready to be uploaded.  I have already been working on them and hope to have them available soon.


Other members have suggested other means of checking or testing in advance whether or not a given frequency maight do well for them.  I believe one of our members, a Dentist, Dr Berger, has upoaded a file on this issue into our archive and another member has also suggested various Kinesiology based instruments.  I suspect there is value here and it merits further investigation.


However, I think it will serve all of us well to have access additionally to self test and calibration frequencies. Certainly this should support the person investigating this for the first time to come to a rapid conclusion on whether or not this technology will work well for them.


Doc Stars


Over and out


 Folks, this recent thread from Underground Lab members about sound quality concerns, very important for all of us, please read…. critical for you to fully understand this to get best resutls from the use of these frequencies ; > Yea, I’d like to suggest a technical exchange of opinions.

> I have the feeling that frequencies are most effective when actually

> reproduced.

> In other words, sometimes in the Sound of Stars audio files I hear very low

> frequencies, maybe in the 20-30 Hz range. My high-quality hi-fi system is

> able to reproduce them in a faithful (high-FIDELITY) way. But I’m wondering

> about those who listen to the frequencies from small/cheap speakers which

> can reproduce only a small section of the audio frequency spectrum. Hence

> many tones will NOT be reproduced.

> How effective can the soundfiles be in those cases?

> What are your thoughts?

> Ian This is actually a very critical point, oddly was just thinking of reposting to the main forum to address this, will forward this thread there as well as its important for all of us.My opinion is that the lower the resolution of the sound, the less the overall effects.  The reason for this is that the inherent geometry in the sound becomes ‘fuzzier’ and a degree of information is lost.  A good way to imagine this is to consider a photo of a landscape.  Depending on atmospheric conditions, the quality of the lense, the stability of the tripod, lighting, etc… we will get different qualties of the photo. A picture taken with an el cheapo camera and bad conditions compared to the same picture taken by a high quality camera in good conditions will display the same scene, and in most cases the scene can still be identified by the viewer in either picture.  However, a well taken photo has far more information and will likely elicit a more in depth and fuller emotional response in the viewer than the poor photo.  We see this occuring in the free demo versions vs the full versions and even with the high definition full versions.  Users often report experiencing a significant degree of phenomena with the free demos but are often blown away when they move to the full version. The additional factor of playback quality has to be considered from the hardware stance, i.e. the qualtiy of the sound system, speakers, etc… To listen to the freqs on a high vs low quality system makes all the difference in the world and may well mean being able to experience the phenomena at all for some users. If I listen to the same freq on a lower quality system I will tend to miss many of the sounds embedded in the freq, they just wont be heard, and others will be significantly muted.This also has to be considered not just from the speaker side of things but also from the device actually playing the sounds, i.e. stereo or computer sound card. For instance, lets say you play the sounds on a mid quality computer but you attack high quality speakers.  If the computer does not have a high quality sound card it wont matter that much that the speakers are high end because the sound still gets lost. For sound cards in computers, what you want is a good sound card that has floating point processing, that lends it handle the ultra precise frequency lenghts properly ( or at least more so).  If you use a non-floating pont card it will automatically truncate and alias the sounds to what its pre-wired to delimit. Not all audio play back software is made alike.  The Visualization plug ins for Windows Media are fantastic but the actual sound quality is poor. It is far far better to use Jet Audio or Apollo to get rich clear sound, both of these are free and can be downloaded from the net







 PT - ADRENAL ISSUES a CAUTION - Re: [the_sound_of_stars] a question…Thursday, August 21, 2008 3:26 AM

From: “Doc Stars” <>Add sender to Contacts To: the_sound_of_stars@yahoogroups.comHi PT


>Hi Doc,



>Are there descriptions of what the different demos aims are?  I have >found some but not all.


I havent had a chance to document all the demos yet, time constraints, however many of the demos descriptions are listed on the catalog for the full versions, in other words if you are downloading free demos for instance from; and cant see a description there try and look up the file name on the catalog at ; The description may be found there, if not, I just havent been able to get to it yet but will as soon as I can.


Would you please explain what 3.5 day, 3 hours per day means.  Are you suggesting only using them every other day for a max of 3 days?

These are the maximum average suggested dosage ceiling, do not exceed 3 hours per dayand do not use for more than 3.5 days in a row without taking a day off break The only exception is, that you may be able to do full active listening for 3 hours per day at 3.5 days per week but then use passive listening at lower volumes… that may be possiblewithout overcharging  






—– Original Message —–

From: Doc Stars


Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2008 6:38 PM

Subject: PT - ADRENAL ISSUES a CAUTION - Re: [the_sound_of_stars] a question…








Hi PT,



>I’m trying to rebuild my adrenal glands after years of stress.  Can

>anyone recommend a protocol of frequencies that I can experiment with?


If you have adrenal or kidney issues, i.e. ones that are stressed above average, proceed more cautiously in relation to volume height and duration time, use lower volume and less exposure time.  Members reporting overcharge sensations indicate signs that may relate to

overstimulating adrenals.  For example, some of our energy inducers like “ENERGY AND FOCUS OPTIMIZER”, when used to excess may cause some users to reach a high euphoric state, but then they push it too hard, too long and some report an onset of fatigue and mild lower back pain, this fatigue can last an average of 1.5 days.  This is why I recommend users stick within a 3.5 day, 3 hour per day max exposure range, this seems to allow the body to absorb just enough and to assimilate it properly and to avoid overcharging.  This is all similiar to any sort of similiar situation, like eating…. if a person pigs out all the time they will probably get stomach aches, or if you charge a battery to full capacity but keepo charging it past that point then it starts to lose charge….. use the same considerations with these frequencies that you would for other things in life. 


I think it may be possible to actually develop very specific frequencies to target and support adrenals or kidneys to factor all this in but just havent had the time to do this yet.


I strongly suspect that a number of the current frequencies may strongly support these organs however, for instance;


Age Regression Freqs



Heal Via Many Levels




For now, decrease usage and intensity settings of the energy inducers, and focus more on the calming, lower tempo, ones.  You want to use the frequencies that calm you down, sooth you, make you feel serene, stable, that sort of thing.  Frequencies that get you going, excited, highly energized, dont use these ones or dont use them very much as they may overtax your adrenals.


Make sure you search our user archive, some examples;







>I don’t want to hit or miss because I don’t want to cause problems by a >wrong choice.