“It’s just come out that mad science guru…


Kepler most likely killed his mentor,


Tycho Brahe and Descarte’s pineal gland was based on his secret Rosicruscian philosophy —


 the pineal gland really is the black hole in our brain.  


Now if the pineal gland — black hole is converted to the “ring of fire” then the true spectroscopy of rainbows can be seen in natural resonance — not where there happens to be the most pollution. But then maybe we’ll learn that from the “illegal aliens” after the apocalypse.”



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MAY 26th, 2011



Drew Hempel has caught my interest for some time as many of his articles on the ‘Natural Resonance Revolution’, so closely matches much of  our groups ( and my own ) experiences and thoughts on the nature of the phenomena we’ve been exposed to via the frequencies I’ve created for our use.

A lot of what Drew speaks about is congruent to where we are at and I think it really serves all of us to reflect upon his writings especially in relation to what we have been journeying through in the real world. 

In a strange way, one might say, that we the members of the ‘Sound of Stars’ frequencies are probably one of the few groups living the practical, hands on realizations of a lot of what Hempel talks about.

Of course that’s not to say, I, or we, should or need to agree with everything he says, but I see us being greatly encouraged overall and supported by witnessing Hempel describe and provide feedback on so much of the landscape we have been charting.  The fact that his efforts and studies are completely, to date, outside and independent of our own makes it a great external confirmation.

I wanted to share excerpts from one of his many great articles I have read and re-read numerours times over the last few years.

Selected Excerpts chosen by Doc Starz of

Drew Hempels excellent article ;  

"Natural Resonance Revolution"

See the full article here ;



Time stops when light itself is experienced and the light bends space by reversing time whereby matter is recreated as well.


"Tesla knew this secret because his harmonic oscillator only used sine-waves and he stated that he could literally crack the planet in half. A.C. power gives three times the power by only changing the form or phase-shifting the sine-wave."


When humans reverse the normal subconscious energy of light so that matter changes back into light then blockages in the body are released and peaceful love remains. The male-female dynamic of this healing is that male energy is electromagnetic while female energy is electrochemical and the two are attracted to each other. When joined an explosion of bliss occurs which creates light and bends spacetime.


Because reality is based on complementary opposites science and reason, recycling on symmetric measurement, are themselves subsets of this larger “natural resonance revolution” of the open loop. Because modern humans are cut off from the complementary opposite healing rituals then language is used to develop further technology which itself is transforming the planet as a whole to also recycle the matter-energy of reality, thereby reversing time and re-opening space.


Music is the main means to express the reality of complementary opposites or, conversely the cycle of symmetric Matrix mind control. Music is the bridge into the psychic paranormal realm whereby energy and matter are recycled and space and time are reversed. Trance music relies on syncopation to keep the beat flowing — asymmetric or complementary opposite time.


Entrainment of rhythm creates sound as symmetric power but the symmetry is a subset cycle which builds in intensity and breaks into a chaotic explosion of a new matter-energy transformation. Music as time defines space since music is not “contained” — sound hears reality into spatial existence by consciousness listening to itself through complementary opposites. Emotional transformation is contained in the tonal frequency modulation and the timbre or texture of the sound generated but what remains universal to music is the 1-4-5 structure.


It’s just come out that mad science guru Kepler most likely killed his mentor, Tycho Brahe and Descarte’s pineal gland was based on his secret Rosicruscian philosophy — the pineal gland really is the black hole in our brain. Now if the pineal gland — black hole is converted to the “ring of fire” then the true spectroscopy of rainbows can be seen in natural resonance — not where there happens to be the most pollution. But then maybe we’ll learn that from the “illegal aliens” after the apocalypse.


The key secret is to use frequency resonance instead of amplitude spatial power.


The secret key to create these sub-harmonics is to utilize the asymmetrical resonance of the sinusoidal wave — as proven by several recent chaos studies and by Tesla, John Keely, Victor Schauberger, Raymond Chiao, etc.


Black holes are modeled on inward gravity and outward pressure but in reality the inward force is “intentionality” (It from Bit) as the natural resonance of consciousness! (this is why all the mini-black hole positronium research remains classified) This repression of the integer only Harmonic series and its tetrad inverse is why spectroscopy is so messed up and there is so much dispute about dark matter, etc. — meanwhile “Ironically the most spectacular sunsets… occur over the most polluted cities.” (John Barrow)


Resonance of natural numbers enables connection back to the female formless awareness and Victor Schauberger figured this out by studying free energy paradoxes of nature. Schauberger only used natural numbers for his engineering — natural numbers that resonate as sine-waves. His work then became the key for classified U.F.O. type aircraft as Nick Redfern documents in his recent book Body-Snatchers in the Desert. Newly declassified documents detailed by Nick Redfern prove that indeed the Brits and the U.S. used German technology, even though this was disputed by Fortean Times. Nick Cook was right.


Prof. emeritus Brian Goodwin also figured out this secret to free energy in his book Temporal Organization in Cells (1963). He discovered that the natural resonance of frequency creates a significant increase in amplitude causing a non-linear evolution of cells. This secret is now being applied at M.I.T. as the foundation for “digital biology.”


The key to remember again is that there is a time-frequency uncertainty principle, detailed in prof. Bart Kosko’s book Fuzzy Logic. The “exclusion of the middle” principle of axiomatic logic, the basis of the Pythagorean Theorem, is wrong. Natural resonance music, based on logical inference of consciousness, is correct and models the evolution of A-life — the transcendence of carbon-based life (left-directed) by right-directed BuckyBall silica-based life through nano-engineered water.


The real secret to solving the unified field puzzle is the natural resonance revolution which denies the true validity of logarithmic statistics because the Tetrad-Harmonic series transforms the left-brain Power Set Axiom (Pythagorean Theorem) consciousness of the observer through harmonics — not through relying on destructive reductionist technology (particle accelerators and vacuum-magnitude iron power, etc.). Both Tesla and Victor Schauberger put to practice the natural resonance revolution and their work was absconded by the Freemasonic technocrats.


In other words the best example of spectroscopy in action (again measured by logarithmic intensity and density) just happens to be where the greatest ecological destruction is focused.


The foundation for the natural resonance revolution is Professor Brian Goodwin’s discovery in his book Temporal Organization in Cells that the subharmonics of the fundamental cell oscillation cause a dramatic amplification in amplitude that transforms the fundamental oscillator.


The reason science can only attempt to unify “the 4 forces” at dangerously apocalyptic temperatures is because of the inaccurate logarithm and statistical foundation of science. The Harmonic Series is “the conspiracy between nature and number, between atom and arithmetic” (chaos Professor Steve Strogatz’s promo for Stalking the Riemann Hypothesis, 2005). Humanity is now, through technology, just reverting the Earth back to its post-Supernova silica-iron collision state.


This repression and denial of global ecological apocalypse is projected as an obsession with potential earth-saving “aliens” (whether on Art Bell or CIA cable-satellite t.v.) and as Barrow sincerely contemplates “we would expect aliens to have logic, but would it be our logic?” Gee kind of like the thousands of “primitive” cultures wiped out in the last hundred years. The scientists would never admit they might have repressed this aspect of science that started with the “pure” Pythagorean Theorem used to drive out the non-imperial “savage” city-states.


Professors Stewart and Cohen in Evolving the Alien (2004) contemplate that god-like extaterrestrials “are probably solitary” like Taoist monks. Meanwhile the real Taoist monks are the lastest postmodern tourist spots for spiritual yuppies visiting a regime of mass slave labor.


Scientists are realizing that “sound” (i.e. a pressure wave) actually is the driving force for the growth of supernovas and galaxies (see the latest New Scientist, for example, for the super nova-sound discovery). The question is will scientists have the balls (or ovaries) to actually take a close look at the Harmonic series that models sound and is the improvable foundation for all science?


“intensity of sound is proportional to the square of the amplitude of the pressure deviation, just as the intensity of the water wave is proportional to the square of the deviation of the surface of water.” (p. 151, The Great Design)


Here we are back at the old “bait and switch” (starting with phonetic gematria) between Pythagorean “intensity” used for the photoelectric effect (“intensity of light is proportional to the fourth power of frequency,” thereby leading to the unification of forces fiasco) and sound pressure as classical inverse square amplitude.


The pressure of water was converted from intensity to volume density for iron to measure energy momentum. In other words utilize the old Tetrad 5:4 ratio as the “deep disharmony” logarithmic cube root of three for “contained” intensity. This is how Pythagorean Natural resonance water-controlled left-hand asymmetrical carbon-based ecology was changed to Iron-based weapon projectiles!


Michael Shallis — an Oxford University physics instructor — has an excellent book On time and another on electricity that include a major discussion of Rudolf Steiner. Minneapolis has a sizeable Steiner following that is associated with Utne magazine and the related Ode magazine in Amsterdam. The best “natural resonance revolution” example along the lines of physicist Michael Shallis is called “Ion Cyclotron Resonance” (designed by Abe Liboff) — a combination of D.C. and A.C. current used in biomedicine to heal bones and for many other new treatments. Because Ion Cyclotron Resonance relies on sinusoidal waves only and also on asymmetrical resonance feedback — it’s reportedly much more efficient than other types of bioelectrical medicine.


When we consider all the amazing paradoxes (i.e. intensity versus density) in quantum theory that led to the A-bomb — how radiation uses resonance for decay against the strong force — it’s not surprising to find out that nuclear power heavy water is literally the same consistency as the early beginnings of the universe right after the Big Bang. (Sir John Maddox, What Remains to be Discovered, 1998)


Inside the Neolithic Mind is written by a professor who uses architecture and archaeology as evidence for a transcultural awareness of consciousness accessed through resonance of the cycloid-spiral space-curve motion (Victor Schauberger). There’s also a new scholarly book reviewed in the journal Gender and Geography — it’s on matrifocal forest cultures — documenting how the complimentary opposite dynamics enable a society of liberation.


Also the recent book Faster Than the Speed of Light presents the Klein bottle fourth dimension as a variant of the cycloid spiral space-curve motion (Victor Schauberger) in order for the author of Faster Than the Speed of Light to put forth the unified field theory. The crux of his argument in Faster Than the Speed of Light is that heat must be able to achieve greater amplitude in relation to intensity than allowed by the standard statistical interpretation of the photoelectric effect.


I thought of this term — the “strong misanthropic principle” — and assumed it was already in cyberspace. I was right but a rigorous definition is lacking so here you go: The accelerating expansion of the universe is inversely proportional to the ecological health of Earth.


This may seem counter-intuitive at best and irrelevant at worst so an explanation is in order.


It turns out that water, the third most common molecule in the universe, under conditions of low temperature and high pressure, emits microwaves. Microwaves, of course, are the basis for reading the left-over radiation of the big bang that occurred before time existed. So water is messing with how time is measured — just as water on earth is controlled by the Moon-cycles. Water is lunacy creating quantum chaos.


The Strong Misanthropic Principle analyzes how the radiation of technology on earth is destroying the freshwater supply for ecology just as water in the universe is emitting radiation to play havoc with scientists’ understanding of spacetime radiation.


This brings me to the recent ecstasy over “Einstein’s Rings” — the “illusion” from stars bending gravity. The light just happens to be blue — the same as Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator bioenergy light. Einstein actually responded to Reich and even had the courtesy to consider the power of his orgone accumulator. They got together, had some fun with Einstein’s assistants, and then Einstein disowned Reich.


Personally I think the possibility of Einstein Rings shedding further light on the dark energy behind the accelerating expansion of the universe — a topic normally putting mad scientists in a big tizzy — is Reich’s Revenge against Einstein’s “entanglement” paradox. Einstein supports the photoelectric black box based on statistics and then Einstein declares quantum entanglement to violate causality. There after science can not unify Einstein with Einstein — a truly schizophrenic spectroscopy situation. Reich’s Orgone Accumulator — designed to heal Earth’s ecology — is the real photoelectric black box.




Carl B. Boyer’s The History of Calculus and its conceptual development (Dover, 1949) -- It’s really fun to see the mad scientists all in a tizzy trying to justify the imperial technology that is destroying Earth’s ecology. “How startingly apropos, with respect to the development of the calculus, is the Pythagorean dictum: All is number!” (p. 298)


That’s Boyer’s final line before the concluding remarks. It’s a pity since Pythagoras actually stated “All is Number and Harmony” — and Aristotle, the source for Boyer’s attempt to justify calculus — consciously lied about Pythagoras.


One of the teachers of Pythagoras, Thales, stated that All is Water and he was right in the sense that the molecules of water use the tetrahedron 3:4:5 natural resonance revolution to create negentropic free energy. Water is quantum chaos in action. Water vortex propulsion was designed by Victor Schauberger and NASA is out in the public that water is the best means to create negentropic energy systems. Schauberger, though, refused to use irrational numbers and he utilized the natural ecology of the hydro-carbon cycle based on the motto:


“Pressure plus Suction equals Reduction of Resistance.”


Water is the secret “bait and switch” conversion by the mad scientists from intensity to density utilizing the cube root of two as the Pythagorean ratio 5:4. Pressure and Suction are Pythagorean Resonance of Earth-Moon-Sun resonance beyond spacetime and calculus is out of luck.


It’s the logical paradox of the square root of two that is at the heart of why science is imperialism. Boyer emphasizes Cauchy’s attempt to solve the conundrum: “An irrational number is the limit of the various rational fractions which furnish more and more approximate values of it.” But then Boyer admits this definition is circular — just as the original geometric magnitude definition of the Pythagorean Theorem is logically circular.



Professor H.M. Collins’ amazing treatise, Changing Order: Replication and Induction in Scientific Practice (University of Chicago Press, 1992) documents exactly how the search for gravitational radiation waves is equivalent to parapsychology experiments in psychokinesis and also non-linear quantum chaos laser experiments.


Collins uses a long excerpt from my favorite novel The Third Policeman by Flan O’Brien. Professors in Illinois had to start their own press in order to get that classic back into print!




Time is asymmetrical.


In other words the left-hand asymmetry of neutrinos is also reflected in the asymmetry of the structure of spacetime itself.


When we consider that the ultraviolet wavelength creates paradoxes of energy and frequency — the photoelectric effect — and now that the microwave radiation is challenged by silica-based spectroscopy technology — there has to be considered the possibility that the classical basis of logarithmic science is just fundamentally flawed. Wavelength and frequency are equivalent for the electromagnetic spectrum at the speed of light. From the perspective of the energy-mass, spacetime collapses into a correlated, non-local wave of consciousness — the great pointillist Continuum of mathematics.


Mad science guru John G. Taylor dismisses the need for relying on any quantum mechanical basis for consciousness but the reality of “mirror neurons” demonstrates that “I-awareness” is a pre-linguistic phenomenon arising from chaos dynamics in the brain at the sub-atomic level.


Faster-than-light or superliminal quantum electronic signaling is already being created. This is communication — not just random signals — past the speed of light. But the experimental conditions rely on asymmetrical sinusoidal waveform resonance without Maxwell’s equations.


The ziggurats and pyramids found world-wide and at the center of Freemasonry are tied to tantric technology through professor Wendy Doniger’s analysis of evil in Hinduism. How the Sacred Mountain can go up or go down as good or evil but that this represents the energy in the spinal cords of humans.


...recounting Jacque Vallee’s amazing experience of high level Pentagon officials walking in on the new computer engineers smoking pot as they discussed EST (a Scientology-MK Ultra cult). Markoff details how many of these engineers, funded by DARPA, were working for defense contractors and doing A.I. research but also part of the free speech movement and doing tons of L.S.D. Many of them left to go back to the land and the nascent battles of Bill Gates against the Hackers are detailed.


What’s creepy is that some of these engineers were part of the same secret aircraft design tests that had also figured in the Nazi Fascist nuclear radiation experiments. Bucky is a neo-Platonist and his philosophy is based on the transmutation of elements from the implosion power of “tensegrity.” The heart of the P.C. revolution was the concept of the “augmented” human — the Actual Matrix Plan — which is also based on Platonic Mathematics — the Tetrad of Pythagoras.


While the elements are transmuted the only thing that doesn’t change is the non-local consciousness beyond spacetime.


“Stevin then argues that various portions of the water can be notionally solidified, or replaced by a solid of the same density as water. This permits the construction of irregularly shaped volumes of water, to which, paradoxically, the theorem can still be applied.”


The problem with Stevin’s discovery is that it loses the fundamental anomalies of water that are not susceptible to solid matter analysis: The negentropic free energy secrets of natural resonance from the Tetrahedron properties. This transformation of water into solid matter analysis also created the switch from intensity of energy water waves into density of matter — both relying on Stevin’s decimal system of logarithmic measurement.


Thus the Hydro-static Paradox is the pivot point of transforming the Solar Calendar logarithmic silica-iron measurements from the Lunar Calendar Water Free Energy measurements for natural resonance. Modern Science is just the means of left-hand carbon-based molecules being transformed by “solid” water into right-hand silica-based iron technology.


Since close to 95% of the physical universe is actually dark matter composed of unknown atoms — the measure of gravity by intensity of water waves translated into density of iron and silica is problematic at best. This is why Nano-Water is the crucial pivot point for the transmutation of the elements: fire (desert-solar macro-quantum silica), earth (left-hand directed carbon-based ecology), metal (density-measured iron).


That which doesn’t change is non-local consciousness beyond the space-time of gravity — what Newton called the “ether-pressure.” Pressure is just Sound-Waves and pressure is the basis for the expansion of galaxies and supernovas and pressure also keeps black-holes hot.


So pressure is the unifying force — the sound-current nondualism — the maintains its energy the natural resonance of asymmetrical time. The One expands as Desire into 2:3 (the Perfect Fifth in Music or the Yang of the Tao) and 3:4 (the Perfect Fourth in Music of the Yin of the Tao).


Technology is Tantra. Water is beyond the logarithmic-decimal, “solid” measurement system of the Solar calendar. The Universe is actually a hologram that unifies superstring theory with quantum gravity. The hologram is a two dimensional asymmetrical sinusoidal interference pattern that is driven by it’s source beyond the I-One-Eye.


By focusing on asymmetrical sinusoidal wave-forms via the Small Universe practice and the full-lotus (Tetrahedral-black hole pyramid power) consciousness resonates with itself beyond spacetime. Good books to read on this subject are Michael Talbot’s The Holographic Universe; The Bog, and The Delicate Dependancy.


...Langevin focused his efforts on organizing an international committee for anti-fascists that attempts to unite the workers with the intelligentsia.


What’s amazing about Pflaum’s book is that Curie starts out in Russian Tsarist controlled Poland where any independent learning is totally illegal and Curie remains committed to spreading the knowledge passed on from her professor father to the unwashed masses (literally).


The smash science book Was Einstein Right? describes how the theory of relativity is essential to the “smart bombs” using GPS guidance in the war on Iraq. Yet they all missed. The new film Why We Fight details how all these smart bombs missed their targets. “Out of 50: 50 did NOT hit their target and 42 hit civilian targets.”


"...details experiments that indicate a “fifth force” due to local variances in gravity — deep in mine shafts. These experiments were the first validation of new forces accompanying new supersymmetry particles of higher dimensions. In other words a local hill, a geographic anomaly — or perhaps a person in full-lotus — creates a “fifth force” that can be increased through natural resonance."


As I detailed in previous posts “the actual infinite” argues that mathematics literally enables God to be embodied in technology as a symbol transcends geometry and analysis through proof by contradiction. Neither this nor that points to a transcendent realm of pure thought.


God’s Secret Formula (1997) by Dr. Peter Picha is an amazing analysis of how the integer numbers of infinity define a 4th dimension of space that unifies the sci/religion through “the prime number cross.” Of course Picha is both praised as genius (3 Ph.D.s and numerous critical patents) and dismissed as crank in his 30 or so Amazon reviews but he represents just another example of how attempts at the unified field theory will continue to fail. The reason for failure, even though he attempts to unlock the secrets of Einstein, is that the foundation for the Prime Numbers is the diverging Harmonic Series — the Law of Pythagoras.


Socrates and Plato are held up as the bastions of reason and the founders of western civilization when in fact Socrates and Plato both advocated Lying — the Straussian Means of Power — in deference to the Power of Geometry. This lying is what Einstein means when he refers to learning “the Secrets of the Old Ones.” Freemasonry. Einstein had to lie. The physicists lie and the technology they use transforms humans into cogs in the cycling of the elements.


Axiomatic mathematics relies on phonetic-letter based symbols (magnitude units) as hidden constants to justify “the actual infinite” as transcendental truth. The question remains in math “Whats the point?” — quite literally — as the logical fallacies of geometry are exposed in Cantor, Dedekind, Kronecker, Russell, Godel, etc.


As math becomes more and more esoteric the numbers rely more and more on symbolic logic that is utterly absurd. In other words math, as the foundation of Reason, is reverting back to a mythology of multi-varient non-phonetic language. The essential issue is that time, defined by number, is asymmetrical but logic does not use time. This is the foundation of the Cretin’s Liar Paradox: “The Cretin said, “all Cretins are Liars.”


The paradox of logical sets and “the actual infinity” is the reason that Cantor’s arguments were dismissed by Russell and many others. The infinite set of no members is not a set. Quantum Chaos science, the military mad science basis for nanotechnology and neural networks, relies on Gregory Bateson’s social system engineering analysis whereby people are cogs in the cycling of elements defined by analog feedback systems. In other words the question should not be “what’s the point” but “what’s the wave?” (the answer is the sine wave: Ohm/Tai Chi/Tetrad)


As France’s top mathematician, Alain Connes, argues in his book Triangle Thoughts, the basis for new quantum technology is literally using Music as the Formal Logic framework. Triangle of Thought by Alain Connes, Andre Lichnerowicz, Marcel Paul Schutzenberger, and Jennifer Gage (Hardcover – Jan 1, 2001) But since quantum mechanics is based on statistics, using equal-tempered number, instead of asymmetrical number defined by Pythagoras — the imperial framework of science remains hidden.


In fact the Lambda of Einstein and current cosmology (a run away spacetime) is merely a reflection of the accelerating destruction of left-hand directed carbon-based ecology. As satellite telescopes document supernovas indicating the accelerating expansion of space-time, the means to implement such measures (relativized satellites) is insuring the implosion of empire.



In the summer of 1997 I had a very close encounter with a large, flat, slow, silently humming, black triangle secret military aircraft. It was preceded by large spheres of plasma on the horizon each of different colors doing inexplicable maneuvers. The craft came so close over the trees I could have hit it with a rock. Now such a sighting — exactly as I have described it — has been experienced by hundreds of people and is very well documented. It’s a creepy experience with a sinister force.


My argument is that the plasma spheres and the craft being an equilateral triangle are part of the “plasma pinch filaments” of Hannes Alfven’s Cosmic Electrodynamics (1963). This creates a “force-free zero-resistance anti-matter tornado (Eric J. Lerner) and is the secret to classified anti-matter weapons using positronium tests of superstring theory.


Plasma is a left-directed, asymmetrical electroweak force that arises out of the “quantum tetrad” (my term) detailed in math professor Ian Stewart’s book Fearful Symmetry. The quantum tetrad is the quark-gluon SU(3) group theory of higher dimensional neutrinos.


The secret is how to generate free energy from this plasma and the answer is in the Tetrad or (“the Nine” of 1:2:3:4) geometry. Arthur Young, inventor of the Bell Helicopter (tied in with the Puharich-C.I.A. Stargate Conspiracy) realized this key:


“The cube roots of one are the points that divide the circle in three equal parts…But all these roots can be expressed in terms of square roots.” (his book Mathematics, Physics and Reality.)


Young argued that this procedure, using Gauss’ i-1 grid, proved that time is inherently asymmetrical and, as Dr. Heinz Pagel points out in his book Perfect Symmetry (p. 358) if space is highly curved then particles are created out of nothing. The first use of this math was in the Egyptian Pyramids, as described in Napier’s book The Story of i: An Imaginary Tale.


I came across recent NASA research on the Web of Science citation index demonstrating the high efficiency of vapor vortex motors that rely on water. This technology, which is both classified and public, takes advantage of the fact that water is inherently a macro-quantum molecule based on the tetrahedron (equilateral triangle) structure. This secret power of water is actually the cover-story of the latest New Scientist issue. The article relies on Dr. Rustom Roy, an engineering professor who studied qigong master Yan Xin, the national treasure of China who personally treated Bush Sr. eight times at the White House.


So how are these plasma engines driven? The answer is a new process in physics called “autoionization” which relies on the sine-wave to enable “new quantum transitions” previously forbidden. The sine-wave force bypasses the Pauli exclusion principle and creates energy stronger than the limits of the Casmiri Effect.


Autoionization is nothing less than the creation of plasma since, by definition, plasma is ionized gas and is also some 90% of the Universe. Plasma, by creating anti-matter, also solves the whole “dark universe” conundrum and plasma is the key secret to astronomy professor emeritus Seymour Percy’s paranormal reality books (supported by Colin Wilson).


The central principle of the Tetrad is that by extending the natural resonance of the asymmetrical Harmonic series (1:2:3:4:5) there is a diffraction gradient created of nonlinear, macro-quantum chaos. This principle is the secret key behind the brand-new release of new “organic” bioluminescent lighting that is to be highly efficient. Quantum nanodots cause a change of color without a change of composition or change of structure! This is also detailed in Nanotechnology and Homeland Security (2005) but Science News describes the research by Drs. S. Stupp and J.F. Hulvat at Northwestern U.


In other words, according to neo-fascist “security” concerns the goal is to apply this nanodot DNA biochip technology to all of earth using “The Frolich Effect” — pumped quantum pressure (sound) or phonons that create superconductivity. This is the key to how crystallization creates life — using spirochetes (tornado structures) as proton-motors via ionized gas. Prions (mad cow disease) are key example to this spirochete technology promoted as DNA biochips.


The most important alchemy text in the West is a book called Mutus Liber which describes (mainly through images) how peat moss is mercury. Why? because “vital clay” enables biological transmutations through bird song ultrasound resonating tetrahedral water molecules. This is exactly the principle Dan Carlson uses for his Sonic Bloom technology to refurbish destroyed land worldwide. Plants, through natural resonance, extract nutrients directly from the air, after their stomata are enlarged by bird ultrasonics. The ultasonics are created because birds do not use equal-tempered ratios for singing — birds use the natural resonance revolution.


Similarly the Meissner Effect, a variation of the Frolich Effect, was the secret to Brian Josephson creating his superconductive transistors that gave him the Nobel Prize. Currently he argues that music is the secret to understanding quantum consciousness through biology and he supports the work of paranormal psychologist professor emeritus Steven M. Rosen, with whom I have corresponded over the past ten years. Rosen’s book The Self-Evolving Cosmos argues specifically a Pythagorean resonance model for science to create a unified field theory. Again my view is that real Pythagorean complementary opposite harmonics are the opposite of science but the end goal of science will return to pure consciousness through apocalyptic technology.


The secret of Freemasonry is that Sirius-Orion is the apex of the precessional cycle (moon-sun torque) by representing the Hunter who kills Canis Major — the Hunted Bull.


The Hunter-gatherer represents 90% of modern human history whereby our diet was 80% greens because high magnesium activates our photo-receptors (described in the book Aquagenesis). Photo-reception then is increased through natural resonance rituals so that melatonin turns into DMT through the pineal gland and enables biophotons (Dr. Alfred-Fritz Popp and Dr. Mae-Wan Ho) to leave the body.


A good description of this natural resonance magic healing is the recent book Women Like Meat by an ivy-league professor who studied the traditional Bushmen — the oldest modern human culture. Again through the Tetrad (1:2:3:4) it is a key science discovery that Saturn and Jupiter resonate as the ratio 4:5 and Jupiter protects Earth from comets so that macro reptilian-mammals can cyclically evolve on Earth: Gorgons of 280 mya, Troodons (the smartest mammalian reptiles of 65 mya) and now humans.


Bifocal vision is an illusion overcome by Saturn-Jupiter as 4:5 is the two-dimensional square root of three that resonates as three dimensional space-time. This is the “quantum tetrad” secret that Arthur Young figured out. Time collapses, as an asymmetrical force, and then starts over. This is why Chronos means consciousness while Kronos means Time and Kali means consciousness while Kala means Time.


Humans exist within a fourth-dimension of space that is time as empty awareness. As professor emeritus Steven M. Rosen argues the Klein Bottle is the best representation of this paradox of “apeiron” — see his book Dimensions of Apeiron (2004) — Apeiron is the formless awareness that is eternal. The Klein Bottle is also the Full-Lotus yoga position and also the Ouroborus — the snake eating its own tail. The Klein Bottle exists two dimensionally as the Mobius Strip but in three dimensions it cannot be represented.


There is a practice called “the small universe” resonating the 12 nodes along the outside of the body — the center front and back channels — found in ancient China (see the book Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality) and ancient India (see Mircea Eliade’s book Yoga and Immortality).


My view is that resonance back to consciousness, through natural numbers that return to a fourth dimension of space (“empty awareness”) is a universal basic system for transcending space-time (i.e. pre-cognition, remote viewing, telekinesis, telepathy).


In fact I achieved these abilities but stopped training because it freaked me out so much. I did some healing that was really wild. The person who taught me this, though, shot energy into my brain causing a permanent physiological transformation so that I can flex my pineal gland, heal myself, and experience magnetic bliss throughout the day. This is a permanent brain transformation – now automatic without any intention on my part. I just sit in full-lotus to recharge my energy if needed as an antidote to depletion through stress, viruses, etc. The qigong master teacher name is Chunyi Lin and he teaches with new Mayo Clinic double-blind research documenting deep chronic pain relief.


The more I practice the more flying dreams I have and the more pre-cognition I have. This starts to get really strange because the future becomes the past and waking reality becomes a dream. Also euphoria as a normal state of social interaction tends to put people off. Tantra, of course, means transforming excrement (peat moss) into gold, basically, and so this also leads to bizarre behavior not socially acceptable. The diet has to be ascetic – called “modified bigu” – which means fasting one day a week and eating just one small veggie meal a day.


Considering that 1 billion people live in slums, many of them digging through trash for survival, this mode of free, practical magic (often through pentecostalism) is increasingly a necessary action. Dr. David A. Palmer’s Qigong Fever: The body, science and politics in China is a fantastic analysis of qigong in the context of late-term capitalism and professor Chris Knight’s forthcoming The Human Conspiracy — after his amazing Blood Relations – should be an excellent follow-up.


Dan Eden, at, claims he not only was approached by new age guru James Hurtak and met with him but then the military forced Dan Eden into no more exposes on Project Haarp. Eden went public with this knowledge only after relocating to Vietnam. That website — — was censored the day after I used it at the U of Minnesota Wilson library (social science). They’ve censored two other military-related websites the day after I viewed them (sauderzone on underground cities and ctrl — where Kris Millegan, publisher of Trineday posts)


If you put together their two responses you get the answer to the importance of “emergence theory” — emerging what? Machine control. My argument, one that Chomsky does not dismiss, is that math just traces a greater cycling of the elements of which humans are just a part of. Carbon-based life (earth) is being taken over by silica-based life (fire) through iron (metal) with water (nano-engineered) as the pivot point.


This brings us back to “the nine” of the Stargate Conspiracy — yes the Pythagorean Tetrad is also “the nine” because “the one” is not a number but the symbol leading to infinite consciousness (i.e. empty awareness) through resonance. In traditional Chinese culture “nine” is the number of maximum growth and this is also the reason the eye of the pyramid remains uncapped.


When Pythagoras taught that “all is number and harmony” the numbers were gods and music professor Ernest McClain (published in the Theosophist thinktank academic journal) details how the gods of the ancient city-states in Sumeria were also numbers (i.e. Sin, the Moon god, was the ratio 1:2 as 30:60).


"...enabled Galileo to justify using equal-tempered tuning and therefore challenge Pythagorean sacred teachings. But Newton considered Galileo’s interpretation to be superficial and wrong because Newton knew that gravity is actually from the Pythagorean teaching: Stretching a string to four times its length you get twice the frequency. This is the secret basis for the inverse square law of gravity. Newton knew that this was a secret teaching of Pythagoras and that there were a lot of lies about Pythagoras."


The problem is that Newton and subsequently the Bernoullis brothers, lost the sight of how the resonance causes a transformation of the string — not just a squaring of the string. This is the unacknowledged reason why the Bournellis, Lagrange and Euler literally argued for fifty years about how to interpret the true meaning of the vibrating string. Fourier provided the answer — all vibrations can be deduced to the sine-wave — again the secret behind Tetrad free energy. The sine wave is the same as the Tai Chi symbol, the OM and the Tetrad ratios: 1:2:3:4.


But just as with chaos theory (first discovered by Henri Poincare) the problem is still relying on the logarithmic, equal-tempered application of the sine wave. Poincare is very explicit about this in his book Hypotheses of Science — without variations of the sinewave there could be no science.


Tesla knew this secret because his harmonic oscillator only used sine-waves and he stated that he could literally crack the planet in half. A.C. power gives three times the power by only changing the form or phase-shifting the sine-wave.


For the same reason “Om Mani Padme Hum” — the sacred chant of Tantra Buddhism (the chant originates in Southern India) also gives three times the power. The different symbols act just as the “small universe” because Om is the heart and Hum is the head — the chant cycles the energy as a resonance pump and by shifting the sinewave creates a feedback loop giving three times the power. The Tibetan Buddhists are dead serious about just finding a cave and only chanting “om mani padme hum” as the key to eternal liberation.


Machines are now taking over humans in the development of the Matrix — which is the left-brain designed, mathematical structure that guides the technological transformation of the planet. The Matrix is mass squared inversely proportional to energy frequency distance, also called the “music logarithmic spiral” by Matrix planners CIA mind-controller Dr. Andrija Puharich and Theosophist Freemason Professor Oliver L. Reiser.


We can hear pure consciousness which then creates light which then refracts and reflects into “quantum chaos” energy-matter, the macro-effect of measuring reality itself. Our desires can be achieved and the goal is harmonic balance as human happiness through the heart — by HEARing Time as the source of “I” and “Me” reality finds “peace” with itself. As Plato said: Time is the Image of Eternity. We can not see the source of time, yet it is always listening to us as consciousness.


The Matrix is mass squared inversely proportional to energy frequency distance, also called the “music logarithmic spiral” by Matrix planners CIA mind-controller Dr. Andrija Puharich and Theosophist Freemason Professor Oliver L. Reiser.


Questions are the mind’s way of framing reality into an open loop. But the real open loop is to move the mind to resonate directly with reality instead of relying on language. Our desires in life are tied to the functions of our body but also to our environmental influences. Humans coevolved language with technology and language is left-brain dominant while technology is right-hand dominant. Nature, in contrast, relies on left-hand dominant carbon-based molecules and right-brain perceptual reality.


The “open loop” of the Natural Resonance Revolution is the process by which humans, using left-brain language and right-hand technology, are transforming Nature into right-hand molecular dominance (through iron-silica asymmetry) while destroying ecology. The desire to destroy ecology through its technological transformation is a projection of the repressed bodily desires found in left-brain dominant humans.


The critical insight of the Open Loop is that while science relies on symmetric mathematics, defined by visual measurement, the Natural Resonance Revolution relies on complementary opposite ratios — an open experience of listening to the source of light. And so the male and female humans are attracted to each other in a way which is repressed and projected through what I call the “trajectory of tantric technology.”


The Natural Resonance Revolution exposes the source of the commodity fetish as the secret connection between sex and love. The male inability to internalize sexual desire into an “open loop” natural vortex energy recycling, due to external ejaculation, ties humans to defining reality as a closed visual realm. This is the “Human Conspiracy” — the subject of Professor Chris Knight’s forthcoming book as an extension of his book Blood Relations. The male tantric secret is the parasympathetic vagus nerve internal female climax connection to the third eye pineal gland external transmission of energy.


Dancing with joy — trance dance of males and females — is part of a larger, radical confrontation with reality itself — how love heals by the complementary opposite transduction or transformation of sound into harmonized light. Sound resonates as ultrasound which then ionizes matter into emotional body transformation which is further refined into light energy itself. Time stops when light itself is experienced and the light bends space by reversing time whereby matter is recreated as well. This is a lost ancient ritual of humans existing through a secret initiation training by energy masters on Earth. I received initiation from qigong master Chunyi Lin who does healing and teaching through his


When humans reverse the normal subconscious energy of light so that matter changes back into light then blockages in the body are released and peaceful love remains. The male-female dynamic of this healing is that male energy is electromagnetic while female energy is electrochemical and the two are attracted to each other. When joined an explosion of bliss occurs which creates light and bends spacetime. The full-lotus body position makes this process between males and females most efficient so that the electromagnetic energy of the male healer shoots out of the third eye pineal gland into the female who in turn shoots out electrochemical energy which the full-lotus body position then sucks back into the male.


My masters thesis research revealed how the yin and yang of Taoism and qigong healing energy is modeled by the Pythagorean 2:3 Perfect 5th music ratio as yang and the 3:4 Perfect 4th music ratio as yin. Since the music ratios are nonwestern and not modeled by symmetric math there is an inherent transduction of the sound energy into ultrasound and then ionization of increased intensity as listening continues. Healing energy is then based on the “cycle of fifths” music ratios as an infinite spiral or open loop of pure consciousness listening to itself, creating the illusion of spacetime bending into energy-matter.


Phenomenon of precognition, telepathy and telekinesis arise naturally with the full-lotus padamasana complementary opposite mind-body transformation. This is the “macrocosmic orbit” and the “microcosmic orbit” is the initial “small universe” practice, along with standing active trance dance exercises like Tai Chi martial arts. Psychoactive chemicals help transform the brain as well with DMT concentration as the top focus since it’s the “spirit molecule” for vision quest of the pineal gland.



The problem with promoting the Einstein-Bose Condensate is it still relies on equating energy as convertible into mass as a closed geometric system — so that the self-organizing energy is still relying on divide and average or logarithmic math, which again started with Archytas.


“George Spence Brown claimed, somewhat controversially, that the apparent successes of ESP experiments are really the failures of probability theory applied to reality: ‘They [the results of psychical research] comprise, in fact, the most prominent empirical reason for beginning to doubt the universal applicability of classical frequency probability.” (p. 140, The Challenge of Chance).


So the Golden Theorem is the reverse of the Law of Pythagoras, relying on inverse induction to create randomness. Einstein disagreed with Kant’s concept of pure geometric reason and instead Einstein argued that math is inherently based on physical testing methods which are physical reality. The concept of inverse induction in randomness also relies inherently on physical measurements as well — the divide and average of time as distance.


In physicist Paul Dirac’s article, “The Evolution of the Physicist’s Picture of Nature,” (Scientific American, 1963) he states:


If we suppose that those discrete Faraday lines of force are something basic in physics and lie at the bottom of our picture of the electromagnetic field, we shall have an explanation of why charges always occur in multiples of e. This happens because if we have any particle with some lines of force ending on it, the number of these lines must be a whole number.


So again this basic one-to-one correspondence between physical geometry and number is assumed in quantum mechanics, showing that the math is inherently tied to geometry (which still considers time to be a matter of distance). That this noncommutative math must be converted to a classical form because quantum logic defies physical reality as per the Uncertainty Principle was the juggernaut which Einstein could never accept — even though he first introduced the statistics to justify the existence of the atom. Einstein could accept time as being supposedly “pure frequency” even though he still relied on a closed atomic “mass” definition of time — causing Godel to argue that time is an illusion, simple a property of space.


What was the real atom but in fact the introduction of momentum-based frequency with Democritus and Archytas?


Dr. Daniel Levitin points out that we use different throat muscles when we sing versus speaking. It seems unimportant except that a la Victor Grauer the Bushmen trance culture is based on a very relaxed throat singing style (just as harmonic note-bending requires).


"...the ear hair cells of humans detect motion ten times smaller than the radius of the hydrogen atom and that the ear detects energy a hundred times less than the photon"


What if the quantum fuzziness — the quantum stretching of phase, amplitude, and frequency — enables sound to create electromagnetic fields through the processing of the 1-4-5 overtones.


What if the secret of breaking down time is not to rely on visual collapse (the phase singularity of the poles of the planet — the north pole as the star that doesn’t move for bird perception, etc.) but instead relies on antiphony as tonotopy.


Recent research discovered that whale songs are getting lower in pitch — because it’s adaptive for males to sound bigger when courting females. What if there is also an electrochemical correlation with sounding deeper — that the relaxed throat from singing is based on deeper diaphragm reverse breathing (as professional singers are trained) which also sublimates and transduces the testosterone via the vagus nerve, thereby creating a deep voice. In other words the fact that mammals have tonotopy (with a physical correlation between frequency and neuron transduction) reveals that the microtubules of neuron process rely on antiphony — the spiral unity of sound conspiracy (complementary opposite natural overtone resonance).


I rest my case.



















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