Why are so many people, so amazed

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audio entrainment that produces

the kinds of profound effects

never witnessed before in other forms of sound therapy? 


Why does this blow the doors off of binaural beats, toning, chanting,

subliminal programming, and other forms of sound therapy?


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The Vision                                                                                    



The internal rhythmic tempo associated with various internal states, emotional,

mental, physical are mapped. These psycho-somatic patterns are captured as

hyper-dimensional geometric forms. The complex numeric series representing

the movement of this object through space-time is translated into sound.



Research and development has been conducted full time over approximately ten years by Donald Adams into the area of engineering states of consciousness.  A core part of this research was the successful development of a mathematical model for significant aspects of mind function (as opposed to brain function) and the creation of impellers for biasing emotional, perceptual orientation, states, and varying coherent focus.


Over the last three years, this model has been used to render various ‘frequencies’.  These frequencies tend to be 10 minute long audio tracks in mp3 file format, which can be used on various consumer electronic audio devices.


During this span of time, a sort of grass roots following has sprung up from the general public and especially from various eclectic sub, counter culture, special interest groups.  Currently there is approximately 2,700 people globally who are members in the public support community known as the “Sound of Stars”.  This community has been actively involved in the collaborative experimentation of these completely unique sound frequencies discovered by Adams and have collectively supported his work and day to day operations for over three years.


Perhaps the best way to quickly understand the essence of this technology is to consider that all states of consciousness may be literally represented as complex geometric field structures that are dynamic, flexible, organic and fluid.  The nature of the state, Adams claims, to a large extent is reflected in the metrics of the form.  By modulating or shifting the form, state change may be rendered.  Sometimes this “transform event” in the geometry can produce very rapid and dramatic results.


These geometries may be superimposed onto an organic medium (such as a human body or localized physical area) and they may powerfully alter the inherent vibrational energetics.  This degree of change however is much more significant than other simpler forms of acoustic or other ‘energy’ tools, mainly because it is so ultra specific in targeting and pattern matching.  There are currently no other forms of acoustic tools on the planet in the public domain that can do what Adams’ technology can… in fact, there isn’t anything that comes even close to it.  A review of the data compiled on the main archive site for ‘The Sound of Stars’ easily describes this in detail.


How is this significant?                                                                                                                   

Because, imagine if we could create frequencies that emulate healthy and positive states of mind, emotions, spiritual and general well being. What if we could discover the frequency of love, happiness, clarity or courage?


What if we could discover the frequency of heightened or awakened states of consciousness? Or the frequency of peak physical health, of fully functioning cells or complete healthy strands of DNA or the frequency of a sound heart or liver or a frequency that would recover one from fatigue, insomnia, diabetes or even cancer.



The Break-Through Work of The Sound of Stars                  


Scientific Researcher, Donald Adams has been fully committed to the discovery and development of Frequency Science for the last 8 years. He began primarily interested in wave phenomenon and the characteristics of field effects. His studies were also aimed at understanding consciousness and behaviour from a very different perspective. An unexpected spin-off from his research appears to be the discovery of a possible mechanism that can offset and neutralize the adverse effects of celestial bodies, (which cast a huge web of frequency vibration onto our planet).  He has been able to emulate the sounds that the different planetary bodies in our solar system make.


We know that astrological science claims that certain planetary bodies carry certain characteristics and affect our behaviour and consciousness in predictable patterns.


He has in parallel time also encountered the possibility of stimulating mental, emotional and physical processes with similar mathematical tools he has developed over the years. The blend of discovery of the sounds of stars and the sounds of certain mind body states is what has lent to the overall development of this unique science, of which he has been a leading thinker, researcher and developer of, the science of Frequency Healing.


The idea is simple and functions through a process known as ‘resonant entrainment’.  A pattern contained in sound waves represents a desired specific state and then when it is played back to the listener, it causes him to tend to experience actual properties of that state. In other words, the desired state tends to become induced through steady exposure and cause transformation in the subject.


The process is still experimental and Donald Adams, whose background is primarily in computing science and related fields and who is not a qualified medical professional, has found his frequencies are yielding very dramatic and life-changing results for the 1300+ volunteers to date that are providing feedback on its effects. This pool of volunteer recipients are reporting dramatic increases to their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being - simply from listening to these sound patterns.  The frequencies developed by Donald Adams, are the fruits of an extensive period of hard-won discoveries and breakthroughs.


It is with great honour and humbleness that Donald can now present the fruits of these discoveries to the people. We warmly welcome all of your feedback and all of your testimonials. Help us to further the development of this science with your valuable input. Thank you.



The Benefits to Users                                                           


The scientific work presented on this site is ground-breaking, breath-taking, awe-inspiring and completely imminent and relevant to the world in the state that it is presently in, in 2009. This site is addressed to the people of this ever-changing world that may be awakening step by step, and searching for answers not just intellectual, but ones that prompt an experiential change in our moment to moment experience. The work here has been developed over a very long, strenuous, committed time and is now being brought into the public domain wherefore it can benefit all humans, helping them to move forward in multiple realms of their human life, inclusive of its physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and divine aspects. It is meant to effect actual shifts in both the inner and outer lives of people. It is scientific, spiritual, practical, transformative and quite literally a blessing on earth.  It shows us and offers us a method with which we can undergo healing, growth, change and awakening in real-time.



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